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Delta State taking preventative measures to ensure Travis E. Parker Field remains fan-friendly, family-friendly

By September 21, 2007General



 Delta State University will be taking proactive and preventative measures to ensure each fan’s positive experience at future athletic events. University officials outlined nine new initiatives to the end today.

In response to last Saturday’s altercation following Delta State University’s 9-7 victory over Henderson State University inside Travis E. Parker Field, University administrators, in conjunction with the Delta State Police Department, are taking proactive and preventative measures to ensure each fan’s positive experience at future athletic events.

“Our athletic venues have consistently had a reputation for fan-friendliness and family-friendliness,” explained Dr. Wayne Blansett, Vice President of Student Affairs. “We are taking the necessary steps to ensure a quality outing continues for all those in attendance. That is our obligation as the host institution.”
Beginning with the Statesmen’s next home football contest, Thursday, Sept. 27 at 7 p.m., fans can expect the following nine measures to be enforced. Pre-game tailgating activities will be moved from behind the visitor’s section to inside Statesmen Park, located at the north end of the football field. The Delta State Police will also have an increased presence at the contest, including a tent set-up in the middle of Statesmen Park.
At each entry point of the stadium, all carry-ins will be monitored and searched, if necessary. Additionally, the Delta State student section will be relocated from the east side of the field to the west. All east side seating (the visitor’s section) will be closed to all Delta State fans.
Increased security personnel will now patrol both the east and west stands. Any fans guilty of disruptive behavior will be escorted out of the venue, and those in violation of the law will be arrested.
Police department personnel will also be stationed in the parking lots following the ball game.
In conjunction with Delta State’s Student Government Association and leadership of the Greek organizations, the University is also implementing a campaign with the at-large student body to be better hosts with visiting fans.
Lastly, Delta State is initiating a mail-out to season ticket-holders to be sure they are aware of changes that will occur.
“We want to be diligent in preventing any other incidents from happening in the future,” Blansett continued. “I feel these measures will aid in that goal, and we thank our fans and various supporters for adhering to our new policies.”