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Delta State hosts New York group on heritage tour

By July 17, 2009General


The Delta State University Delta Center for Culture and Learning recently provided a heritage tour for visitors from Brooklyn, New York. 

Seventeen students and faculty from the Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School and the Uncommon Schools Charter School Group were in the Delta for several days as guests of Rives Neblett of Shelby. 
Group leader Ryan Frailick, who now teaches in Brooklyn, formerly taught in Shelby as a Teach For America worker and became friends with Neblett.  He invited thirteen students from Shelby to join the visitors for their tour and a barbecue. 
Scott Coopwood of Coopwood Communications in Cleveland arranged for Bill O’Nealof Shelby to give the visitors a tour of his farm followed by a picnic on the riverside.  While in the Delta, the group also visited the B.B. King Museum in Indianola and Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale.  The Brooklyn students stopped in the Delta as part of their two-week tour of civil rights sites.