New Students

We are excited to welcome new students to Delta State University. OKRAtation is a personalized campus experience. You will learn about campus safety, financial resources, meal plans, residence halls, student organizations, as well as other student resources and services. You will also be provided an opportunity to enjoy leisure time and some very fun activities in the evenings. We want to help our new students join in so they will be ready to stand out!

Delta Diplomats

The Delta Diplomats are current DSU students here to welcome you to the Delta State University family. They will answer questions, be your tour guides, lead Statesmen Walks, and more! The Delta Diplomats are prepared and honored to welcome the newest members of the Statesmen Nation!


We are so excited your student is joining us for OKRAtation! We ask for your support in encouraging students to attend. OKRAtation is specifically designed to familiarize incoming students with Delta State University and to foster student engagement. Students will be assigned a Delta Diplomat to assist them in navigating this new experience. As students are actively engaged in OKRAtation, families are encouraged to explore the City of Cleveland.

Delta State Student ID Cards

Students who attend and do not have a Student ID Card (Okracard), will be able to submit a photo for their Okracard, prior to New Student OKRAtation.

OKRAtation 2023 President’s Presentation