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Visiting Professor to Speak on Gun Culture

CLEVELAND, Miss. — Dr. Andrew C. McKevitt, John D. Winters Endowed Professor of History at Louisiana Tech University, will be on the campus of Delta State University on November 9 to talk about about his new book, Gun Country:  Gun Capitalism, Culture & Control in Cold War America. His talk will be at 4 p.m. in the Charles W. Capps, Jr. Archives Seminar Room and is entitled “Foreign Trash: How Cheap Firearms Killed a President and Made America the Gun Country.” The talk will cover items from the first few chapters of his book. Copies of his book will also be available for purchase before and after the event.

Dr. Andrew Wegmann, Associate Professor of History at DSU and Director of the Madison Center said, “Dr. McKevitt is an engaging and creative scholar who takes a wide view of important issues. In this case, his groundbreaking work on the politics and culture that have come to define both the gun market and guns themselves in American life is nothing short of transformative. This talk, and the discussion it will no doubt produce, brings to center stage a central pillar of the Delta’s political culture and the deep, fascinating history behind it. Anyone interested in understanding how guns became so central to our lives, for better or for worse, should attend Dr. McKevitt’s talk.”

McKevitt’s book is published by the University of North Carolina Press. According to their website, “Andrew C. McKevitt tells the history of this gun boom through the dynamics of consumer capitalism and Cold War ideology, the combination of which resulted in a vast number of Americans arming themselves to the teeth and centering their political identity on their guns.”

For more information about McKevitt or to order a copy of Gun Country:  Gun Capitalism, Culture & Control in Cold War America, visit