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“Developing Community Partnerships for Part-Time Student Employment”

About OkraWorks

What is the OkraWorks Program?
The OkraWorks program is a student employment partnership between Delta State University and employer participants from the greater Cleveland, MS community (known as OkraWorks Community Partners”, or “OCP”s).  While working part-time for an OCP, students will increase their workforce development skills and earn funds to cover university tuition costs.  Additionally, the program will facilitate and maintain town-and-gown relations via partnerships with community organizations, ultimately supporting student recruitment and retention through availability of part-time employment opportunities.

How do students benefit?
Whether a student needs funds to help pay for tuition, or simply wants some extra spending money, a part-time job is a great option.  Additionally, working off-campus is an excellent way to gain valuable work experience that will make one more marketable for full-time jobs post-graduation!

How do students participate?
All Delta State students are eligible, and need only to attend the OkraWorks Part-Time Job Fair in the fall and/or find a part-time job on the Statesmen Connect job portal (

OkraWorks: By the Numbers

2018-2019 OkraWorks Community Partners, to Date
2018-2019 Part-Time Student Hires, to Date

Community Partners

How do OkraWorks Community Partners (local employers) benefit?
Any local employer who hires a Delta State student (or students) part-time will have the option to become an “OkraWorks Community Partner”.  They will receive a door sticker indicating their status as an OkraWorks Community Partner and will be recognized annually by Delta State as such.  And these benefits on top of benefiting from services of the talented students enrolled at Delta State!

How do OkraWorks Community Partners (local employers) participate?
Visit to register for the OkraWorks Part-Time Job Fair event held each fall.  Also, part-time OkraWorks jobs can be submitted throughout the year via the Statesmen Connect job portal (
PLEASE NOTE: Employers must inform DSU Career Services if a student is hired part-time in order to be recognized as an OkraWorks Community Partner!

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