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Sociology students meet Alumni Association

The Delta State Alumni Association recently hosted a visit from the senior sociology class taught by Dr. Leslie E. Green-Pimentel. The course provides a venue for integrating material learned in the Social Sciences program.

Dr. Green-Pimentel’s class is designed to establish a basis for instituting assessment-based education in the Division of Social Sciences and History at Delta State University and to serve as a transition between life in the university and life after college. Students in her “Integrative Seminar in the Social Sciences” visit the Alumni Association each semester and have been doing so for the past seven years.

Director of Alumni Affairs Jeffrey Farris spoke to the students about the experience they will have after they graduate.  He encouraged them to stay connected to their alma mater and to come back to campus often.

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Pictured:  Andrew Bank, Social Justice and Criminology, Greenwood; Mary Lawson Barlow, Political Science, Greenwood; Latonya Horsley, Social Justice and Criminology, Rosedale; Billy Johnson, Social Justice and Criminology, Olive Branch; Craig Johnson, Social Science-Geography, New Orleans, LA; Marc McMillian, Social Justice and Criminology, Mendenhall; Amber Mitcham, Social Justice and Criminology, Virginia Beach, VA; RoweGene Orr, Social Sciences, Enid, & Dr. Leslie E. Green-Pimentel, Assistant Professor of Community Development Division of Social Sciences & History.