Delta Music Institute

DMI Summer Camp 2018 | July 8-14

Each year the DMI Entertainment Industry program hosts a summer camp  on the Delta State campus. The DMI Summer Camp is a six-day interactive experience for high school students ages 15-18 exploring four entertainment industry career tracks, culminating in a recording and showcase performance. College faculty, music industry professionals and specialists provide hands-on instruction grounded in both academic and real-world applications. The curriculum covers basic creative and technical aspects of songwriting, performing, recording, and video production. Space is limited so be sure and register early!

The application for the 2018 DMI Summer Camp is online now! Click the link below to apply.

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Audio Engineering Track

Submission Requirements: Students should have a rudimentary understanding of using recording equipment and be familiar with basic audio terminology (microphone fader, cables, etc.) Please submit the following via email or web link: Two audio files of projects you have recorded either in a studio  setting or utilizing a software-based sequencing and mixing application. Acceptable file formats are mp3, mp4, or a link to download. The file must be labeled with your first and last name and the Career Track you are applying for. Example: John Smith. Career Track 1. Audio Engineering.

Instrumental Performance Track

Submission Requirements: Two years minimum music instruction on the principal instrument being applied for (guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion) OR demonstrate substantial technical and musical proficiency if less than that. Please submit the following: A YouTube link of the student performing two contrasting musical styles. Students may perform unaccompanied, with a band (as long as applicant is prominently featured), or with a backing track. The YouTube link must include your first and last name and the Career Track you are applying for. Example: John Smith. Career Track 2. Instrumental Performance. Bass Guitar.

Songwriting (Singer/Songwriter) Track

Submission Requirements: This career track requires that you are both a singer and songwriter. It is not required that you play an instrument, however, you should have a rudimentary understanding of melody, lyric writing, and basic performance abilities. Please submit the following: A YouTube link of the student singing two of their original compositions. While students may perform unaccompanied, it is preferred that at least a piano or guitar be used to support the performance. Singing with a band, ensemble or backing track accompaniment is also acceptable. If student does not have original songs, please submit a cover song in a favorite style. The YouTube link must include your first and last name and the Career Track you are applying for. Example: John Smith. Career Track 3. Songwriting. Song Title #1. Song Title #2.

Video Production Track

Submission Requirements: Students should have rudimentary understanding of using a digital video camera or mobile recording device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) and be familiar with basic video terminology (lens, wide shot, close-up, etc.) Please submit the following: Using a smart phone, iPad, or digital video camera, create content and submit YouTube links to two short video selections (minimum length: 90 seconds each) of projects you have recorded and/or edited related in some way to music. It does NOT have to be a music video. Provide a brief but detailed description of what you did on  each project and how you did it (e.g. camera person, editor, pre-production, equipment used, editing software used, etc.). The files must be labeled with your first and last name, phone number and Career Track you are applying for. Example: John Smith, Career Track 4. Video Production.