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Incoming Statesman Spotlight – Brady Roehm

By June 13, 2023Students

Hometown – Hernando, Miss.

High school – Tunica Academy

Age – 17

Major – Education

What led you to choose education as your major? My parents were both teachers, so I’ve grown up in a classroom and I’ve seen what they’ve done to help so many kids. And I’ve always just wanted to help people in my class try to pass and make sure they’re doing good, too. It’s my calling. 

Both of your parents, and your sister attended DSU, didn’t they? What are their names? They did. My parents are Alexander and Katherine. They met at Delta State. Mom’s maiden name was Nichols. And my sister, Morgan, played softball at DSU and was an SGA Vice President.

And you are going to be playing football for DSU, correct? What position do you play? Yes I am. I’m a kicker. I didn’t start kicking until COVID happened. I was a soccer player, and I got bored and started kicking footballs one day.

What would you say was your biggest football moment in high school? My biggest football moment was in my senior year. We end up going 13-0, undefeated state champs. 

What ultimately led you to choose Delta State? I went down to a camp for football and coach offered me a spot. I love the way that he runs his program, and I just kind of knew that was the spot I wanted to be.

What other extra-curricular activities have you been involved with? I played baseball, football, and soccer. And I’ve been in pretty much any club that the school offered. 

Do you have a job? I do. I work a little bit. I do mostly lawn care stuff and during school I worked at a tutoring center.

What’s your favorite class? Math. Yes, sir. I’m gonna hopefully be a math teacher. 

Any big plans for the rest of the summer? Right now I’m actually on the way for a senior trip down in New Orleans. Other than that, I’m just doing the workouts that coach sent me getting ready for summer camp in July.