FY25 Budget Presentation

April 22, 2024

Dear Colleagues,

It was my intention to present the 2024-2025 budget this week — first to the Ad Hoc Committee on Budget Sustainability, then to the Cabinet, and finally to the campus community at a Town Hall meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 23.

This schedule was made under the assumption that we would know the amount for our state appropriation by now, thus providing us clarity on the level of financial support from the State. However, legislators are still working to finalize the state’s budget, and so it will likely be another week before our numbers are known. More to the point, there is a committee hearing at the Capitol tomorrow at which I am obliged be present in order to represent Delta State University.

As I cannot be in Jackson on Tuesday and still host the Town Ha000000000ll, and as our local budget decisions are in part dependent upon the size of our state appropriation, I have decided to delay the 2024-2025 budget presentations until Thursday, May 2, 2024.

I wish this delay was not necessary. All of you deserve clarity as to our plans for the next fiscal year. When I do address this matter, I intend to be comprehensive.

Best regards,

Dan Ennis