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Meet Shander McDaniel Gund, Delta State Employee of the Month for April 2020

By May 5, 2020

Name: Shander McDaniel Gund

Job title and department: Senior secretary, Social Work

Employee of the month for: April 2020

DSU degree: MBA, human resource management, 2018

What does this award mean to you?
This award confirms that my work and dedication to DSU Social Work and DSU have not gone unnoticed. It also motivates me to continue working in excellence.

What do you like best about your job?
My team! I enjoy the atmosphere we have created within the Social Work Department, which promotes togetherness, friendships, support, and loyalty. Social Work is about serving and caring, and even though I do not possess a degree in this major, my character and love for people increase my abilities to serve and help wholeheartedly. Last but most importantly, I love that my colleagues and the students make me feel respected and valued for what I contribute to the department in addition to the university.

What do you like best about Delta State? While in academia, Delta State University granted me the opportunity to transcend and earn my MBA. In addition, Delta State University has awarded me the opportunity to adjoin, network, and form meaningful relationships with fellow colleagues, visiting speakers, and students.

What do you like best about living in the Mississippi Delta? For me, the Mississippi Delta is home. I love that even though it is small in size, it has an enormous rich historical background that leaves everyone in awe.

Something most people don’t know about you? When I was 20 years old, my first big move from the Mississippi Delta was to Petaluma, Calif., which was 3,000 miles away. I loved it dearly but missed my family tremendously, which caused me to move closer to home. However, I eventually moved back to the Mississippi Delta because there is no place like home.

Something not asked you want to answer? I have a 14-year-old daughter named Zuri and I hope earning this award encourages her to stay the course and to continue putting her best foot forward because hard work does pay off.