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Cabinet-to-Cabinet, Heart-to-Heart: Delta State’s SGA Cabinet joins President’s Cabinet for special joint meeting

CLEVELAND, Miss.—Members of Delta State University’s Student Government Association (SGA) Cabinet joined Delta State’s President’s Cabinet for a special joint meeting on Monday, Aug. 23.

The idea for the joint meeting was implemented following the President’s Cabinet’s annual Cabinet Advance, hosted in July. The meeting was designed as an opportunity to receive direct feedback from student leaders on campus.

Delta State’s SGA President William Young called the joint Cabinet meeting to order—a first for the University. He describes the opportunity as “unbelievable.”

“President LaForge has been a great mentor for me throughout my undergraduate career at Delta State, and to open up his meeting with my cabinet sitting at his table demonstrated to me that he is truly a President that works for his students,” said Young, a senior Biology major from Flora, Miss.

Delta State’s SGA President William Young (seated, far left) called the joint Cabinet meeting to order—a first for the University

According to Young, members of his Cabinet enjoyed the experience as well.

“They expressed all things Delta State during the meeting, and the President’s Cabinet members responded with gratitude and a willingness to work to continue making our campus better each day. It was an experience that very few people get to be a part of, and I think that my cabinet members will remember it for years to come,” he said.

SGA Vice President Morgan Roehm, a senior Pre-Med major from Hernando, Miss., echoed Young’s sentiments.

“Attending a school where the president, faculty, and staff genuinely care about each student’s experience and success is an experience like no other,” she said. “I am thankful to have had this opportunity to not only encourage their hard work, but to offer insight and hopefully promote change for the betterment of our campus and students.”

During the special meeting, titled “SGA Cabinet to President’s Cabinet,” Delta State President William N. LaForge requested the student leaders’ feedback on current University operations and changes they’d like to see implemented. SGA Cabinet members also received the opportunity to converse openly on other topics of their choice.

“It was a pleasure hosting the Student Government Association officers and Cabinet for a special visit with the University Cabinet,” said LaForge. “We enjoyed an excellent discussion of a wide array of campus issues, ranging from COVID-19-related matters to Student Life activities to the pressures and challenges of academic life for students.”

Dr. Eddie Lovin, vice president for student affairs at Delta State, said the special meeting provided SGA Cabinet members the unique opportunity to “sit in the chairs” of the President’s Cabinet and bring students’ issues and concerns “front and center.”

“For my fellow vice presidents to hear straight from our students only validates both the positives and challenges I bring to the President and University Cabinet every week,” said Lovin.

According to LaForge, he plans to incorporate more “cabinet-to-cabinet” style meetings in the future.

“The University Cabinet and I believe strongly that we need to have an active and open line of communication with our students, and this unique meeting delivered in very meaningful ways,” he said. “Throughout the year, we will continue to follow up with our student leaders as we address matters of concern to them.  I commend our SGA leaders for their engagement, and I look forward to working with them throughout the year.”