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Delta State Explores Opportunities for Students

By June 11, 2013General

Student learning opportunities were discussed by NSA President and Owner Michael Belenchia and President LaForge.

Delta State President William N. LaForge explored learning opportunities for students while touring Needle Specialty Products (NSP) in Boyle. The visit was led by Delta State alumni Michael Belenchia who is principal owner, president, and chief executive officer of NSP.

Belencia explained NSP’s process of manufacturing and packaging. He commented on the importance of employees with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, math, and business.

A partnership between Delta State and NSP would be highly valuable to students seeking internships or co-operative education opportunities.

“This could be a great start for our students to get out in the community,” said LaForge.

Needle specialty employs about 130 people including Delta State alumni Kyle Smith who serves as the director of quality assurance and engineering and corporate secretary/treasurer.

For more information on student internships or academic programs, please visit the Office of Career Services at Delta State,, or call 662-846-4646.