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DSU Criminal Justice professor releases new book

CLEVELAND, Miss. — Dr. Donna Ossorio, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Delta State University, has recently released a new book, When Does Black Lives Matter, published by Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. The Division of Social Sciences and History will be hosting a book launch event on February 29 at 5:00 p.m. in Jobe Hall Auditorium, where Ossorio will talk about her new book.

Issued by the Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, When Does Black Lives Matter seeks to send readers on a journey of introspection and understanding, connecting personal stories with broader societal issues surrounding race in the United States. It highlights how trauma affects individuals differently, shaping personalities and life paths in complex ways that are often overlooked in simplistic narratives of recovery. The book explores the deep scars of America’s history, including slavery and Jim Crow, and their lasting impact on the nation’s psyche and social dynamics.

Riley Hardin, Senior Secretary of the Division of Social Sciences and History said, “Dr. Ossorio is one of our own, and I’m glad that we are able to support her and her research and we are excited to be able to encourage other people to support it as well.”

Dr. Charles Westmoreland, Associate Professor of History and Chair of the Division of Social Sciences and History said, “We in the Division of Social Sciences and History are thrilled for Dr. Ossorio on this wonderful accomplishment. Her book promises to offer fellow scholars and students deep insight into the historical challenges behind the American criminal justice system while offering a path forward to a more equitable and just future. She has put a great deal of time and effort into her book and has even relied on the talents of our students in compiling the research that is foundational to her analysis and policy prescriptions. Anytime a faculty member publishes a book, it is a towering achievement that should be celebrated.”

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