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Delta State University announces significant enrollment growth in College of Business and Aviation

CLEVELAND, Miss. — Delta State University is proud to announce a substantial increase in enrollment for the College of Business and Aviation for the current July 2023-June 2024 academic year. The college has seen growth of 23.3% in total enrollment, rising from 527 students in the academic year 2022-2023 to 650 students in 2023-2024.

Interim Dean of the College of Business and Aviation, Dr. Tomeka Harbin, expressed her excitement about this achievement, saying, “We were thrilled to see the increase in enrollment this academic year. This milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our faculty, staff, and current students and we look forward to an exciting year ahead filled with new opportunities and achievements.”

Interim Assistant Dean, Dr. Lisa Cooley, spoke to the strategic efforts behind this growth. “Within the College of Business and Aviation, we have made enrollment growth a priority and have actively engaged in recruiting and marketing our programs and the work has paid off. We are really proud of the work our faculty and staff have done to recruit and retain students. We have excellent programs, and we are thrilled about the growth we’ve experienced over the last year.”

The enrollment data shows significant increases across various programs within the college. Notable growth includes:

Business Administration – iMBA: Enrollment increased by 26.2%, from 84 to 106 students.

Flight Operations – BCA: Enrollment increased by 24.3%, from 103 to 128 students.

General Business – BBA: Enrollment increased by 26.9%, from 93 to 118 students.

Management – BBA: Enrollment saw an impressive 75.0% increase, from 32 to 56 students.

These increases reflect the college’s commitment to providing quality education and its successful efforts in attracting more students to its diverse programs. The programs showing the most substantial growth are a validation of the college’s robust curriculum and the promising career opportunities in the fields of business and aviation.

The College of Business and Aviation at Delta State University continues to be a leader in higher education, preparing students for successful careers. The increase in enrollment is a clear indication of the college’s growing reputation and the value of its academic offerings.

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