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Organizations looking for AmeriCorps*VISTA applicants

By Lakisha L. Butler
Delta State University Center for Community & Economic Development

Lakisha Butler

Lakisha Butler

Do you ever wonder why impoverished communities are so oppressed by conditions? It’s because these communities lack training, resources and strategic plans needed to counteract the indigence and apathy. Are you inspired to help break the cycle? You can be one of over 170,000 AmeriCorps*VISTA members serving faithfully and working fervently to destroy the innate succession of poverty.

Are you doubtful that your contributions will make a difference? The skepticism stops today.

Becoming a VISTA member means you can help initiate an adult literacy awareness campaign and engage volunteer tutors. Imagine your elderly neighbor, who has only ever been able to identify himself with an X, signing his name for the first time.

Becoming a VISTA member means you can help develop health education initiatives for low-income individuals. Envision children, adults and elderly individuals living happier lives and having healthy futures.

Becoming a VISTA member means you can help coordinate projects that develop unemployed and underemployed individuals in communities. Picture individuals and families without an income to obtain food, clothes and shelter breathing an extended sigh of relief from the knowledge a VISTA member provided at a free workshop or educational session.

Becoming a VISTA member means that you can make a difference!

There are openings in surrounding counties that need to be filled immediately. Not-for-profit agencies are seeking applicants with written and oral communication proficiency, strong computer literacy, strong coordinating and organizing abilities, and strong public relations skills. Interested individuals should complete and submit an online application at to be considered. Selected applicants will begin a rewarding year of service in November.

Upon becoming an AmeriCorps*VISTA member, individuals will receive a variety of heartening benefits, including a living allowance paid bi-weekly, health and life insurance, and work-related travel reimbursement. Contingent with service completion, members may choose either a $5,550 education award or a $1,500 cash stipend.

For more information, please visit the website at or contact the Program Recruiter at the Center for Community and Economic Development at Delta State University at 662-846-4848 or