Collection Title:  Yates Family Papers

Collection Number:  M139

Inclusive Dates:  1938 – 1961

Bulk Dates:  1943 – 1945

Volume:  2 Cubic Feet

Processor:  W. Ray


Scope and Content:

The Yates Family Collection contains miscellaneous personal papers of the Yates Family during the World War II period.  Included are war stamp albums, service classifications, and war ration books.  Also included are papers and clippings during the time Joseph Yates was employed at Dupont.  Another part of this collection is photos and postcards of the Shelby and Bolivar County area, and a series of history books and a book of Oklahoma.



Box  /  Folder

1          1          Miscellaneous Correspondence; “During World War II”

Paper “The Play’s the Thing”

1960 Mississippi Geography Newsletter (3)

1961 Mississippi Geography Newsletter

Miss Delta March 30, 1936

1          2          Address Listing for Ballistic Range

1937 Social Security card for Joseph Yates

Income Tax Form for 1943

War Ration Book (several)

Basic Mileage Ration (2)

Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company Bill Sept. 21, 1946

Western Union Telegram from Dupont Company April 22, 1942

Dupont Company October 31, 1994 employing J.W. Yates as Ballistic Engineer

Certificate of Sale of Motor Vehicle Sept. 3, 1941 for 1941 Sup. DX Tudor for $951.50

Pay Stub dated 1942, 1943, 1945 for J.W. Yates

Notice of Classification for J.W. Yates Jan. 16, 1943, Nov. 11, 1943, May 17, 1943

J.W. Yates Handwritten Notes on Bonds  1942-45

Hospital Bill Jan 3, 1940 from City Hospital, Cleveland

War Stamp Album

Publication “The Web” August 15, 1942 and Oct. 15, 1942 features Joe Yates, Chemist

Pamphlet from The American Museum of Atomic Energy, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Memphis Press Scimitar Dec. 22, 1942 features Joe Yates as Chemist

Leather strip “J.D. White U.S.N.R.”

Employment Agreement between Dupont and Joe Yates 1944

Envelope with Joe Yates employment dates with DuPont

Publication “The Web” Sept. 15, 1942, Dec. 1, 1942, Nov. 1, 1942

4 cancelled checks dated 1943

Booklet:  Munford Book Club Organized 1941

Letter of thanks from Rep. Charlie Capps for essay The Delta.


Box  /  Unfoldered

2                      Framed photos of Joseph Watts Yates, Jr.

11 x 14 mylar covered Dummy hanging from Cleveland Water Tower

11 x 14 Dummy hanging from Cleveland Water Tower with Sharpe Avenue

in background

11 x 14 mylar covered distance shot of water tower (and dummy) with surrounding

buildings and old vehicles

Three small photos of train wreck in Shelby, MS

Group Photo of Mrs. Joe Yates Sr., Mrs. Nason, Mrs. Joe Yates Jr., Richard Allen Yates,

And Melbourne Miller

Postcard:  Cleveland Consolidated School, Cleveland, MS

Postcard:  Broom Hall, Delta State

Postcard:  Bolivar County Courthouse, Cleveland, MS


Box  /  Unfoldered

3                      Book:  Basic Christian Beliefs by Frederick C. Grant, 1960

Books: Mississippi: A History Volumes I, II, III, IV

by George H. Ethridge, Editor and Author, 1938

Book:  Celebrating Oklahoma! The Oklahoma Centennial Photographic Survey

By Mike Klemme (signed)

Box  /  Folder

4          1          Restricted


Box  /  Folder

5                 Mississippi Planning Law Digest – Joseph W. Yates III, Member

Bound Booklet “Our Presidents” (George Washington through Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Proof of Pudding Cookbook by Shelby Woman’s Club (2)

Includes “A Pinch of Soda..A Pinch of Salt” by Ellen Orr & Allene Yates


National Society of Daughters of the American Colonists 1921-1981

National Society of Daughters of the American Colonists 1921-1983 (3 copies)

National Society of Daughters of the American Colonists 1921-1986 (2 copies)

The Colonial Courier 1985, 1986, 1987, 1992, 2000, 2002

Mississippi D.A. C 1988-1991

Yearbooks and Directory of the Gov. Winthrop Sargent Chapter-Cleveland, MS

5  /  1   Folder containing information about the Gov. Winthrop Sargent Chapter; Women in the Arts                   Magazine dated 2000; obituary for Katherine Owen Tucker; photo of group at a Chapter

meeting; Yearbook of the Chapter; copy “Remembering Rosalie Day”; ByLaws of the

Sargent Chapter ByLaws

Application for Membership in Daughters of the American Colonists

Blank Letterhead and note cards

Miscellaneous papers dealing with Chapter and officer duties

5  /  2   Notebook containing information about the Delta Kappa Gamma Society:

History of the Society

Parliamentary Procedure

Anniversary Program 1929-1979

Educator’s Award

History of Shelby Library

First Baptist Church of Shelby Program Jan. 11, 1970 (gives history of Church Buildings)

Program of the Cleveland Horse and Pony Show May 24, 1934




Miscellaneous handwritten notes

Book Reviews

5  /  3   Folder of Bolivar County Historical Society Information ca 1980:

Bolivar County Historical Society By-Laws

Listing of Bolivar County Historical Society Members

Ledger Sheets of Bolivar County Historical Society Members Dues