Robert E. Smith School of Nursing

RN-BSN Completion

About the Program

Students applying to this program are Associate Degree (ADN) or Diploma prepared registered nurses (RN) with a current RN license. Graduates of this program are prepared to obtain or maintain a management position and seek advanced study.

  • Students enroll in the program during the fall term
  • Complete nursing courses in 2 semesters
  • Flexible and part-time course scheduling available
  • Clinical experiences: Individual learning opportunities in student’s geographical location
  • Student advisement available online
  • Optional on-campus orientation each semester
  • Applications accepted year round

Admission Requirements

1. Apply to Delta State University and meet admission requirements as outlined in the Delta State University Undergraduate Bulletin.

2. An ACT composite score 21 (18 if taken prior to October, 1989) and a grade of “C” or better in each nonnursing (pre-requisite) support course and a GPA of 2.5 or higher.


An ACT composite score of less than a 21 and the completion of all non-nursing (pre-requisite) support courses with a grade of “C” or better and an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.


RN students may enter without an ACT by completing all the course prerequisites to the nursing major with at least a grade of “C” or better and an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.

3. Submit the following information to the Robert E. Smith School of Nursing by February 15 prior to the semester of enrollment.

A. Robert E. Smith School of Nursing Baccalaureate Program application.

B. Proof of Admission to Delta State University.

C. Transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended. A student entering Robert E. Smith School of Nursing who wants to receive credit for prior nursing course(s) from another program must submit a request and credit be negotiated before admission to the Robert E. Smith School of Nursing and not after the student is enrolled.

D. Three current (<1 year) letters of professional/academic reference (at least one must be academic) using the Robert E. Smith School of Nursing forms and criteria.

E. A copy of a current unencumbered registered nurse license to practice in the state in which the student will perform clinical.

4. Students must be graduates of an accredited program.

5. Prior to enrollment in the Robert E. Smith School of Nursing, students must comply with Mississippi legislative statues and regulations regarding criminal background checks by having fingerprints taken at an approved health care agency (not a police or sheriff’s department) and a criminal background check completed. Any cost of this requirement will be the student’s responsibility.

6. After being accepted for admission, each student will be required to submit a completed health and immunization form provided by the Robert E. Smith School of Nursing, evidence of personal health insurance and malpractice insurance, and American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare provider certification on the RN to BSN orientation date.

Test-free Validation Credit/Transfer Credit

  • Credit is awarded to Registered Nurses admitted to the program for comparable prerequisite courses from accredited colleges and universities. Students may transfer approved online course credits.
  • Validation credit of 39 hours for other nursing courses (taken in an associate or diploma program) equitable to DSU nursing courses will be awarded after the student successfully completes NUR 311, NUR 331, NUR 312 and NUR 358.

Non-degree Seeking Options

Prior to admission, students may enroll as non-degree seeking (ND) students in NUR 311, NUR 331, NUR 312 and NUR 320. Upon successful completion of these courses and admission to the Robert E. Smith School of Nursing, students may apply course credit toward the RN-BSN program.


Non-Nursing (pre-requisite) Support Courses

All non-nursing (pre-requisite) support courses must be passed with a “C” or better.

Course Semester Hours
BIO 230 Anatomy and Physiology 4
BIO 231 Anatomy and Physiology 4
BIO 217 Microbiology 4
CIS 205 Microcomputer Applications 3
COM 101 Public Speaking 3
ENG 101 English Composition 3
ENG 102 English Composition 3
FCS 345 Nutrition 3
Fine Arts Elective (ART 101, 212, 401, 402; MUS 114, 115, 116; THE 225) 3
History Elective (100 or 200 level) 3
Human Development./Behavioral Science Elective (PSY 307, PSY 313, PSY 403, FCS 326, CEL 300) 3
Literature 3
MAT 103 Quantitative Reasoning or MAT 104 College Algebra (MAT 104 required for DSU) 3
PSY 101 General Psychology 3
SOC 101 Principles of Sociology 3
Humanities Elective (Additional Fine Arts; Additional History; Additional Literature; or Introduction to Philosophy) 3
Statistics (MAT 300; PSY 331) 3

Plan of Study

Fall Semester Semester Hours
NUR 311 Comprehensive Health Assessment 2.5
NUR 331 Comprehensive Health Assessment Practicum .5
NUR 312 Basic Pathophysiology 3
NUR 358 Transition to Professional Nursing 4
NUR 403 Community Health Nursing 2.5
NUR 443 Community Health Nursing Practicum 1.5
Spring Semester Semester Hours
NUR 309 Nursing Research/Evidence Based Practice 3
NUR 314 Health Policy and Ethical Decision Making 2
NUR 320 Nursing Informatics 2
NUR 402 Management of Client Care 3
NUR 442 Management of Client Care Practicum 3

Degree Requirements

To meet graduation requirements, students must also satisfy a writing proficiency requirement which may be achieved by any one of the following:

A. A score of 3 or higher on the CAAP Writing Essay Examination


B. A passing score on the writing examination required for education licensure


C. ENG 300 (Students who receive a grade of NC—No Credit—on the ENG 300 exam may not take it again)


D. ENG 301 (with a “C” or better)


E. A score of 3.5 or higher on the writing portion of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Writing Proficiency requirement no later than one semester prior to the semester in which they will graduate.

Maintain an overall quality point average of 2.0 each semester in the School of Nursing.

Maintain a minimum grade of “C” in all nursing courses.

  • Online Program
  • Non-degree Seeking Options
  • Test-free Validation Credit/Transfer Credit