Department of Music

Fall 2022

Click HERE for the Fall 2022 schedule

Please check this space often, as changes may be made throughout the summer.

Class Registration Information

Everyone who receives a band scholarship, regardless of major, must be enrolled in Marching Band

  • All students should enroll in either MUS 145-01 (freshman/sophomore), or MUS 345-01 (junior/senior).
  • Color Guard and Percussion must also register for a Precision Movement class as outlined below:

Percussion:    MUS 106 -02  (freshman/sophomore), or MUS 306 -02 (junior/senior)

Color Guard:    MUS 106 – 01 (freshman/sophomore), or MUS 306 – 01 (junior/senior)

All INSTRUMENTAL music majors (BME, BM, BA) must be enrolled in Wind Ensemble

MUS146 (freshman/sophomore), or MUS 346 (junior/senior)

At this point, ALL scheduling conflicts between other classes and band classes can be resolved easily.
Please contact Dr. Richards if you have any questions or concerns