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Staff Award Nominations Sought

By January 28, 2008General
I am pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the 2008 Foundation Staff awards.  The nomination period will run from January 15 through February 15.  Nominations must be submitted on the attached form.  The form requires the signature of the person making the nomination as well as the nominee’s supervisor.  Please send completed nomination forms to me, KWH 217, by February 15.

Delta State University
Staff Awards
Nomination Form
Employee Name: _____________________________________________
Employee Position: ____________________________________________
Employee Department: ________________________________________
Date Employed at Delta State: __________________________________
Employee Category: __________________________________________
o         Category A – Executive, Administrative, Managerial and Other Professional
o         Category B – Technical and Paraprofessional, Clerical and Secretarial
o         Category C – Skilled Crafts, Service/Maintenance
Award Area: ________________________________________________
Area 1Service to the University Award
  • exhibiting initiative and creativity, resulting in improved operating efficiency or innovative processes
  • promoting positive collaborative relationships with other institutions or organizations
  • providing outstanding service and commitment to Delta State University above and beyond regular job requirements
  • volunteering time, expertise, or personal resources to a special project which may fall outside of the scheduled work day
  • participating on university committees
  • attending/supporting University events
  • developing standards or guidelines to make a process more efficient or user friendly
  • improving upon departmental or university-wide operations
  • receiving awards or special recognition
  • feedback from various constituency groups
  • assisting campus visitors
Area 2 – Service to University Colleagues Award 
  • contributing to departmental collegiality, morale, and a supportive learning/working environment
  • promoting positive collaborative relationships with other university departments/colleagues
  • encouraging and supporting staff to attend workshops to improve their skills or develop additional ones
  • developing information sharing avenues such as creating specialized bulletin board, e-mail groups, or setting specific times for departments to gather to discuss upcoming events or projects
  • developing a system to keep information flowing between employees
  • assisting other departments, especially on a volunteer basis
  • supporting other departmental projects by attending their events
  • creating staff development programs for co-workers
      Area 3 – Service to the University/Community Relations Award
  • exhibiting initiative and creativity, resulting in improved operating efficiency or innovative processes
  • promoting positive collaborative relationships with other institutions or organizations
  • developing outreach avenues to assist individuals or groups gain access to the variety of resources available on the Delta State campus
  • exhibiting exemplary leadership through positive relationships with off-campus communities
  •  encouraging a positive relationship with off-campus entities
  • offering workshops or other services to the community
  • volunteering on community committees
  • community service
  • assisting campus visitors
Please describe the nominee’s contributions in the area he or she is being nominated using the criteria listed above. Please be as specific as possible, and include detailed information on the service and achievements of the nominee. 
Individual Nominating the Employee
Nominee’s Supervisor

Members of the Staff Awards Selection committee this year are:
Ann Margaret Mullins (Student Services/Student Life)
David Dallas (Academic Affairs)
James Donald Cooper (Staff Emeritus)
James Breland (Foundation/Alumni)
Gerald Jordan (Athletics)
Dicky Taylor (Finance & Administration)
Student Government Association (to be appointed)
Chris Collins (Chamber of Commerce)
The policy governing the award process can be found at
Greg Redlin
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Delta State University
Cleveland, MS 38733
662-846-4004 (office)
662-588-5660 (cell)
662-846-4049 (fax)