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Graduate School to host fair for prospective students, register online

By January 3, 2007General



Graduate Studies         
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DSU 501: Introduction to Graduate Studies Registration and Event Schedule

On behalf of the Delta State University community and the city of Cleveland, welcome to the Graduate Studies website at Delta State University! We are grateful for your expressing an interest in our graduate studies program. DSU serves as an educational and cultural center for the Mississippi Delta. The University offers graduate degrees in the areas of Education, Arts and Sciences, Business, and Nursing. Emphasis is placed on excellence in instruction, followed by research in the creation of a community of scholars. DSU provides numerous programs and services which promote professional growth and social development.

From a small teacher-training institution in the 1920’s, DSU has grown into a multi-purpose university. The University has continued to grow and prosper with an enrollment of over 4,000 students. With special attention to small classes in a friendly environment, DSU is committed to providing a quality education at one of the most affordable prices in the Southeastern United States. Even at the affordable cost, assistance is available through graduate assistantships and scholarship opportunities (review the graduate catalog for more details).

This website serves only as an abbreviated version of the Graduate Studies Program at Delta State University. We invite you to come for a personal visit. Call us today at 662-846-4875 or via email at to arrange a date and time. We look forward to hearing from you.

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