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Delta State’s online MBA program receives national recognition

Delta State University’s College of Business recently received recognition in a report from the U.S. News & World Report ranking the 10 most affordable online Master of Business Administration programs across the nation.

Dr. Billy Moore, dean of Delta State’s College of Business, was thrilled with the national ranking.

“Our online Integrated MBA program is innovative and accessible,” said Moore. “The curriculum is designed to establish the interdependence of business decision making and organizational effectiveness. This recognition demonstrates our commitment to providing our students with a high quality, relevant education at a reasonable cost.”

According to the report, it’s common for students​ to spend upward of $10,000 a semester for an MBA program, but it’s not always necessary. Coming in at number eight on the list, Delta State was recognized for offering courses at $334 per credit, including part-time and out-of-state students.

The MBA and Integrated MBA programs at Delta State provide a broad understanding of business fundamentals required of business organizations and entrepreneurial ventures.

The curriculum enables students to build upon the foundation of business concepts in the areas of financial reporting, analysis, and markets; domestic and global economic environments in organizations; creation and distribution of goods and services; and human behavior in organizations.

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