Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate is your forum to actively participate in governance at Delta State University, providing the opportunity to help shape the future of our institution. Please contact your department/division senator or any of the Senate officers with issues you would like Faculty Senate to address. We look forward to working with you and serving your needs.

The Faculty Senate conducts Regular Session Meetings at 3:30 PM on the second Thursday of the month. The locations are announced within a week of each meeting. All faculty are welcome to attend meetings, with two caveats: You must be recognized by the presider to speak, and you may be asked to leave if we go into a closed session. Contact your departmental representative to confirm times and dates.

All faculty are also invited to participate in the Faculty Senate Canvas Shell, where meeting minutes and updates are posted. If you are not a member of the shell, contact the Faculty Senate President for the enrollment URL.

Executive Committee Members 2023-2024

  • President: Christopher Jurgenson
  • Past President: Josh Armstrong
  • President-Elect: Shaun Kelley
  • Secretary: Carolyn Bailey
  • Academic Affairs Committee Chair: Nora Gough-Davis
  • Election Committee Chair: Maia Elgin Wegmann
  • Technology Committee Chair: Charly Abraham
  • University Standing Committee Chair: Karen Bell
  • Service Committee Chair: Zina Taran
  • Parliamentarian(s): Shaun Kelly, Janie Magee