Ad Hoc Committee

Committee Members

Ms. Carolyn Bailey
Chair of Committee

Dr. Andrew Wegmann
Faculty Representative, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Gwen Meador
Faculty Representative, College of Business and Aviation

Dr. Jon Westfall
Faculty Representative, College of Education and Human Sciences

Dr. Nora Gough-Davis
Faculty Representative, School of Nursing

Dr. Christopher Jurgenson
Faculty Representative at-large

Ms. Laurie Muffley
Faculty/Staff Representative, Library Services

Dr. Megan Smith
Staff Representative, Student Affairs

Ms. Kristen Land
Staff Representative, Student Success Center

Mr. David Gladden
Staff Representative, University Advancement

Ms. Dana George
Staff Representative, Athletics

Dr. Heather Miller
Staff Representative at-large

Ms. Hayden Kirkhart
Student Government Association Representative

Dr. Edwin Craft
Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration (ex-officio)

Mr. Larry Wakefield
Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration (ex-officio)