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DSU Alumni Association hosts inaugural Past Presidents Dinner

By May 16, 2022Alumni
Past presidents of the National Alumni Association attended the inaugural Past Presidents Dinner.

CLEVELAND, Miss.— The Delta State University Alumni Association recently honored its past presidents during its inaugural Past Presidents Dinner.

The special occasion was hosted April 9 in the Atrium of Kent Wyatt Hall. After more than a year of COVID-19 restrictions, the event was opportunity for the current and past leaders of the organization to reconnect, fellowship and discuss the past and future of the DSU Alumni Association.

“I’m glad so many of the prior presidents were able to come back in for the celebration,” said John Fletcher, current president of the DSU Alumni Association. “It seemed like everyone had a great time, and it was a nice opportunity to introduce George as the new president beginning with Homecoming in November.”

In addition, Fletcher said the event was a great opportunity to learn from those who have served previously.

“It’s always great to hear the stories of those who came before you and to pick their brains and experience for ideas we can use going forward,” he said. “I hope this becomes a new tradition and an ongoing opportunity for these leaders to interact directly with the administration and to stay engaged and involved with the University.”

Pictured, from left, are former DSU National Alumni Association President Patrick Davis, current DSU National Alumni Association President John Fletcher, Interim Director of Alumni Affairs Amanda Robinson, and Alumni Engagement Coordinator Dean Arnold.

Past Presidents of the DSU Alumni Association include:

Ms. Dorothy McLain Causey

Mr. Robert Cagnell Bullock

Ms. Elizabeth Zeigel Winter

Eugenia Bachman Rutland

Dr. Williams D. McCain

Mr. Hal Carnes

Ms. Gladys C. Castle

Mr. Jack Barwick

Ms. Maxine Boggan Holcombe

Mr. Jack Barwick

Mr. James Flack

Mr. William Ferguson

Dr. William D. McCain

Mr. Edward L. Lowe

Mr. Chandler Worley

Mr. H.L. Nowell

Mr. Paul Anderson

Mr. Hyram Gerrard

Mr. B.F. Smith

Mr. Haltom Brown

Mr. Lamar Beevers

Mr. Percy Funchess

Mr. Ben Stallings

Mr. Billy Stephenson

Mr. Frank John Loyacono

Ms. Leila Lyle Underhill

Ms. Ruth Walters Bobo

Dr. Kent Wyatt

Mr. Martin T. King

Mr. Hugh Ellis Walker

Mr. Ed Kossman Jr.

Mr. Wayne Anthony

Mr. Alben N. Hopkins

Mr. Robert M. Dearing

Mr. Ken Lauderdale

Mr. Jesse A. Barr

Mr. Neil Thomas

Clarence Wilkinson

Bobby Barrett

Alyce West Richardson

Dr. Arthur Richter Jr.

Mr. Peter Jernberg

Dr. Clyde Muse

Mr. Bobby Moore

Mr. Hunter Cade

Mr. Claude Porter

Mr. William N. LaForge

Dr. Anne Cross

Mr. James Young

Mr. Allen Burrell

Mr. Jim Eidt

Mr. Bradley Smith

Mr. Harmon Boggs

Mr. Sidney Runnels

Mr. Wayne Smith

Dr. William Alford

Mr. Bobby Fahey

Mr. John M. Alexander

Mr. Glover “Russ” Russell

Mr. Donald Green

Mr. Harvey Tackett

Mr. Mickey Robinson

Dr. Jimmy Avery

Mr. Charles W. Holmes

Mr. Chris Kelley

Mr. Arthur S. Johnston, III

Mr. Bill Greenleaf

Ms. Daye Dearing

Mr. John Cox

Mr. George Bassi

Mr. Richard Myers III

Mr. Rob Armour

Mrs. Sayward Fortner

Mr. Patrick Davis