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Delta State Department of Mathematics hosts workshop

By June 26, 2009General


The Number Sense/Algebra/Geometry Institute for mathematics teachers of grades 4-8 was funded under the No Child Left Behind Act and was held in the summer of 2009 on the Delta State University campus. 

The participants were selected from mathematics teachers in the Mississippi Delta area. The participants and instructors are (seated, from left) Vivian Wilder of D.M. Smith Middle School in Cleveland, Delecia Liddell of I.T. Montgomery Elementary in Mound Bayou, Malcolm “Turk” Moore of H. W. Solomon Middle School in Greenville, Karen Harmon of Presbyterian Day School in Cleveland, Mattie Davis of Quitman County Middle School in Marks, Sara Johnson of Batesville Jr. High School in Batesville, (standing, from left) Dr. Leslie Horton, Delta State University assistant professor of mathematics, Louise Robinson of John F. Kennedy High School in Mound Bayou, Rochelle Clifton of I.T. Montgomery Elementary School, Jacqueline L. Brown of H.W. Solomon Middle School, Sherry L. Young of Carver Elementary School in Indianola, Laura Little of Cleveland School District, Krystaline S. Young of Sunflower County School District, Dr. Stella Wear, Delta State University professor emeritus of mathematics, Julie Williams of Winona Elementary School, and Kimberly Taylor of Tunica Middle School.
The major purpose of the institute was to assist “in need” teachers in acquiring knowledge and developing enthusiasm and excitement for teaching mathematics to their students. A teacher “in need” is defined as a new teacher, one who is teaching mathematics but not certified in mathematics, one who has a weak background in mathematics, or one who needs mathematics course work to be classified as “highly qualified.” Twenty-seven of the thirty-four districts in the Delta Area Association for Improvement of Schools (DAAIS) are high need districts. Teachers from these districts had priority in the selection process.
The focus of the Institute was on number sense and its impact on students’ success in algebra and geometry with appropriate connections, assessments, teaching techniques, and manipulatives used in all sessions.
The workshop was directed by Dr. Leslie Horton of the Delta State University Department of Mathematics with the assistance of LEA partners Krystaline Sample Young of Indianola and Julie Williams of Carrollton.