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Delta State University Receives $3,500 Grant from LGBTQ Fund of Mississippi for Safe Space Program

The admissions staff at Delta State display a sticker to affix to their office space as a visible indicator that they have completed a two-hour training session on March 9, 2020, on LGBTQ issues and are knowledgeable and empathetic about them.


Delta State University received a $3,500 grant from the LGBTQ Fund of Mississippi to apply to the Safe Space initiative on campus.The mission of Safe Space is to further safety, value, and inclusivity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning people at Delta State by fostering a supportive learning and working environment.

The $3,500 grant is the maximum amount awarded by the LGBTQ Fund of Mississippi in the planning category. The money will be used to purchase curriculum and promotional materials, provide incentives for participants, and make other improvements to the longstanding campus effort. Delta State’s Safe Space is part of a national training program.

“As the new Safe Space coordinator, it was imperative for me to delve into this program so that it informs as many faculty, staff, students, and community members as possible on crucial matters such as gender and sexual identify, homophobia, discrimination, fear of reprisal, and being an ally for the LGBTQ community,” said Dr. Jacqueline Goldman, assistant professor of psychology. “The money from this grant will extend the reach of this vital program and enhance the trainings for our campus.”

Dr. Merideth Van Namen, interim division chair of counselor education and psychology, added, “This grant will provide the means for Dr. Goldman to expand contributions in both breadth and depth to educate and support the university faculty, staff, and students on such an important topic as LGBTQ.”

LGBTQ Fund of Mississippi grant evaluators praised Delta State in an email “for the wonderful work you’re doing for Mississippi’s LGBTQ citizens. We are very proud to have your organization among the first group of grant recipients.”