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Jan. 2023 Employee of the Month Bethany Powell

By February 6, 2023

Name: Bethany Powell

Job Title, department: Administrative Secretary and Recruitment and Retention Manager for the College of Education and Human Sciences

Employee of the month for what month/year: January 2023

What does this award mean to you? This award is special because it is the first time I have ever received an award such as this. I consider myself a hard and dedicated worker and it feels quite amazing to be seen and appreciated by my colleagues and superiors.

What do you like best about your job? Working for Delta State University is rewarding. I like that I get to be involved with the students as they go through their programs. Working at Delta State has helped me grow in so many areas, professionally and personally.

What do you like best about Delta State? The things I like most about Delta State are the opportunities we, as staff, are open to. Not only does Delta State offer us free tuition but it also offers textbook scholarships and lowered tuition rates for our family as well. The opportunities to volunteer for different events around campus is something I look forward to as well. This provides the perfect setting to get to know my colleagues and the students.