Office of Health and Counseling Services

About the Health Center

The O. W. Reilly Health Center located on the campus of Delta State University provides students, faculty and staff with diagnostic capability, nursing care and educational information. Built in 1976, the once sixteen bed, single story brick facility is located among Bald Cypress trees at the corner of Washington and Quitman streets. Previous sites for the health center had been the basement of Taylor Hall, a boys residence hall where the Roberts-LaForge Library is now located. It is said the buildings steam pipes were located above the beds.  The next location for the health service was the third floor of Ward Hall. Dean Reilly, who the health service building was named for has been quoted describing this location, “if they were not sick when they started up the three flights of stairs, they were by the time they reached the top.”

The O. W. Reilly Health Center provides a friendly and confidential environment where students can obtain information to help them make informed, sound health decisions. Programs addressing health issues and concerns of college students are provided through the student health center. O. W. “Wig” Reilly took great pride in working for the education and welfare of Delta State University students. His tradition lives on in the work being provided in the building honoring his name.