Delta Music Institute


Recording Services

The Delta Music Institute is pleased to offer affordable high quality audio recording services to the Delta State community, and the public at large. Recording services offer Entertainment Industry Studies majors an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they gain through their DMI course work under the supervision of faculty professionals. This type of opportunity offers clients an exceptional recording experience along with a substantial savings over commercial studio rates.

The process to complete a high-quality, professional level recording project consists of:

1. PRE-PRODUCTION: A meeting or phone call with your engineer to discuss project goals, technical needs, budget and scheduling, and your material.

2. TRACKING: For a band/group project, tracking is the process where the key players in the band record tracks for the foundation of each song. This stage usually involves rhythm instruments (drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, etc.). This stage could also involve loop-based production.

3. OVERDUBS/VOCALS: Once tracking is complete, additional instruments and vocals are added. This is called overdubbing, and often this stage of the session may involve only one musician or vocalist and the engineer.

4. MIXING: After all the parts of the song are recorded (rhythm tracks, overdubs, vocals), the engineer mixes the recording to a stereo track.

5. MASTERING: This final step in the recording process involves small audio adjustments to ‘maximize’ the sound quality of the recording. This step is not required, but it is recommended if you plan to put your work into the marketplace.

DMI requires a deposit of 50% of the budget estimate three working days before recording begins, with the balance to be paid at completion of the project. Clients must provide their own media for file storage such as an external hard drive. Audio files will be released to client upon full payment. Checks should be made payable to Delta Music Institute. Clients who are a ‘no show’ without contacting the Studio Manager within 24 hours of scheduled start time forfeit session deposit fees. Any exceptions to this policy will be at the discretion of the DMI Director. Requests for information regarding studio price, availability and scheduling should be emailed to the DMI Studio & Production Manager or by calling (662) 846-4579.

Recording sessions may be requested any day of the week that the university is in operation, as long as sessions do not conflict with DMI classes or events. Each DMI studio has a set rate which includes the services of a qualified student engineer. A recording session is a unique environment that requires preparation, focus, and patience on the part of both the artist/client and engineer. Most recording projects take longer than expected due to required set-up time and technical preparation by the engineer in order to achieve the highest-quality results for the artist/client.


Live Sound Production Services

Live Sound Production provides sound systems that may include front of house & stage monitor speaker systems, microphones, and 48 channels of mixing and processing for audiences of up to 500 people (festivals, concerts, club/music venues, speaking events). DMI student workers are available (schedule permitting) to provide sound reinforcement services for campus and community events as a means of student employment and in support of experiential learning. For more information and a cost estimate, please complete the request form or contact the DMI office at (662) 846-4579.

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