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Delta State to present 3rd Annual Delta Health & Wellness Day, Jan. 25

By January 22, 2007General

The Delta Health & Wellness Day Planning Committee gathers to discuss the upcoming event. Pictured, r. to l., Deborah Moore, Delta State Center for Community & Economic Development; John Alvarez, Delta State Health, Physical Education & Recreation; Farae Wolfe, Cleveland School District; Wallace Townsend, Alternative Medical Solutions; Kim Buehring, North Sunflower Medical Center; Desiree Norwood, Eternity Hospice; Regan  Hall,  DSU Graduate Student;  Meg  Jones, Delta State Center for Community & Economic Development; Demetrice Dotson, Delta Health Center;  Eugenia  Gallaher, VISTA member;  and Rori  E. Herbison, Delta State University Relations. Not pictured: Laura Fleeman, Delta State University Relations; Lisa Horn, Chamber of Commerce; Mary Jones, Delta Health Center; Katie Kerstetter, ICBR/ VISTA member; Robyn Marlow, North Sunflower Medical Center; Mike McCain, Cleveland Police Department; Lisa Oswalt, DSU School of Nursing; Milton Wilder, DSU Health, Physical Education and Recreation; and Helyn Williams, Partnership/VISTA member.

Delta Health and Wellness Day (DHWD) will make its return to the Bolivar County Expo Center, Thursday, Jan. 25 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sponsored by Delta State University through its Center for Community and Economic Development and in cooperation with the Leaders of Delta Health and Wellness, the event is already shaping up to be the biggest in its three year history.

“Each year we enter into our planning phase with clear, concise goals of what we want to achieve,” DHWD Chairman and Director of University Relations at Delta State, Rori E. Herbison explained. “This year, we wanted to increase our exhibitor count – we’ve done that. We wanted to increase the number of free screenings we could provide – we’ve done that. Lastly, we wanted to increase the number of people that attended the event – we’re hoping to do that.”

In an effort to reach that broader audience, DHWD will be “open” longer. “Last year, our exhibitors began packing up at 1:30 p.m. and we were through with the event by 2 p.m.,” Herbison continued. “This year, we’re asking our exhibitors to stay set-up until 4 p.m., as so we can better service those who may work first shift, or school hours. We’re excited about what we’re offering and just want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to come out and experience it for themselves.”

Simply stated, DHWD is a large health fair offering free screenings, educational outreach, and access to healthcare for Mississippi Deltans. There are three primary components to DHWD: 1. an exhibitor and health screening area where exhibitors of health-related organizations, entities performing free screenings, healthcare professionals, non-profits and others set up booth to display and offer information or services to the public; 2. a “Kids Korner” area where 4th and 5th grade students have scoliosis checks, participate in various health activities and receive valuable information on healthy eating, nutrition, exercise and safety; and 3. a Center Stage Speaker.

While exhibitors are still being accepted, many repeat exhibitors have already committed to the day’s activities, including the Delta State School of Nursing; Sta-Home Health Agency; Cleveland Police Department; Delta Health Center; and North Sunflower Medical Center.

Many free testing services and screening will also be available at DHWD, including cholesterol, blood sugars, hearing, vision, HIV testing, nutrition counseling and pharmaceutical/prescription consultation.

“We’re very proud of our line-up this year and we hope those who come can feel that and see that,” Herbison continued. “A lot of work by a lot of good people has gone into the planning of this event.”

DHWD will also mark Delta State’s first event of 2007 in conjunction with its on-going theme, “Health and Wellness in the Delta.” Delta State President, Dr. John Hilpert heralded this 2006-2007 academic year, “The Year of Health and Wellness in the Delta” during his September State of the University address.

For more information on Delta Health & Wellness Day, please contact Rori E. Herbison at (662) 846-4675 or Meg W. Jones at (662) 846-4842.