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Updates on Delta State

By September 14, 2015Uncategorized

Chief Buster Bingham, Cleveland Police Department, said DSU police were contacted this morning about a shooting in Jobe Hall. The victim has been identified as Professor Ethan Schmidt, and a suspect is on the large. The suspect is not being named at this time.

All official information is being released from the law enforcement command center every hour. The command center is located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Highway 8.

University Relations Vice President Michelle Roberts said it is a tragic situation, and the entire campus sends its heartfelt thoughts and sympathy to Professor Schmidt’s family.

All classes have been cancelled for the remainder of the day and night, along with plans to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the campus set for Tuesday.

All faculty, staff and students who have been cleared from academic buildings are being moved to Sillers Coliseum. Students currently in residence halls should remain there. Campus administrators are working to get food, water and counselors to the Coliseum. Police are working to clear all campus buildings, and students, faculty and staff should stay where they are until they are escorted out.

For more information, contact Director of Communications and Marketing Jennifer Farish, at or 662-846-4000.