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Faculty mentors needed for McNair scholars

By November 27, 2017

The coveted 1.15 million dollar U. S. Department of Education McNair grant will provide funding over the next five years for Delta State University (DSU) to increase the number of advanced and Ph.D. degrees, with a strong emphasis in STEM fields, in typically underrepresented groups from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Twenty-five undergraduate participants will be selected annually to become a Delta State McNair Research Scholar. During their tenure in the program, the scholars will receive support services and resources to assist them in their long-term career goal.

The program prepares the participants for post-baccalaureate or doctoral studies through research and other scholarly activities such as:
• Field trips to graduate schools and places related to careers and research such as USDA’s Agricultural Research Center in Stoneville; Sparks Bureau of Business and Economic Research (SBBER) at the University of Memphis in Memphis; and the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory at the University of Southern Mississippi in Ocean Springs.
• Workshops to assist with entrance exams such as the MCAT, GMAT, NCLEX, and Praxis
• Eight-week summer research experiences with a $2,000 stipend
• One-on-one mentorship with a DSU Faculty Mentor to assist with research and provide guidance in obtaining an advanced degree
• Credit hours
• Scholarships

We will need Delta State faculty mentors to assist the scholars with research, advisement, and mentoring. There is a stipend per assigned scholar for each academic year they are a part of the program. Mentors can serve more than one scholar as well as mentor a scholar from a different discipline. Mentors are expected to meet with their scholar(s) regularly and monitor their progression.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Wendolyn Stevens, program director, at with your name, email address, academic department, and phone number.