Commercial Aviation

Bachelor of Commercial Aviation in Aviation Management


Delta State University
College of Business & Aviation
BCA, Aviation Management
Compliance with AABI Policy 3.4.2
August 20, 2018

For each AABI-accredited aviation program, institutions MUST accurately publish on the program’s public website, a report of student achievement data including the following information, updated annually:

Program Objectives

The Aviation Management Degree prepares students for supervisory and managerial responsibilities at all levels in the aviation field including the airlines, corporations, and military aviation.

Training culminates in a Bachelor of Commercial Aviation degree within 4 years.

Program Assessments

  1. Aviation Management majors will have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of federal aviation regulations.
  2. Aviation Management majors will demonstrate a broad understanding of the aerospace industry.
  3. Aviation Management majors will demonstrate knowledge of the skills, techniques and procedures for maintaining airports, airlines, government, non-governmental and general aviation.

Graduation Rates and Types of Employment of Graduates

2017 – May 2018* 2016 – 2017 JOBS
Aviation Management 11* 4 Aerial Applicator, UPS, FedEx, family business.

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