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Delta State Establishes Confidential Assessment Response Team

By February 26, 2009General
In 2008 the Mississippi Board of Trustees of the Institutions of Higher Learning mandated that each of the eight public institutions under its charge create a response team of faculty and staff to improve the communication concerning students who need to be confidentially assessed.  This decision was made in response to the Virginia Tech incident.

As a result, Delta State University established the Confidential Assessment Response Team (CART), a proactive tool for the confidential reporting of changes in behavior, actions, and/or distresses.

Faculty, staff, and students assist the CART team by identifying those students they feel may be in need of assessment. The CART program is a system that responds to the behavioral issues of students on the Delta State campus.

The chair of Delta State’s CART team is Elsie Lynn Ervin, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Student Life. 

“Delta State is very concerned about the many challenges students face in today’s society,” said Ervin.  “We want to address these concerns by providing information regarding support services on the Delta State Campus.  Our goal is to give our students the best chance for success in a very competitive college environment.

For more information about the CART program at Delta State, contact Elsie Lynn Ervin at (662) 846-4138.