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Five Delta State Students Named Semi-finalists in NATS Spring Conference

Pictured from left to right: Finn Sobalvarro, UiChan Lee, Keveon Beavers, and Tiko Jones. Not pictured: Zee Washington.
The Mississippi Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) recently held its annual Spring Conference and Student Auditions on the Delta State University Campus in the Delta State University Department of Music! A total of 69 students sang 80 auditions in 20 categories. Five Delta State students participated: Zee Washington, Finn Sobalvarro, Tiko Jones, UiChan Lee,  and Keveon Beavers. All of them were named semi-finalists.
Also, Finn Sobalvarro, Tiko Jones, UiChan Lee, and Keveon Beavers were finalists in their respective categories. Finn placed fourth in the freshman treble voices division; Tiko placed first in the graduate student treble division and third in the advanced student spirituals division; UiChan placed third in the non-traditional undergraduate division; and Keveon placed first in the junior tenor/baritone/bass voices division.
Congratulations to them! And special thanks to Drs. Jung-Won Shin and Kumiko Shimizu for collaborating with and supporting our winners.
All five singers study singing at DSU with Assistant Professor of Music, Dr. Jamie Dahman. “I’m very proud of my record as an engaging and effective singing teacher at DSU. These students join the ranks of my former students who have won singing awards, are studying in graduate programs, or are singing as classical professionals” says Dr. Dahman. “But, I’m more proud of the work and passion these students bring to their singing lessons, and their performing. They can only go up from here!”