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Three DSU Trees to Be Removed, Most Likely the Week of March 9

By February 28, 2020

Three decaying trees will be removed from the Delta State University campus during the week of March 9 or thereabouts, according to Gerald Finley, director of Facilities Management at DSU.

One is behind the H. L. Nowell Student Union and across the street from the Digital Media Art Center. Finley estimates the tree is 75-80 years old “and has been in decline for several years. Grounds has been trimming dead limbs and larger ones continue to fall. It’s being removed due to its proximity to parking and foot traffic,” he said. “It will be replaced at some point with a similar variety of oak.”

The two other trees that will be removed are on the west side of the Bologna Performing Arts Center. Finley estimates their ages at 40 years old and 50 years old. “Both trees have been trimmed dramatically over the years due to proximity to the main power lines that feed the campus,” he said. “We are replacing power poles and installing new electrical lines in that area. These trees will not be replaced at their current location but others will be planted in a location yet to be determined.”

If any parts of the trees to be removed are solid wood, they will be offered to anyone who can put them to good use, Finley said.