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DSU’s Ennis Announces Centennial Capital Campaign

By October 5, 2023Foundation, President
DSU President Dr. Dan Ennis welcomes alumni to Pig Pickin' weekend.

CLEVELAND, Miss. — Delta State University President Dr. Dan Ennis announced a new capital campaign to raise funds for the university at a reception for donors that kicked off Pig Pickin’ weekend.

Mallory Burchfield, Director of Foundation Relations said, “Our campaign has been in the silent stage for awhile, and we are finally at the point where we are ready to announce it. Tonight is a party to thank those who have already donated, and to celebrate where we are with the campaign.”

The campaign was originally set to raise $50 million. With close to $45 million raised during the silent phase of the campaign, Ennis said, “The easy win is to come here tonight, announce this campaign, and then we finish out and in 24 months, have another big party celebrating $50 million dollars, a record amount for Delta State. We high-five, and then the campaign is over. That’s what I should do. It’s not what I’m going to do.”

He went on to announce that the goal for the campaign has grown from $50 million to $100 million. “Here is my challenge to you. I was brought here to always think about Delta State’s best interests, so I am going to challenge you all tonight. I am going to ask you to think deeply about this campaign in a different way.”

He invoked the memory of what John F. Kennedy said when announcing the plans for the moon missions, quoting him, saying, “’We don’t do these things because they are easy, we do them because they are hard.’ And when he announced that America was going to the moon, it was extraordinarily unpopular.”

Ennis admitted that his plan is a departure from standard capital campaign strategy. He said, “I’m going to throw out the playbook, because the playbook is for conventional circumstances, and Delta State does not have conventional circumstances right now.”

He outlined specific needs in the areas of facilities, scholarships, and programming. He said, “With the right kind of resources, I can make sure that Delta State is the first choice of brilliant, talented smart people who could go anywhere, but choose Delta State. There is no reason why a student at Delta State isn’t using any equipment that isn’t top notch.”

For more information on the campaign or to donate, visit the DSU Foundation’s website at