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Delta State signs PepsiCo contract

President William N. LaForge (left) signs the beverage services contract on April 12 with Mike McGraw, PepsiCo Director of Workplace — South Region.



Delta State University President William N. LaForge welcomed representatives from PepsiCo on April 12 to sign the beverage services contract with the company. In February, Delta State announced PepsiCo as its new beverage vendor of choice for the next five years.

Delta State chose PepsiCo after a university committee unanimously recommended the company following a detailed analysis of corporate options, products and services.

LaForge said he was looking forward to the numerous opportunities the new partnership will provide.

“PepsiCo will provide a large array of services and benefits, including an extensive line of beverages that students prefer, a significant increase of revenue from commissions, a special partnership with Gatorade for our athletic programs, card reader machines campus-wide for convenience of purchase, and a number of student engagement events and promotional programs on campus for the next several years,” said LaForge. “On top of those important features of the relationship, PepsiCo will also purchase substantial advertising from the university.”

Joining LaForge for the signing was Mike McGraw, PepsiCo Director of Workplace — South Region.

Sales reports have already shown a major increase in consumer purchases, with sales tripling in the first month. PepsiCo has remained busy restocking machines throughout campus on a daily basis.

Ashley Griffin, Student Government Association president at Delta State, said students around campus are showing great enthusiasm for the new products.

“A lot of students are excited about having a wider variety of options that aren’t just sodas, such as the iced coffees and flavored water,” said Griffin. “It’s also been a bonus to have access to more healthy options. Students also like using their Okra Kards, credit cards and debit cards at all the machines.”

Alan Gorman, a senior graphic design major, said he also enjoys the variety in the new product line.

“Now, there’s something everyone can find, even for the people not big on sodas,” said Gorman. “Additionally, now it’s much more convenient to find a drink on campus with the new drink machines and the card readers. Probably one of the biggest things I’ve heard from the other students is how much they like having Starbucks coffee in the drink machines.”

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