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Administration in Management

Our B.B.A. in Management Leads You to Your Greatest Potential

The College of Business and Aviation offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. The management major is for the student with a broad interest in leadership activities and solving problems. He or she pursues a program of study aimed at understanding planning, organizing, and controlling, which are the basic skills needed by managers. Emphasis is also placed on a knowledge of leadership styles and decision-making techniques.


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Why Choose Management at DSU?

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A Delta State graduate with a B.B.A. degree in Management confidently enters the workforce, skilled and equipped in real-world business situations. All fields need managers, and the opportunities to lead organizations with your vision are endless. You will gain an understanding of organizational behavior and structure, analytical, and critical thinking skills, and the decision making strategies that allow you to get the most out of any team. Students can experience the following career benefits:

  • In-person and online course options
  • Current event discussions
  • Multiple employment opportunities
  • Experiential hands-on learning
  • Business professional networking opportunities
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Arianna Chestnut, Management major

When I chose the management program at Delta State, I felt right at home. The management program is full of mentors that want to see you succeed and will help in every way they can.

Arianna Chestnut, Management majorClass of 2023

Concentrations in Management

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The Management concentration prepares students to enter organizations as leaders, supervisors, and decision makers. It provides students with many career possibilities in areas such healthcare, manufacturing, small business, service industry, retail, quality, and human resources, among many others.

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International Business and Development

The International Business and Development concentration is designed to provide students with a solid educational foundation to enter the workforce and assist in the management needs of global industry. Through this concentration, students develop the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in international industries throughout numerous fields. The IBD concentration addresses the needs of global business and provides students with skills required to succeed and advance within international organizations. The courses in this program target issues and subjects relevant to global organizations. An increasing number of organizations is choosing to provide their products and services to the world and, as such, the need for qualified graduates with a background in international business is growing.

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Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management concentration is designed to provide students with the managerial skills needed to be successful in human resources. The curriculum offers courses that address areas of importance for organizations to be able to maximize employee performance to meet their strategic objectives. Specific areas of focus include workforce development, recruitment and selection, training, performance appraisal, and industrial relations.

What Can I Do With a B.B.A. in Management?

The Bachelor’s program in Management prepares students to enter organizations as supervisors, decision makers, and leaders. It provides students with many career possibilities to launch their career in business. Management skills are needed in every industry in every sector of the economy. Supervisors, coordinators, and consultants are needed in:

  • Management consultant
  • Manufacturing manager
  • Small business manager
  • Supervisor
  • Coordinator
  • Quality control manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Project manager
  • Operation manager
  • Retail manager

Business Scholarships

The College of Business and Aviation offers a variety of scholarships to students, many of which are based on merit, academic concentration, leadership, and other qualifying factors. There are over 20 scholarships for management majors. Students may also be eligible for non-program specific scholarship opportunities.

Program Goals

The management program is designed for students to understand the functions of management: planning, organizing, controlling, and leading. Students learn to analyze business situations from a leadership and team perspective through critical and creative thinking skills. The management program focuses on coordinating available resources to achieve goals of the organization in the most effective manner.

Admission Requirements

Applicants of this program must meet Delta State University’s admission requirements.

There are no additional program admission requirements.


The following courses are required to complete a major/concentration in Management.

Human Resources Management

Course Number Course Title Credits
MGT 330 Workforce Design 3
MGT 347 International Human Resources Management 3
MGT 417 Compensation Management 3
MGT 437 Human Resource Development 3
MGT 447 Employment Law 3
MGT 484 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 497 Strategic HR Management 3
Approved Elective 3


Course Number Course Title Credits
MGT 305 Leadership 3
MGT 388 Business Research Methods 3
MGT 482 Cross-cultural Management 3
MGT 484 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 495 Quality Management 3
Approved Management Electives 9

International Business and Development

Course Number Course Title Credits
FIN 445 International Finance 3
MGT 347 International Human Resources Management 3
MGT 475 International Management 3
MGT 482 Cross-cultural Management 3
MGT 484 Organizational Behavior 3
MKT 475 International Marketing 3
Foreign Language
Students whose native language is not English will be considered to have met the foreign language requirement if they demonstrate proficiency in English for University admission. These students will be required to take 6 additional hours of approved electives.
Approved Management Elective 6

Degree Requirements

To earn this degree, you must successfully complete at least 120 credits, including your general education requirements and the major requirements below.

General Education 39-41
University Requirement 1
Special Degree Requirements 6
Business Core 42
Major 24-30
Electives 0-8

For more information on degree requirements and specifics on courses needed to complete the degree, consult the Undergraduate Academic Catalog. For a semester-by-semester breakdown on how you can complete this degree in 4-years, visit academic maps.

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