Walter Sillers Jr.


Box 1

  1. Correspondence relative to states’ rights 1952-1957. Includes clippings, notes, and a printed copy of a speech made in U. S. Senate by Sen. J. O. Eastland, 1954.
  2. Rights, 1947-1952. Correspondence, telegrams, and printed matter.
  3. Legislative, 1942-1947. Includes letters, printed matters and copies of Resolutions and House Bills.  Also, miscellaneous matters and Delta Council, public education, Communism, segregation, and states’ rights.
  4. May 5, 1952 to August 4, 1952 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers concerning States’ Rights.
  5. 1951 to March 6, 1953 correspondence, newspaper clippings, speech notes, and copies of speeches concerning segregation, public schools, and the state of the United States. Also contains a program of the 9th Anniversary Celebration of the Taborian Hospital at Mound Bayou.
  6. May 25, 1955 to June 8, 1955 Correspondence, minutes of committee meetings, lists of political candidates, and signed affidavits dealing with the Democratic Executive Committee of Bolivar County and Walter Sillers’ nomination for House of Representatives.
  7. May 28, 1951 – June 14, 1951 Correspondence with senators and governors of South Carolina and Georgia concerning actions to be taken by those states in the event of a supreme court order for integration.
  8. 1945 Mississippi Study of Higher Education, booklet, based on Educational Finance.
  9. October 12, 1954 to December 9, 1954 Correspondence, statements, resolutions, and question – answer sheets concerning segregation. Also, October 1, 1954 issue of S. News and World Report and November, 1954 copy of Public Service Magazine.
  10. 1947 – 1948 Correspondence, resolutions, editorials, and notes concerning the Mississippi Democratic Party.
  11. 1943 – 1947 Correspondence, resolutions, editorials, magazine articles, speeches, and declarations dealing with the Democratic Party in Mississippi.
  12. 1946 – 1951 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Fielding L. Wright.
  13. 1943 – 1948 Correspondence, speeches, resolutions, and papers dealing with the Mississippi Democratic Party and the States’ Rights Movement.
  14. November 9, 1955 to October 7, 1959 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Gov. J. P. Coleman concerning various matters.
  15. 1937 – 1940 Miscellaneous papers concerning political affairs and legislative matters.
  16. 1948 Correspondence, telegrams, resolutions, reports and speeches dealing with National Democratic Party and the formation of the States’ Rights Party.
  17. 1942 Telegrams, correspondence, bills, pamphlets, booklets, reports, and newspaper clippings concerning the Legislature.
  18. 1940 Miscellaneous papers relating to various legislative matters – particularly to those concerning state highways and to the state’s Geologic Commission. One piece of correspondence in folder.
  19. 1939 – 1943 correspondence, member directions, resolutions and bills of the Mississippi Legislature.
  20. 1940 – 1942 Appropriations, revenue, and House Bills of the Legislature. A legal pad used by Walter Sillers.

Box 2

  1. Legislation’s to be passed at the 1940 session.
  2. Levee June 9, 1927 – March 6, 1928 Correspondence between Harrison, Senator Pat of Gulf Port, MS and Sillers, Walter.
  3. 1933 – 1941 General correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. concerning Pat Harrison.
  4. 1930 – 1945 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Theodore G. Bilbo.
  5. 1944 – 1945 Personal and political correspondence to and from Walter Sillers.
  6. 1940 –1942 Correspondence, telegrams and newspapers articles pertaining to Public Welfare during this period of time.
  7. 1947 – 1948 Correspondence concerning the National Democratic Party and the Southern states formation of a States Rights Party.
  8. 1944 – 1947 Miscellaneous papers and a book, The Journal of MS History, concerning white supremacy. (Constitution of 1890)
  9. October 20, 1954 to April 15, 1955 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches, statements, Section 213B and arguments all dealing with segregation. Also includes copies of the Staple Cotton Review.
  10. Correspondence, printed matter, statistical date relative to the MS State Tax Commission, and MS Public Service Commission, 1939-1940.
  11. September 10, 1959 to May 24, 1963 Correspondence, memos, and newspaper clippings mainly between Sillers and Gov. Ross. R. Barnett; and also a copy of the speech delivered by Barnett to Harvard Law School Forum on February 4, 1963.
  12. 10, 1930 Sillers, Walter to Bilbo, Theodore G. of Jackson, MS – relative to Sillers as delegate to Fifth Annual Industrial Development Conference of the American Mining Congress.
  13. June 19, 1952 to June 22, 1952 Correspondence concerning Walter Sillers’ nomination for Speaker of the House in 1952.
  14. January 18, 1947 to September 15, 1948 Correspondence concerning Fielding Wright’s campaign for governor in 1947 and his governorship in 1948.
  15. 1939 – 1943 Correspondence, clippings, and petitions relating to Sillers candidacy for Speaker of the House, the election of Paul Johnson, Sr. and Johnson’s gubernatorial administration.
  16. 1934 – 1936 Correspondence concerning a WPA Project for constructing a hospital and playground at Rosedale, MS (First District). Includes letters to and from Sen. Pat Harrison and Asst. WPA Administrator Ellen S. Woodward.
  17. Legislative 1940 Correspondence and copies of conference reports on the “Old Age Pension Act.” 1940.
  18. Legislative 1940Correspondence and copies of legislative proposals and reports concerning insurance and liability legislation, 1940.
  19. December 15, 1933 – January 27, 1935 Correspondence regarding business, personal, and legislative matters.
  20. 1939 – 1940 Correspondence, reports, and copy of address regarding Governor Paul Johnson’s Tax Reduction Program (esp. his “Tax Reduction Interview”, Dec. 10, 1940).

Box 3

  1. Correspondence regarding legislative matters, 1961.
  2. 1961 – 1963 Legislative correspondence, resolutions, and bills, 1961 –1963.
  3. 1961 – 1963 Legislative matters, 1961 – 1963. Includes clippings, correspondence, resolutions, and bills.
  4. 1953 – 1955 Correspondence, newsletters, editorials, speeches, and drafts of legislation concerning segregation, primarily as it relates to MS’s public school system.
  5. 1951 – 1965 Correspondence between Walter Sillers, Jr., and Hugh L. White.
  6. 1948 – 1950 Correspondence, clippings, printed matters, and copies of Resolutions regarding States’ Rights, notably States’ Rights Meeting in 1949. (See also photograph in Sillers Room).
  7. 1949 Correspondence and Budget Estimate for the MS State Medical Education Board for the Biennium 1950 – 1952.
  8. Newspaper clippings, bulletins, and maps concerning African – American Education.
  9. 1948 – 1951 Correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper articles and handouts concerning Civil Rights.
  10. 1946 Correspondence regarding the Federal Works Agency’s approval of Project 22 –V-10 Veterans Educational Facilities for Delta State Teachers College and copies of letters by Gov. F. Wright regarding tax exemption on oil, gas, and other minerals.
  11. 1934 Reports and changes made in Amendments by the 1934 legislature.
  12. July 1944 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers concerning an African –American school in Rosedale, MS.
  13. 1945 – 1950 Legal correspondences, deeds, loan, and telegram to and from Walter Sillers and persons whose name begins with a “B”.
  14. 1940 –1941 Correspondence pertaining to the Federal Soldiers’ and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940.
  15. January 1945 Correspondence concerning business with the Farm Security Administration.
  16. 1913 – 1950 Correspondence and charts showing MS’s Public Health History.
  17. 1946 Pamphlets and newsletters from the President and Vice – President of the National Cotton Council of America.
  18. 1949 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers concerning the Bogue Phalia Project (Drainage).
  19. 1948 Correspondence and notes to Walter Sillers requesting to be assigned to House committees.
  20. 1942 Correspondence concerning the Circuit Judge Race which involved Green, Chrisler, Causey, and Talbot.
  21. 1938 – 1950 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and check stubs pertaining to the MS Power and Light Company.
  22. April 1948 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers pertaining to the Legislative Committee Assignments.
  23. December 1, 1946 MS State Building Commission Jackson, MS – Financial Report – December
  24. August 1, 1949 MS State Building Commission – Jackson, MS – Sale of the State Owned Lands – Statement of Financial Condition.
  25. October 1949 Minutes of a special meeting of the State Building Commission.
  26. 1947 The University of MS’s report to the State Building Commission on projects in progress.
  27. March 1, 1947 MS State Building Commission – Jackson, MS – Financial Report.
  28. 1946 A copy of a report given by the MS State Building Commission.
  29. 1949 – 1950 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers about the repairing and remodeling of his home.
  30. 1949 A legal pad used by Walter Sillers for notes.
  31. 1948 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers pertaining to the MS – Arkansas Line.
  32. 1946 A copy of the annual bulletin of the “Uniform Crime Reports” for the United States and its possessions.
  33. January 1947 a copy of the applications filed by each MS County until January 1947, regarding school building and transportation.
  34. March 26, 1947 a copy of the applications filed by each MS County until March 1947, regarding school building and transportation.
  35. April 1947 a copy of the applications filed by each MS County until April 1947. Also, included is a map of state property, south of Riverside Dr.  Relates to school building, and transportation.
  36. 1946 – 1947 A copy of the applications for funds for Constitution, filed by each MS County until December 1946. Also, included are recommendations for State Institutions of Higher Learning.
  37. 1947 A copy of the applications for funds filed by each MS County until January 1947. Also, included is some correspondence concerning the school systems.
  38. July 1, 1943 – January 1, 1947 Walker Wood, Secretary of State, released some facts on the corporate activities in MS during this period of time. Includes a list of Domestic Corporation operating in MS.
  39. April 1947 a copy of “The Nation’s Agriculture,” published by the American Farm Bureau Federation.
  40. 1945 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers pertaining to his being a part of the Post War Planning Committee of the University of MS. Includes also papers relating to the Veterans’ Legislative Committee.

Box 4

  1. 1962 –1963 Correspondence to and from MS legislators in 1962 and a letter from Sillers to U. S. Senator Herman Talmadge regarding prices and production of cotton.
  2. 1961 – 1963 Correspondence of Sillers to and from U. S. Senators.
  3. 1957 – 1961 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., regarding national and state politics and affairs, jobs, personal matters, and the dedication of Walter Sillers Coliseum at Delta State College, 1961. Included is a copy of a speech delivered by Governor Ross Barnett at Dedication Ceremony.
  4. 1961 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. relating mostly to personal affairs and legislative matters.
  5. 1960 – 1962 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. regarding pecans. Covers many aspects of growing and marketing pecans.
  6. 1962 Cash receipts and hotel bills for income tax files of Walter Sillers, Jr. , 1962.
  7. 1956 – 1957 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., concerning the calling of a state constitutional convention (1957), the Democratic Party, national politics, Civil Rights Bill (1957), and personal matters. Included is a copy of Sillers’ address to the State Legislature on the subject of a State Constitutional convention.
  8. 1959 – 1960 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., regarding personal matters, jobs, State Institutions of Higher Learning, and an appeal to voters of Bolivar County to approve five amendments to the State Constitution.
  9. 1964 Correspondence with Sellers Motor Company, Jackson, MS regarding repairs on Sillers’ automobile.
  10. 1956 – 1958 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., which includes his reminiscences of the Bilbo era and pertains to the MS National Guard, M-Club Alumni Association, football, legislative affairs, State Junior Colleges, jobs, various personalities, and numerous state departments, agencies, and commissions.
  11. 1956 – 1957 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., regarding personal matters, football, legislative affairs (including teachers’ salaries and the State’s system of education, and the legislative proposal for calling a state constitutional convention), various state departments, jobs, appointments, and elections in Arkansas and Alabama. Also includes correspondence with state representatives of MS.
  12. 1944 A preliminary draft of a post war plan for Agriculture by the American Farm Bureau Federation.
  13. 1942 Correspondence to Walter Sillers concerning in the Farm Bureau meeting in Memphis and classification of agricultural workers for deferments from Selective Service.
  14. 1946 – 1950 Speech by Bill Colmer and a letter to Walter Sillers.
  15. 1939 – 1946 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and A. K. Eckles. Legal (property & will).
  16. 1945 – 1955 Correspondences, bills, and receipts concerning Riverside Lumber Co. of Rosedale and Cleveland Lumber and Supply Co.
  17. 1944 A letter and a Memorandum for Congressman Whittington regarding House rules.
  18. 1946 Mound Bayou Contest of Election. (Bolivar County Democrats contested some votes cast at Mound Bayou in the Democratic Senatorial Primary, July 2, 1946).
  19. 1942 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Craddock Goins, a writer for the Jackson Daily News, regarding a story on Bolivar County. Includes references to Fred Sullens.
  20. 1940 – 1950 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and people whose name begins with a “P”.
  21. 1941 – 1946 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Ross Collins, MS Congressman.
  22. 1947 – 1948 Correspondence written about matters of the 1948 Legislature and Walter Sillers, Speaker of the House.
  23. 1948 – 1949 Correspondence written about matters of the 1948 Legislature and Walter Sillers, Speaker of the House.
  24. 1942 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Dr. C. M. Speck is the Superintendent of the MS State Hospital in Whitfield, MS. Includes references to a mental hygiene program.
  25. 1947 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers about the State Democratic Executive Committee.
  26. 1950 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Ellet Lawrence regarding politics, potential candidates for Governor (J. A. Thigpen and Walter Sillers, Jr.)
  27. 1949 An extra session of the Legislature met in 1949. Correspondence concerning these matters.
  28. 1942 – 1945 Correspondences, newspaper articles, and reports about the growing of Ramie and Hemp.
  29. 1936 – 1950 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and people whose name begin with an “E”.
  30. 1946 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Irby Turners, president of the Delta Council.
  31. 1950 Newspaper articles and correspondence between Walter Sillers and Gov. Laney of Arkansas.
  32. A letter to W. C. Roberts about a vacancy in an office building.
  33. 1941 – 1951 Newspaper articles and correspondence between Walter Sillers and Frank Ahlgren, editor of the Commercial Appeal (Memphis).
  34. 1946 –1957 Correspondence concerning problems of the Public Welfare Office and the people who need help.

Box 5

  1. September, 1942 to October, 1947 Issues of What’s Happening in Washington, Washington Review, and Lawyers’ Weekly Letter.
  2. May 2, 1956 to September 28, 1961 Copies of the Minutes of the meetings of the State Building Commission held: May 2, 1956; Dec. 5, 1956; Mar. 21, 1957; May 14, 1959; June 15, 1959; Oct. 23, 1959; Apr. 22, 1960; July 18, 1960; Aug. 15, 1960; Sept. 16, 1960; Sept. 6, 1960; Feb. 28, 1961; Mar. 31, 1961; and Sept. 28, 1961.
  3. March 27, 1951 to August 16, 1952 Correspondence and several drafts of contracts between cotton growers, M. S. Knowlton Co. and Delta & Pine Land Co. Information contained in two folders – A & B.

3b. March 27, 1951 to August 16, 1952 Correspondence and several drafts of

Contracts between cotton growers, M. S. Knowlton Co. and Delta & Pine

Land Co.  Information contained in two folders – A & B.

  1. May 14, 1945 to January 20, 1961 Correspondence concerning legal and legislative issues dealing with persons whose last names begin with the letter “D”.  Contains two blank deeds of trust.
  2. July 12, 1952 – February 25, 1952 Correspondence to and from Walter

Sillers regarding G. C. Radcliff, Earnest Garland, S. M. Cork, E. B.


  1. June 7, 1956 to October 22, 1956 Correspondence and resolutions concerning the Mississippi State Democratic Executive Committee.
  2. February 17, 1951 to September 18, 1951 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers concerning the National Coalition Committee. Also, includes a pamphlet on the committee.
  3. July 2, 1955 to December 30, 1955 Walter Sillers’ correspondence of a personal nature. Charter of Incorporation of the Mississippi Foundation for Medical Research and Development.
  4. April 11, 1951 to August 28, 1951 Correspondence concerning scholarships for two African – American people to Alcorn A & M.
  5. January 2, 1959 to February 28, 1959 Correspondence and proposal dealing with accreditation of public schools and certification of teachers in Mississippi.
  6. July 24, 1960 to November 18, 1960 Mainly concerns unpledged electors in the presidential election of 1960. Includes general correspondence, news clippings, outlines, newsletters, news releases, articles from magazines and journals, committee listings, memos, tickets for fund-raising dinner, copy of speech by Sen. Harry F. Byrd (D-Va.), speech notes, and copies of Republican and Democratic platform.
  7. March, 1959 to September 26, 1961 Correspondence, pamphlets, maps, and schedules of events concerning the Centennial Celebration of the Civil War and Mississippi’s part in it. Also includes a brief history of Mississippi.
  8. May 7, 1957 to July 25, 1961 Correspondence, pamphlets, legislative resolutions, newspaper clippings, and newsletters dealing with Civil Rights, Communism, and Southern conservatism.
  9. December 8, 1960 National Conference of State Legislative Leaders. Cover letter sending resolutions and copy of speech delivered at the National Conference of State Legislative Leaders in Chicago on Sunday, November 13, 1960.
  10. April 18, 1951 to September 5, 1951 Materials on various subjects. (1). General correspondence. 2. Spring 1951 issue of the Ole Miss Alumni Review.  Political solicitation from Jimmy Walker, gubernatorial candidate.  4. Mississippi Economic Report.  5. May 25, 1951 issue of Alabama magazine.  6. August 19, 1951 issue of The Delta Leader.  7. Copy of dedication speech for Bailey Hall at Delta State University.
  11. April 16, 1951 to May 21, 1951 Pro – American Literature and Pamphlets such as booklists, information sheets, March 1, 1951 copy of Headlines, bulletins, and summary of article.
  12. January 20, 1932 to October, 1951 Materials concerning legislative and legal matters: Spring 1951 issue of The Lawyer and Law Notes, May 15, 1951 issue of The States’ Rights, June 11, 1951 issue of the United Business Service Outlook, Commodity futures forecast, production and marketing statement on rice – October, 1951, opinion of circuit court concerning the case of Charles M. Prouty et al vs. Elizabeth Coyne, as Secretary of the State of South Dakota (Jan. 20, 1932), concerns the right of state to tax truck weights on intrastate and interstate travel, newspaper clippings, and a copy of pp. 1079 – 1082 from August 15, 1951 issue of Congressional Record.
  13. August 20, 1951 to November, 1951 concerning Congressional Redistricting: General correspondence, 2 photographs, 2 copies of 1950 Mississippi census maps, memorandums, resolutions, graphs, and charts, copy of June 1951 issue of Tax Administration News, copy of November 1951 issue of Progressive Farmer, and index card with scribbled figures. Also, contains correspondence with Mississippi Congressmen John E. Rankin and Frank Smith.

Box 6

  1. December 1939 to April 14, 1942 Correspondence, reports, data, and legislative material dealing with Walter Sillers’ appointment to and work in the Recess Hospitalization Committee, and the Committee’s work concerning State Charity Hospitals.
  2. January 25 to November 4, 1951 Correspondence concerning speech made by Sen. Harry F. Byrd (D-Virginia) in Selma, Alabama to the Dallas County (Ala.) Farm Bureau on November 1, 1951. Correspondence and copy of speech by Sen. Harry Byrd of Virginia. Copy of The Staple Cotton Review (Oct. 1951). Copy of The Southern Weekly (Wed., Oct. 17, 1951). Copy of Slim Shuttle’s Viewing the South from Washington (Oct. 27, 1951).  Telegram from Gov. Fielding L. Wright to Sillers at Hotel Albert in Selma, Alabama.  Copy of Georgia Farmer Market Bulletin (Wed., Oct. 31, 1591).  Telephone message to Sillers from Judge Claiborne Blanton (Oct. 31, 1951).  Copy of The Delta Leader (Sunday, Nov. 4, 1951).
  3. March 15, 1949 Correspondence and copy of revised contract concerning Baxter Laboratories, Inc.’s location of a plant in Cleveland, Mississippi.
  4. May 26, 1960 and September 17, 1960 Correspondence and editorial concerning Ole Miss. Letter from Hugh Clegg (Director of University Development at Ole Miss) to Sillers.  Reprints of: 1. Editorial printed in The Indianapolis News on Sept. 17, 1960 written by John G. Ackelmire, Associate Editor.  Letter of appreciation from Dr. J. B. Williams, Chancellor at Ole Miss, to Ackelmire concerning aforementioned editorial.
  5. November 6, 1960 to November 16, 1960 Louisiana – States’ Rights Fight Cover letter, copy of each of two concurrent resolutions and copy of legislative act all submitted by members of Louisiana’s House of Representatives.
  6. April, 1945 and May 31, 1945 Cover letter, narrative reports, and pamphlets on health education in Mississippi for the month of April, 1945; sent to Sillers, Jr., with cover letter on May 31, 1945, by Felix J. Underwood, M. D. , Executive Officer, Mississippi State Board of Health.
  7. April 22, 1947 to June 28, 1947 Correspondence and affidavits concerning Walter Sillers, Jr.’s campaign for re-election to the State House of Representatives in the 1947 race.
  8. April 11, 1946 to May 16, 1947 Correspondence relating to various legislative matters.
  9. April 11, 1945 Cover letter, news release, memo, and booklet concerning postwar data.
  10. 1941 Correspondence regarding a price fixing bill before the U. S. Congress.
  11. 1941 Correspondence and announcement mule races at the Rosedale Plantation Derby.
  12. 1945 –1957 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Fred Sullen; newspaper clippings included.
  13. 1940 – 1959 A poem, telegrams, pamphlets, and correspondence from persons or companies whose name begins with “F.”
  14. 1943 – 1944 Correspondence, statistics, and bulletins concerning the public schools.
  15. 1934 –1949 Correspondence and legal papers to and from people or companies whose name begins with “W”.
  16. 1947 – 1949 Correspondence and papers concerning the Sillers’ pecans.
  17. 1944 Correspondence and newsletters (from Pettingill) to Walter Sillers. Mostly printed matters.
  18. 1939 –1947 Statistics, reports, bulletins, and correspondence relating to secondary and higher education, both state and national.
  19. 1945 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and George P. McMallum concerning the 22nd
  20. 1942 Newsletter, acknowledgement of an order and a letter pertaining to the Rosedale rotary Club.
  21. 1943 Correspondence and newsletters pertaining to the 1943 race for legislature.
  22. 1943 Correspondence concerning the election for 1943 for the various state and county offices.
  23. 1936 – 1946 Correspondence, pamphlets, and deeds pertaining to people or companies whose name begins with “L”.
  24. September 23, 1941 Correspondence, telegrams, and petitions pertaining to a special election for U. S. Senate and State Representative for Bolivar County.
  25. 1943 – 1944 Correspondence pertaining to the F. M. Owen vs. the Levee Board Case.
  26. 1939 –1945 correspondence dealing with condemnation proceedings by the Levee Board.
  27. 1941 Deeds, blueprints, maps, and correspondence concerning the State Highway Department and the Board of Supervisors of Bolivar County.
  28. 1949 – 1957 Correspondences to and from the Levee Board, deeds, the will of Mary Spates, bulletin – Friends of the Public Schools (Aug. 1951), form – MS Citizen’s Council on Education, power of attorney, receipts, warranty deed, and bill of sale.
  29. 1935 – 1945 Correspondences, reports, and bulletins concerning the Mississippi State Tax Commission and A. H. Stome. Also contains an old Journal of Mississippi History with an article by Stone.
  30. 1943 –1949 Miscellaneous papers, correspondence, newspaper, reports, bulletins newsletters, and newspaper clippings.

Box 7

  1. 1931 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers concerning the 1931 Legislator.
  2. 1940 – 1946 Correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, notes and house bills dealing with the establishment of a 4-year medical school and a regional hospital system in Mississippi.
  3. 1938 – 1946 Correspondences, house bills, college catalogs, newsletters, and grant applications dealing with the establishment of a 4-year medical school in Mississippi and a regional hospital system. Also, include an old Readers Digest.
  4. 1944 House bills, amendments to the bills, and committee substitutes for the bills dealing with the establishment of a 4-year medical school in Mississippi.
  5. 1940 – 1958 Correspondence with Dr. Felix Underwood of the Mississippi State Department of Health.
  6. 1939 – 1945 Miscellaneous reports, pamphlets, correspondence and newspaper clippings.
  7. 1936 – 1942 Contains reports, bulletins, pamphlets, press lease copies of house bills, and correspondence dealing with the State Tax Commission.
  8. 1942 – 1943 Miscellaneous reports, correspondence, notes bills, and newspaper articles concerning the Long Staple Cotton Question.
  9. 1941 Reports, correspondence, telegrams, and maps concerning the adoption of Highway #1 as a military defense road.
  10. 1948 – 1957 Two legal note pads used by Walter Sillers.
  11. 1932 – 1936 Resolutions, bills editorials, reports, and correspondence dealing with proposal to increase membership on board of trust of State institutions of higher learning. Also report of State Livestock Sanitary Board, Mississippi Agricultural Service, Commission, State Plant Board, various institutions, and the State Game and Fish Commission.
  12. 1938 – 1945 Contains correspondence relating to the development of Highway #1. Also, state highway maps and the magazines of the Mississippi Transport Association and the State Highway Department.
  13. 1941 Football correspondence and tickets from University of Mississippi, Mississippi State, University of Southern Mississippi, and Delta State.
  14. 1937 – 1945 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers and persons whose names begin with “K”.
  15. 1935 – 1938 Miscellaneous papers and correspondence concerning Industrial Developments. The book “Agriculture’s Interest in America’s World Trade,” is enclosed.
  16. 1936 –1946 Correspondence concerning welfare, (Old Age Relief) for Bolivar County.
  17. 1937 – 1944 Correspondences to and from Walter Sillers, concerning land, clothes, a picture, coal, a horse, and Joe MaCains’ death.
  18. 1933 Correspondence about the State Tax Commission starting a timber tax.
  19. 1931 – 1932 Papers concerning the Christmas Drainage District.
  20. 1935 Correspondence about the pegging of cottonseed at $50.00 per ton.
  21. 1933 Correspondence concerning the Drainage District’s application for U. S. Funds.
  22. 1932 – 1935 Legal and personal correspondence. All letters concern people whose begins with a “J”.
  23. 1930 – 1931 Correspondence between Walter Sillers, Jr. and Earl King about the leasing of some land.
  24. 1935 Miscellaneous papers and correspondence about experimenting with peppermint.
  25. 1935 – 1940 Miscellaneous papers and pamphlets including some correspondence to and from Walter Sillers. Mostly legislative matters – includes correspondence with Paul B. Johnson, Sr.

Box 8

  1. September 3, 1924 Certificate – Pearson, John L. as Commissioner of Elections of Bolivar Co., Mississippi.
  2. July 1921 Bank Statement, Valley Bank of Rosedale, Mississippi, of Pearson, John L.
  3. November 8, 1923 Papers relative to insurance of Nugent, L. W. and H. W. and Sillers, Mrs. F. W. with Palmetto Fire Ins. Co. and Fidelity –Phenix Fire Ins. Co.
  4. August 31, 1921 Pamphlet concerning Boyle Separate Road District, Bolivar Co., Mississippi.
  5. February 28, 1928 – October 1, 1931 Correspondence between Pounds, E. A. of Cleveland, Mississippi and Walter Sillers – relative to lands rented by Pounds, E. A.
  6. January 10, 1928 John _____ to Walter Sillers – relative to land rented by Lenior, Mr.____.
  7. September 10, 1924 – August 2, 1926 Correspondence relative to lands in Bolivar Co., Mississippi – belonging to Sillers, Walter and Skinner, Mary Sillers.
  8. August 7, 1930 – November 6, 1931 Correspondence relative to notes owed by Sillers, Walter and Jones, Leroy.
  9. 1927 Ledger of Sillers, Walter.
  10. 15, 1927 Statement of Cotton received by Staple Cotton Cooperative Assoc.
  11. 1928 Ledger (pages) listing tenants on plantations.
  12. September 1928 – January 1929 Cotton book.
  13. 1929 Cotton Book of Walter Sillers.
  14. July 6, 1916 Walter Sillers to McLaurin, A. J. of Brandon, Mississippi – relative to sale of plantation at Dahomey, Mississippi.
  15. May 15 – Aug2, 1926 Correspondence relative to refund of taxes erroneously paid by Walter Sillers on land.
  16. 1930 Transcript of record – case of Board of Mississippi Levee Commissioners vs. Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Co., et al.
  17. September 14, 1921 – March 10, 1925 Correspondence relative to Staple Cotton Association.
  18. July 28, 1920 – Aug. 19, 1921 Folder containing correspondence relative to foundation of Staple Cotton Association in the Mississippi Delta.
  19. May 16, – August 9, 1930 Correspondence relative to re-election of Walter Sillers as an attorney for the Levee Board.
  20. April 30 – July 28, 1930 File containing Levee Board business matter – condemnation proceeding of lands south of Greenville, Mississippi, election of Levee Board, etc.
  21. March 1929 – October 10, 1929 Correspondence and legal papers relative to H. Goodstein vs. Board of Mississippi Levee Commissioners.
  22. September 28, 1928 – February 22, 1929 Correspondence relative to case of Levee Board vs. Roberts, Wilson and Brunetti of Bolivar Co., Mississippi.
  23. May 21 – September 10, 1926 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and W. M. Whittington (Congressman) of Washington, D. C.
  24. September 17, 1927 – June 26, 1928 Correspondence relative to cotton tax due by several companies to Board of Mississippi Levee commissioners.
  25. 1930 Speech given by Walter Sillers, at dedication of Bailey Science Building, Delta State Teachers College Cleveland, Mississippi.
  26. 1930 Notes of Walter Sillers on unions.
  27. 1929? Lists of qualified voters – First District.
  28. December 14, 1929 Invitation to Mr. & Mrs. Walter Sillers from District Engineer and Mrs. Lee.
  29. December 14, 1929 Road and Bridge Privilege Tax License – receipt of Mrs. Walter Sillers Jr.
  30. 13, 1929 A. T. Dent, Jr. to Walter Sillers – relative to death of Dent’s father

30a. June 11, 1929 Invitation to wedding of Margaret Stewart Power to Rev. W.

  1. Moreau.
  2. August 15, 1929 Statement of account of Ogden Planting Co. with Sam Bachman.
  3. March 8, 1929 Road and Bridge Privilege Tax License of Walter Sillers.
  4. 1930 Telegrams from Percy and Percy of Greenville, Mississippi to Walter Sillers – relative to condemnation suits.
  5. 1929 Partial copy of Constitution of the United States.
  6. December 14, 1929 Walter Sillers Jr. to Walter Sr. – relative to lands taken by Levee Board.
  7. 1929 Federal Land Bank forms.
  8. September 6, 1929 Telegram from Mrs. Walter Sillers Sr. to Walter Sillers Jr.
  9. December 31, 1928 Statement from Valley Bank, Rosedale, Mississippi to Lena Sillers (Christmas Tree Fund).
  10. October 17 – 19, 1928 Walter Sillers to J. L. Wilson of Valley Bank Rosedale, Mississippi – concerning title to property in Bolivar Co., Mississippi.
  11. April 11, 1929 Invitation from Fair, Mrs. James Clarence and Mrs. Martin Merritt to Mrs. Walter Sillers.
  12. April 29, 1929 Annual Report of Daughters of the American Revolution – “The Motion Picture and the D. A. R.”
  13. April 30, 1929 Valley Bank, Rosedale, Mississippi to Mrs. Walter Sillers – relative to account with the bank.
  14. December 5, 1929 Viola Root Cameron to Mrs. Walter Sillers – relative to need of genealogist.

Box 9

  1. 1944 – 1946 Correspondence between Walter Sillers, Jr. and Governor Thomas Bailey.
  2. 1931 – 1932 Miscellaneous papers and one piece of correspondence concerning the Last Will and Testament of Walter Sillers, Sr.
  3. 1941 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Wall Doxy.
  4. June 1935 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers mostly concerning Huey Long.
  5. 1936 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers concerning W. M. Whittington. Also, enclosed is a photo of Will Whittington.
  6. 1946 – 1947 Miscellaneous papers and correspondence concerning the 1946 Senatorial race.
  7. 1938 –1958 Correspondence, miscellaneous papers and legal papers, mostly concerning J. B. Dagget and Walter Sillers, Jr.
  8. 1937 –1954 Legal and general correspondence, also several miscellaneous papers concerning person whose names begin with “O”.
  9. 1933 Correspondence concerning W. E. Gore and State Sales Tax.
  10. 1936 Some correspondence and miscellaneous papers concerning various topics such as conservation, drainage, legislative matters, business reports, and etc.
  11. 1939 A note to W. C. Roberts from Lena Parrish about straightening out the poll books.
  12. 1934 – 1937 Correspondence concerning Rural Industrial Communities. The Rotary Club was helping with the Rural Farms Rehabilitation.
  13. (No Date) Walter Sillers, Jr. – Political Petitions.
  14. 1934 Highway Department information regarding cement companies and solicitation of campaign funds from employees.
  15. 1938 –1942 Contains correspondence pertaining to the F. W. and L. R. Sillers Pecan Orchards. Also, Georgia Farmers State Market Bulletin and U. S. Department of Agriculture information.
  16. 1934 – 1935 Correspondences to and from Walter Sillers concerning the reclaiming or rehabilitating of farm lands.
  17. 1935 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and H. C. Couch regarding locating industries in the delta.
  18. 1938 –1949 Correspondence concerning the paving of Highway #8.
  19. 1929 – 1935 Miscellaneous papers and pamphlets about the location of the Print Paper Mill.
  20. 1939 Personal and political correspondence written to and from Walter Sillers, Jr.
  21. 1939 Letters and miscellaneous papers written during Walter Sillers campaign regarding Agriculture in the Delta and Mississippi.
  22. 1935 Correspondence written to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. regarding his re-election campaign in 1935.
  23. 1935 –1936 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers of both a personal and political nature.

Box 10

  1. 1932 – 1935 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., partly of a personal nature and partly of a legal nature. Also, some miscellaneous papers in the folder.
  2. 1929 – 1939 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, kept by Walter Sillers during his campaign.
  3. 1932 – 1934 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers pertaining to the Hubert Stephens Campaign.
  4. 1938 – 1939 Correspondence, legislative papers, and miscellaneous papers concerning the 1939 Democratic Primary.
  5. 1931 Miscellaneous papers concerning the Legislature.
  6. 1939 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers written during Walter Sillers’ Campaign.
  7. 1935 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers concerning Walter Sillers, Jr.’s 1935 Legislative Campaign.
  8. 1936 –1937 Personal correspondence and miscellaneous papers kept by W. C. Roberts.
  9. 1939 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, most of which concern Walter Sillers 1939 Campaign for re-election to the state legislature.
  10. 1935 – 1938 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers mostly business matters.
  11. 1930 – 1954 Miscellaneous papers and correspondence concerning the Lake Concordia Hunting Club.
  12. 1935 –1940 Miscellaneous papers, speeches, and correspondence. Includes a speech on the founding of Delta State.
  13. 1936 Miscellaneous papers, speeches, and newspapers concerning the upcoming Centennial of Bolivar County, including a Centennial Address of Walter Sillers, Jr.
  14. 1935 – 1939 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and people whose name begins with an “C”.
  15. 1933 – 1939 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and people whose name begins with an “H”.
  16. 1938 The 1938 Legislative file containing correspondence and miscellaneous papers.
  17. 1932 – 1945 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and people whose names begins with an “T”.
  18. 1940 – 1942 Correspondence to and from W. M. Whittington concerning business and personal matters.
  19. 1935 – 1939 Correspondence to and from W. M. Whittington. Also, included are some newspapers, telegrams, and a booklet.
  20. (A & B) April 23, 1951 – December 20, 1951 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and lists concerning Walter Sillers’ campaign for Speakership and committee assignments.

Box 11

  1. (A , B, & C) January 26, 1959 – October 29, 1959 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and lists of Senators and Representatives in Mississippi concerning the Speakership race in the House of Representatives.
  2. (A & B) January 14, 1950 – September 4, 1961 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and legal documents concerning persons whose last names begins with the letter “W”. Also, correspondence from both Walter Sillers and W. C. Roberts.
  3. May 10, 1952 – January 2, 1957 Correspondence, newsletters, bulletins, and scribble sheet concerning a variety of subjects including the stock market, the delegates to National Democratic Convention, retirement of public employees and a meeting of the Building Commission.
  4. January 19, 1959 – October 2, 1959 Correspondence concerning pledges by House of Representatives candidates for Walter Sillers as Speaker of the House.
  5. June 2, 1950 – October 15, 1951 Correspondence and charts concerning the Mississippi State Building Commission. Copy of minutes from the September 28, 1951 meeting.  Copy of “Appropriations and Laws affecting the Building Commission by the 1950 Legislature.
  6. July 30, 1953 – December 15, 1955 Correspondence and one newspaper clippings concerning agricultural matters, particularly a cotton surplus.
  7. (A & B) August 29, 1951 – November 28, 1951 Correspondence and list of county officials (1951 – 1956) concerning Walter Sillers’ re-election as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Also contains several pamphlets published by the Mississippi Economic Council.  Copies of House Resolutions #32, 23, and 35 commending Walter Sillers for his work as Speaker.
  8. 1943 – 1945 Pamphlets, newspaper clippings, booklets, and correspondence concerning “Race Relations.”
  9. 1943 – 1946 Correspondences, magazines, reports, pamphlets, telegrams, booklets, newspaper clippings and other materials used by Walter Sillers to prepare for speeches.
  10. 1945 Miscellaneous papers, reports, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, resolutions, correspondence, and magazine articles.
  11. 1942 – 1945 A map, pamphlets, reports, newspaper clippings, newsletters, and correspondence concerning Communism.
  12. 1941 – 1946 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, editorials, reports, pamphlets, newsletters, and drafts of legislation dealing with Communism and the Communist Party.
  13. 1943 – 1944 Correspondences, programs, reports, House Bills, resolutions, and recommendations of the Mississippi Legislature.
  14. 1944 – 1946 Speeches, correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, editorials, and reports dealing with agricultural and farm legislation under the Bailey Administration.

Box 12

  1. 1943 – 1944 Correspondence and lists containing committee preferences for the Mississippi Legislature.
  2. 1939 –1943 Correspondences, newspaper clippings, booklets, copies of book material, and speeches used by Walter Sillers to prepare speeches.
  3. 1942 An order invoice for a cotton account owned by Walter Sillers.
  4. 1941 Correspondence and petitions concerning the election for district attorney.
  5. 1945 – 1946 Correspondence, reports, resolutions, and notes pertaining to the establishment of a 4-year medical school and A. M. A. approved hospitals for internship in Mississippi.
  6. 1930 –1941 Speeches, correspondence, newspaper articles, resolutions, and a book kept by W. B. Roberts.
  7. 1932 – 1946 Reports, correspondences, bills, and pamphlets pertaining to Legislative matters (1946 session).
  8. 1933 – 1944 Correspondences, figures, trends, reports, and facts pertaining to Mississippi.
  9. 1946 A letter and a copy of a suggested bill from the Mississippi State Highway Department to Walter Sillers, a member of the House of Representatives.
  10. 1947 Contains the text of a speech made before the American Hospital Association in St. Louis, some correspondence and a roster of Mississippi physicians.
  11. 1936 – 1941 Editorials and correspondence dealing with various political matters.
  12. 1950 – 1951 Correspondence and comments from W. M. Garrard, General Manager of the Staple Cotton Cooperative Association.
  13. 1942 – 1943 Correspondences, reports, pamphlets, editorials, newsletters, magazines, and statistics dealing with various miscellaneous items.
  14. December 27, 1958 to August 4, 1959 Correspondence and newspaper clippings concerning general elections in Mississippi.
  15. July 15, 1953 to September 15, 1961 General correspondence and other papers relating to matters concerning persons whose surnames begin with the letter “B”. General correspondence, resumes, invoice, deeds, tickets to bar association institute and banquet, photograph, scratch sheets, leaflet, memo sheet, affidavit, change of title on deed, copy of Congressional Record.
  16. May 28, 1953 to November 21, 1954 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. of a personal nature. 3 -–Folders A, B, and C.
  17. August 28, 1953 to September 24, 1958 Correspondence concerning pecan production and orders for pecans. Also, three pamphlets on control of insects and diseases in pecans.
  18. July 2, 1954 to December 28, 1954 Personal correspondence of Walter Sillers, Jr.
  19. January 14, 1956 to March 24, 1956 Correspondence of personal business. Copy of “Higher Educational and Mississippi’s Future,” an address by John D. Williams (February 29, 1956).
  20. May 16, 1957 to February 25, 1961 Gerald L. K. Smith. General correspondence (Sillers was on a mailing list), booklets, circulars, leaflets, booklists, and order blanks.  Also, a copy of a speech by Senator Joe McCarthy.

Box 13

  1. 1946 Miscellaneous papers, speeches, magazines, and handouts.
  2. (A & B) 1949 – 1951 Miscellaneous correspondence to and from Walter Sillers concerning private and political matters. Also, some newspaper articles are included.
  3. July 4, 1946 Miscellaneous papers, telegrams, newspapers, and correspondence concerning the American Legion Posts’ upcoming Beauty Contest. (Papers of W. C. Roberts)
  4. 1944 Pamphlets, correspondence, booklets, telegrams, and reports concerning the 1944 Legislature.
  5. 1942 –1945 Miscellaneous papers, correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and newspapers.
  6. 1941 Newsletters, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and correspondence concerning the news of 1941.
  7. 1942 –1944 Miscellaneous papers, newsletters, newspapers, articles, pamphlets, and correspondence concerning the news.
  8. 1942 –1944 A 1943 – 1944 Special Legislative Session on schools. Included are bulletins and reports.
  9. 1947 Correspondence, telegrams, and reports about the Hospital and Medical Care Commission, and Dr. D. V. Galloway.
  10. 1943 – 1949 Correspondence, reports, and pamphlets about the Delta Council and Co. Alexander Fritz Hugh.
  11. 1939 Correspondence concerning the position of State Librarian and finding someone to fill the position.
  12. 1942 Correspondence about the Dudley M. Stein vs. Shane O’Neil and Delta Council case which involved a car accident.
  13. 1946 Statements on Real and Personal Property Taxes.
  14. 1938 – 1940 Correspondences about the Young Women’s Christian Association and the donations it received.
  15. 1946 –1948 W. C. Roberts (Democratic). Reports, correspondences, resolutions, and tally sheets concerning the Executive Committee.


Box 14

  1. 1946 Radio scripts and newsletters of radio commentator Upton Close.
  2. 1941 – 1947 Bulletins, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, editorials, speeches, and reports concerning education and schools.
  3. 1942 – 1943 Miscellaneous papers, notes, correspondence, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings concerning issues of the Tax Committee of the Delta Council.
  4. 1946 – 1949 Correspondences lease papers, and bills having to do with the repair and rent of office space to the post office.
  5. 1940 – 1942 Correspondences and pamphlets concerning the Oleo vs. Margarine controversy.
  6. 1945 A list of qualified voters in Bolivar County precincts.
  7. 1941 – 1947 Correspondences and telegrams concerning E. T. Woolfolk, Sr. of Tunica, Mississippi.
  8. 1941 Correspondence and telegrams concerning Roland Wall and Washington matters. Wall was head of WPA in Mississippi.
  9. 1949 Correspondences, telegrams, and reports concerning S. R. Whitten trying to get a loan to help him out of his money problems and illness.
  10. 1948 79th Congress. Mississippi State Plan for Construction of Hospitals Authorized by Public Law 725.
  11. 1941 – 1945 Correspondences, reports, newsletters, pamphlets, and maps concerning Mississippi Highway #1.
  12. 1937 – 1938 A bounded report of a Survey of Homesteads in the State of Mississippi from 1937 assessment records.
  13. 1943 – 1944 Correspondence of proposed matters for introduction in 1944 Legislature.
  14. 1942 Correspondences, reports, and minutes of the Labor Deferment and Classification (Selective Service).
  15. 1943 Correspondences, reports, and notes of Stout and McDearman concerning the New Warhaw Levee Enlargement.
  16. 1941 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Kenneth Tolar, Chairman of the Mississippi Civilian Defense Council.
  17. 1941 Correspondence and telegrams concerning Roland B. Wall, director of WPA in Mississippi.
  18. 1933 Correspondence about the Levee Board – Attorneyship.
  19. 1932 – 1933 Miscellaneous papers and forms about the Levee Board Resolution.
  20. 1935 Correspondence concerning Levee matters, especially as regards changes in Jadwin Fuse Plug Project Plans.
  21. 1927 – 1939 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers most of which pertain to the Levee Board.
  22. 1943 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers concerning the Delta Council.
  23. 1941 –1942 Correspondence, newspaper articles, programs, pamphlets, speeches, and resolutions of the Delta Council.
  24. 1941 – 1942 Correspondence, reports, and pamphlets concerning the Delta Council.
  25. April 30, 1951 Resolutions and annual report of Delta Council for 1950 – 1951; also included is a letter and a copy of the 1949 – 1950 annual report. Letter from Walter Sillers to Gerald Deering at the Commercial Appeal, Memphis.
  26. 1942 Correspondence concerning the Japanese Evacuation Project in the South Delta area.
  27. 1943 Correspondence, resolutions, newspaper clippings, and a speech presented by Walter Sillers, the president of the Delta Council.

Box 15

  1. 1942 Miscellaneous papers, telegrams, reports, correspondence, and pamphlets concerning the Delta Council while Walter Sillers was president of this council.
  2. 1956 – 1960 Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings of the Mississippi A and I Board.
  3. 1947 – 1948 Correspondence and monthly statements of the Delta Council while Walter Sillers was chairman of the Executive Committee.
  4. 1943 Correspondence and pamphlets concerning the Delta Council.
  5. May 7, 1959 Correspondence concerning resolutions for the Delta Council. Copy of resolutions adopted concerning farm policy, agricultural research and education, 4-H Clubs and FFA, minimum wage, farm labor, land, and water resource development, licensing of water and well drillers, Blue-Cross/Blue Shield, National Beef Council, National Cotton Council of America, press and radio, Mississippi delegation to Congress, acknowledgements, and retiring president, officers, and committees.  Also includes a copy of a report on the Agricultural Weather Forecasting Service Pilot Project for Mississippi’s Delta Area.
  6. 1942 Correspondence and a copy of the Teenage Draft Bill.
  7. 1946 A newsletter and a list of committees concerning the Wage Ceiling Referendum and Hearings.
  8. 1942 and 1946 A copy of the Delta Council News, (May 1946) and Resolutions adopted at the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Delta Council, May 1942.
  9. May 15, 1952 Program and Resolutions of Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Delta Council, May 15, 1952.
  10. Delta Council correspondence and minutes, 1949 – 1960.
  11. 1956 – 1965 Delta State Teachers College, J. M. Ewing, President; correspondence and other papers relating to building dedications, sport activities, personnel recommendations and other college business; also an address by Sillers to the Junior – Senior college Conference.
  12. 1956 –1962 Correspondence with State Building Commission and other papers concerning repairs and defects, especially the Walter Sillers Coliseum at Delta State.
  13. 1959 Requests for Legislative Committee assignments, correspondence and materials per Sillers’ re-election as Speaker and Barnett’s election; copy of June 1958 Laws of the State of Mississippi.
  14. 1950 Speech data – Labor unions etc.
  15. 1937 – 1956 Department of Archives and History correspondence with Sillers as member of Board of Trustees, especially regarding portraits in Hall of Fame, also 1937 – 39 copy of Dept. Biennial Report.
  16. 1959 – 1960 Legislative – Correspondence with Sillers and Roberts – copies of House and Senate Bills.
  17. 1955 Bolivar County Sheriff’s race voter lists and precinct results.
  18. 1959 Walter Sillers – Political – miscellaneous. Correspondence regarding upcoming governor’s race and Communism in Methodist Church leaders.
  19. 1955 – 1961 Correspondence concerning state funding for the Rosedale Hospital.
  20. 1958-1960 Pecans – correspondence concerning marketing and care of trees at Sillers Orchards.
  21. 1950 – 1951 Correspondence with Miss Bobbie Wolfe of Duncan concerning resignation of Dr. Barnadine Schmidt as instructor of special education at the University of Mississippi.
  22. 1960 – 1961 Carroll E. White correspondence applying for employment with Sillers’ firm, then regarding early employment with Shelton and Parker of Tupelo.
  23. 1943 – 1955 Correspondence concerning New Deal violations of state’s rights and challenges to prevent African-American voting at Mound Bayou precinct.
  24. 1951-1965 Miscellaneous correspondence concerning Welfare, especially with Johnston, Jones, Reynolds of Starkville concerning bids for County Welfare Offices in Cleveland and Rosedale.
  25. 1958 –1960 Walter Sillers (Personal and Political) correspondence, especially regarding speaking invitations, hotel reservations, and some personal business including 1959 trip to Europe.

Box 16

  1. 1959 Correspondence concerning crisis of cotton farmers; one copy Congressional Record, vol. 105 1/8/1959, one copy of The Independent American and a newspaper.
  2. 1958 Correspondence; also briefs for Darby vs. Daniel & Patterson voter discrimination suit.
  3. 1952 Correspondence with parents of Corporal Alex Ornelas of Rosedale, killed in Korea.
  4. August 24, 1957 to August 6, 1958 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, copy of speech to legislature concerning Sillers’ objection to a constitutional convention. Also, proposed amendment to Section 273 of the Mississippi State Constitution.
  5. 1942-1951 Correspondence written to and from W. H. Whittington during this time.
  6. 1954 & 1956 Two copies of Suggested Basis of Fee Computation, 1956 & April 1954 edition of The Mississippi Lawyer.
  7. 1958 List of legislative officers in the states, the Council of State Governments, 2/7/1958.
  8. 1959 Correspondence with Valentine & Valentine, Attorneys of Cleveland regarding estate of Carrie Lee Burrell.
  9. 1957 Workmen’s compensation claim of Anderson Elliot, Sr. of Duckhill, MS against A. J. Daniel of Rosedale, MS.
  10. 1959-1965 Correspondence with U. S. District Judge Claude F. Clayton: some proposed membership in the Merigold Hunting Club.
  11. 1956 Correspondence concerning room reservations and tickets to Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
  12. 1952-1965 Correspondence (mostly personal) and attending materials relating to Social Security and Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi.
  13. 1951-1961 Rosedale Black schools – correspondence concerning school needs and personnel recommendations; also misplaced letter to IRS from W. C. Roberts.
  14. 1957 Correspondence with D. O. Thompson of Benoit regarding suit by him against Mills Bros. Lumber Co. of Benoit for damage done to his soybeans by 2, 4-D herbicide sprayed on their neighboring rice field.
  15. 1961 Letter from Mississippi Hospital Association and copy of Progress in Health Services publication, Sept. 1961 – Dental Health.
  16. 1955-1964 Deeds of Trust and payment receipts on yearly loans from Walter Sillers of Anna Maddox, a widow of Rosedale.
  17. 1958-1959 Correspondence with Wyatt Jacobs of Chicago and others concerning his perspective purchase of acreage near Pace for pecans.
  18. 1960 Official response of Hardy Lott as City Attorney of Greenwood to dispute in Winona between Delta Electric Power Association and Mississippi Power and Light Company.
  19. 1954-1955 Letter from Neal Streater Jr. of Circle S. Planting Co., Rosedale, regarding rental of lands from Maria B. Powell and Madora B. Grant; also rent contract with H. H. Lawler for same.
  20. 1956-1965 Correspondence with Wyatt Jacobs of Chicago regarding purchase of a TV for “Miss Rosa Belle,” behavior of Wyatt’s son Jay, and Wyatt’s reports from an African Safari.
  21. 1955-1956 Anti-labor Union material by Herbert V. Kohler, President, Kohler co., Kohler, Wisconsin.
  22. 1956-1959 Correspondence between W. C. Roberts and R. T. Love of Greenville regarding deeds; and with Louisville Credit Men’s Association regarding collection suit.
  23. 1960 Correspondence with H. M. Ivey of the Associated Consultants in Education, Meridian, regarding problems in the state’s colleges.
  24. 1959-1961 E. F. Hutton – personal commodities contracts, some correspondence regarding same, some weekly commodity newsletters. Farm Commodities.
  25. 1956-1964 Oil shares- personal statements and correspondence regarding New Bristol Oils, New British Dominion Oil, Able Land & Minerals, and Bayview Oil.
  26. 1955 Lease contract between Pattie Bryant Yerger, lessor, and H. H. Lawler, lessee and two letters regarding same.
  27. 1966 Correspondence concerning 50th Anniversary Celebration of “Boys of 1916” – Walter Sillers’ freshman year in the legislature.
  28. 1963 Walter Sillers re-election: campaign speech, newspaper clippings, and correspondence.
  29. 1963 Correspondence concerning 1963 election candidates.
  30. 1963-1964 Correspondence regarding upcoming presidential election.
  31. 1963 Correspondence regarding State Democratic Party and principles adopted in 1960.
  32. 1962-1964 Civil rights speech data and copy of House Resolution commending Sillers on his birthday.

Box 17

  1. 1963 Walter Sillers and Z. R. Austin – correspondence concerning applications for land forfeited for taxes.
  2. 1965 Walter Sillers General Expenses – receipts and relevant correspondence.
  3. 1964 – 1965 Walter Sillers: Robert E. Lee and King Edward Hotel Club expense receipts and relevant correspondence.
  4. 1965 Walter Sillers – State Building Commission expense vouchers.
  5. 1963-1964 Reservation documentation for 1963 Ole Miss – LSU and 1964 Miss. State-Tennessee games.
  6. 1946-1965 Miscellaneous special letters and comments.
  7. 1938-1954 Termite control contracts on Rosedale properties with Snipes Termite control of Jackson and Bruce Terminix of Memphis; corresponding correspondence.
  8. 1957-1960 Wild Goose Refuge project involving leasing land from Delta Pine and Land Company-correspondence and other materials.
  9. 1963-1965 Correspondence regarding football tickets and hotel reservations.
  10. 1965 Correspondence with Don Wylie, head of Cleveland Chamber of Commerce concerning staggered terms for members of A&I Board.
  11. 1965 Interview with Neil Maxwell of the Wall Street Journal concerning black education in Mississippi-financial sheets.
  12. 1963-1964 Correspondence with Upton Sisson of Gulfport regarding proposed bill creating a state biracial riot squad.
  13. 1965 Newspaper columns by black, George Schulyer of the North American Newspaper Alliance – especially concerning Watts riots.
  14. 1955-1959 Correspondence and speeches concerning J.P. Coleman as governor; also Stone County Enterprise, 11 August 1955, containing Coleman campaign ads.
  15. 1965 Correspondence with and concerning J. P. Coleman, especially his appointment to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.
  16. 1932-1963 Dealing with Delta State Teachers College and D.S.C. (building funds and allocation of money), letters, library books, dedication of Bailey Building, involvement in scholarship fund, resignation of Kethley, pamphlets, speeches, and programs.
  17. 1952-1961 Misc. legal correspondence, letter “L” file, includes politics.
  18. 1940 Misc. correspondence and proposed House bills; Chancellery judgeships, income and liquor tax.
  19. 1940 Correspondence, committee reports, speeches, newspaper articles, and other documentation regarding state revenues.
  20. 1939 Congratulatory letters to Sillers on his primary victory and his notes in return; copy of the 31 August 1939 Bolivar Commercial and Bolivar County Democrat with 2nd primary results.
  21. July13, 1950 to October 13, 1950 Three memorandums from the Legislative fact-finding Committee of State Government (progress reports and sub-committees). A cover letter is attached to the memorandum of July 13, 1950.
  22. 1936 Correspondence and misc. election material for William Clay Roberts, Bolivar County Chairman of National Democratic campaign.
  23. 1940 Misc. documents and correspondence pertaining to bills before the legislature.
  24. 1923-1931 Correspondence and documents pertaining to foreign cotton production.
  25. 1950-1952 Misc. items and correspondence concerning UN “Genocide Convention,” States’ Rights, Democratic Party, and state legislative matters.
  26. 1952-1953 Correspondence and documentation pertaining to amendments in the gasoline tax law.
  27. 1951-1958 Correspondence with Executive Secretaries of the Mississippi Medical Education Board.
  28. 1939-1942 Correspondence and pamphlets concerning matters of the Hospitalization Committee.
  29. 1959-1960 Correspondence, editorials, copies of bill, and reports dealing with personal and political matters.
  30. 1966 Correspondence, vote tabulations, reports, statistics, and court opinions dealing with legislative reapportionment in Mississippi.
  31. 1962 Minutes of the Farm Policy Committee of the Delta Council.
  32. 1962 Reports on subversion in schools textbooks.

Box 18

  1. 1961-1962 Report of the State Tax Commission.
  2. 1962 Report of a shareholders’ meeting of the Able Land and Minerals, Limited.
  3. 1955-1966 Correspondence, reports, minutes, bills, resolutions, pamphlets, and brochures pertaining to the Dept. of Archives and History and its director, Charlotte Capers.
  4. 1963-1966 Correspondence, renewal notices, letters of solicitation, and pamphlets concerning donations and subscriptions to various charities and magazines.
  5. 1940 Correspondence concerning Hugh L. White’s 1940 candidacy for the U.S. Senate.
  6. 1950-1962 Correspondence to and from Congressman Frank Smith, especially regarding the growing of rice and cotton, erosion controls on the Mississippi River, and Federal appointees.
  7. 1950 Correspondence concerning Walter Sillers as a potential 1951 gubernatorial candidate.
  8. 1961-1962 Correspondence and copies of House Resolutions regarding redistricting and re-apportionment.
  9. 1950 Correspondence and speeches in regard to Oscar Wolfe’s 1950 Congressional campaign.
  10. 1940 W. C. Roberts – campaign contribution receipts for Roosevelt.
  11. 1939 Correspondence regarding Sillers 1939 reelection campaign for state legislature.
  12. 1932-1935 Correspondence with and regarding Mississippi Congressman W.M. Whittington.
  13. 1940 W.C. Roberts election data-miscellaneous documents.
  14. 1951 Correspondence concerning Walter Sillers re-election to the House of Representatives.
  15. 1961-1962 Correspondence concerning Walter Sillers’ football reservations and motel arrangements.
  16. 1939 Democratic Executive Committee correspondence.

Box 19

  1. 1939 Correspondence with Senate candidate J. A. Thigpen of Shaw regarding Sillers Campaign for reelection to the House of Representatives, 1939.
  2. 1935 Correspondence with Representative Horace Stansel regarding legislation.
  3. 1932-1936 Correspondence with and concerning Attorney General Greek L. Rice.
  4. 1936 Bolivar County poll lists and correspondence regarding S. D. Knowlton’s election as Levee Commissioner.
  5. 1939-1939 Bolivar County Democratic Executive Committee correspondence.
  6. 1936-1937 Bolivar County Democratic Executive Committee Convention minutes and correspondence.
  7. 1956-1959 Correspondence concerning football reservations.
  8. 1960-1961 Correspondence concerning Walter Sillers’ Football Reservations.
  9. 1964 Letter from Dugas Shands regarding school desegregation hearings; 2 copies of Fannie Lou Hamer’s petition contesting Jamie Whitten’s election and his response; copy of 1964 Civil Rights Act.
  10. 1964 Letter from and response to Wirt A. Yerger, Jr., concerning Goldwater’s 1964 Presidential Campaign.
  11. 1964 Charles Deaton of Greenwood – correspondence and other materials regarding liquor sales legislation.
  12. 1955 and 1959 Hodding Carter –correspondence and newspaper clippings concerning 1955 condemnation by House of Representatives for Look article; also clippings on 1959 charge of communism.
  13. 1963 Message on Cotton and correspondence by Jamie Whitten; also literature and newsletters from various Conservative groups.
  14. 1957 and 1965 Correspondence concerning and information from Citizen’s Councils and Christian Conservative Leadership Council.
  15. 1965 Letter and newspaper article concerning proposed congressional redistricting.
  16. 1963 Two drafts of a speech against outside black agitators in Mississippi; May 23, 1963 copy of The Community Citizen, a black paper published in New Albany.
  17. 1964-1965 Miscellaneous Legislative correspondence.
  18. 1961 Letter and memo regarding Walter Sillers’ position on Board of Governors at the University of Mississippi.
  19. 1957-1965 General correspondence file: Letter “C” includes correspondence with M.C. William Colmer, State Representatives and Senators, Judges, and J.P. Coleman.
  20. 1963 News clippings on deepening the Mississippi River Channel to Memphis, allowing passage of larger ocean vessels.
  21. 1963 Fedler Dearman, State Highway Department, letter concerning disrepair on Highway #61.
  22. 1963 Correspondence with Heber Ladner regarding Republican Party participation in upcoming election.
  23. 1963-1964 Correspondence regarding general election; also several versions of a Democratic campaign speech to preserve one-party state.
  24. 1958-1963 Amiel Earp Lease Contract with Sillers family for sawmill; also correspondence regarding timber production.
  25. 1946-1961 Mississippi Farm Bureau – Walter Sillers 1946 address; miscellaneous correspondence, newspaper clippings, 1961 Board of Directors ballot.
  26. 1961-1964 Game and Fish Commission correspondence.
  27. 1965 Democratic pamphlet focusing on L.B. Johnson.
  28. 1959-1960 Correspondence with Dr. A. L. Gray, director, State Board of Health, especially concerning agricultural chemicals causing health problems.
  29. 1950-1963 Correspondence with Craddock Goins of New York concerning Hodding Carter’s alleged political racketeering in Louisiana and 1950 governor’s race.
  30. 1964-1966 Correspondence with Roman Kelly, Clerk of the House of Representatives, mainly regarding parking decals, other details.
  31. 1959-1961 Correspondence and documentation from Civil Defense Council regarding Survival Operations Plan and Order (SOPO) and surplus property allocations to Bolivar County.
  32. 1963-1965 Correspondence with Roman Kelly, Clerk of House of Representatives, especially concerning employment of Lamar Harrington.
  33. 1965 Correspondence and newspaper clippings concerning House Concurrent Resolutions No. 14 against Communism.
  34. 1962-1964 Legislative matters for attention: miscellaneous documents: correspondence, bills, budget estimates, etc.
  35. 1965 Correspondence and speeches concerning State Highway Program.
  36. 1965 Press release, correspondence, and analysis of proposed voter registration changes via Constitutional Amendments.
  37. 1965 Miscellaneous legislative correspondence.
  38. 1965 Letter and copy of proposed House Bill to raise pay for school lunch managers-copy to J.P. Love of Tchula.
  39. 1965 Legislative – correspondence concerning Sheriff and Tax Collector.
  40. 1966 Correspondence received during Sillers; illness.
  41. 1953-1987 Copies of correspondence between Sillers and C.B. “Buddie” Newman and other legislators and members of Sillers’ family. Also includes copies of newspaper clippings and miscellaneous items.

Box 20

  1. 1963 Letter to Florence Sillers Ogden concerning renting of property at Beulah.
  2. 1963-1965 Correspondence with Ellet Lawrence of Greenwood.
  3. 1957-1965 Correspondence with David Lawrence, syndicated columnist with U.S. News & World Reports.
  4. 1965 Correspondence with Hon. Walter J. Phillips, Representative from Bay St. Louis, concerning voter registration laws.
  5. 1964 Letter from Wirt A. Yerger, Jr., thanking Sillers for behind-the-scenes work in behalf of Goldwater in the Presidential Campaign.
  6. 1962 Memo on prospects for Rosedale as location for Morrison-Shults Manufacturing Co. of Grinnel, Iowa.
  7. 1966 January charges at Robert E. Lee Hotel, Jackson.
  8. 1965 Correspondence concerning hotel reservations, train reservations, and football tickets for 1966 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.
  9. 1963-1965 Correspondence with Haband of Paterson and New Process mail-order clothing manufacturers regarding purchase and return of items.
  10. 1965 10/65 – Bill from Bill’s Institutional Commissary for tenderloin delivered to Robert E. Lee hotel.
  11. 1965 & 1966 Miscellaneous personal and political correspondence.
  12. 1958-1961 Walter & Lena Sillers automobile privilege tax receipts.
  13. 1959-1966 Orders with pharmacists in Greenville, Jackson, and Memphis for medicine.
  14. 1959-1966 Walter Sillers correspondence with doctors and hearing-aid manufacturers regarding his hearing problem.
  15. 1964 Correspondence concerning reservations and passes for 1965 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.
  16. 1957-1964 Bolivar County tax receipts for Walter Sillers’ land; and correspondence regarding same.
  17. 1962-1963 Walter Sillers: correspondence concerning use of Social Security number.
  18. 1963 June suspense file containing two letters concerning appointments regarding hearing problems and one mail-out regarding Medger Evers’ assassination.
  19. 1959 & 1962 June 1959 copy of American Mercury magazine containing John Swinton’s quote that American press is composed of “intellectual prostitutes”; also copies of 1962 Mississippi House Commendation of Walter Sillers.
  20. 1945-1949 R.M. King per bale estimate from Staple Cotton Co-op.
  21. 1942 Walter Sillers’ admission to practice by Interstate Commerce Commission.
  22. 1961 Walter Sillers’ Federal tax return examination.
  23. 1947 Speech by Walter Sillers supporting Congressman Colmer for the U.S. Senate in 1947.
  24. 1965 Ross Barnett – Correspondence regarding anti-Communist legislation in Alabama.
  25. 1960 Correspondence and photos regarding Tom Couey and his invention and manufactures of “fish boxes.”
  26. 1952-1964 Mississippi River Commission – correspondence regarding inspection tours on Mississippi River and especially regarding bank stabilization at Terrene Landing North of Rosedale (1 map).
  27. 1957-1960 D. F. Hutton and Bache – personal stock and commodity statements and correspondence regarding same.
  28. 1959 correspondence with Mrs. Thelma K. Scott and state geologist regarding lime deposits on Mrs. Scott’s lands in Lee County and whether suitable for cement.
  29. 1953-1954 Correspondence with Dr. Charles R. Sayre of Scott regarding reduction in cotton production; also letter to Sen. James Eastland mentioning Dr. Sayre, agricultural bill and Sen.’s re-election.
  30. 1954 and 1962 Correspondence (1954) regarding ESSO Standard Oil monthly payments in Louisiana, also miscellaneous 1962 correspondence.
  31. 1950 Copies of Victor Riesel’s “Inside Labor” column from The Commercial Appeal and correspondence to Senators Stennis and Eastland regarding communism in labor unions.
  32. 1950 Rosedale Lodge No. 463 (Masons) warranty deed and promissory note.
  33. 1959-1963 E. H. Ramsey of Jacksonville, Fla. – general correspondence regarding segregation and private school legislation.
  34. 1960 Oil and Gas lease with Placid Oil Company of Shreveport for lands in Clarke Co. owned by Sillers and Nugent of Rosedale; also correspondence regarding same.
  35. 1961-1964 Joe T. Patterson (Attorney General) – Correspondence regarding Civil Rights Legislation – also, some copies of bills and briefs.
  36. 1961-1963 General correspondence file, letter “M”.
  37. 1941 Statistical summary of motor vehicle traffic accidents in Mississippi.
  38. 1964 Mississippi River Commission – Construction, Survey and Exploration permit for Sillers land at Victoria Ben on Mississippi River.
  39. 1956 State Building Commission – correspondence pertaining to funding at the Junior Colleges.
  40. 1956 Mississippi Southern College publication: Building needs and renovation requests.
  41. 1952-1965 Mississippi Power and Light Co. – general correspondence regarding service in Bolivar County, Delta Steam Electric Station at Cleveland, and leasing space in Sillers Building, Rosedale.
  42. 1964 Correspondence – State Building Commission proposed site for the MS Highway Patrol Training Academy.
  43. 1960-1961 John U. Barr of New Orleans – table of Democratic losses to Republicans and correspondence against granting electoral delegates to District of Columbia.
  44. 1960-1961 Correspondence with Joe T. Patterson, Attorney General regarding Civil Rights Committee Investigation into registration and voting violations.
  45. 1956-1965 Correspondence and official documents regarding financial needs at Mississippi Vocational College, Itta Bena (also one document from Ole Miss).
  46. 1955 State Building Commission (Jackson State College) – correspondence regarding proposed warehouse and service building.
  47. 1956 & 1963 1956 funding requests from State Building Commission for Mississippi State College and MSCW; 1963 correspondence with W.M. Caskey of Mississippi College regarding his candidacy for the state legislature.
  48. 1963 Mississippi Vocational College, Itta Bena, funding requests for facilities, library books, drainage improvement (correspondence).

Box 21

  1. 1938-1940 Pamphlets, correspondence and newsletters concerning issues of Labor Laws.
  2. 1956-1965 State Building Commission (University of Mississippi) – correspondence regarding funding and withholding of a degree from James Meredith; 1961-2 audit of State Building Commission.
  3. 1946; 1961-1965 State Building Commission correspondence, meeting notes, financial reports; also copies of Sillers’ address to 1946 Mississippi Farm Bureau annual convention.
  4. 1965 Congress-legislation-Section 14-B, right to work; newspaper clippings, Congressional Record copies; correspondence of the Magnolia Heritage Society for racial purity.
  5. 1965 Anti-Communist newspaper clippings, correspondence, and publications.
  6. 1965 Letter regarding anti-Communist legislation and list of those arrested for disturbing the peace in Rosedale on 7-30-65.
  7. 20, 1950 – Feb. 1, 1951 Pamphlets, newsletters, and correspondence from organizations concerning communism. Also, a Reader’s Digest article and copy of a speech concerning the American Medical Association.
  8. 24, 1957-Dec. 11, 1961 Correspondence concerning insect control and the 74th Annual Report of the Mississippi Agricultural Experiment Station (1961).
  9. October 1955 Notes, newspaper clippings, and correspondence concerning Walter Sillers’ writing of a tribute to Oscar Johnston for the Staple Cotton Review after Johnston’s death.
  10. May 14, 1956 – May 22, 1956 Correspondence concerning Walter Sillers’ desire to rent a box for the races in Arkansas.
  11. 23, 1957 to May 28, 1958 Correspondence dealing with legislative and personal matters. Also, contains newspaper clippings, a deed of land, and a speech concerning the governor’s race in 1960.
  12. May 4, 1959 to March 7, 1961 Correspondence and a speech concerning Walter Sillers’ political career in Mississippi from 1916 – 1959.
  13. April 23, 1957 – October 30, 1961 General correspondence concerning the Mississippi State Medical Education Board. Also, a list of board members who hadn’t yet voted on release of funds for scholarships.
  14. October 2, 1951 – November 14, 1961 Correspondence, memos, minutes of meetings, newspaper clippings, reports, circulars dealing with groundwater investigations in Mississippi’s alluvial plain (the Delta). Also contains a progress report of the State Board of Water Commissioners, 1960.
  15. January 4, 1957 – June 12, 1961 Information on Mississippi Public Schools during the period from 1957 to 1961. Contains correspondence, reprints of journal articles, newspaper clippings, budget reports, prospectus on medical conference, memos, leaflets, fact sheets on situation concerning black schools in Mississippi, booklet containing statements of general fund receipts for Mississippi’s biennial report for 1956-1958, booklet containing statistical data on Mississippi schools for 1957-1958, textbooks list, resolutions, minutes of meetings, guest list for meeting, proposed legislative programs for 1960 for Mississippi Educator’s Association, and pamphlets.
  16. August 20, 1957 & January, 1961 Letters from Ellis & Hirshburg, Certified Public Accountants of Clarksdale, relating to 1956 income tax of Walter Sillers. Copy of  Public Administration Survey.
  17. October 15, 1951 – May 30, 1953 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. of a personal nature.  Also includes deed to land sold to Sillers.  Information contained in three folders A, B, & C.
  18. June 1, 1946 – October 14, 1946 Letters to Sillers from N. Monaghan and one from Sillers to Monaghan on upcoming elections and on Black Market committee. Bilbo and Eastland both mentioned in letters.
  19. June 26, 1942 Correspondence from Walter Sillers to Jack Hancock of the Jackson Daily News concerning the senatorial race.
  20. March 19, 1945 Correspondence from J. O. Eastland to Walter Sillers.
  21. June 24, 1946 – May 25, 1951 Day letter to Gov. D. Murphree from Sillers, Jr. c. 1947. Personal letter from Sillers, Jr., to Peter Molyneaux concerning Sillers’ views on the present Democratic platform.  Note from Sillers to Gov. Murphree concerning support of W. L. Dossett and Dixon Dossett’s support of Bilbo.  Note from Noel Monaghan to Sillers concerning question on his possible candidacy to state House that year (Bilbo mentioned in letter).  Letter from Monaghan to Sillers confirming Monaghan’s decision to run for office of floater representative from Lee and Ittawamba counties.  Letters from Monaghan to Sillers telling of his indecision toward his candidacy for state House.  Letter to Senator Joe McCarthy from Sillers, Jr., congratulating McCarthy on his campaign about subversion.
  22. April 27, 1949 – July 5, 1951 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers of a legislative nature.
  23. May 12, 1936 – August 13, 1942 Correspondence, affidavits, memos, and resolutions of the Democratic Executive Committee for the State of Mississippi.

Box 22

  1. June 19, 1946 – September 13, 1951 Letter to Gov. Murphree from Sillers canceling plans to board “Know Mississippi Better Train due to personal and business matters. Letters from Sillers to Murphree requesting place on proceeding year’s “KMB Train.”  Invitation from Board of Directors, Mid-South Fair, Inc., to Sillers requesting he serve as Honorary Vice-President on Board for the 1950 Mid-South Fair; progress report included.  Invitation from Rex I. Brown, President of Mississippi Power and Light Co., to Sillers requesting his presence at informal dedication ceremonies for Superior Coach plant in Kosciusko, Mississippi.  Note from Brown to Sillers acknowledging Sillers’ acceptance of invitation of Sept. 13, 1951.
  2. March 14, 1946 – September 20, 1951 General correspondence from Sillers, Jr. or W. C. Roberts over various and sundry matters.
  3. June 13, 1949 – June 18, 1949 Letters from Sillers to Curtis Swango and Brinkley Morton concerning Brinkley’s possible appointment to fill vacancy in the Appropriations Committee left by death of Doy Knight; also, reply from Morton to Sillers.
  4. November 17, 1948 Transfer of ownership of 1930 Ford pick-up truck from Amado Alaniz to Jose Martinez.
  5. January 24, 1948 Quitclaim deed conveying land from R.C. Malone to his wife, Nettie S. Malone (2 copies) and a memo.
  6. July 2, 1946 Correction of age for T.S. McCullough as listed in voter registration books (Waxhaw Precinct, 1st Judicial District, Bolivar County, and Mississippi) for purpose of poll tax exemption. (2 copies of affidavit).
  7. February 14, 1946 Utilities bills from Mississippi Power & Light for service period ending January 29, 1946 to: Walter Sillers, Jr.’s personal residence and office of Sillers & Roberts, Rosedale, MS.
  8. February 13, 1948 – February 22, 1948 Letter to Sillers from J. J. McPherson suggesting establishment of State Notary Commission. Letter to McPherson from Sillers expressing doubt that aforementioned proposal would pass that session’s house.
  9. July 23, 1948 to July 31, 1948 Letter to Sillers from Ivan E. Miles, Extension Agronomist, Mississippi State College, asking for his support in establishing a soils program in state. Letters from Sillers to Miles expressing interest in soils program proposal and request for conference.
  10. September 19, 1951 – September 21, 1951 Letter to W.C. Roberts from Alton Massey expressing thanks for support in election for Public Service Commission. Letter to W.C. Roberts from W.L. McGahey expressing thanks for support in State Land Commission race.
  11. April 26, 1947 Letter from W.C. Roberts to B.F. Morton reminding Morton to hand in announcement of candidacy for Bolivar County Board of Supervisors, District 1, to the newspaper before noon, April 30th. Two copies of memo of announcement of Morton’s candidacy.
  12. October 22-30, 1947 and December 17, 1948 Requests for map of Belle Island (in Mississippi River) by Gov. Dennis Murphree. Letter to Mississippi River Commission from W.C. Roberts with request for map.  Also, list of navigation maps of Mississippi River clipped to letter copy.
  13. December 1945 – February 18, 1946 Memorandum on state budget status for 1946-1948. Newsletter to state legislators for the XXII Amendment.  Copy of Staple Cotton Review (Jan. 1946).  Pamphlet: “Do You Know What Bolshevism really is?”  Correspondence from O.W. Hyman, Dean of University of Tennessee, concerning place of settlement of medical school graduates.  Statement of General Fund for fiscal year July 1, 1944 to June 30, 1945 and statement of Special Fund for same fiscal year.  Summary of House Bill #86 – The Short Practice Act (Feb. 7, 1946).  Correspondence from Mrs. J.C. Patty to House of Representatives and to W. Sillers concerning the loss of her son in World War I.
  14. 29, 1936 – Dec. 18, 1945 Correspondence, mainly of a personal nature, by, and to, W. C. Roberts and Walter Sillers. Letters from W.C. Roberts to W. B. Roberts on Jan. 29, 1936; Aug. 15, 1936; and Sept. 18, 1936.  Letter of recommendation for Robert Robinson, chauffeur and houseboy (April 23, 1938).  Correspondence and newsletters concerning Rotary Club (June & July 1942).  Correspondence from Inland Waterways Corporation to Walter Sillers concerning the placement of a river terminal at Rosedale.  An autographed pamphlet entitled “A Talk by John C. Hay on his 45th Service Anniversary.”  (May 19, 1942).  Correspondence from Mildred Rutledge (Jan. 18, 1945) to Mildred Rutledge (Jan. 11, 1945), and to Congressman W.M. Whittington (Jan. 11, 1945) concerning Rutledge’s need of securing a dependant’s claim from the Veteran’s Administration.  Correspondence from J. A. Rayburn, M.D., to Sillers concerning fear of Communist movement (April 30, 1945).
  15. January 14, 1937 to April 11, 1951 Personal correspondence to Walter Sillers and copies of personal correspondence from Sillers. Copy of correspondence from Sillers to Senator Walter F. George in which Sillers points out national debt and suggests means of handling the problem.  Correspondence from R.O. Gerow, Bishop of Natchez, concerning the Bishop’s “Manifesto on Rural Life.”  Correspondence from Sara Goodstein seeking Walter’s political influence in getting her nephew into Walter Reed Hospital.  Correspondence from Senator W. F. Gore of Sturgis, MS., expressing his doubt that Bilbo would be seated in U.S. Senate and suggesting that Sillers plan to run for the platform.  Shipping bill for four CTN stoves (Oct. 10, 1939).
  16. March 19, 1949 Memorandum from Robert Highsaw to Dr. J.D. Williams concerning Regional Council for Education: Administrative Relationships. March 19, 1949.  Newspaper clippings stapled on typing paper concerning labor and socialism (approx. March 1949).
  17. 29l, 1949 – Jan.1, 1951 Memorandum of House action before Christmas adjournment made by Sillers. Correspondence from Cleveland ministers concerning the state hospital at Whitfield and a reply from Sillers.  A list of House Bills of 1950.  List of Senate bills of 1950.  Lists of House bills approved by the Governor and Senate bills passed by the Governor.  Copy of House Bill #22 (1950) and 2 copies of House Concurrent Resolution #56.  Correspondence from Rep. Lewis M. Coody concerning employment of his nephew.  Personal correspondence from Rep. Frank A. Critiz.  Correspondence from Sillers to Roman Kelly (clerk H.R.) concerning appointment of a page recommended by Critz.
  18. June 15, 1945 – July 5, 1945 Correspondence concerning the Board of Trustees of Institutions of Higher Learning and the evaluation of Mississippi’s medical schools by Dr. W.G. Sanger. Correspondence from the Duke Endowment concerning Dr. Sanger’s report (July 3, 1945).
  19. July17, 1942 – January 3, 1946 Lease contracts for rental of office space at Sillers Building, Rosedale, by Office of Price Administration for Local War Price and Rationing Board #6-1. Monthly bills for rent and monthly invoices for rent.
  20. 10, 1948 to Aug. 19, 1950 28 newsletters, 10 envelopes addressed to W.C. Roberts (used to mail letters to Roberts), 1 Business and Investment Report Index, The Kiplinger Washington Letter – a private weekly newsletter that alerts businessmen to the latest happenings in the government concerning business.
  21. July 25, 1949 – August 4, 1949 Correspondence between Rep. Connie Mack Lloyd (D-Louisville) and Walter Sillers concerning Lloyd’s desire to be appointed to State Appropriations Committee in place vacated by death of Doy Knight.
  22. 24, 1946 – Oct. 29, 1951 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers and/or W.C. Roberts.
  23. 9, 1946 – Apr. 11, 1951 Correspondence relating to legal matters handled by firm of Sillers and Roberts. Warranty deed (Feb. 21, 1949).
  24. 2 – 17, 1941 Correspondence and records concerning the Malvina Community Center.
  25. 16-19, 1957 Correspondence concerning speech delivered to Indianola, Mississippi Rotary Club by George Sisler, Promotion Editor of The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee. A copy of the speech entitled “Our Inalienable Rights” concerns states’ rights and education.
  26. March 10, 1943 – November 4, 1944 Items dealing with H.R. 2139 (a bill for parole administration) and H.R. 2140 (a bill to provide a correctional system in Federal Courts). A book on hearings before Subcommittee No. 3 on the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives on bill H.R. 2139 and 2140. (May 18, 19, & June 10, 1943).  Copies of bill H.R. 2139 and bill H.R. 2140 (March 10, 1943).  Correspondence from Rep. Will M. Whittington to Walter Sillers concerning H.R. 2139 and H.R. 2140 (May 4, 1944 & June 2, 1944).  Correspondence from Sillers to Whittington (May 17, 1944).  Correspondence to Senator James O. Eastland (May 17, 1944).  Correspondence from Sen. James O. Eastland (May 20, 1944).  Correspondence from Judge James C. Wilson, U.S. District Court, Fort Worth, Texas, to Sillers concerning H.B. 2139 and H.B. 2140. (May 4 & 22, 1944).  Correspondence from Sillers to Judge Wilson (May 17 & 22, 1944).  Copy of correspondence from Judge Wilson to Halton Sumners, Chairman of Judiciary Committee, U.S. House of Representatives, (March 3, 1944) concerning H.R. 2139 and H.R. 2140.
  27. December 1939 Summary Report of Jackson Charity Hospital, Matty Hersee Hospital, Natchez Charity Hospital, South Mississippi Charity Hospital, Vicksburg Charity Hospital.
  28. February 5, 1946 to April 8, 1946 Materials with legislative overtones. State map of proposed highway system.  List of resolutions and bills pertaining to investigations.  List of appropriation bills, which had passed both Houses (March 25, 1946).  Committee substitutes for: Senate Bill #19, House Concurrent Resolution # 18, House Bill 226.  Pamphlet entitled “How Good’s Your Workmen’s Compensation Law?” 1944.  Status, House Bills, April 5, 1946.  Correspondence from R.N. Whitfield, Mississippi Board of Health, to Sillers concerning salaries of birth certificate and death certificate recorders.  Copies of House Concurrent Resolution #15; Senate Concurrent Resolution #11.
  29. November 2, 1955 – February 5, 1956 Correspondence, statement, and newspaper clipping concerning Walter Sillers’ race and election to Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1956.
  30. 1945-1946 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Heber Ladner.
  31. 1946-1948 Resolutions, editorials, correspondence, newsletter, magazines, notes, and reports concerning the state and national Democratic Party and other items.
  32. 1942-1951 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Congressman John E. Rankin also includes newsletters and newspaper clippings.
  33. December 28, 1958 – September 1, 1960 Correspondence and newspaper clippings concerning governor’s race and speakership of the House of Representatives in 1960.
  34. 1937-1942 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Dennis Murphee concerning tours (“Know Mississippi Better Train”) and politics.
  35. 1945 Charts, pamphlets, and correspondence dealing with Legislative matters.
  36. 1939-1946 Miscellaneous: correspondence, invitations, booklets, acts, resolutions, Senate Bills, newsletters, monthly statements, reports, bulletins, newspaper clippings, and a magazine.
  37. Book, pamphlets, and newspaper articles on the state of Louisiana.
  38. 1943-1944 Miscellaneous reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and notes.
  39. 1943-1944 A report compiled by the Department of Information and Statistics, G.J. Cain, Director called “Data on Mississippi’s Schools.”
  40. 1940-1941 Speeches, notes, magazines, and newspapers dealing with communism and subversion. Including some speeches of Edgar Hoover and an address before the Mississippi River Commission.

Box 23

  1. 1947-1948 Correspondence, newsletters, and newspaper articles commenting on repeal of intoxicating liquor law.
  2. 1945-1946 Correspondence dealing with legal and national matters and a Tax Levy by Bolivar County Board of Supervisors.
  3. 1940-1949 Pamphlets, leaflets, booklets, and magazines dealing with communist subversion in America.
  4. 1946-1947 Correspondence, speeches, editorials, papers, and newsletters regarding hospital care in Mississippi and the nation and a roster of Mississippi physicians.
  5. 1941-1943 Reports, correspondence, booklets, and resolutions regarding the Delta Council.
  6. 1941 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Albert R. Erskine concerning the Rotary Club.
  7. 1935-1948 Correspondence, booklets, newsletters, House Bills, and pamphlets concerning a Veteran’s Special Legislative Committee.
  8. 1938-1939 General correspondence of personal and political nature sent both to and from W. Sillers, Jr.
  9. 1935 Political correspondence between Walter Sillers and J.B. Gully.
  10. 1939 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers concerning the re-election of Walter Sillers, Jr.
  11. 1941 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. of mostly a personal nature.
  12. 1943 Correspondence to and from Sillers mostly political.
  13. 1941-1942 Personal correspondence written to and from Sillers.
  14. 1942-1943 Personal correspondence to and from Sillers.
  15. 1945-1947 Correspondence to and from Sillers, mostly of a personal nature. Contained in Folders A & B.

Box 24

  1. 1939 Correspondence concerning Thomas L. Bailey’s Campaign for Governor.
  2. 1932 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers of both a personal and political nature.
  3. 1939-1943 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., most of which concerns Mike Conner.
  4. 1931 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers concerning politics and the state legislature.
  5. 1934-1935 Letters and papers of a political nature.
  6. 1933-1935 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Governor Mike Conner and other letters and papers relating to Conner.
  7. 1931-1933 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and Governor Mike Conner.
  8. 1932-1935 Correspondence between Walter Sillers, Jr. and Thomas Bailey. Bailey was a 1934 candidate for Congress.
  9. 1935-1937 Correspondence between Walter Sillers, Jr. and Thomas L. Bailey.
  10. 1925-1927 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers. Also, some receipts of items bought by N.I. Goff.
  11. 1926-1927 Correspondence concerning of Mike Conner, his gubernatorial candidacy and campaign in 1926 and 1927. Includes a list of Rey Conner supports in Mississippi Counties.
  12. May 1941 Correspondence among Walter Sillers, Thomas L. Bailey, and Edward H. Green.

12a. July 25, 1922 – January 4, 1924 Correspondence concerns Walter Sillers’

support of Sennett (Mike) Connor in the governor’s race in 1923.

  1. 1942 –1946 Thomas L. Bailey’s personal and legislative correspondence. The correspondence includes his bid for governor, his victory, and some matters arising during his administration.
  2. 1916 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Sr. and the firm of Sillers and Sillers. Most matters concern a legal nature and largely concerned with matters pertaining to the Board of Mississippi Levee Commissioners.
  3. 1939 Walter Sillers’ responses to campaign letters he received.
  4. April 2, 1936 – November 11, 1936 Campaign for Senator (M.S. Conner). Correspondence with Governor M. S. Conner included is material attacking Pat Harrison as Senator.
  5. 1937-1938 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, concerning legal matters.
  6. October 8, 1943 – October 25, 1951 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. and Senator James O. Eastland. Most of the correspondence pertains to political matters.

Box 25

  1. April 9-16, 1927 Correspondence between Dennis Murphee and Walter Sillers concerning legislative and political matters.
  2. 1940 A carbon copy of the manuscript “Bilbo Not a Friend To the Delta.” Attached is a letter from Jack Hancock of the Hugh White campaign for U.S. Senator, 1940, with parts of Bilbo’s veto of an appropriation for the Stoneville Experiment Station in 1916.
  3. 1947 Lists of possible candidates for U.S. Senate, 1947. Correspondents who urged Walter Sillers to run for Bilbo’s U.S. Senate seat; letters enclosed.
  4. July 20, 1939 – August 29, 1939 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, mostly political involving Bolivar County and gubernatorial candidacy of Mike Conner.
  5. 1932-1934 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., mostly of a personal nature though some correspondence of a legal nature. Several items of miscellaneous nature, such as bills and shipping orders.
  6. 1935 Legislative and miscellaneous papers collected by Walter Sillers.
  7. February 9, 1943 – May 17, 1944 Correspondence concerning the “Speaker” Campaign and letters of congratulations on his being elected.
  8. August 12, 1955 – May 4, 1961 Correspondence and newspaper clippings concerning agricultural matters and the over-supply of cotton. Also, a copy of the U.S. Senate Bill S1396, Delta Council newsletter, a pamphlet called “Agricultural Situation,” and advertisements.
  9. June 14 – October 19, 1951 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, a newsletter, election results and resolutions concerning Walter Sillers’ bid for re-election to the House of Representatives and to the Office of Speaker of the House.
  10. 1952 Copies of House Bills # 73, 146, 79, 54, 55, and 121. Copies of Senate Bills # 7, 69, 135, and 140 passed and approved during the 1952 session.
  11. January 31 – June 26, 1957 Correspondence concerning the Bolivar County School System.
  12. January 7, 1956 – September 18, 1964 Correspondence, receipts, notices, and records of payment of insurance premiums and insurance claims.
  13. April 28, 1950 – September 4, 1954 Correspondence concerning Walter Sillers and the State Building Commission meeting on February 1, 1952.
  14. March 6 – May 16, 1951 Correspondence and empty self-addressed envelopes concerning a membership drive for the Delta Council.
  15. November 6 – December 26, 1957 Correspondence, resolutions, and statements made by the Public Affairs Committee of the Mississippi Bar Association concerning the Supreme Court involvement in public schools.
  16. 1923-1924 Transcript of U.S. Supreme Court record, Mississippi Supreme Court proceedings, briefs, and statements concerning Cockerham vs. the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Company. Information can be found in folders A & B also.
  17. May 31, 1943 – May 16, 1958 Correspondence and room reservation confirmation concerning Walter Sillers’ trip to Miami, Florida, to attend the Council of State Governments Convention. Also contains a letter to Walter Sillers from Senator Theodore Bilbo
  18. 1951-1954 Editorials, correspondence, telegrams, and speeches dealing with a proposed amendment to the Mississippi Constitution to preserve segregated schools. Also, contains miscellaneous correspondence and copies of the Eagle’s Eye, a Mississippi publication for integration.
  19. February 23, 1939 – March 3, 1939 Correspondence and a deed of trust relative to Morris and the Southern Credit Corporation.
  20. 1956-1958 Correspondence, legal documents, legislative matters – General Legislative Investigating Committee, and School Funds.
  21. March 12 – October 19, 1912 Correspondence concerning legal matters relating to people whose last name begin with “L”.
  22. February 4, 1914 – July 2, 1917 Correspondence concerning various legal matters.
  23. September 6, 1913 – May 8, 1914 Correspondence and a copy of a will concerning the estate of Mrs. Narcissus W. Coleman.
  24. June 7 – September 4, 1929 Correspondence and notice of trustee’s sale of land owned by R. E. McLeod that was being foreclosed.
  25. March 23, 1923 – May 24, 1924 Correspondence, two copies of petition for certiorari, and briefs concerning the case of H. L. Cockerham vs. Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Company.
  26. 1923-1930 Correspondence regarding the founding and operation of Delta State Teachers College.

Box 26

  1. 1941 Correspondence to and from candidates aspiring to the Clerkship of the House of Representatives.
  2. 1945 Correspondence and reports concerning the Delta State Teachers College Meeting on February 22, 1945.
  3. 1934 Data sheet of the Terrene Fishing Club, including all the rules that are to be followed.
  4. 1946 Reports, notes, and statistics on the Rosedale Consolidated Schools.
  5. 1947-1949 Correspondence and reports concerning drainage problems.
  6. 1941-1944 Correspondence and a Senate Bill concerning Civilian Defense.
  7. 1938-1941 Correspondence, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings concerning blacks education.
  8. 1945-1961 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and E. H. Green, much of which were legal matters.
  9. 1943 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and M. P. L. Love (Superintendent) concerning the Mississippi State Penitentiary.
  10. 1946-1947 Correspondence, reports, and speeches concerning a Legislative Special Session.
  11. 1938-1941 Correspondence and application forms having to do with the Interstate Commerce Commission.
  12. 1958-1964 Newspaper clipping, reports, correspondence, and bill pertaining to Jamie L. Whitten; House of Representative.
  13. 1951 Blueprints and a copy of a program concerning the building of the University Medical School and Teaching Hospital.
  14. 1947 A telegram to W.M. Whittington from Walter Sillers.
  15. 1947-1961 Correspondence dealing with the Sillers investments in Bay Street Securities, Able Land, and Mineral Limited, and Bayview Oil Corporation. Also, annual reports from Able and Bayview Co.
  16. 1943-1944 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, and bills concerning the Mississippi legislature.
  17. 1937-1956 Speeches, reports, correspondence, and miscellaneous items dealing with various aspects of Mississippi politics and government and the National Political scene. Includes a tribute to Mike Conner.
  18. 1941-1951 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and J. Edgar Hoover, also some of Mr. Hoovers’ speeches.
  19. 1944-1963 Bills, receipts, and correspondence concerning West Publishing Co.
  20. 1942 Address by Paul McNutt, Federal Security Administrator and Chairman of the War Manpower Commission.
  21. 1930-1956 Correspondence and legal papers concerning E.H. Ramsay, former Superintendent of Education in Bolivar County.
  22. 1944-1959 Correspondence with U.S. Senator John McClellan.
  23. 1941 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and an editorial concerning the State liquor laws.
  24. 1950-1951 Correspondence, telegrams, and bills concerning the Sillers Orchards and their pecans.
  25. 1950 Speeches, campaign songs, and miscellaneous items concerning the congressional candidacy of Oscar Wolfe and controversy with Hodding Carter.
  26. 1940-1944 Committee assignments in the House of Representatives, Mississippi Legislature.
  27. 1941-1943 Correspondence, bills, resolutions, editorials, pamphlets, and magazine articles dealing with labor strikes and communism.
  28. 1960-1961 Delta Council: correspondence, resolutions, and minutes of committee meetings.
  29. 1931-1936 Correspondence, primarily with W.M. Kethley, concerning financial and personnel matters at Delta State Teachers College.
  30. 1931 Legislative enactment’s of the extra session.
  31. 1935 Resolution of the Mississippi Petroleum Industries Committee requesting legislators to oppose all added taxes on the Oil and Automotive industries (approved by Sillers).
  32. 1936 Budgetary figures and architectural blueprints concerning building needs at Delta State Teachers College.
  33. 1945 Letter to Mrs. Dorothy Lee Black, manager of Delta Council, concerning labor policy.
  34. 1936-1937 Correspondence with W. D. Robinson of Pass Christian, Mississippi concerning the Anti-Saloon League.
  35. 1966 Miscellaneous personal and political correspondence, much of it regarding his birthday, retirement, and other income.
  36. 1962 Correspondence and oil drilling information from Walter W. Heard, Jr. of Natchez.
  37. 1952 Resolutions, notes, and correspondence concerning the state Democratic Party and the two national parties; booklet contrasting the two parties from 1932 to 1948.
  38. 1952 Correspondence concerning the pink bollworm; newspaper editorial on cotton consumption; address to the House concerning the national debt; House bill concerning Sixteenth Section Lands.
  39. 1959 Correspondence, pamphlets, brochures, postcards, passport photos, hotel bills, and other artifacts from the Sillers’ trip to Europe for the Eleventh Session of the Council of the Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration (ICEM) at Geneva where Walter Sillers was a U.S. delegate.
  40. 1951-1952 30 May 1952 copy of Alabama magazine, two monthly business newsletters, letter on cost of proposed Rosedale sewerage system, bulletin on wool and lamb production, two newspapers; May 1952 Southern Conservative and 1 June 1952 Delta Leader.

Box 27

  1. 1956-1961 The Race Relations Law Reporter Index covering the years 1956-1961.
  2. 1952 Complication of appropriations and laws affecting the State Building Commission as passed by the 1952 Legislature.
  3. 1951 Membership application and letter explaining the goals of the Mississippi Economic Council.
  4. 1952 Minutes, resolutions, and correspondence dealing with the county, state and national Democratic conventions. Sheet of Hotel Edwards stationery.
  5. Letter to Sen. Harry Byrd regarding his speech at Selma; copies of speech on Democratic presidential platform; pamphlet on MacArthur’s return; newspaper clippings on crop controls; copies of letter naming Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Porter as Communists; other miscellaneous matter.
  6. 1951-1954 Correspondence, markets reports, and farm reports dealing with the Sillers’ pecan orchards.
  7. 1951-1954 Correspondence and bulletins dealing with the Sillers’ orchard and the pecan crops.
  8. 1952 Correspondence, a newspaper clippings, a campaign handbill and vote totals concerning the 1952 elections for county and state officials. William Clay Roberts folder.
  9. 1932-1933 State tax reports.
  10. 1935 Correspondence and two memos concerning tax sales and redemption periods.
  11. 2-4, 1931 Correspondence between Evans, William L. of Natchez, Mississippi and Sillers, Walter-relative to Evans’ appointment as member of Insurance Commission.
  12. 1934-1945 Political correspondence with and about Oscar Johnson of the Delta & Pine Land Company, Scott, Mississippi.
  13. 1935-1937 Miscellaneous legislative correspondence and proposed bills.
  14. November 19, 1931 – September 4, 1934 Correspondence relative to public utilities.
  15. 1932 Correspondence and documentation concerning proposed changes in tax legislation.
  16. May 12, 1927 – April 30, 1928 File containing correspondence relative to politics in Mississippi.
  17. 1934-1939 Correspondence and some other materials with Gov. Hugh White pertaining to B.A.W.I. and legislative matters.
  18. 1935 Correspondence and campaign materials pertaining to the Bond/Vandiver race for State Superintendent of Education.
  19. 1931 Correspondence with Judge Julian C. Wilson of Memphis, Tenn. and State Auditor Carl C. White concerning tax legislation and campaign positions.
  20. 1931 Speeches of Sillers, Walter – reelection to legislature.
  21. April 23 – May 7, 1931 Correspondence relative to special conference of Legislators to be held in Jackson, Mississippi to relieve present financial conditions of State. (Includes letter from Bailey, Thomas L. and form letter from Bilbo, Theodore G.).
  22. 1932-1933 Correspondence with Oscar Johnson, President of Delta & Pine Land Co. at Scott, Mississippi regarding taxation and hunting trips.
  23. 1932-1933 Legislative Reorganization Committee letters, proposed bills, expense records; anti-trust speeches by Huey P. Long; copy of 1932 Report of the North Carolina Constitutional Commission.
  24. 1933 Correspondence regarding Sillers’ newspaper interviews and his stand on taxation.
  25. 1931 Correspondence and other documentation of Legislative Steering Committee; other miscellaneous correspondence.
  26. 1931 Letter from H. H. Elmore of Cleveland concerning Sillers’ reelection prospects and his reply.
  27. 1931 Letters of support for Sillers’ reelection and his replies.
  28. 3, 1924 Rose, E. E. of New Augusta, Mississippi to Sillers, Walter – relative to Sillers’ candidacy for speakership of House of Representatives.
  29. 1931-1947 Prohibition legislation; photograph of two men in hunting gear with dogs; newspaper article calling for extra legislative session in 1947.
  30. 1932-1934 Correspondence concerning state Democratic Party Executive Committee.
  31. 1961-1962 Correspondence and documentation concerning legislative reapportionment.

Box 28

  1. May 31, 1935 – June 5, 1935 Correspondence concerning the Governor’s Campaign.
  2. 1927 Walter Sillers, Jr. – speakership.
  3. 1935-1938 Correspondence between Governor Mike Conner and Walter Sillers.
  4. 1932-1933 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr., concerning mostly a personal or political nature.
  5. 1948 Letter to Walter Sillers from John F. Davis of Red Bay, Alabama concerning Dixiecrat presidential candidates and platform.
  6. 1955-1966 Miscellaneous correspondence; legal matters such as wills and insurance; political appointments; personal orders for stationery and responses to invitations.
  7. One sheet Delta Council notepaper with notations referring to colleges.
  8. 1952 22 June 1952 copy of The Delta Leader; 18 June 1952 copy of Georgia Farmers’ Market Bulletin; editorial on Southern attitudes at Democratic Convention by John Henry of Atlanta; list of voters in Rosedale precinct.
  9. 1952 House bills concerning recruitment of labor and creation of the governor’s office; 17 Feb. 1952 and 24 February 1952 copies of The Delta Leader; partial February 1952 copy of the Commercial Appeal, and 19 Feb. 1952 copy of the Miami Herald.
  10. 1960-1961 Statements of account and invoices from Walter W. Heard, Jr., a consulting petroleum engineer, to Mrs. Lena R. Sillers concerning her shares in oil well.
  11. 1966 Notes, correspondence, resolutions, and message from the governor dealing with legislative reapportionment.
  12. 1966 Text of Supreme Court opinions dealing with reapportionment and memoranda and reapportionment plans.
  13. 1966 Message by Governor Paul B. Johnson to the state legislature concerning Mississippi’s liquor laws.
  14. 1960 Correspondence concerning teachers’ salaries, Jackson tourism, and copy of a House Bill concerning creation of a Highway fact-finding committee.
  15. 1951 Correspondence and editorials mainly concerning Sen. Harry F. Byrd’s candidacy in 1952 on a State’s Rights ticket. Also comment on other political matters.
  16. 1948 Letters, newspaper clippings, State’s Rights nomination for President, Walkout in Philadelphia convention, letters of congratulation for Philadelphia and Birmingham conventions, telegrams, postcard, political resolutions, communist threat, election results in Florida, #of States’ Rights votes per county in Mississippi.
  17. 1962 Mississippi State Tax Commission Service Bulletin #62SF; Selected factors indicative of state and county business activities in 1961; Jackson, MS; June 1962.
  18. 1964-1966 Bills and statements of balances by Riverside Fertilizer Association; Rosedale, Mississippi.
  19. 1965 Pertains to Sillers’ orders for Grapefruit from Indian River Fruit Co.; Indian River City, Florida correspondence.
  20. 1964 Food and bar tabs from the Summit Club, Memphis.
  21. 1965 Tabulation of rent due to Walter Sillers from Findley, less cost of seed and poison.
  22. 1965 Correspondence between Mr. & Mrs. Walter Sillers and Embassy Seafoods concerning personal orders.
  23. 1965 Correspondence concerning Sillers’ membership in the Top of the 100 at the Rivermont, Memphis.
  24. 1951-1952 Correspondence concerning the 1952 presidential election.
  25. 1966 Personal orders for fruit from the Alamo Fruit Co., Alamo, Texas.
  26. 1951-52 Correspondence concerning the 1952 presidential election.
  27. 1959-1961 Correspondence and list of legislative appointments made by Walter Sillers as Speaker of the House.
  28. 1934-1936 Walter Sillers’: editorials, letters, and comments.
  29. 1939 Correspondence of a political nature written to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. and Dennis Murphree.
  30. 1933 Editorials and correspondence concerning Sillers’ possible United States Senatorial race in 1933 against Hubert Stephens.

Box 29

  1. 1944-1946 A series from the Mississippi A&I Board containing information on the (BAWI), Balance Agriculture with Industry Act. Included are pamphlets, BAWI action kits, statistics, and A&I Board meeting minutes and correspondence.
  2. 1942 Reports, resolutions, memorandums, and correspondence pertaining to the Delta Council meeting of November 10, 1942.
  3. 1946-47 Correspondence, reports, and pamphlets concerning the Delta Council.
  4. 1938-1950 Correspondence, newsletters, and pamphlets concerning projects of the Delta Council. Includes a Delta Council History, 1938-1943.
  5. 1941-44 Speeches, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, booklets, telegrams, and charts against the New Deal.
  6. 1945-1947 Correspondence, telegrams, and reports of the Delta Council while Walter Sillers was Chairman of the Executive Committee.
  7. 1942-1943 Miscellaneous papers, reports, correspondence, pamphlets, newsletters, and telegrams concerning the Delta Council. Information found in folders A&B.
  8. 1937-1944 Correspondence, miscellaneous papers, and pamphlets concerning Delta Council business.
  9. 1944-45 Miscellaneous reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, poster and pamphlets concerning the Delta Council.
  10. 1944-1947 Miscellaneous papers, correspondence, balance sheets, and membership lists concerning the Delta Council.
  11. 1943-1944 Programs and papers concerning the Delta Council.
  12. 1943 Meetings of the different Delta Council Committees.
  13. 1938-1943 Miscellaneous correspondence concerning the Delta Council. Includes also copies of minutes of committee meetings and a copy of Delta Council History, 1938-1943.
  14. 1947-1949 Miscellaneous papers, correspondence, newsletters, and reports concerning the Delta Council.
  15. January – March 1950 Correspondence, clippings, printed items, bills, 1952 strategy, Eastland’s remarks on Truman’s CRTS, federal taxes allowing Chinese to attend white public schools, equalizing black/white facilities, women serving on juries, etc.

Box 30

  1. 1936-1956 Correspondence, programs, and statements of Delta Chamber of Commerce and Delta Council. Also includes a copy of the Address delivered by William Faulkner at Annual Meeting of Delta Council, May 15, 1952.
  2. 1940-1956 Copies of the Delta Council News.
  3. 1945-1965 Correspondence of Walter Sillers Jr. and Harry F. Byrd. Also, included are newspaper clippings, editorials, speeches, and telegrams.
  4. 1941-1942 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and a text of a speech Walter Sillers delivered to the DAR.
  5. 1934-1944 Correspondence, booklets, and reports concerning the Levee Board.
  6. 1942-1943 Correspondence, newsletters, notes, resolutions, and a poster pertaining to the Rosedale Club; Walter Sillers, president.
  7. 1947-1948 Correspondence concerning the personal and political affairs of Walter Sillers Jr.
  8. 1947-1948 Correspondence concerning the personal and political affairs of Walter Sillers Jr.
  9. 1948-1949 Correspondence, resolutions, and bills dealing with personal and political matters of Walter Sillers.
  10. 1948-1949 Correspondence, resolutions, and bills dealing with personal and political matters of Walter Sillers.
  11. 1933-1935 Papers and forms written to and from W. C. Roberts, while he was in Washington, which relate to the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (A.A.A.).
  12. 1940-1941 W.C. Roberts, Election Commissioner, Levee Board Election – January 14, 1940.
  13. 1947 Newspaper clippings and correspondence concerning the 1947 election. C. Roberts acting on the election committee.
  14. 1937-1946 Letters of A.G. Summers about putting gravel on a road. Plans for a trip to Germany.
  15. 1934 Copies of several Constitutional Amendments.
  16. 1932-1936 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers. Also, included are some miscellaneous papers.
  17. 1934 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and J. S. Love, regarding Superintendent of Banks.

Box 31

  1. 1933 Correspondence between Walter Sillier and W. M. Whittington on Administration measures.
  2. 1934 A copy of a pamphlet containing recipes for mixed drinks. Also, some letters pertaining to the ordering of whiskey.
  3. 1939-1940 Legislative and legal papers dealing with various matters. Miscellaneous papers consist of yellow legal paper drafts of House Bill 375 of the Mississippi Legislature’s 1940 regular session.
  4. November 1939 Correspondence concerning an army post for Alvie McKnight.
  5. 1935-1943 Miscellaneous papers and correspondence which was mostly between Walter Sillers and Dr. W.L. Gates concerning dogs.
  6. May 1937 A copy of a letter to the Mississippi Bar concerning Unemployment Compensation. Also, there is a table of Federal Taxes and State Constitutions.
  7. August 1933 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers concerning the case of J.B. Gully vs. the Mississippi Levee Commissioners.
  8. 1943 General correspondence and miscellaneous papers concerning the theft of Walter Sillers’ Chevrolet Sedan.
  9. 1935-1936 Letters pertaining to the buying and selling of shares by Walter Sillers from Plough Inc.
  10. 1936-1940 Letters and forms pertaining to the National Hospital Insurance Corporation.
  11. July 1937 A copy of a deed in which Walter Sillers is signing over part of his share in oil and gas to Lena R. Sillers.
  12. 1932-1942 Legal papers written between Walter Sillers and W. T. Wynn. Also, papers concerning the buying of a time clock for Ole Miss University.
  13. 1938-1942 Letters pertaining to hemp and the buying and selling of it
  14. 1930-1938 Papers pertaining to stock owned by Walter Sillers, in the World Fiber Corporation.
  15. 1935-1943 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers concerning the Malaria Control Project.
  16. 1946-1949 Miscellaneous papers, forms, pamphlets, insurance advertisements and encyclopedia advertisements.
  17. 1949-1950 Speeches, papers, and correspondence about many controversial subjects.
  18. 1937-1945 Correspondence between Walter Sillers and people whose name begins with a “C”.

Box 32

  1. May 26, 1928 Sillers, Walter to Whittington, W.M. of Washington, D.C. – relative to advantage of a protective tariff on cotton.
  2. July 5, 1921 Correspondence between Sillers, Walter and Roberts, W. B. of Chicago, Ill. – relative to loan of West, J.C., crops and Bogue Phalia Outing Club.
  3. 1938-1939 Legislative file with correspondence to and from Walter Sillers.
  4. 1944-1945 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers. Also, included are some newsletters.  Most of the papers relate to politics and the legislature.
  5. 1948 Correspondence and papers concerning the 1948 Legislature; Walter Sillers, Speaker the House.
  6. 1937-1940 Copies of many different House Bills. Two books are enclosed: School Laws of the State of Mississippi and Biennial Report and Recommendations of the State Superintendent of Public Education.
  7. 1940-1945 Materials used by Walter Sillers to prepare for speeches; includes correspondence and newspaper articles.
  8. 1924 – 1928 Correspondence and legislative papers relating to the Mississippi Levee Board. Also includes a list of lands owned by Walter Sillers, Sr. and Walter Sillers, Jr.
  9. 1926 Copies of letters and printed matter generated by the Mississippi Board of Development and the Mississippi Progressive Club.
  10. December 22, 1950 to November 27, 1962 Newsletters, minutes of meetings, correspondence, and pamphlets, programs, and annual reports of the Delta Council.
  11. 1950-1951 Correspondence, pamphlets, and reports about the Mississippi Economic Council.
  12. 1941 Correspondence concerning a membership drive in the Delta Council.
  13. 1965 Correspondence to and from Walter Sillers, Jr. with regards to synthetics and the cotton industry.
  14. 1946-1949 Correspondence, chiefly with Oscar Johnston of the Delta and Pine Land Co.
  15. 1938-1941 Reports, minutes, and correspondence of the Delta Council.
  16. 1937-1938 Correspondence and blank membership cards of the Delta Chamber of Commerce (predecessor of Delta Council).
  17. 1950 Resolutions made by the Delta Council are House Bills #792, #793, and #794.
  18. 1963-1965 Correspondence, pamphlets, legal documents – Delta Council, Short Quotes, Survey of Industrial Sites along navigable waterways in NW MS.
  19. 1948-1959Contains Delta Council annual reports, resolutions, minutes of meetings, and correspondence. Information found in folders A&B.
  20. 1965 Correspondence of Sillers to and from National Cotton Council.

Box 33

  1. 1925 Deeds and correspondence of Walter Sillers, Jr. with regards to hunting and fishing privileges.
  2. 1927-1928 Correspondence, proposals, and printed matter regarding Flood Control.
  3. 1945 Copy of a Report to the Study Commission of Institutions of Higher Learning of Mississippi submitted by Delta State Teachers’ College.
  4. 1934-1940 Correspondence, clippings, and bills regarding oil and liquor taxes.
  5. 1920 Correspondence, announcements, and press release and clippings relative to an amendment to allow the election of Levee Board Members.
  6. 1920-1921 Correspondence with persons and firms with the last name beginning with “H”. Mostly legal and business letters but some are of a political nature (especially with Sen. Pat Harrison).
  7. 1924 Correspondence, legal papers, and rules relative to the Sibley Island Hunting Club.
  8. 1923 State income tax statements of Walter Sillers, Jr.
  9. 1924 Correspondence, printed matters, and clippings regarding sales tax law.
  10. 1927 Two copies of the February 1927 Staple Cotton Review which reviews the proposed McNary-Haugen Bill.
  11. 1936 Correspondence and minutes of the Democratic Convention (State and County).
  12. 1961-1965 Bills, business correspondence, pamphlets, and brochures relating to the legal library of Sillers and Roberts.
  13. 1935-1951 Business correspondence and legal papers and correspondence.
  14. 1956 Address by Walter Sillers, Jr. at the W.M. Kethley Day Dinner, November 30, 1956. Kethley had retired as president of Delta State, September 1956.
  15. 1962 Correspondence to Walter Sillers, Jr. from Delta Council officials. Also includes a cotton research proposal, House Bill #481 which provided a plan for financing cotton research, and excerpts from address by U.S. Senator James O. Eastland.
  16. 1945-1948 Correspondence regarding Roosevelt, Truman, and States’ Rights.
  17. 1943-1950 Correspondence, annual reports (1943-1944, 1947-1948), minutes and reports of Committees of Delta Council.
  18. 1950 Letter to Sillers from Claude Towne of Chicago regarding a speech that Sillers delivered in the Mississippi House of Representatives rebuking Alger Hiss, Dean Acheson, Felix Franrfurter and Stanley Red postcard is attacked.
  19. 1936 Miscellaneous papers, speeches, newspapers, and letters concerning Bolivar County and its Centennial Data.
  20. 1931-1932 Legislative correspondence regarding financial matters.
  21. 1933-1934 Mississippi Levee Contracts and contractor correspondence.
  22. 1931-1932 Documentation in complaint of Mrs. Loyce Howell of Cleveland against Railroad companies after the death of her husband at a train crossing.
  23. 1931-1934 Correspondence regarding Edward Kirchner’s claim for government pension. (This case was handled by William Clay Roberts, a partner of the Sillers law firm.)
  24. Folder A. 1931 Deed of Trust S.D. Knowlton to Pole Knowlton. (Perthshire Plantation.) Folder B. Correspondence with state Attorney General George T. Mitchell regarding a local man’s qualifications to run for office.
  25. 1931-1932 Correspondence with Sam Knowlton of Perthshire, Mississippi.
  26. 1931-1932 Memoranda regarding tax matters of LeRoy Jones.
  27. 1933 Correspondence of Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company vs. Gardner-Thompson.
  28. 1932 S.D. Knowlton lease contracts.
  29. 1932 Correspondence regarding Henry Jackson’s claim against the Washington National Insurance Company.
  30. 1931 Will and deeds of Sam and P. Knowlton of Perthshire, Mississippi.
  31. 1931 Correspondence with Mr. CJ Craggs of Cleveland, Mississippi, regarding Knowlton abstract.
  32. 1931 Correspondence regarding United Mineworkers claims.
  33. 1932 Correspondence regarding recovery of state tax paid on gasoline used in levee construction.
  34. 1934 Gasoline tax claims for Mississippi and Louisiana; correspondence and documents in Bell vs. Lowrey land case in Lobdell, Mississippi.
  35. 1930-1936 Correspondence regarding Mrs. Loyce Howell of Cleveland against Missouri Pacific Railroad Company after her husband was killed by a train.
  36. 1931-1934 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, legal pad papers, legal documents – Howell vs. Missouri Pacific and Y&M.V. Railroad Co.
  37. 1932-1934 Gasoline tax claims for Mississippi and Louisiana.

Box 34

  1. 1902 Letters to Sillers, while he attended Sewanee Grammar School, Sewanee, Tennessee.
  2. March 21, 1921 W.B. Roberts (President of Valley Bank of Rosedale, Miss) to Sillers–regarding conditions of bank during present period of depression—Rosedale.
  3. July 30, 1928 – Jan. 17, 1929 Correspondence between S.R. Whitten, Jr. of Jackson, Mississippi and Sillers.
  4. 31, – Sept. 13, 1928 Correspondence between Tony Height of Cleveland, Mississippi and Sillers–regarding son’s need for job as levee contractor.
  5. 3, – Oct. 1, 1928 Correspondence between Phillip Rush of Memphis, Tennessee, and Sillers–regarding invention of coffeepot.
  6. 4, 1928 Sillers to PROVIDENCE BANNER-DEMOCRAT of Lake Providence, Louisiana–regarding finding of old tombstones bearing Sillers names.
  7. July 28, 1928 – July 31, 1928 Correspondence between Sillers and Professor A.K. Eckles of Cleveland, Mississippi–regarding organization of black school near Beulah, Mississippi, and trustees to School Board.
  8. July 9 – July 21, 1928 Correspondence regarding personal tax assessments of Governor Theodore Bilbo.
  9. July 2, – July 3, 1928 Correspondence between Sillers and Mike Conner of Seminary, Mississippi–regarding Bilbo and Democratic convention.
  10. July 2 – 30, 1928 Correspondence regarding THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL of Memphis, Tennessee.
  11. June 28 – 30, 1928 Correspondence between J.B. Snider of Senatobia, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding Snider’s purchase of NESHOBA COUNTY DEMOCRAT.
  12. June 28, 1928 Sillers to Louis V. Sutton of Mississippi Power and Light Company, Jackson, Mississippi–regarding purchase of Rosedale Ice Company, Rosedale, Mississippi.
  13. June 26 – 30, 1928 Correspondence between Sillers and George Morris (THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL editor) Memphis, Tennessee–regarding feature article on town of Rosedale, Mississippi.
  14. June 23, 1928 Sillers to Rush H. Knox–regarding state Bar Examination to be taken by Fred Clark Chaney.
  15. June 22, 1928 Sillers to Senator Hubert D. Stephens of New Albany, Mississippi–regarding appointment of Dr. Coker as health officer.
  16. June 15 – 19, 1928 Correspondence between Will M. Whittington (Mississippi Congressman) and Sillers–on Democratic Convention.
  17. June 11, 1928 The Emporium of Jackson, Mississippi to Mrs. Walter Sillers–regarding dress purchased from the Emporium.
  18. June 1928 Mrs. Claude Smith of Iuka, Mississippi, to Mrs. Harry Ogden of Rosedale, Mississippi–regarding visit in Bolivar County, Mississippi.
  19. May 28, – June 19, 1928 Correspondence from Sillers to various parties–regarding tickets to Democratic Convention in Houston, Texas.
  20. May 28, 1928 Sillers to Walker Wood and Rush Knox of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding appointment of election commissioners from Bolivar County, Mississippi.
  21. May 21, 1928 Sillers to A.A. Weille of Vicksburg, Mississippi.
  22. May 12, 1928 Carson Pirie Scott and Company of Chicago, Illinois, to Mrs. Walter Sillers–regarding sale of Oriental rugs.
  23. May 2, 1928 Mary (Adams?) of Corinth, Mississippi, to Lena Sillers.
  24. May 2, 1928 J.S. Love of State Banking Department of Jackson, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding People’s Bank of Gunnison, Mississippi, in liquidation.
  25. April 30 – July 2, 1928 Correspondence between C.P. Couch of Southern Ice and Utilities Company, Dallas, Texas, and Sillers–regarding legislature, Democratic convention and stock in Electric Power and Light Co.
  26. May 30, 1928 Sillers to Jackson, Mississippi, to W.C. Roberts–regarding Roberts’s appointment as member of Election Committee of Bolivar County, Mississippi.
  27. May 20, 1928 Nelms and Blum Company of Rosedale, Mississippi, to Mrs. L.W. Nugent–regarding order of McCalls Patterns.
  28. 13, 1928 Summary of report of King’s Daughters Hospital, Rosedale, Mississippi.
  29. 27- Feb. 11, 1928 Correspondence between E.H. Roach of Cleveland, Mississippi, and Sillers.
  30. 1928 Note from Leroy Jones to Sillers.
  31. 1928 Penciled notes from Sillers to Mrs. Marshall–regarding information needed by Sillers.
  32. 16, 1927 Sillers to H.H. McGowan of Beulah, Mississippi–regarding sale of Sillers’ land at Christmas Crossing.
  33. 25 – Dec. 13, 1927 Correspondence between Frederick Sullens of JACKSON DAILY NEWS, Jackson, Mississippi–regarding bad check given by J.F. Wray of Murphy, Mississippi.
  34. 15 – 22, 1927 Correspondence between Dunbar Rowland, Director of Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding Sillers’ election to membership on Board of Trustees of Mississippi Department of Archives and History.
  35. 14 – 15, 1927 A.K. Eckles, Superintendent of Education, Cleveland, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding speech made at Rotary Club of Drew, Mississippi.
  36. 7, 1927 Thomas L. Bailey of Meridian, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding establishment of Exchange Club in Rosedale, Mississippi–with attached pamphlet “How to Form an Exchange Club”.
  37. 2 – Nov. 4, 1927 Correspondence between G.E. Graham of Cleveland, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding building of lake house on Lake Beulah.
  38. 5, 1927 Sillers to Vernon Holleman of Jackson, Mississippi.
  39. 20, 1927 James E. Edmonds of New Orleans, Louisiana, to Sillers–regarding development of Spanish Acres Realty Company in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.
  40. 17, 1927 Correspondence regarding admission of Mrs. R.W. Nash and Clifton into tuberculosis sanatorium at Magee, Mississippi.
  41. 14, 1927 Reference letter written by G.R. Witt of Lambert, Mississippi (Mississippi State Penitentiary) regarding Johnnie Green.
  42. 16, 1927 Sillers to John L. Ware of Edwards Hotel, Jackson, Mississippi–regarding rooms needed during legislative session.
  43. 14, 1927 Mrs. W.F. Marshall, State Librarian, of Jackson, Mississippi, to Sillers.
  44. 26 – Sept. 2, 1927 Correspondence between Tessie Murphy of Flora, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding application to Field Cooperative Association Incorporated of Jackson, Mississippi.
  45. July 16 – Nov. 10, 1927 Correspondence between Sillers and C.P. Couch, Vice-President of Mississippi Power and Light Company, Jackson, Mississippi.
  46. June 8, 1927 Sillers to Vernon Holleman of Jackson, Mississippi.
  47. June 4, 1927 Sillers to E.J. Hilliard of Lamont, Mississippi.
  48. June 3 – Oct 5, 1927 Correspondence between Sillers and L.C.Cadenhead of Ocean Springs, Mississippi–regarding purchase of champagne by Sillers.
  49. May 30 – June 3, 1927 Correspondence between Alfred Hume (Chancellor of University of Mississippi) to Sillers–regarding completion of Fulton Chapel.
  50. May 26, 1927 Sillers to E.G. Gentry of Rosedale, Mississippi–regarding account owed by Sillers and Ogden.
  51. 23, 1926 Folder A – Correspondence between Charles J. Moore of Durant, Mississippi, and Sillers; Folder B – Sillers to George B. Power of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding payment of stenographer for services rendered at cotton convention.
  52. May 15 – June 22, 1926 Correspondence between Sillers and B.E. Eaton of Gulfport, Mississippi–regarding Sillers’ stock in Southeastern Power and Light Company.
  53. 3 – May 2, 1925 Correspondence relative to establishment of Rotary Club in Rosedale, Mississippi.
  54. 4, 1925 – Dec. 4, 1930 Correspondence regarding Swan Lake Hunting Club in Washington County, Mississippi.
  55. 1, 1925 – June 20, 1928 Bills and correspondence regarding building of boat.
  56. 19, 1925 Sillers to Leonard Custom Tailors of Cincinnati, Ohio–regarding fit of suit.
  57. 19, 1925 Sillers to Hanun Gardner of Gulfport, Mississippi; Guy B. McLemore of Cleveland, Mississippi; Lee M. Russell of Gulfport, Mississippi–regarding purchase of real estate along water front.
  58. 19, 1925 Sillers to New York Life Insurance Company of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding dividend on policy.
  59. 13, 1925 Sillers to Johl and Bergman of Greenville, Mississippi–regarding purchase of shoes.
  60. 12, 1925 Letter regarding Sons of the American Revolution organization–attached pamphlet “A Revolutionary Amendment” (regarding the Child-Labor Amendment).
  61. 12, 1925 Sillers to M.M. Thompson of Benoit, Mississippi–regarding purchase of electric light franchise in Benoit, Mississippi.
  62. 12, 1925 Correspondence between Macey Duikuis of Mississippi Executive Department and Mrs. Sillers–regarding delegation to United States Good Roads Convention.
  63. 8, 1925 – May 16, 1927 Correspondence regarding New Hope Gravel Company in Columbus, Mississippi, owned by Charles Clark, V.W. Thomas and Sillers.
  64. 13 – 20, 1921 Form letters from Knights of Ku Klux Klan to ____________?
  65. 11 – 21, 1925 Sillers letters regarding establishment of Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce in Rosedale, Mississippi.
  66. 9, 1925 Sillers to N.C. Skinner of Pine Bluff, Arkansas–regarding income tax on property.
  67. 2, 1925 Correspondence – Leonard Custom Tailors concerning incorrect measurements of suits.
  68. 24 – Mar. 6, 1925 Correspondence between Dean Adams of Memphis, Tennessee and Sillers–regarding sale of McLemore home in Cleveland–Sillers to Leonard Custom Tailors of Cincinnati, Ohio, regarding corrections needed to suits.
  69. 12 – July 14, 1925 Correspondence between H.C. Dietzer of State Highway Department of Jackson, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding road from Rosedale to Cleveland.
  70. 6 – 16, 1925 Correspondence between A.E. Clift of Illinois Central Railroad Company and Mrs. Walter Sillers–regarding donation of spruce tree to town of Rosedale, Mississippi.
  71. 5 – 10, 1925 Sillers to Grand Theatre and Grand Opera House of Greenville, Mississippi–regarding reservation of seat for Passing Show and Ziegfield’s Salley.
  72. 15 – 22, 1925 Correspondence between F.W. Millspaugh of Nashville, Tennessee, and Sillers–regarding Sillers’ application of membership in Mississippi Society of Sons of American Revolution.
  73. 13, 1925 Sillers to E.H. Henderson of Cleveland, Mississippi–regarding stock purchased through Cooperative Farm Loan Association.
  74. 2, 1925 Sillers to J.C. Roberts of Cleveland, Mississippi–regarding beautification of road entering Rosedale, Mississippi.
  75. 1925 Knitcraft Tie Mills of New York, New York, to Sillers–regarding sale of ties.
  76. 20, 1924 Sillers to Professor A.K. Eckles of Cleveland, Mississippi–regarding stock in Bolivar County Bank.
  77. 20, 1924 Sillers to T.L. Dubbs of Greenville, Mississippi–regarding garden at depot in Rosedale, Mississippi.
  78. 17, 1924 – Jan. 13, 1925 Correspondence between Mrs. Annie E. Jacobs of San Francisco, California, and Sillers–regarding sale of Mrs. Jacobs’ land in Bolivar County, Mississippi.
  79. 1924 Rules of Sibley Island Hunting Club.
  80. 15, 1924 Sillers to various parties–regarding purchase of Sanders Lake or Knowlton Lake in DeSha County, Arkansas.
  81. 17, 1924 Sillers to E.F. Nunn of Shuqualak, Mississippi–regarding order of turkeys.
  82. 6 – 27, 1924 Sillers to Capper and Capper of Chicago, Illinois–regarding purchase of felt hats.
  83. 4, 1924 Correspondence between Sillers and Henry Minor of Macon, Mississippi–regarding need of money by Mississippi Democrats.
  84. 25, 1924 – Jan. 13, 1925 Correspondence between S.R. Whitten of Jackson, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding insurance policy in Home Life Insurance Company of New York.
  85. 24 – Dec. 10, 1924 Correspondence between P.B. Dugan of West Point, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding Walter M. Campbell, new minister of Methodist Church, Rosedale, Mississippi.
  86. 21 – 22, 1924 Correspondence between S.R. Whitten of Jackson, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding insurance policy with Home Life Insurance Company.
  87. 31 – Nov. 7, 1924 Correspondence between C.D. Terrell of Stringtown, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding pardon of Frank Murphy (imprisoned for murder)–attached letter from Sillers to Governor H. L. Whitfield.
  88. 25, 1924 Sillers to J.W. Fox of Scott, Mississippi–regarding reduction of school levy in Bolivar County, Mississippi.
  89. 2 – Dec. 11, 1924 Correspondence between Sillers and S.R. Whitten of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding duck hunt–attached letter to E.I. Lowe of Home Life Insurance Company, New York, New York.
  90. 2 – Nov. 28, 1924 Correspondence between Sillers and A.E. Clift (Vice-President of Illinois Central Railroad Company, Chicago, Illinois)–regarding duck hunt in Bolivar County, Mississippi.
  91. 1, 1924 Sillers to Montgomery Ward and Company–regarding purchase of radio equipment.
  92. 22, 1924 – Feb. 24, 1925 Correspondence between Sillers and Professor A.K. Walter of Cleveland, Mississippi–regarding entrance of Misses Mathews (Hollie and Deetrice), Rosa Brown and Miss Burton to Mississippi State College for Women.
  93. 26 – Oct. 1, 1924 Sillers to United States Senator Hubert Stephens of Methodist Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee–regarding amputation.
  94. 12, 1924 Correspondence between W. T. Wynn of Greenville, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding stock in Bolivar County Bank.
  95. 4 – Sept. 16, 1924 Correspondence regarding recommendations of Maury and Gilbert Knowlton, Jere as members of Delta Psi fraternity.
  96. 23, 1924 Sillers to Judge Stone Deavours of Laurel, Mississippi–regarding copy of “Imperial Bolivar” and Democratic National Convention in 1924.
  97. 27, 1924 Correspondence regarding John L. Pearson, Jr.–Election Commissioner.
  98. 23, 1924 Sillers to N.C. Skinner of Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
  99. 21 – Sept. 3, 1924 Correspondence between Juchheim Wagon Works of Greenwood, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding work needed on Sillers’ car–attached correspondence to A.P. Mathews of Rosedale, Mississippi
  100. 16 – 27, 1924 Correspondence from Sillers to Walter Sillers, Sr. of Chicago, Illinois–regarding levee board matters, politics, cotton, local law suits, etc.
  101. 15, 1924 Sillers to S.R. Whitten of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding life insurance policy.
  102. 12 – Dec. 10, 1924 Correspondence between Terrell’s Aquatic Farm of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and Sillers–regarding purchase of English call ducks for hunting.
  103. 9 – Nov. 1, 1924 Correspondence regarding leasing of sandbar in Arkansas by Sillers for hunting privilege.
  104. 2 – 7, 1924 Correspondence between Sillers and Tucker-Mosby Seed Company of Memphis, Tennessee–regarding planting of wheat for goose shooting.
  105. 2 – 7, 1924 Correspondence from Sillers to W.B. Roberts of Chicago, Illinois–regarding political and levee board matters–United States Senate race and Congressional race.
  106. 2 – Oct. 29, 1924 Correspondence from Sillers to Buckingham-Ensley-Carrigan Company of Memphis, Tennessee–relative to purchase of hunting supplies.
  107. July 29 – Aug. 2, 1924 Mrs. Julia Goodloe to Sillers–regarding illness and death of John Anderson.
  108. July 18 – Aug. 4, 1924 Correspondence between W.N. Guyton of Blue Mountain, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding recommendation of E.L. West as high school teacher.
  109. June 17, 1924 Sillers of Rosedale, Mississippi, to officers of Rosedale Cotillion Club–regarding resignation as members of club.
  110. June 5 – June 7, 1924 Correspondence between H.L. Whitfield (Governor of Mississippi) and Sillers–regarding charges made against prominent persons in Bolivar County, Mississippi, by a lady from Greenville, Mississippi.
  111. May 22 – June 5, 1924 Correspondence between J.A. Gill of Denver, Colorado, and Sillers–regarding need of loan for business.
  112. May 15 – Aug. 13, 1924 Correspondence between W.H. Radebaugh and Son of Lancaster, Ohio, and Sillers–regarding order of suits.
  113. 15 – 22, 1924 Correspondence between Sillers and Alma Wadley of Edwards, Mississippi–regarding position as school teacher in Rosedale High School, Rosedale, Mississippi.
  114. 16, 1923 Sillers to Claude Bennett and W.F. Bond of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding accreditation of Rosedale schools in Rosedale, Mississippi.
  115. 15, 1923 Sillers to various county officials of Bolivar County, Mississippi–regarding taxes assessed to Sillers’ land.
  116. 8, 1923 Sillers to H.L. Shannon of Dundee, Mississippi–regarding account with doctor.
  117. 7, 1923 Sillers to Charles Clark of Cleveland, Mississippi.
  118. 7, 1923 Mortuary Benefit Association of Jackson, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding payment of assessment.
  119. 31, 1923 S.D. Knowlton of Perthshire, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding appointment of H.S. McGehee as Notary Public (with attached letter to Governor Lee M. Russell of Jackson, Mississippi from Sillers).
  120. 11, 1923 – Jan. 15, 1927 Miscellaneous correspondence regarding Governor H.L. Whitfield.
  121. 9 – 25, 1923 Correspondence regarding fifty dollar fee for hunting in Arkansas counties of Desha, Chicot, and Phillips.
  122. 19, 1923 Sillers to Nick McLean of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding dance to be held in Rosedale, Mississippi.
  123. 18, 1923 Sillers, Walter to McGowen, H.H. of Beulah, MS-relative to meeting of Staple Cotton Association.
  124. 24, 1923 V.E. Cartledge of Scott, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding race for sheriff in Bolivar County, Mississippi.
  125. July 31, 1923 – Aug. 13, 1929 Correspondence from Sillers to various parties regarding hunting supplies, hunting trips etcetera.
  126. July 26, 1923 Sillers to W.B. Salis of Merigold, Mississippi–regarding politics in Bolivar County.
  127. July 9, 1923 Sillers to J.K. Boyd of Chicago, Illinois.
  128. July 7, 1923 Sillers to Terry and Juden, tailors of New Orleans, Louisiana–regarding suit of clothes ordered from company.
  129. July 9, 1923 Sillers to E.A. Buford of Benoit, Mississippi–regarding baseball directors in Bolivar County, Mississippi.
  130. May 21, 1923 Correspondence between Sillers and Public Speakers Society–regarding order of printed speeches.
  131. 9, 1922 J.A. Crittenden of Greenville, Mississippi, to Alex Yerger of Rosedale, Mississippi–explanation of Building and Loan Association.
  132. July 31, 1922 – Dec. 17, 1923 Correspondence between Standard Auto Company of Cleveland, Mississippi, Jerome Parker Harris Company of Memphis, Tennessee and Sillers–regarding repairs on Sillers’ Packard car.
  133. 24 –29, 1922 Correspondence between James Brumby of Jackson, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding Sillers’ appointment as member of Ole Miss Alumni Committee.
  134. 13 – May 2, 1922 Sillers to various parties–regarding questions of medical license of brother-in-law, Dr. L.B. Austin.
  135. 1922 Correspondence – Levee breaking between Readline Robert of Allentown, PA and WSJ.
  136. 14 – 24, 1922 Correspondence between Marine and Motor Insurance Company of America and Sillers–regarding cancellation of insurance policy by company.
  137. 22, – Oct. 1, 1921 Correspondence between Mrs. Hugo Trapp and Sillers–regarding bill owed by Baseball Club to Colonial Inn, Rosedale, Mississippi.
  138. June 23 – 25, 1921 Stanley F. Gaines to Sillers–regarding membership in Bogue Phalia Outing Club.
  139. June 18 – 20, 1921 J.L. Wilson of Rosedale to Sillers–regarding notes due Valley Bank by Sillers.
  140. June 9 – 18, 1921 Sillers to Oscar G. Johnston of Clarksdale, Mississippi–regarding calendars put out by Planters Bank, Clarksdale, Mississippi.
  141. 1914 – 1921 Correspondence – Income taxes of WSJ for years 1914-1920.
  142. May 18, 1921 Sillers to R.H. McWilliams of Memphis, Tennessee–regarding right-of-way clearing in various drainage districts.
  143. May 10, 1921 Sillers to B.G. Humphreys of Washington, D.C.–regarding relatives of M. Aaronson, residing in Poland and seeking entrance to the United States.
  144. May 3 –16, 1921 Correspondence regarding United States Marshallship of Clarksdale District of Mississippi (position).
  145. 23, 1921 Sillers, Walter to Montgomery, F.A. of Tunica, MS – relative to legal question involving banks.
  146. 1921 Correspondence – Invitation of Knights of Columbus at annual convention at Vicksburg.
  147. 24, 1921 Sillers to Capshaw, J.H. of Boyle, Mississippi–relative to purchase of land in Louisiana.

Box 35

  1. 1953-1961 Correspondence mostly of a personal and political nature with persons whose surnames begin with “M”.
  2. 1957-1961 Correspondence regarding Sillers attending the Sugar Bowl football games, 1957, 1960, and 1961.
  3. 1952-1953 Correspondence regarding the marketing of pecans from the Sillers orchard.
  4. 1960 Correspondence regarding Sillers’ s trip to Germany.
  5. 1951-1960 Correspondence with people whose surnames begin with “P”–includes a list of the qualified voters of the Rosedale, Mississippi, and precinct.
  6. 1951-1958 Brochures, pamphlets, circulars, bills of sale, and correspondence regarding law library of W.B. Roberts and Sillers law firm.
  7. 1946-1955 Correspondence between Sillers and persons whose last name begins with “K”.
  8. 1958-1960 Jury lists containing the number of qualified voters in Bolivar County.
  9. 1953-1961 Correspondence, some of which is legal in nature, between Sillers and people with surnames that begin with “H”.
  10. 1953-1954 Correspondence between Sillers and citizens for Eisenhower-Nixon and Democrats for Eisenhower-Nixon pertains to patronage for Mississippi and other political matters, letter from Eisenhower to Sillers expressing Ike’s appreciation for Sillers’ support in 1952 election.
  11. 1952-1955 Correspondence of Sillers regarding various legislative matters.
  12. 1943, 1957 Correspondence to H.H. Humes, editor of the DELTA LEADER, Greenville, Mississippi, and editorials of Humes.
  13. 1939 Correspondence regarding Sillers’ candidacy for Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  14. 1950 Letters regarding Sillers’ consideration for running for governor of Mississippi.
  15. 1932 Correspondence with regard to Merigold Hunting Club.
  16. 1924 Letter to Sillers regarding an automobile tire.
  17. 1934 Letters with regard to application for allotment under the Bankhead Act.
  18. 1944 Copy of Mississippi House Concurrent Resolution 44–provided for a declaration for world federation.

Box 36

  1. 1939 Correspondence regarding the race for the speakership of the Mississippi House of Representatives.
  2. 1942 Copies of “From an Observer,” which is a scathing criticism of Senator Bilbo and Governor Paul Johnson, Sr.
  3. 1943 Letters written to and from Sillers–most of them have to do with Mr. Sillers becoming Speaker of the House. (Information found in both Folders A & B).
  4. 1947 Correspondence to and from Sillers regarding to the Speakership of the House of Representatives, committee appointment and other legislative matters.
  5. 14, – Apr. 30, 1946 Correspondence to and from Sillers while he was Speaker of the House and regarding consideration for running for United States Senate; letters relating to legislative matters.
  6. 1947 Correspondence to and from Sillers with regard to the Speakership of the House of Representatives, committee assignments and political matters.
  7. 1947-1948 Correspondence written to and from Sillers regarding the Speakership of the House and legislative matters.
  8. 1947 Correspondence regarding the speakership of the Mississippi House of Representatives, politics, and legislative matters.
  9. 25, 1932 – Nov. 7, 1933 Correspondence regarding Mrs. F. W. Sillers’ plantations–includes invoices, receipts, and printed matter.
  10. June 4, 1932 – Oct. 4, 1934 Correspondences between Sillers and R.S. Harris, Commerce and Securities Company, Memphis, Tennessee–regarding bonds.
  11. 17, 1932 – Sept. 12, 1935 Letters and miscellaneous papers–“B” of legal and personal matters.
  12. 18, 1933 Letter and legal documents–regarding Blake Harrison.
  13. June 23, 1931 – Jan. 26, 1934 Letters and legal documents–regarding C.C. Hawkins (Opinion on Title, Abstracts, etcetera).
  14. 1, 1932 S.D. Knowlton Deed Trust (Polly K. Lamb).
  15. 28, 1931 – Feb. 2, 1932 Letters and legal documents–regarding Hugh H. Humphrey; Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Opinion Excise Tax.
  16. 30 – Apr. 12, 1932 Letters and legal documents–regarding S.D. Knowlton (Mrs. Knowlton insurance matter).
  17. 1, 1932 – Feb. 1933 Letters and miscellaneous papers regarding the Highway Bill.

Box 37

  1. July 24, 1935 W.C. Roberts to Herbert Eustis of Cleveland–regarding trip to New York.
  2. 21 – 24, 1934 Correspondence between Louise Engharth of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding application to teach at Rosedale High School Rosedale, Mississippi.
  3. 26, 1931 Sillers to A.F. Estes of Benoit, Mississippi–regarding drainage operations on Lake Beulah, Bolivar County, Mississippi.
  4. 24, 1934 Sillers to J.R. Emory of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding surveys of Bolivar County, Mississippi.
  5. 23, 1931 Mississippi State Rating Bureau of Jackson, Mississippi, to Sillers and Sillers–regarding electrical wiring of building.
  6. 1930 – 1939 Poem and Sillers’ speech to Chamber of Commerce.
  7. 31, – Oct. 26, 1938 Letters and miscellaneous papers–regarding city of Rosedale (Cold Storage Plant).
  8. 25, 1933 – Apr. 21, 1936 Surnames of correspondents beginning with the letter “F”.
  9. 17 – 26, 1934 Correspondence between Sillers and Dr. D.B. Knepper–conference of state and local government.
  10. 11, 1947 – Nov. 25, 1950 Correspondence between Sillers and Sam Lumpkin regarding politics.
  11. 31, 1933 – Jan. 25, 1934 Letters and legal documents–regarding M. Aaronson/E.J. Bufkin papers.
  12. 4, 1933 – Apr. 24, 1934 Letters to and regarding B.K. Allen (tax sale information).
  13. 2 – Oct. 31, 1933 Letters and miscellaneous papers regarding Battle Creek Sanatorium (Walter Sillers, Sr.–medical treatment and surgery).
  14. 22 – Oct. 1, 1935 Letters and miscellaneous papers regarding J.E. Black, Federal Land Bank foreclosure.
  15. June 27 – Nov. 16, 1933 Letters and miscellaneous papers regarding Bolivar County Bank (Frank G. Paden).
  16. 15 – Mar. 8, 1935 Sillers–general correspondence with or regarding C.B. Braum and the Federal Employment Regulation Agency.
  17. 1, 1932 –June 22, 1935 Letters and miscellaneous papers to or regarding W.F. Bond, State Superintendent of Education.
  18. 7, 1931 – Jul. 2, 1932 Letters regarding Mrs. W.T. Burt vs. United States Government.
  19. 2, 1933 – Apr. 30, 1934 Letters regarding Edgar Brown, the Levee Board election.
  20. 30 – Aug. 2, 1936 General correspondence regarding Campbell College.
  21. 2, 1934 – Jan. 20, 1936 Letter and miscellaneous papers regarding Edgar Brown and the purchase of Campbell College lands.
  22. 2 – 8, 1932 Correspondence from Charles W. Clark to Sillers–regarding agriculture.
  23. 2, 1937 Letters and miscellaneous papers regarding schools in Bolivar County.
  24. 12, 1934 – May 2, 1935 Letters and miscellaneous papers regarding cotton–December 17, 1934.
  25. 1962 Minutes of the State Building Commission.
  26. 1962 Manuscript of speech written by John C. Satterfield, President of the American Bar Association.
  27. 1962 Press release of a speech made by John C.Satterfield at the Southern Regional Meeting of the Council of State Governments.
  28. 1962-1964 Pamphlets, clippings, and correspondence regarding various personal and business matters.
  29. 1964 Text of a talk Mr. Sillers gave at Delta State.
  30. 1964-1966 Correspondence, minutes, and reports regarding the State Building Commission.
  31. 1938-1945 Folder A Correspondence and deeds involving persons or companies whose names begin with “S”. Folder B Correspondence between Sillers and Samuel E. Lumpkin.
  32. 1942 Correspondence regarding the passing of a special House bill.
  33. 1961-1962 Letter from Dr. William McCain, University of Southern Mississippi President, explaining the dismissal of a faculty member and article in THE REALIST explaining why he was fired.
  34. 1959-1960 Correspondence, copies of bills, reports, legislative newsletters and campaign literature dealing with political and personal matters.
  35. 1964 Text of opinions of the United States Supreme Court and federal court on desegregation and civil rights cases.
  36. 1945-1951 Correspondence and pamphlets regarding business of Mrs. F.W. Sillers.
  37. 1962 Budget for the State of Mississippi, showing comparative appropriations for the 1962-64 and 1960-62 Biennium.
  38. 1961-1965 Bills, business correspondence, pamphlets and brochures dealing with legal library of Sillers and Roberts.
  39. 1951-1963 Correspondence and reports regarding the State Game and Fish Commission.
  40. 1950-1954 Editorials, newspaper columns, newsletters and the text of a speech Sillers delivered at Delta State’s commencement in 1953.

Box 38

  1. 1920-1928 Correspondence, petitions, reports, legal notices, and other documents regarding Lane Bayou Drainage District in Bolivar County.
  2. 1925-1926 Correspondence with and regarding R.D. Moore, Land Commissioner–application for purchase of lands and other documents regarding land purchase.
  3. 1927-1928 Correspondence with the War Department, Mississippi River Commission and Sillers and Pearson.
  4. 1928-1929 Correspondence and legal matters regarding people whose names begin with the letter “B”.
  5. 1929 Legal correspondence, receipts and other legal matters with or regarding people whose surnames begin with the letter “L”.
  6. 1927 Correspondence between W.W. Gray and Sillers, mostly miscellaneous matters.
  7. November 1926 Correspondence regarding Levee Board Amendments and the election of November 1926.
  8. 1926-1928 Legal correspondence and documents with and regarding the affairs of J.H. Leavenworth and Sons.
  9. 1925-1927 Correspondence, contracts, deeds and other miscellaneous document with or regarding people whose surnames begins with the letter “B”.
  10. 1924-1926 Petitions, deeds, and correspondence regarding the Phalia Separate Road District 53.
  11. 1922-1925 Materials pertaining to W. S. Jr. College and Kiwanis International (junk mail).
  12. 1926-1927 Correspondence on miscellaneous matters with or regarding persons whose surnames begin with the letter “K”.
  13. 1924-1926 Correspondence with or regarding A.K. Eckles, Bolivar County Superintendent of Education and admission of Bolivar County students to Mississippi State College for Women.
  14. 1928 Correspondence between Sillers and Charles E. Dickinson regarding the legal affairs of the latter.
  15. 1925-1927 Miscellaneous legal matters of and correspondence with or regarding people whose surnames begin with the letter “E.”
  16. 1920 Correspondence between Sillers and Edwin Barry, Justice of the Peace, Benoit, Mississippi.
  17. 1920 Correspondence between Sillers and R.B. Campbell regarding the negotiation of a $30,000 loan for Campbell.
  18. 16 – Dec. 8, 1920 Correspondence with A.E. Cameron of Liberty Mortgage Company regarding loan negotiations.
  19. 1916 Correspondence between Sillers and James McWillie regarding the application for a loan.
  20. 1920-1921 Correspondence of a miscellaneous nature with or regarding peoples whose surnames begin with the letter “D”.
  21. 1911-1917 Miscellaneous correspondence to persons whose surnames begin with “V” and correspondence with J.W. Smith regarding his court case against a railroad company.
  22. 1909-1914 Correspondence of a miscellaneous nature with people whose surnames begin with the letter “V” and documents and letter to C.J. Hollis from W.A. Percy regarding a particular section of land.
  23. 1911-1913 Correspondence of legal matters with or regarding people whose surnames begin with the letter “H”.
  24. 1927-1928 Various correspondence and legal documents between Sillers and Person and the Anderson-Tully Company.
  25. 1925-1927 Legal correspondence and other miscellaneous papers with or concerning people or establishments whose names begin with the letter “M”.
  26. 1924-1929 Miscellaneous correspondence with persons whose names begin with the letter “H.”
  27. 1916-1928 Correspondence, legal documents, and other miscellany with or regarding people and establishments whose names begin with the letters “S,” “T,” and “C”.
  28. 1919-1920 Correspondence between Sillers and Charles Banks, mostly regarding the African American farmer and cotton acreage reduction.
  29. 1927-1928 Correspondence between Sillers and Sam D. Knowlton or regarding the latter’s legal affairs.

Box 39

  1. 1914-1927 Miscellaneous materials and correspondence, personal in nature.
  2. 1913-1914 Correspondence (miscellaneous/legal) with clients’ names “C”.
  3. 1914 Miscellaneous legal correspondence with or regarding clients whose names begin with the letter “T”.
  4. 1913-1915 Correspondence between Sillers and J.W. Smith, Southern Railway Company in Mississippi.
  5. 1949 Minutes of special session of the State Building Commission, June 29, 1949.
  6. 1959 Addendum to the “General Fund Budget Discussion,” Commission of Budget and Accounting, 1959.
  7. 1951 Analysis of security-type motor vehicle safety responsibility laws by Clant M. Seay, of the Mississippi Association of Insurance Agents.
  8. 1960 Mississippi State Building Commission Appropriations and Laws passed by the 1960 Legislature affecting the State Building Commission.
  9. 1952 List of Bolivar County voters who had not paid their poll tax.
  10. 1952-1953 Poll tax receipts of voters in the First Judicial District of Bolivar County, Rosedale, Mississippi.
  11. 1952 Convention materials of the Mississippi Democratic Party in 1952–resolutions, clippings, and correspondence.
  12. 1956 State Building Commission–requests of Institutions of Higher Learning for appropriations to construct housing facilities.
  13. 1956-1959 Letter from United States Senator John C. Stennis to Sillers–enclosed are a copy of the hearings held in 1959 on the Alaskan Mental Health Bills, a copy of the committee report, and copy of Alaska Mental Health Inability Act.
  14. 1951 Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Agricultural and Industrial Board minutes, February 1951.
  15. 1959-1960 United States Senator James Eastland’s views of the Connally Amendment (reservation).
  16. 1960 Mississippi Legislature Regular Session; House appropriations, Ways and Means; General, local and private bills approved by the governor and House Bills vetoed by the governor, compiled by Roman Kelly, Clerk of the House of Representatives.
  17. 1962-1963 Mississippi State Building Commission Budget requests of Institutions of Higher Learning.
  18. 1945 Board of Trustees of Institutions of Higher Learning, a copy of Chapter 6, section D copy of reports of the Mississippi Study of Higher Education, 1945; Chapter 6 section d is a study of Medical, Dental and Nursing Education. Also includes a letter from W.M. Kethley on Delta State appropriations.
  19. 1960 Official ballot (sample), State of Mississippi, regular election, November 8, 1960, proposed amendments to the Mississippi Constitution, letter from Dugas Shands to Sillers.
  20. 1952 Statements and proposals regarding Democratic Party platform, 1952.
  21. 1959 Memorandum from United States Senator John C.Stennis to Sillers attached to copy of THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, August 17, 1959.
  22. 1951-1956 Correspondence and legal papers with individuals and firms with the surname “B”.
  23. 1952 Sillers’ statement on the 1952 presidential election (press release).
  24. 1954 Copy of “Facts About the Voter Qualification Amendment” to be voted on in general election on Tuesday, November 2, 1954.
  25. 1960 Legislative papers (copies of bills, reports, and correspondence).
  26. 1954 Printed matter and correspondence regarding the public library movement in Mississippi.
  27. 1953-1957 Correspondence with officials of the Illinois Central Railroad, railroad publications and newsletters of the Illinois Central Railroad.

Box 40

  1. 1960 Legislative papers (House Calendar of 1960, correspondence, fact sheets, and reports).
  2. 1952 Fact sheets and recommendations to the State Building Commission of repairs at Institutions of Higher Learning in the state.
  3. 1952 Correspondence, clippings, statements, and printed matter regarding the 1952 presidential election.
  4. 1956 Handwritten drafts and notes of Sillers.
  5. 1946-1952 Correspondence of Sillers with publishing companies regarding law books.
  6. 1956 Form letter from R. Lea Harris, Montgomery, Alabama, with newspaper attached regarding plan for electoral college reform by individual states.
  7. 1950-1951 Letters and list regarding Ole Miss Alumni Association.
  8. 1955 Ellett Lawrence to Sillers regarding political matters in the state; copy of a newspaper political ad.
  9. 1954 Copy of Senate Concurrent Resolution number 3 to create the legislative Welfare Investigating Committee, extraordinary session of Mississippi Legislature, 1954.
  10. 1960 Memorandums regarding school segregation and printed matter of the Federation for Constitutional Government.
  11. 1934 E.M. Dickerson of Benoit to Sillers regarding the sales tax and other forms of taxation.
  12. 1955-1956 Correspondence regarding the University of Mississippi.
  13. 1934 Speaker ProTem ruling, Representative Sillers on points of order raised by Lucy Howorth of Hinds County to consideration of Senate Bill number130, known as the Liquor Control Bill.

Box 41

  1. 1947 Schools applying for state aid on building projects.
  2. 1940 Correspondence and legislative matter regarding the State Hospital Association.
  3. 1949 Mr. Sillers’ copy of the statement of financial condition of the Mississippi State Building Commission.
  4. 1949-50 Speeches, legislative material and correspondence.
  5. 1964 Political correspondence, Senate Bills, news articles, and pamphlets.
  6. 1940 Testimonies by W.H. Adams and Dr. J. D. Turner to the Hospitalization Committee.
  7. 1948 Legislative matter and news article regarding states’ rights.
  8. 1964 Correspondence on Senate Bill 1515 and with Senator Strom Thurmond; speech made by Senator Thurmond.
  9. 1964 Correspondence regarding Senate Bill 1501 regarding educational financial assistance.
  10. 1961 Minutes, correspondence, and pamphlets regarding the Agricultural and Industrial Board.
  11. 1965 Correspondence, news articles, and other related printed matter regarding Voting Rights Act of 1965.
  12. 1961 Correspondence regarding the Magnolia Heritage Society.
  13. 1956-1964 Printed matter regarding the rules of the Legislature.
  14. 1945 & 1961 Pamphlets, news articles, and correspondence regarding education in Mississippi.

Box 42

  1. April 1963 Statement of allowances for the supervisor of education, Lewis Q. Myers.
  2. 1963 Transactions made with E.F. Hutton.
  3. 1962 Political correspondence and other related matter regarding the Department of Welfare.
  4. 1964 Correspondence with Honorable Alfred A. Levingston regarding the case of Virginia Lewis (litigation involving records of Bolivar County circuit clerk and registrar).
  5. 1964-1968 Political and personal correspondence with Governor Paul B. Johnson.
  6. 1961 Information regarding the Sillers’ account with the E.F. Hutton Company.
  7. 1965 Bank deposit slips, credit card bills, and other personal correspondence of Lena Sillers.
  8. 1964 Memorandums, contracts, and other matter regarding the legislation on voting procedures.
  9. 1958-1960 Maps, House bills, correspondence, and other legislative matters.
  10. 1965 Letter to C.B. “Buddy” Newman with regard to a road program submitted by the committee.
  11. 1966 Maps, correspondence, and other printed matter regarding the Mississippi Legislature.
  12. 1961 Legal matter about the correction of a birth certificate of Luvater Green Jones Owens.
  13. 1961 Flier from the Illinois Central Railroad Company about better freight car supplies.
  14. 1963 Political and legal correspondence, House Resolutions, Supreme Court decisions, pamphlets, lists, and notepads all regarding the Constitution-Reapportionment Amendment.
  15. 1965 Memorandums and case decisions regarding Alabama Reapportionment Litigation.
  16. 1964 News articles, Senate Bills, House bills, and other legislative matter regarding desegregation of the public school system and establishment of private schools in Mississippi.
  17. 1962 –1963 Political correspondence between Senator Eastland and Sillers.
  18. 1964 Newspaper clippings, political and personal correspondence, legislative materials, and other miscellaneous.
  19. 1966 Memos and statement dealing with the Legislative Reapportionment Study Committee.
  20. 1966 Judge decision and order for reapportionment of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Mississippi legislature.
  21. 196? Proposed State Senatorial and House of Representatives Reapportionment in Mississippi.
  22. 1965 Alabama Bill for operation of public schools without federal aid.
  23. 1964 Maps, lists, and correspondence with Jamie Whitten on congressional reapportionment in Mississippi.
  24. 1963 Copy of the February issues of the CROSS AND THE FLAG, a monthly magazine.
  25. 1966 Correspondence regarding reapportionment and other printed matter.
  26. 1958-62 Newspaper articles and correspondence with Jimmy Ward, editor of THE JACKSON DAILY NEWS, on Martin Luther King and civil rights.

Box 43

  1. February 16, 1938 – March 9, 1938 Correspondence, memorandum and legal release in relation to Perry Brisbon and Southern Credit Corporation.
  2. April 10-25, 1940 Correspondence and deed of trust–all regarding Burton Brown, Southern Credit Corporation.
  3. February 3 – 9, 1931 Petitions for approval of act of liquidating agent in waiving lien, sworn affidavit, personal scribble sheets, and letters regarding waiving lien of the deed of trust for E.M. Barry; loan from Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  4. January 30, – April 6, 1933 Petitions, correspondence, memorandums, and applications on the 1933 loan of E.M. Barry from the Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  5. January 31, – February 10, 1934 Correspondence, loan approval, subordination of prior lien, release, scribble sheet, and loan certificate.
  6. March 27, -May 14, 1934 Correspondence, certificate, statement, loan approval, scorn affidavit, blank cotton acreage form regarding loan of Staple Cotton Discount Corporation to Mrs. Irene S. Byrd.
  7. March 8, – September 8, 1931 Correspondence, handwritten notes and certificate of farm acreage dealing with the certificate of L.S. Blanchard to Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  8. June 7, 1934 – March 5, 1935 Correspondence regarding the deed of trust of P.B. Brisbon.
  9. February 21, – March 1, 1935 Correspondence, application and handwritten figuring regarding P.B. Brisbon’s loan from the Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  10. February 26, – March 18, 1938 Correspondence, memorandums, crop and chattel deed of trust in relation to J.A. Blanchard and the Southern Credit Corporation.
  11. January 27, – March 14, 1939 Correspondence, memorandum, application subordinations and rent waiver in relation to J.A. Blanchard’s loan from Southern Credit Corporation.
  12. February 3 – 18, 1937 Correspondence and application approval regarding a loan to J.A. Blanchard from Southern Credit Corporation.
  13. February 11, – March 5, 1937 Correspondence concerning a loan application made by E. B. Blanchard to the Southern Credit Corporation.
  14. January 6, – March 12, 1937 Correspondence, memorandums, application; crop and chattel deed of trust, blank forbearance agreements, certificate of lien in relation to L.G. Burt and the Clarksdale Production Credit Association
  15. January 7, – February 1, 1937 Correspondence, memorandums and applications for loans in connection with E.M. Barry and the Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  16. February 5, – May 31, 1937 Correspondence, memorandums, loan application, crop and chattel deed of trust, certificate of lien in relation to A. Brunetti and Clarksdale Production Credit Association.
  17. January 9, – February 1, 1937 Correspondence, memorandums, loan applications and chancery court clerk bill in relation to E.M. Barry and the Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  18. January 26 – February 12, 1938 Correspondence, memorandum and application in relation to E.M. Barry and Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  19. March 3-31, 1938 Correspondence, memorandums and application in relation to Alton Brett and Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  20. February 8-15, 1939 Correspondence, memorandum and loan approval in relation to Perry Brisbon and Southern Credit Corporation.
  21. February 22, – March 7, 1935 Correspondence, memorandum and application in relation to Irene S. Byrd and Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  22. December 12, 1933 – February 5, 1938 Correspondence, applications and copy of quit claim deed about land deeded to Elizabeth Kirk Thomas and questioned by Mary Kirk Adams–description of the land’s location.
  23. March 6, – August 18, 1934 Letters, applications and copy of deed regarding the purchase of state land by M. Aaronson–description of location and condition of land.
  24. March 4-21, 1938 Correspondence rent waiver, loan application, loan application certificate and questionnaire regarding loan to F.S. Ogden from Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  25. January 26, – February 6, 1937 Correspondence, memorandum, loan approval and legal release regarding P.B. Brisbon and Southern Credit Corporation.
  26. January 21 – February 17, 1937 Correspondence, memorandum, loan approval forbearance agreement and release in relation to L.S. Blanchard and Southern Credit Corporation.
  27. February 3 – 16, 1940 Correspondence, memorandum in relation to L.S. Blanchard and Southern Credit Corporation.
  28. February 23, – March 4, 1938 Correspondence, memorandum in relation to L.S. Blanchard and Southern Credit Corporation.
  29. January 29 – February 1, 1939 Correspondence, memorandum, and loan approval in relation to L.S. Blanchard and Southern Credit Corporation.
  30. February 13 – 16, 1940 Correspondence, memorandum, and loan approval in relation to L.S. Blanchard and Southern Credit Corporation.
  31. March 8 – 29, 1932 Correspondence and documents regarding H.C. Ogden’s loan from Staple Cotton Discount Company.
  32. February 12 – 23, 1935 Letters and documents regarding the 1935 loan of F.S. Ogden from Staple Cotton Discount Corporation. Power of attorney from Lillian Sillers Holleman to Mrs. F.W. Sillers.
  33. February 7 – 11, 1936 Correspondence and application for loan from Staple Cotton Discount Corporation by F.S. Ogden.
  34. February 11 – September 27, 1935 Correspondence, answer to cross-bill, order appointing receiver, receiver’s bond, business financial report, notice for creditors to file claims, etcetera–all regarding M. Aaronson, Peoples Cash Grocery Store (receivership).
  35. January 7 – 17, 1937 Correspondence and loan application regarding Mrs. F.S. Ogden and Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  36. January 21, 1935 – January 16, 1936 Correspondence, petition for authority to subordinate lien in liquidation of Bolivar County Bank of Rosedale by F.G. Paden, receiver, notification of submission of W.B. and T.F. Curry’s loan application, forbearance agreement, subordination of lien, loan certificate.
  37. January 24, 1934 – January 21, 1935 Staple Cotton District Corporation loan: correspondence, loan certification/approval, subordination of lien, petition for authority to subordinate lien in the matter of the Bolivar County Bank of Rosedale by J. S. Love, sub/petition to sub lien in Bolivar County Bank of Rosedale liquidation by F.G. Paden, receiver; order authorizing liquidating agent to waiver lien; all relating to E. M. Barry’s 1934 Staple Cotton Discount Corporation loan.
  38. February 22, 1937 – March 27, 1939 Correspondence, deed of trust and loan approval regarding Joe H. Rogers and the Greenville Production Credit Association.
  39. March 14 –22, 1934 Correspondence and applications regarding D.W. Oberst loan from Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  40. January 21, – February 10, 1938 Correspondence, loan application, loan certificate, two receipts regarding C. B. Allen, Jr., and Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  41. June 11, 1932 Correspondence regarding deed of trust for J.P. Aylward–two pages of scribbled notes and figures (undated)
  42. November 26, 1935; February 13-30, 1937 Correspondence, $1000 check from J.D. Autrey to Lewis Grocer Company. Loan approval, scribble sheet, trusts deed cancellation lien, assignments regarding J.D. Autrey and Southern Credit Corporation.
  43. March 5, – April 6, 1932 Letters, petitions to waive lien regarding E.M. Barry and others, loan from the Staple Cotton Discount Company in 1932.
  44. March 22, 1937 – May 7, 1938 Letters and petitions regarding bankruptcy of Paul Conguista; naturalization and citizenship of A. Conguista; copy of McKenzie vs. Murphy ruling brought before Arkansas Supreme Court; letter on E.W. Coleman vs. Magnolia Chemical Management Company; bill of sale – one Chrysler auto form Florence Conquista to W. C. Roberts.
  45. January 26, – February 4, 1938 Correspondence, memorandum, power of attorney, loan application in relation to E.M. Barry and Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  46. February 16, – March 9, 1938 Correspondence and notarized statement canceling lien of trust deed of J.D. Autrey of Southern Credit Corporation, 1938
  47. December 19, 1936 – February 24, 1937 Correspondence, loan approval, deed of trust regarding L.E. Arnold and Clarksdale Production Credit Association loan.
  48. January 22, 1936 – July 13, 1937 Letters, petitions for probate of will regarding the estate of R.L. Ammons, deceased–copy of Mississippi Supreme Court case opinion 32,276–R.L. Ammons vs. Wilson and Company.
  49. February 22, – April 20, 1935 Correspondence, memorandum, scribble sheets, oil and mineral rights transfer, loan application/approval regarding J.J. Pulliam and Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  50. January 21, – February 20, 1937 Correspondence, subordination papers and loan application approval regarding Dr. D. McMillan and Southern Credit Corporation.
  51. January 16, – February 23, 1935 Correspondence, application for loan from Staple Cotton Discount Corporation to B.C. Cone–lessor’s certificate.
  52. July 4-14, 1931 Correspondence, tax receipt regarding Mary Kirk Adams’ claim against the Lane Bayou Drainage District for refund of taxes erroneously paid to the district.
  53. March 14 – 29, 1934 Correspondence, scribble sheets, loan application, rent waiver, loan approval application regarding loan to F.S. Ogden from Staple Cotton Discount Company.
  54. February 21 –24, 1940 Correspondence and loan approval regarding a loan to N.B. Preston from Southern Credit Corporation.
  55. March 2 – 9, 1938 Correspondence, loan approval, and cancellation of debts concerning loan to N.B. Preston from Southern Credit Corporation.
  56. 3 – Jul. 19, 1933 Correspondence, rent waivers, loan application/approval, lien of deed of trust waivers regarding H.C. Ogden and Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  57. 7 – Apr. 30, 1937 Correspondence, loan application, scribble sheets, loan approval regarding Dabney Terrell Patterson and Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  58. 17 – Mar. 4, 1937Correspondence, loan approval, and cancellation of lien of trust deed regarding N.B. Preston and Southern Credit Corporation.
  59. 16, – Mar. 3, 1939 Correspondence and loan approval regarding N.B. Preston and Southern Credit Corporation.
  60. 22 – 30, 1938Correspondence, loan application, loan approval, and six notes regarding Dr. C. McMillan and Southern Credit Corporation.
  61. 30, 1931 – May 19, 1932 Correspondence, deed of trust, blank loan application forms, and loan approval regarding Jim G. McGehee and Southern Cotton Discount Corporation.
  62. 16 – May 11, 1931 Correspondence, deed of trust, and postal receipts regarding loan of Jim G. McGehee from Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  63. 13 – May 18, 1937 Correspondence, rent waiver, loan approval, and blank attorney’s certificates regarding J.O. Rivers and Greenville Production Credit Association.
  64. 27 – Mar. 6, 1931 Correspondence, rent waivers, deed of trust, loan approval regarding loan to H.C. Ogden from Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  65. 10, 1935 Correspondence and application for cotton production loan regarding Dave Mosby and Greenville Production Credit Association.
  66. 22 – Mar. 6, 1939 Correspondence, scribble sheets, loan application approval, and cancellation of lien of deed of trust regarding Dave and Isaiah Mosby and Southern Credit Corporation.
  67. 10 – Mar. 1, 1937 Correspondence, loan application approval, and cancellation of lien of deed of trust regarding Dan Morris and Southern Credit Approval.
  68. 3 – Apr. 1, 1936 Correspondence and loan application approval regarding J.H. Maddox and Southern Credit Corporation.
  69. 10 – Mar. 25, 1937 Correspondence, notes, and loan application approval concerning J.H. Maddox and Southern Credit Corporation.
  70. 9 – 16, 1937 Folder A Correspondence regarding loan to James E. Kirk, Jr. from Southern Credit Corporation; Feb. 6 – 19, 1940 Folder B Correspondence, memorandum and loan approval in relation to Dan Morris and Southern Credit Corporation.
  71. 3 – Apr. 10, 1933 Correspondence, scribble sheets, participation agreements, subordination of prior lien, rent waivers, loan application approval and loan application regarding M.S. Knowlton and Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  72. 9 – May 14, 1934 Correspondence, scribble sheets, cancellation of lien of deed of trust, loan application approval, subordination of prior lien, rent waivers and loan application regarding M.S. Knowlton and Cotton Discount Company.
  73. 11, 1935 Correspondence and application for cotton production loan concerning Odis Love and Greenville Production Credit Association.
  74. 31, 1933 – Feb. 11, 1936 Correspondence, scribble sheets, attorney’s certificates of priority, receipts regarding production loan to T.M. Cathey from Memphis Cotton Discount Corporation.
  75. 13 – 31, 1938 Correspondence regarding loan to Dan Morris from Southern Credit Corporation.
  76. 8 – 24, 1937 Correspondence and loan application approval regarding Isaiah Mosby and Southern Credit Corporation.
  77. 5 – Mar. 8, 1937 Correspondence, loan application approval, and cancellation of lien of trust deed regarding Dave Mosby and Southern Credit Corporation.
  78. 28 – Feb. 12, 1937 Correspondence and certificate of lien regarding W.B. Maurer and Clarksdale Production Credit Association.
  79. 4 – Mar. 5, 1937 Correspondence and certificate of lien regarding Percy Marion and Clarksdale Production Credit Association.
  80. 8 – May 1, 1931 Correspondence, scribble sheets, affidavits, quit claim deed, rent waiver, loan application approval regarding S.D. Knowlton and Staple Cotton Discount Corporation.
  81. 2 – Apr. 28, 1938 Correspondence, subordination forms, and loan application approval regarding Dave Mosby and Southern Credit Corporation.


Box 44

  1. 11, 1965 Appendix to American Civil Liberties Union, Amicus Brief in United States vs. Mississippi “Restriction on African-American Voting in Mississippi History”.
  2. 1965 Report on the Port Facility of Rosedale, prepared by the Mississippi Agricultural and Industrial Board.
  3. 1958-1959 Opinions of court cases and Virginia General Assembly acts regarding legal background for a civil rights suit against Mississippi officials.
  4. 1960 Bill of complaint by Marvin Fortner, W. D. Alberts, and others against Ross Barnett, Heber Ladner, and others.
  5. 1964 Catalogs, pamphlets, and other printed matter regarding the Civil Rights-Ross Barnett lawsuit.
  6. 1961 Legal Correspondence, regarding civil rights, voting rights, and other related issues.
  7. 1956 Pamphlets, news articles, printed matter, and other correspondence regarding Ross Barnett lawsuit.
  8. 1960 News articles, minutes from State Sovereignty Commission, pamphlets, and other printed matter on Ross Barnett lawsuit.
  9. 1952 Letter and other printed matter dealing with the State Democratic Party.
  10. 1951 Correspondence, pamphlets, and other printed matter regarding political issues.
  11. 1956 Democratic Convention, correspondence and report.
  12. 1958 Correspondence and pamphlets regarding the Democratic National Committee and news article dealing with a church league.
  13. 1959 News articles and correspondence that pertains to civil rights and states’ rights.
  14. 1959 Pamphlets and letters dealing with the Democratic Party.
  15. 1960 Correspondence and pamphlets regarding the National Democratic Convention.
  16. 1957 Correspondence regarding the civil rights movement and regarding the Coleman-Sillers-Winter speakership controversy.
  17. 1952 Letters, fliers, and other correspondence regarding political issues.
  18. 1952 Pamphlet of Republican platform adopted by the Republican National Convention, 1952.
  19. 1959 Political and personal correspondence.
  20. 1956 Resolution concerning segregation.
  21. 1955 Legislative–Legal Educational Advisory Committee, Mississippi Legislature.
  22. 1955 Printed matter and a speech regarding political issues and Democratic Party.
  23. 1954 Correspondence regarding bills pending in the legislature.
  24. 1955 Correspondence, news articles, and bulletins regarding civil rights and integration in Mississippi.
  25. 1954 Printed matter and speech regarding desegregation.
  26. 1955 News articles, printed matter, and personal correspondence between Sillers and Hodding Carter.
  27. 1950 News articles and miscellaneous; Democratic primaries in Mississippi.
  28. 1960 Printed matter, personal mail, speeches, and other miscellaneous, mostly political and states’ rights.
  29. (Undated) Sillers speech to a Daughters of the American Revolution chapter regarding patriotism and principles of government.
  30. 1956 Correspondence and printed matter regarding the civil rights movement, integration in Mississippi and the Mississippi Democratic Party.
  31. 1956 Folder A Resolution regarding a water supply well in Merigold, Mississippi; 1959 Folder B legal correspondence and other printed matter regarding legal issues.
  32. 1952 Legal correspondence.

Box 45

  1. 1960 Correspondence and other printed matter regarding the Democratic Convention of 1960.
  2. 1959-1960 Legal correspondence regarding estates and other legal matters; minutes of the meeting of the State Building Commission.
  3. 1958-1960 Pamphlets, House Bills, personal mail, and other legislative correspondence.
  4. 1960 Correspondence regarding Delta Council and relative clippings.
  5. 1960 Correspondence regarding political issues, resolutions, and amendments.
  6. 1960 Personal letters, advertisements, pamphlets, etcetera.
  7. 1959-1960 Personal correspondence regarding the presidential election and some printed matter regarding political issues.
  8. 1960 Political, legislative, and personal correspondence.
  9. 1951 Statement by J. Edgar Hoover on organized crime in Interstate Commission.
  10. 1960 Committee requests, maps, and congressional districts.
  11. 1959 Personal insurance papers and abstracts of titles.
  12. 1960 Committees of Legislature.
  13. June – July1960 School–Education costs and current building costs for the year 1960.
  14. 1960 Correspondence, printed matter and clippings regarding political and legislative matters, along with personal correspondence. (Information found in both Folders A & B).
  15. June 1960 Resolutions regarding the State Democratic Party and other printed matter regarding legislative issues.
  16. 1960 Letters of recommendation for Committee appointments in the year 1960.
  17. 1956-1960 Analysis of expenditures and encumbrances, Mississippi State Building Commission.
  18. 1957-1959 Pamphlets and other printed matter regarding forestry data.
  19. 1954 Copies of letters, resolutions, and other printed matter regarding the Democratic Party
  20. 1960 Minutes of the State Building Committee, printed matter, and other personal papers.
  21. 1959 Legislative committee requests and assignments.
  22. 1950-1964 Legislative committee requests, maps, and other legislative and personal matters.
  23. 1950-1964 Information on legislators, committee assignments, political and personal correspondence.
  24. 1960 Correspondence regarding the Democratic Executive Committee of Mississippi; Principles of the Democratic Party and the statement of policy.

Box 46

  1. 1962 Correspondence regarding case of William H. Brown vs. United States (State Veterans Affairs Commission).
  2. 1965 Correspondence with George Cossar regarding political issues as well as personal ones.
  3. 1964 Correspondence between Sillers and Frank Ahlgren, editor of the Memphis COMMERCIAL APPEAL, regarding a letter written by Mr. Sillers about a nominee for president.
  4. 1965 Correspondence regarding the appointment of people to the Recess Study Committee on Registration of Voters and Electors.
  5. 1963 Personal correspondence between Mr. Sillers and Douglas Brooks, regarding cotton warehouse storage.
  6. 1965 Correspondence between Sillers and Governor George Wallace (Alabama).
  7. 1964 Letters from Charles C. Jacobs of Cleveland, Mississippi, regarding a murder that took place outside of Rosedale, Mississippi, a medical license for the Shelby Clinic, etcetera.
  8. 1964 Resolutions regarding the Democratic Convention.
  9. 1961Correspondence and articles regarding the Paul Revere Ladies Club of Mississippi.
  10. 1963 Copy of the contract signed by Sillers, John L. Pearson, and Joseph A. Eddins for the partnership between them.
  11. 1965 Bills received from the Patio Club and Drumbeats (in association with the King Edwards Hotel).
  12. 1961 Correspondence with Sillers’ accountant regarding his and Lena’s 1961 income tax information
  13. 1940 et al. Correspondence regarding the sale of real estate (Doro Place).
  14. 1961 Correspondence between Sillers and the Union Compress and Warehouse Company. Sillers was a company stockholder.
  15. 1961 Contract for a football game and schedule from University of Mississippi Athletic Association; Southern Conference contract for a game between the University of Mississippi and the University of Tennessee.
  16. 1952 Copies of letters sent to Irby Turner regarding delegates to the Democratic Convention.
  17. 1959-1961 Miscellaneous file containing people, places, and things beginning with the letter “P”.
  18. 1957-1964 Letters of recommendation for Davis Lee, African-American publisher and editor of the Telegram Newspaper in New Jersey.
  19. 1961 $1,000,000 port improvement bonds of the state of Mississippi for the Greater Port of Pascagoula; Correspondence with J.C. Lancaster of Union Planters National Bank and Trust Company.
  20. 1951-1965 Suits filed against the state of Mississippi or somehow regarding the state.
  21. 1963 Correspondence with United States Senator Richard Russel regarding such topics as civil rights and the Test Ban Treaty.
  22. 1961 Legal matter concerning a case between John Plain and Company and Rosedale Motor Company.
  23. 1963 Correspondence between United States Senator John Stennis and Sillers, some printed political matter.
  24. 1963 Correspondence, printed matter, and other related materials regarding the Agricultural and Industrial Board.
  25. 1964 Personal and political correspondence and other miscellaneous things such as bills, get well cards, and legislative materials.
  26. 1962 Folder A Legislative related correspondence and other personal mail, May 1962. Folder B Personal invitations extended to Mr. and Mrs. Sillers by various friends or acquaintances, some legislative matter.
  27. 1964-1965 Personal and political correspondence; Letters from Sillers to Dr. Richard J. Reynolds regarding his dental fees and appointments.
  28. 1963-1964 Correspondence with various companies and organizations regarding job recommendations written by Sillers for several applicants.
  29. 1962 Correspondence regarding an employment extension for Mrs. Annie Reynolds at the State Welfare Board.
  30. 1963 Correspondence with Paul Newsom, a high school senior, regarding communism. Poems by Paul Newsom are enclosed. Correspondence with M.G. Vaiden regarding cabinets and supplies for the science section at Delta State.

Box 47

  1. May 12, 1930 Correspondence between C.A. Carter of Meridian, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding support of Barbers’ Bill.
  2. May 2, 1930 Sillers to R.M. Carrier of Sardis, Mississippi–regarding changing season for shooting quail.
  3. May 2, 1930 Sillers to S.M. Jones of Laurel, Mississippi–regarding support of bill.
  4. 30, 1930 Sillers to S.M. Jones of Laurel, Mississippi–regarding support of bill.
  5. 29 – May 2, 1930 Correspondence between W.C. Sweat of Corinth, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding validating of drainage bonds.
  6. 26, 1930 Correspondence between Sillers and Mrs. Dell K. Mohlenhoff–regarding House Bill dealing with taxation and nurseries and florists.
  7. 11 – 17, 1930 Folder A Correspondence between J.C. Roberts and Sillers–regarding drainage districts; Apr. 17, 1930  Folder B Sillers to H.L. Wilkinson of Shelby, Mississippi–regarding candidacy of John Roberts for Highway Commissioner
  8. 31, 1930 Sillers to Tom J. Barnett of Carthage, Mississippi–regarding House Bill on erection of courthouse in Leake County, Mississippi.
  9. 11, 1930 Will M. Whittington of Washington, District of Columbia, to Sillers–regarding tariff on cotton.
  10. 28 – Mar. 4, 1930 Correspondence between C.T. Bond of Pace, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding sixteenth section funds.
  11. 22, 1930 Correspondence between E.L. Wingo of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding bill on abolition of county courts in certain counties.
  12. 19, 1930 Correspondence between Mrs. J.A. Ely of Shaw, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding support of bill.
  13. 10, 1930 Sillers to Professor J.H. Nutt of Rosedale, Mississippi–regarding dummy code chapter on education.
  14. 10, 1930 Sillers to A. McInnis of Rosedale, Mississippi–regarding resolution of Rosedale Exchange Club regarding nuisance tax.
  15. 12, 1929 Stacy Gibber of West Point, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding impeachment of Attorney General Knox.
  16. 9, 1925 – June 24, 1926 Correspondence between Sillers and various parties regarding political and legislative matters–Correspondents: H.L. Whitfield (Gov. of Mississippi), J.C. Fant (Pres. of MSCW), and William Hemingway (Law professor at the University of Mississippi).
  17. 10, 1930 Sillers to J.L. McLain of Cleveland, Mississippi–regarding road bill of Horace Stansel.
  18. 8, 1930 Sillers to W.W. Pointer of Clarksdale, Mississippi–regarding public utilities legislation.
  19. 3, 1930 Sillers to John W. Backstron of Leakesville, Mississippi, and S. Boxeman of Meridian, Mississippi, regarding dummy code.
  20. 28 – Mar. 4, 1930 Correspondence regarding placing tariff on long staple cotton–including Congressman Will M. Whittington and H.O. Stephens and Senator Pat Harrison.
  21. 27 – Feb. 3, 1930 Correspondence between Sillers and Hugh F. Causey of Cleveland, Mississippi–regarding bills introduced by Senator Roberts.
  22. 27, 1930 Sillers to C.V. Moore of Memphis, Tennessee–regarding Senate Bill regarding postponing date of payment of taxes.
  23. 27, 1930 Sillers to Nellie S. Keirn of Mississippi State College for Women–regarding appropriations for college.
  24. 23, 1930 Sillers to R.L.Coker of Shelby, Mississippi–regarding law referring to municipal offices.
  25. 23, 1930 Sillers to A.A. Cohn of Brookhaven, Mississippi–regarding law-fixing venue against bus lines.
  26. 9 – Mar. 24, 1930 Correspondence regarding bill about formation of school districts.
  27. 1930 Statement showing taxes paid by various railroads to state of Mississippi for year 1930.
  28. 30 – Oct. 8, 1930 Correspondence between Sillers and J.E. Edmonds of New Orleans, Louisiana–regarding R.B. Clark, President of Mississippi State Board of Development.
  29. 21, 1929 Sillers to Gov. Theodore Bilbo of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding legislative bills on salary of Attorney General.
  30. 21, 1929 Sillers to Governor Theodore Bilbo of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding state tax collectors office.
  31. 12, 1929 Copy of correspondence between W.H. Watkins of Jackson, Mississippi, and Marcellus Green of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding impeachment of Rush Knox (Attorney General of Mississippi).
  32. 26, 1929 N.G. Augustus of Durant, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding impeachment of Attorney General Knox and politics in Mississippi.
  33. 12, 1929 Letters from S.G. Watkins of Muldon, Mississippi, and G.H. Brumby of Booneville, Mississippi–regarding impeachment of Attorney General Knox.
  34. May 4 – June 25, 1929 Correspondence between Sillers and J.B. Snyder of Senatobia, Mississippi–regarding legislative matters–State highways and state printing of textbooks.
  35. June 18, 1930 – Aug. 15, 1931 Correspondence and newspaper articles regarding politics in Mississippi (various subjects include: highway program, Bilboism, impeachment of Lester Franklin, Sillers’ announcement as candidate for reelection to legislature, etcetera).
  36. 13, 1920 – Mar. 21, 1925 Correspondence of legislative and political matters in Bolivar County and Mississippi, 1924 election, and personal campaign correspondence of Sillers; letters from prominent Mississippians Mike Conner, Dennis Murphree, Lee M. Russell, George Power, Clayton Potter. (Information found in both Folder A and B).
  37. 6, 1926 – Aug. 2, 1927 Correspondence regarding politics in Bolivar County and state of Mississippi (with copy of BOLIVAR COUNTY DEMOCRAT of August 12, 1926 enclosed).
  38. July 24, 1928 Sillers to R.C. Steen of Picayune, Mississippi–regarding political situation in Mississippi.
  39. May 19, 1929 Correspondence between Wiley B. Shows of Ovett, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding state roads.
  40. 1928 House resolution–regarding unlawful lobbying regarding the state printing plant.
  41. 12, 1929 H.H. McGowan of Beulah, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding Beulah-Pace road.
  42. July 30, 1929 W.R. Macatee of Portland Cement Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, Sillers–regarding personal differences between Sillers and Mr. Farrar.
  43. 29, 1929 Telegrams to Sillers from J.C. Roberts, D.W. Robins and Kin Watkins–regarding approval of passage of Wright bill.
  44. 10, 1929 R.S. Stewart of Liberty, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding Highway Commission.
  45. July 29, 1929 J.C. Roberts of Cleveland, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding state highways.
  46. June 7, 1929 W.R. Macatee to Mississippi Legislature–regarding highway financing–attached pamphlet “The 1929 Proceedings of the American Road Builders Association”.
  47. June 30, 1929 R.G. Hunt of McCool, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding new game law.
  48. 10, 1929 Sillers to A.P. George of Nitta Yuma, Mississippi–regarding experiment station at Stoneville, Mississippi.
  49. July 29, 1929 J.L. Wheless of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding bill on gasoline sales tax and regulation of gas sales.
  50. 1929 Mississippi Legislature, Extra Session–Senate amendments to House Bill 11–regarding creation of state highway department.
  51. 1931 Copy of report of discussion on sales tax before the Illinois Senate sitting as a committee of the whole.
  52. June 11, 1928 J. Morgan Stevens of Jackson, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding code commission.
  53. 12, 1928 W.B. Hoffa of Grenada, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding need for road from Rosedale to Aberdeen, Mississippi.
  54. 21, 1928 William Hemingway of University, Mississippi, to Sillers, Sillers and Pearsons–regarding adoption of Hemingway’s code.
  55. 20, 1927 Southern Cotton Shippers Association to Sillers–regarding collecting of levee tax.
  56. 17, 1928 Garner W. Green of Jackson, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding bill on public utility regulation.
  57. 11, 1928 J.W. Dulaney of Tunica, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding bill for the creation of Commission on Judicial Procedure.
  58. 17, 1928 A.J. Whitworth and Sillers–regarding laws for killing quail in Mississippi.
  59. 1928 George D. Riley (State Auditor) to Sillers–regarding fiscal report of Mississippi for 1928.
  60. 16, 1927 Mississippi River Flood Control Association to Board of Directors, Mississippi Levee Commission–regarding Jadwin plan of flood control.
  61. 1925-1928 Pamphlets regarding Kansas State Schoolbook Commission and State Printer.
  62. 21, 1930 Correspondence between Sillers and Senator H. T. Minor of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding index to Dummy Code.
  63. 1927 Papers regarding state taxes collected in Mississippi Delta.
  64. 2 – Dec. 10, 1924 Correspondence between N.E. Wilroy of Hernando, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding Wilroy’s representation of Mississippi in Washington, District of Columbia.
  65. 5, 1924 J.F. Barbour of Jackson, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding amendment to drainage bill.
  66. 4 – 28, 1924 N. A. Cartledge of Friars Point, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding bill to change salaries of tax assessors to commission basis–attached leaflet on subject from DL Thompson (Chairman of State Tax Commission).
  67. 1925? Committee appointed to redistrict the state circuit and chancery court districts.
  68. 1928-1929 Departmental requirements (appropriations, expenditures and budget requests) submitted to state legislature.
  69. 1927 Proposed legislation for the 1927 session.
  70. 21 – Oct. 30, 1925 Correspondence regarding House and Senate Judicial redistricting committee.
  71. 1926 Bolivar County DEMOCRAT, August 21, 1926, with precinct return for congressional race, 1926–Whittington, Humpheys and others.
  72. 1924-1928 Pamphlet containing list of House Committees of Mississippi Legislature.
  73. 20, 1924 W.M. Whittington of Greenwood, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding congressional election.
  74. May 24, 1924 Correspondence regarding appropriations to Rosedale (King’s Daughters) Hospital.
  75. 10, 1924 Sillers to A.A. Weille of Vicksburg, Mississippi–regarding Insurance Rating Bureau Bill.
  76. 1924 Amendments to House Bill 875–regarding lands and districts.
  77. 1924 House Bill 799–regarding compensation of County Prosecuting Attorneys.
  78. 1924 House Bill 546–regarding corporations.
  79. 1924 Senate Bill–regarding taxation of certain occupations and companies.
  80. 1, 1924 Pamphlet “Explanation of Proposed Income Tax”.
  81. 1924 Leaflet relative to economizing by Legislature–use of Electric Roll Call–attached Roll Call sheet showing representatives.
  82. 31, 1924 A.K. Eckles (Superintendent of Education), Cleveland, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding reduction of salary of county superintendents.
  83. 30, 1924 Sam D. Knowlton of Perthshire, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding miscellaneous items and law regarding ammunition.
  84. 22, 1924 Inaugural message of Governor H.L. Whitfield to Mississippi Legislature.
  85. 3, 1924 R.B. Evans (President of Alabama State Bar Association) to Sillers–regarding candidacy of Senator Underwood for Democratic nomination for President.
  86. 3-4, 1924 Leaflet and letter from Ed Hilliard of Lamont, Mississippi, to Sillers regarding Delta Branch Experiment Station at Stoneville, Mississippi.
  87. 1924 George R. Power, of Mississippi House of Representatives to members of House–regarding use of portable voting machine and expenses of its operation.
  88. 1924 Senate Bill 381–regarding raising additional public revenues by tax upon certain occupations, property, etcetera.
  89. Dec 12 – 14, 1923 Correspondence between Thomas L. Bailey of Jackson, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding meeting.
  90. 8-11, 1923 Correspondence between L.B.P. Jenkins of Clarksdale, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding speaking at meeting of Yazoo-Delta Insurance agents.
  91. 30, 1923 Pat Harrison to Sillers–regarding tariff on cotton.
  92. 12 – 17, 1923 Correspondence between J.L. Ware of Edwards House Company of Jackson, Mississippi–Sillers–regarding reservations at Edwards Hotel, during legislative session.
  93. May 22 – June 14, 1923 Miscellaneous letters regarding Mississippi taxes and finances, letters regarding Mississippi Colony for Feeble-minded and Mississippi State Sanatorium (Mike Conner, Alf Stone, and A. S. Coody).
  94. 1928-1930 Copy of Senate Resolution to receive and confirm report of special committee to investigate state printing plant measures.
  95. 1928-1929 Opinion of Sillers regarding road legislation of Governor Bilbo.

Box 48

  1. 29 – Oct. 29, 1928 Correspondence regarding cotton tax suit (Board of Mississippi Levee Commissioners vs. H. Goodstein)
  2. July 30 – Aug. 1, 1927 Sillers to J.W. Thompson and members of Mississippi Levee Commissioners of Greenville, Mississippi–regarding condition of levee.
  3. June 2, 1927 Sillers to Major T.L. Dubbs of Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Company–regarding levee work.
  4. May 23 – Aug. 22, 1927 Various letters regarding Mississippi River and state and county politics–Correspondence of Sillers to Walter Sillers, Sr., Pat Harrison and newspaper editors.
  5. 20, 1927 Invitation from Home Life Insurance Company to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sillers to dinner.
  6. 18, 1926 L.C. Dulaney of Grace, Mississippi, to Sillers–regarding Levee Board and the congressional election.
  7. May 27, 1926 Sillers to L.H. Gaines of Boyle, Mississippi–regarding campaign of Walter Sillers, Sr. for presidency of Levee Board.
  8. 1927 Memos from meeting of Levee Board.
  9. 19, 1930 – June 24, 1931 Correspondence between W. G. Eckles of Jackson, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding public education and politics.
  10. 24, 1924 Walter Sillers, Sr. to Sillers–regarding levee board politics.
  11. 1928 Correspondence regarding the Mississippi State Board of Development and the tick eradication program.
  12. May 1-2, 1922 Correspondence between J.W. Henderson of Tunica, Mississippi and Sillers–regarding suit against Yazoo-Mississippi Levee Board.
  13. 24 – 26, 1922 Correspondence between John Anderson of Jackson, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding levee conditions in Bolivar County, Mississippi.
  14. May 30, 1928 Invitation from S.R. Whitten of Jackson, Mississippi, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sillers.
  15. May 4, 1928 Recital program–Rosedale Consolidated School–Rosedale, Mississippi.
  16. 24, 1928 Report–Control of floods in the Mississippi River.
  17. May 16, 1927 Leaflet from Southern Railway System to Sillers–regarding paperweight replica of first locomotive on Southern Railway System.
  18. 1 – Aug. 7, 1930 Correspondence between Walter Sillers, Sr. and Sillers regarding legal business and legislative matters.
  19. 23, 1929 – Dec. 3, 1934 Miscellaneous correspondence between A.K. Eckles (Superintendent of Education) of Cleveland, Mississippi, and Sillers–includes political and education issues.
  20. 12, 1929 Sillers to George Morris (editor of THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL) Memphis, Tennessee–regarding John B. Hudson–correspondent of paper.
  21. 19, 1929 E.W. Foster (Director, Masonic Temple Association) to Sillers–regarding admission of prospective members.
  22. 29-30, 1929 Correspondence regarding application of George Steadman, Jr. for postmaster at Shelby, Mississippi.
  23. 29 – Nov. 30, 1929 Correspondence between Joe Armstrong of Jackson, Mississippi, and Sillers–regarding training of Sillers’ dog.
  24. 30 – Oct. 26, 1929 Correspondence between Nolan Brokerage Company of Memphis, Tennessee and Sillers–regarding purchase of wine.
  25. 23, 1929 Birdwell, Adams (Lieutenant Governor) to Sillers–regarding membership in Goose Point Tarpon Club of Gulfport, Mississippi.
  26. 6, 1929 Harry Ogden to Sillers, Jackson, Mississippi–regarding recommendation of Mrs. Latimer as Postmistress at Shaw, Mississippi.
  27. July 31, 1929 L.R. Myers of Little Rock, Arkansas to Sillers–regarding Commonwealth and Southern Corporation (common stock and warrants).
  28. July 1, 1929 N.M. Pilfer to Sillers.
  29. May 20, 1929 J.C. Eagan, Incorporated to Sillers–regarding sale of electric player–with attached leaflet.
  30. May 21 –24, 1929 Correspondence regarding Southern Ice B Common stock.
  31. May 10, 1928 Sillers to J.S. Allen of Jackson, Mississippi–regarding purchase of grape juice from firm in Memphis, Tennessee.
  32. 4, 1929 Sillers to W.T. Wynne of Greenville, Mississippi—social.
  33. 1 – Feb. 8, 1929 Correspondence between Sillers and Mrs. Celia Cash Davis of Clarksdale, Mississippi–regarding application of her father for position of Judge of District–attached letter from Sillers to United States President Calvin Coolidge.
  34. 1921 – 1927 Business correspondence of Sillers and Pearson; Levee (Board of MS Levee Commissioners).
  35. 1928 – 1929 Correspondence – County Bar Association.
  36. 1928 Correspondence between Sillers and J.K. Boyd – Quail Hunting.
  37. 1928 Correspondence – Southeastern Power and Light, Bilbo v. Power Company – rumor.
  38. 1929 Correspondence – Annie May Hull – Teaching and on School Board.
  39. 1929 Correspondence between Sillers, Charlie Allen Jr., and W.C. Trotter.
  40. 1928 Correspondence between Dave Jones and Sillers; Oliver J. Anderson & Company Investment Securities.
  41. 1928 Correspondence – Sillers and Ruth Dent Alexander – dogs.
  42. 1928 Correspondence – Sillers and E.I. Low concerning hunting season.
  43. 1928 Correspondence; invoices – Rush shipment of Sea Hawk ordered several days ago from Mullins Boat Co. – Chancy Chevrolet Co. – sold to J.S. Kirk.
  44. 1928 Correspondence – F. Stennis and Sillers – Pan-American Petroleum Corp. – William Clay Roberts House of Rep.’s.
  45. 1928 Correspondence – letter from M.E. Denton to P. L. Pearson – M.E. Denton’s applying for office of chancellor.
  46. 1928 Correspondence – change of Bird Law from M. V. Scott, mayor of Friars Point to Sillers.
  47. 1928Correspondence – letter from Sillers to R.H. Harris about unfavorable crop conditions.
  48. (Undated) Invoice – error in charging on ceiling lamps from W.T. Cassidy to Mrs. Sillers.
  49. (Undated) Personal Correspondence.
  50. (Undated) Personal Correspondence – Lena Sillers.
  51. 1929 Correspondence – Conference of the Officers and Executive Committeemen of the MS Affiliated Exchange Club from Thomas E. Hand to Sillers.
  52. 1929 Correspondence – Caldwell and Company Banker concerning stock from Fred B. Lewis Jr.
  53. 1929 Correspondence – WSJ and R. J. Whitfield.
  54. 1929 Correspondence – Exchange club program WSJ and Thomas E. Hand.
  55. 1929 Correspondence – Barber-Wells Motor Co. Chrysler Auto to WSJ.
  56. 1929 Correspondence – The National Society of the Son of the American Revolution from F. W. Millspaugh to WSJ.
  57. 1929 Correspondence – Rotary Club to Ben Hardee from WSJ.
  58. 1929 Correspondence – J.C. Satterfield requesting recommendation letter from WSJ.
  59. 1929 Correspondence – Personal Stationary Co. Monogram FDS.
  60. 1928 Correspondence – taxes from W. P. Holland to WSJ.
  61. 1929 Correspondence – concerning buying a model “A” Ford car.
  62. 1929-1930 Correspondence, and invoices – materials that would be used to build two log cabins, from Gardner & Thompson to WSJ.
  63. 1929 Correspondence – a big crop scare because of mice from Glenwood Springs Colorado from Alex Y Scott.
  64. 1929 Correspondence – Savings bonds and securities.
  65. 1929 Correspondence – Building a hotel in Rosedale.
  66. 1929 Correspondence, and invoices – Overdue motor part (propeller).
  67. 1929 Correspondence – Poisoned bird-dog.
  68. 1929 Correspondence – Coat and trouser that were left in Lancaster Ohio.
  69. 1929 Telegraph, correspondence – condolences to Senator Dent’s family – hunting with Old Flicker.
  70. 1929 Correspondence – placing concrete on floor that is being rented from the Sillers.
  71. 1930 Correspondence – hiring a young woman who had experience in newspaper work.
  72. 1930 Correspondence – Gasoline tax exemption matters.
  73. 1930 Correspondence – Sherwin Williams vs. Elton Durham to collect money.
  74. 1930 Telegraphs, correspondence – stock and bonds.
  75. 1930 Correspondence – rate for the price of water.
  76. (Not Dated) Correspondence – Community Song, Prayer meeting, Church activities.
  77. 1928 Invitation – Children’s Day Service.

Box 49

  1. 1933-1935 Correspondence related to the Civil Works Administration in MS.
  2. 1936 Correspondence, New Deal programs, legislative matters, and Mike Conner’s Campaign for Senate 1936
  3. 1932 Correspondence related to a legal case – Bolivar Co. Oil vs. MS
  4. 1932 Correspondence related to legal opinion on Greenville Ice & Coal Co.
  5. 1933 Correspondence related to the cotton acreage reduction
  6. 1933 Correspondence related to the cotton acreage reduction
  7. 1935-1940 Correspondence concerning the First Ban credit Corp.
  8. 1930-31 Correspondence concerning the Bolivar Co. Bank in Rosedale, MS
  9. 1932 Correspondence with L. P. Joist concerning an oil tax matter and car repair
  10. 1932-33 Correspondence concerning the draining district & the Federal Land Bank
  11. 1932-34 Correspondence concerning highway commissioner redistrict bill
  12. 1937-1941 Correspondence
  13. 1933-35 Correspondence related to Cotton Holiday bill & cotton production issues; a plan for the cotton economy
  14. 1934-35 General correspondence & Misc. papers concerning the Federal Emergency Relief Adm.
  15. 1931 Correspondence concerning Met Life Insurance Co. & Southwest Mortgage Co.
  16. 1932-33 Correspondence with Roy Hale on farming and cotton crops
  17. 1931-32 Correspondence & legislative matters on state tax
  18. 1933-36 Legal correspondence to parties whose last names begins with D.
  19. 1933 Correspondence related to the “Donor Hunting Club”
  20. 1932 Legal correspondence and a copy of a House Bill to raise revenue for maintaining levees.
  21. 1933 Correspondence concerning repeal of prohibition & legalization of beer sales
  22. 1933 Articles, speeches, & correspondence concerning the legalization of beer
  23. 1939 Correspondence & graphs related to Motor Vehicle Traffic Safety in MS
  24. 1938 Correspondence related to the new gin equipment
  25. 1938-39 Correspondence & copies of bills related to the special-called legislative session of 1938
  26. (undated) Landlord “furnish” agreement with price list included
  27. 1933-38 Purchase Statements from United Gas
  28. 1937-39 Correspondence, speeches, resolutions, bills, & a newspaper clipping with views on Flood control
  29. 1933 Correspondence on the regulation & control of public utility rates
  30. 1938 Letters, speeches, and correspondence concerning the establishment of an agricultural experiment laboratory
  31. 1932-33 Correspondence with Bolivar Co. Supt. of  Education (A. K. Eckles)
  32. 1931-32 Correspondence concerning the Levee Board
  33. Not available
  34. 1935 Correspondence concerning Delta Branch Experiment of sweet potato crops
  35. 1935 Correspondence related to Willow and Cottonwood trees for fence posts
  36. 1938 Correspondence related to the abolishment of the cotton tax
  37. 1937 Correspondence with W. H. Birdsong concerning title to property
  38. 1932-35 Legal and personal correspondence
  39. 1937 Correspondence concerning Social Security
  40. 1939 Correspondence and documents related to impeachment proceedings against R. D. Moore, state and commissioner
  41. 1937 Correspondence concerning cotton price
  42. 1933-1957 Legal correspondence
  43. 1940 Correspondence with Judge Sidney Smith
  44. 1935-37 General correspondence with Henry T. Crosby
  45. 1932-33 Correspondence with W. W. Gilbert and son, Merigold, MS
  46. 1931 Letter to State Senator James B. Gully, Louisville, MS
  47. 1935-38 Letters & Correspondence concerning MS Levee Board, pending legislation & flood control.

Box 50

  1. 1937-39 United Business Service Weekly Forecasts
  2. 1935-39 United Business Service Weekly Forecasts
  3. 1943-51 Correspondence with S. T. Roebuck, Chairman of the State Highway Dept.
  4. 1939-40 United Business Service Weekly Forecasts
  5. 1932 A publication promoting ABC – Alcoholic beverage control over prohibition
  6. 1948-1954 Stock Shares correspondence
  7. 1935 Receipts from coal purchase
  8. 1940 Selective Service Registration Data
  9. 1937-42 General correspondence concerning the Christmas Drainage System
  10. 1932-36 Correspondence with Edward Smith, Attorney of Clarksdale, MS
  11. 1935 Letter from Rotary International concerning assistance of physically handicapped children in MS.
  12. 1937-49 Correspondence with the State Games and Fish commission
  13. 1933-34 General State tax data and tax levees set by Board of Supervisors of Bolivar Co.
  14. 1931 Correspondence concerning Insurance policies of Walter Jr.
  15. 1933 Pamphlet “The Crisis in Education”
  16. 1935 Correspondence, booklet – A summary of Roosevelt’s Social Security Bill.
  17. 1938 A proposal to amend MS privileged communications
  18. 1945-52 Correspondence concerning the establishment of an all Black Veterans Hospital.
  19. 1943-49 Correspondence related to flood control with the MS Levee Board
  20. 1934-37 General correspondence with B. E. McDearman
  21. 1930-31 Correspondence
  22. 1931 correspondence related to a tax reduction bill
  23. 1931 Correspondence with W. H. Thomson concerning white labor in the MS delta
  24. 1931 Correspondence concerning farming
  25. 1930 Legal correspondence with Mrs. A. Price Williams
  26. 1932 Correspondence concerning Income Tax Return
  27. 1931 Tax Receipts – Bolivar Co.
  28. 1931 Correspondence with State Treasury Dept.
  29. 1932-33 Tax Receipts for Sillers and Roberts
  30. 1933 Tax Receipts for 1932
  31. 1931 Correspondence on Mrs. Walter Sillers Jr. automobile accident
  32. 1931 Cotton sales receipts
  33. 1930-1931 Correspondence, invoices – Business receipts – Delta Pineland Co. of MS.
  34. 1937-1944 Correspondence with a stock company
  35. 1931 Articles & letters to Gov. Dennis Murphee
  36. 1931-32 1931 Income Tax Receipts
  37. 1937 Legal Testimony of witness before the investigating committee for Mike Ellison
  38. 1936 Remittances & receipts of the Democrat National Campaign Committee
  39. 1937 W. C. Roberts – Election Commissioner, correspondence concerning Bolivar Co.
  40. 1935-36 Correspondence with Rev. S. W. Rogers
  41. 1932 Correspondence & articles (Game & Conservation)
  42. Correspondence with the Homeowners Loan Corp.
  43. 1934-37 Correspondence & activities with the Rotary Club of the area
  44. 1931 Correspondence with Edward Thompson Co.
  45. 1936 Correspondence concerning Alfred Wells Military Service Jul. 5 – Aug 12, 1936
  46. 1939 Correspondence with the State Highway Dept.
  47. 1933-34 Correspondence with the Illinois Central Railroad
  48. 1937-50 Correspondence with the American Bar Assn.

Box 51

  1. 1931 W. C. Roberts – Correspondence with Terrell’s Aquatic Farm.
  2. 1938-39 Personal correspondence of W. C. Roberts.
  3. 1937-39 Personal correspondence of W. C. Roberts.

3a. 1933 W. C. Roberts Tax Receipts (1932).

  1. 1932 W. C. Roberts Tennis Club correspondence.
  2. 1932-34 Personal correspondence of W. C. Roberts.
  3. 1928-1938 W. C. Roberts – Election Commission Certificates.
  4. 1929-31 W. C. Roberts – Election Commission.
  5. 1932-33 Letters from Sillers & Roberts Law Firm.
  6. 1934 Correspondence related to the cotton acreage adjustment.
  7. 1936 Legislative Extra Session – 1936.
  8. 1935 Legislative matters related to the legislative session (1935).
  9. 1934-36 Correspondence with L. C. Dulaney concerning Levee issues.
  10. 1937-38 Legal correspondence concerning Edward L. Victor.
  11. 1935-37 Correspondence concerning the Rural Rehabilitation Program- Resettlement Administration, Washington.
  12. 1935-36 Correspondence with Greenville Production Credit Assn.
  13. 1935-36 Personal Correspondence W. C. Roberts.
  14. 1931-34 Correspondence with J. P. Stevens Engraving Co. & Clarksdale Printing Co.
  15. Copies of House bills for the extraordinary legislative session of 1932.
  16. 1933 Legal documents for Gusto Hutchinson production loan.
  17. 1932-33 Papers & correspondence for Ethel W. Gillian.
  18. 1934-35 Correspondence with Greenville Production Credit Assn.
  19. 1931 Election returns 1931 Sillers Race – Bolivar Co.
  20. 1933 Correspondence with statewide hospitals concerning charity patient and policies.
  21. 1931 Correspondence and copies of a bill to establish an equitable taxing system for the MS Levee District.
  22. 1930-33 Personal correspondence & related articles with L.V. Sutton.
  23. 1931 Business, Taxation, Legislative papers, & reports for MS legislative Agenda.
  24. (undated) Correspondence with Bolivar Co. Bank.
  25. 1932-35 Personal & Legal correspondence.
  26. 1931-32 Correspondence with Edgar Brown & E.A. Pounds.
  27. 1932-33 Correspondence with Mildred S. Topp.
  28. 1930-31 Correspondence with W. J. Tolen.
  29. 1932 Legal correspondence L. E. Holley vs. Cleveland Alexander.
  30. 1930-33 Letters – Bufford vs. Minor.
  31. 1930 Correspondence with MS State Board of Health.
  32. 1930-31 Correspondence with MS State Board of Development.
  33. 1931-32 Correspondence & Legal documents concerning the Sillers’ property.
  34. 1938-1948 Correspondence related to the MS Levee Board.
  35. 1931 Correspondence related to the Equalizing School Fund in Bolivar Co.
  36. 1931 Correspondence with James E. Bennett of Memphis.
  37. 1931 Correspondence concerning G. C. Gardner & MS Levee Board.
  38. 1932 Correspondence concerning Federal gasoline tax laws.
  39. 1931-32 Letters and papers related to Mrs. Florence Sillers’ Plantation
  40. 1930-31 Warehouse & brokerage cotton receipts.
  41. 1929 County tax receipts.
  42. 1932-33 Correspondence concerning the cotton account between Edgar Brown and E.A. Pounds.
  43. 1931 Correspondence concerning the Presbyterian Church in Rosedale, MS.
  44. 1931 Correspondence concerning application for a production loan .
  45. 1931 Various individual poll tax receipts.
  46. 1933 Letters & documents concerning the farm relief cotton plan of M. Aaronson, Rosedale, MS.
  47. 1932 Correspondence with S. F. Adams.
  48. 1933 Letters & documents concerning the “Cotton Holiday Plan of 1934”.

Box 52

  1. 1932-36 Legislative bills & related correspondence
  2. 1932-36 Cotton plantation operations
  3. 1932 Correspondence to Delta State Teacher’s College
  4. 1933-39 Correspondence with Washington, D.C. (Huey P. Long)
  5. 1932-36 Personal correspondence
  6. Legislative correspondence with State Agencies
  7. 1932-36 Personal requests for legislative enactment
  8. 1931 Utility regulation & related issues
  9. 1930-34 Agricultural issues & promotions
  10. 1932 Requests for legislative enactment
  11. 1936 Correspondence with State Agencies
  12. 1930-1940 Legislative matters – Affairs & Correspondence
  13. 1934 Correspondences regarding purchases and shipping of various items

for Sillers plantation

  1. 1930-38 Personal & Business correspondence
  2. 1934 Sillers’ Plantation business affairs
  3. 1930-36 Personal & business correspondence

Box 53

  1. 1950 Printed matters: budget reports for fiscal year of 1947-48 & 1954-55
  2. 1951-52 Correspondence, printed matters, clippings regarding: Jefferson Davis of GA, Charles R. Sligh, Jr., Federal non-essential spending & governmental waste, Mrs. Maria Voskamp, Lauren Harper, A. H. Ramsey, John Stennis, James H. McLendon, and A. Hembrook
  3. 1951-1952 Printed matters, legislative matter (MS & US), correspondence, clippings regarding: Slim Shuttle’s views on the south, Charles Wilson, agriculture, labor, Trumanite Democrat Presidential admirers, communism, MS government, legislative proposals, and study of Federal Seizure of Steel Mills
  4. 1954-55 Correspondence, printed matter, legislative matter regarding: Frank A. Critz, Homestead Exemption, Committee for Constitutional Government, Inc., States of Force Treaty, and segregation in schools.
  5. 1953-56 Printed matters, correspondence regarding Slim Shuttle’s viewing the south, Eisenhower Program-defense program, Communism-Korean War, segregation, flood control, Rose E. Hutchins, Norman Kelly, J. H. White, and Alex Mckeigney

5a. 1956 Newspaper, printed matters, correspondence regarding:

Labor Unions & Blacks, Bricker Amendment/States Rights, W.L.


  1. 1957-60 Printed matters, correspondence, loose leaf papers, U.S. Legislative matters regarding: Waterfowl Management Program, City States Tax Collection, John Stennis, Slim Shuttle, W.R. Hough, Federal Bureau Investigation, and A Paradox in Politics.
  2. 1959 Printed matters, correspondence, telegrams regarding: the Public Relations Committee, U. S. Constitution, G. Q. Coffman, James E. Walsh, J.P. Coleman, Frank E. Smith.
  3. 1960 Correspondence, telegrams, legislative matters, notes, printed matters regarding: Owen Cooper, Sam Lampkin, Industrial Growth in North MS, John Hough, S. H. White, Hugh Clayton, James B. Carry, State Oil and Gas Board.
  4. 1959 Correspondence, printed matter regarding: Norman Kelly, “MS meets the need of its handicapped citizens”, Richard W. Tyler, Seth Hudspeth, J.W. Flint, A. Z. Gray, Les M. Taylor and Harry J. Vickery.
  5. 1960 Correspondence, printed matters regarding Field Study Committee, Paul F. Sleigher, and Earl Evans.
  6. 1951-52 State building commission, correspondence, printed matters, legislative matters regarding: Mamie L. Berry, Raymond Bircheft, E. J. Yelverton, R.W. Neal, and Rules & Regulations of State Building Commission.
  7. 1959-61 State building commission, correspondence, printed matters regarding R.B. Everett, E.J. Yelverton, Boyd Campbell, Robert M. Hearin, and Fred Jones.

12a. 1953-55, 1957 State building commission, correspondence,

printed matters, clippings regarding: E.J. Yelverton, F.E. Eason,

W.M. Kethley, James T. Kendall, and Charles M. Hills.

Box 54

  1. July 1954; Regular Session 1958; Oct./Dec. 1958; undated matters, printed matters, legislative matters 1958, Magazines regarding: The Constitution of the State of MS, Proposed Civil Procedures, State building commission, Dugas Shands, and an U.S. News & World Report.
  2. 1956; 1959 (March – July); undated printed matters, newspapers clippings, correspondence regarding: Rules Joist Rules & Constitutional Provisions, The Kross & the Flag, Percy Greene, Campaign procedure, and candidates for House of Senate.
  3. July 1959; May – July 1959 printed matters, correspondence, newspaper clippings regarding: Declaration of Principles, on Taxing & Spending, B.F. Smith, Virginia Commission on Constitutional Government, and Economy in MS & U.S.
  4. 1958 Legislation Session; December 1957, Jan, May, & Oct. 1958, correspondence, newspaper clippings, Booklet and printed matters regarding: Alabama Foundation, Rex McRaney, T.C. Robbins, Hugh Wall, W.R. Hough, Mrs. Murry A. Evans, copy of address by Booker T. Washington.
  5. 1958 Legislation Session, August – November 1957, printed matters, newspaper clippings, correspondence regarding: “A Tragedy of Errors” by Richard Russell, Floyd Cooke, B.F. Smith, M. M. McGowan, Tim Barrentine, Memo, and Highway and State Aid Roads.
  6. 1946-1960 Legislative matters – Senate concurrent resolutions, television panel discussions, Assignment of reelection. List of members elected and in run-off – for house and senate.
  7. 1946; 1955; 1956-60 printed matters, legislative matters, 1948, 1955, personal notes regarding: Senate Concurrent Resolution, and H. C. R. – “A Wave of Terror Threatens the South.”
  8. “X, Y, Z” Jan. – Mar. 1946, correspondence regarding W. E. Young, Burford Yerzer, and William H. Zeigel.
  9. “W” Jan. – Apr. 1946 correspondence, trespasses, telegrams regarding: Allen Warfoild, William G. Walter, Mr. Dudley Watson, W. H. Womack, Senator Wolfe, Mrs. M. L. Wilson, and Fielding Wright.
  10. “U & V” Feb/Apr. 1946 responses to correspondence regarding Carmen E. Valentine, and C.R. Underwood.
  11. “T” Jan. – Apr. 1946 correspondence regarding Mrs. W.H. Thomson, W.C. Trotter, Wayne Thompson, Milton L. Turpin, Mrs. F. W. Tutt, L.O. Todd, Todd G. Sillers, and S. J. Taylor.
  12. “Sillers & Roberts” Jan. – Apr. 1946 correspondence regarding W.C. Roberts concerning speeches, purchasing orders, and referrals to nursing homes.
  13. “Sale Tax” Feb. 16-18, 1946 Telegram regarding H. B. No. 34 Supporters and Opponents.
  14. “S” Jan – Mar 1946 correspondence regarding: Edward struggles on Highway #1, Neal Streater, Dugas Shands, J. D. Simmons, Dr. Swartz, & L.V. Sutton.

14a. “R” Jan – Feb. 1946 correspondence, telegrams regarding Rosedale

Consolidated School, Brunson, S. T. Roebuck, and Dorothy Ramsey.

  1. “P” Feb – Mar 1946 correspondence regarding V. B. Philpot, E. D. Raymen, W. A. Pipes and John Porter.
  2. “O” Mar. 1946 correspondence regarding Florence Ogden.
  3. “N” Feb. 1948 correspondence regarding H. W. Nugent and contractors of 1946 flood control program.
  4. “Medical College letters” Jan – Mar 1948 correspondence, printed matters, telegram regarding Ross Anderson, DR. B. S., Guyton, Dean of the Medical College in Ala., Henry Boswell, information on medical schools in Ala. & Tenn., and Dr. Brumfield.
  5. “M” Feb. – Mar. 1946 correspondence regarding Abe S. Miller, Dennis Murphee, Otis D. Ashworth, Abe S. Miller, and J.H. Maddox.
  6. “MC” Jan – Mar. 1946 correspondence regarding Mrs. O. F. Miller, and J. H. Maddox.
  7. “L” Jan – Feb 1946 correspondence regarding Pete LaGrove and M. L. B. Luttrell.
  8. “K” Jan – Mar 1946 correspondence regarding W.M. Kethley and John M. Kay Kendall.
  9. “J” Jan – Mar 1946 correspondence regarding: Oscar Johnston, N.M. Jacobs, N. Jackson, Mrs. Roger B. Johnson, W. D. Jones, R. E. Jackson, and Forest Jeffery.
  10. “H” Jan – Mar 1946 correspondence, printed matters, telegrams regarding Isabell Holling, Lit Upshun, Estella G. Hefley, W.W. Hickman, Frank Harper, Bill Haven, C.R. Bradley, and John Hunter.
  11. “G” Jan – Mar 1946 correspondence, telegram regarding: Jose Gilbert on Traffic counts, Minor Gray, Charles Grube, Joseph E. Gibson about Medical School, T. Y. Willford, Dr. G. S. Guyton, E. H. Green, Tom Gibson, Robert Gennis, Kirk Grantham and Ed Green.
  12. “F” Jan – Mar 1946 correspondence, telegrams regarding Nester Fant about the sale of land and bill amending section 419 and James Finley.
  13. “Election Law” Feb – Mar 1946 correspondence regarding Attorney General of S. Carolina, & Hubert Holmes.
  14. “E” Jan – Apr 1946 correspondence, telegrams regarding Jim Eastland about registration of fire arms, Chase F. Engle, and L. V. Edward.
  15. “D” Jan – Apr 1948 correspondence, telegram regarding the Delta Council, E. C. Dazzett, & James Daleto.
  16. Congratulatory Case Mar 4-6, 1946 correspondence, clipping regarding Dr. B. B. Harper, & F. S. Cannon “Itta Bena Club Holds Seeking”.
  17. “Closed Shops” Jan – Feb 1946 correspondence regarding House Bills to closed shops in MS, Drew Whitfield, and Elliot Lawrence.
  18. “C” Jan – Mar 1946 correspondence regarding R. L. Cockerham, Gerald Chatham, & J. B. Coleman.
  19. “B” Jan – Feb 1946 correspondence, telegrams regarding Chancellor A. B. Butts, T. J. Bogue, W. D. Bell, Graham Burke, & John Sharp Butler.
  20. “A” Feb – Mar 1946 regarding Chalmers Alexander, L. E. Arnold about flooded highways, R. B. Anderson about election laws.
  21. June –July 1959 printed matter, correspondence, newspapers clippings, personal notes regarding The Community Citizen, clippings: Coleman Adm. Failed… and Buddie Newman.
  22. 1958 Feb 1959 newspaper, printed matters regarding Mrs. Sillers “Abe Not Rights Advocate Despite”, Birthday Oratory, & the Citizen Council 1958.
  23. Oct – Nov 1957; 1958 printed matters, newspaper, speeches, correspondence regarding T. C. Robbins on Constitution & Maintenance costs, list of U.S. States & date for their present constitution, A. S. Coody about the cost of living, copy of C. R. T.’ S Act of 1957, & S. P. Coleman about constitutional convention.
  24. 1956-59 clippings, speeches, printed matters regarding Racism, Education, Labor movement, Economy, “This is no time to Tamper with our State Constitution”, Integrate – Little Rock incident, speech by WSJ opposing the Constitutional Convention.
  25. 1947 Mar 19-30, 1958 undated matters, correspondence, printed matters, newspapers, legislative matters 1958, regarding The Story of the NAACP; The New Republic, The Augusta Courier and MS Economic Council.

Box 55

  1. 1949, 1955-56, printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters – 1956, newspaper clippings, regarding Speech on Federal vs. State Control of Labor Mgmt., B. F. Smith on tentative recommendations of MS Law, W. Schmidt about his views on integration, Report of MS Commissioner, & Proposal for Implementing the water policy of MS.
  2. 1954 Dec. correspondence, printed matters, newspapers regarding Thomas Tubbs, W. S. Henley, & Wey Gore.
  3. June – August 1954 correspondence, printed matters, House Bills, regarding Pat Eager, Wade Martin, J. B. Hutton Jr. about NAACP & Merger of Southern & Northern Presbyterian Churches, Gov. Hugh White, Edgar Stephen about abolishing public schools, John Eakes, Julia McCoyton, & Joseph Hopkins.
  4. – Dec. 1955, Jan. – Feb. 1956, printed matters, newspapers, correspondence, regarding a letter to the Public Accountancy Law of MS, Paul Gaithert, Hon. Walker C. P., and R. B. Snowden.
  5. 1955-1956 printed matter, correspondence, newspaper regarding A Racial Revolution addressed by Hugh Grant, and Robert Thompson.
  6. 1948-1952; Nov – Dec 1955 printed matters, booklet, correspondence, clippings regarding Handbook MS Legislature Regulator Session 1948, and James Eastland.
  7. July 1944 – June 1947, Nov – Dec 1955, Jan – Feb 1959, printed matters, correspondence, certificate, newspaper, map regarding: a copy of Audit of MS Building Commission, The Richmond News Leader, Russell Lindsey about a historical headline about the states, Hebert Ladner, City tax (sales) collection, Rex McRaney about Wildlife Management, and maps: Waterfowl Management Project Shell Lake Area.
  8. 1955-1956 printed matters, newspaper clippings, correspondence regarding Congressional Records, Frank Ellis, US Congress establish rules of interpretation, “Black Monday” “Interposition” “Interposition” “Nullification” and Frank Smith newsletter “Integration”.
  9. 1955-1956 printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters, magazines, clippings regarding John Stennis, South MS Senator (Eastland) leads segregation fight, Ben F. Mitchell about House Bill 232, Crime Report reveals Menace Integration, “The Rights to Interpose”, the Supreme Court’s Modern Scientific Authorities in the segregation case, and the Virginia “Interpose”.
  10. 1954-1956 printed matters, correspondence, legislative matter regarding House Rule 185 of the General Assembly of GA, J. P. Coleman about a copy of the South Carolina House Journal, and Draft of South Carolina School Resolution.
  11. Sept – Dec 1947; Jan 1948 printed matters, magazines, notes on legal paper, correspondence regarding: government interference on sovereign states, speech about Education, the Penitentiary, Law Enforcement, Black Market Tax, Hospitals, etc., Conference of Southern Governors about Anti-lynching Legislation and Anti-segregation Law etc., Southern Weekly: “Southern Politicians Start Usual Bally Loo.”
  12. (undated) Applications for State Aid to November 25, 1947 act declaring purpose, printed matters regarding school applying for state aid on building projects.
  13. Oct – Dec 1947 printed matter, correspondence regarding MS Agricultural & Industrial Board, Thomas Ethridge about flood control, E. J. Yelverton about a copy of the minutes of the Building Commission.
  14. 1908-1917 Legal papers and estate papers.
  15. 1908 Sept – Nov 1914 – 1917 printed matters (legal) regarding Notice to take Deposition, deed of trust, contract, Estate, Bill of Sale, copy of a will, Certificate, appeal bond, and petition.

Box 56

  1. (Undated) legislative matter documents, correspondences regarding MS corrupt practice Act of 1935, and financial affairs of Bolivar County.
  2. 1930-34 letters, transaction, receipts regarding levees.
  3. 1935-36 MS legislature, documents, House Bills regarding Highway Commission, and construction of a State Highway.
  4. Special Session Legislature 1935 printed matters, blueprint, documents regarding old age dependency, Interstate compacts for crime control, taxes – drainage & mileage, return farm & home purchases Act.
  5. Interview on Road Bill 1934-36? Legislative matters, printed matters, House Bills, maps, copies regarding creation of the state highway and pavement of roads and highways.
  6. Aid to Unemployable and others Sept – Oct 1935, printed matters, House bills, Senate Bill, surveys regarding financial aid for the elderly, handicaps, blind, and dependent children.
  7. Corrupt Practice Act approx. October 1935, letters, House bill regarding fraud prevention & corruption during elections.
  8. 1954 printed matters, letters, House Bills regarding the National Industrial Recovery Act.
  9. Aug – Sept 1932 copies of letters & petition regarding the case of Flora Drug Company vs. MS State Tax Commission.
  10. 1932 – Oct. 1933 printed matters, statements, House Bills regarding the Public Utilities Act.
  11. Constitutional Convention Jun – Nov 1933 printed matters, letters, and House Bills regarding changes in the MS constitution, cotton economy, and reorganization of Senatorial Districts and liquor.
  12. 1932-33 1935 printed matters, letters, statements, speech regarding appropriation, & constitutional convention.
  13. (Undated) addresses, speeches, House Bill regarding repeal of the 8 million property taxes, 10 million-dollar proposal, and proposal amendments to the Constitution State’s Finances.
  14. 1942 printed matters, clipping regarding communism, cotton economy, and Delta State Teachers College.
  15. 1936 personal correspondence

Box 57

  1. 1940 / Sept/Oct 1942/Dec 1943/ Jan 1944 printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters – regular session 1944 regarding the recess hospitalization committee 1940, Fund Budget Discussion 1943 – MS’s BAWI Plan, and Homestead Exemption Act.
  2. Feb –Apr 1944/May – Jun 1945/ Feb –Mar 1947/ Mar – Apr 1948 correspondence, legislative matters, hotel receipts, printed matters regarding W.C. I. Bill and an appropriation letter from VA about a message that Senator Bilbo made about blacks.
  3. (Undated) forms, notes, Senate Bill, printed matters, correspondence regarding Tom Bailey Bill – defendants & court, taxes, child labor previsions, and Rosedale Precedent.
  4. Sept 1950/ Mar – Oct 1951/ Apr-Jul 1952 correspondence, printed matters, telegrams, legislative matters – 1952, hotel receipts, re-election matters regarding Henry Baser requesting WSJ to return to the legislature, W.M. Kethley about taking aids to build dormitory – stadium, Federal jobs selling and other irregularities in MS, Plumbing, Electric Supply Co. vs. State Building Commission, and preliminary budget survey and education.
  5. 1949-1952 correspondence regarding Mrs. Walter Sillers Jr.
  6. July/Aug 1952 newspaper clippings, magazines regarding National Democratic Convention in Chicago, Aug paper upset with Stevenson’s talk about Civil Rights, July paper: electing a candidate to run for President, and magazines: Stevenson.
  7. July/Aug 1952 clipping, printed matters, correspondence, copies of Resolution, copy of transcript, press releases, telegrams regarding National Consumers League, Democratic National Convention, Federal Equality of Opportunity in Employment, letter from WSJ to Gov. of South Carolina, about South Carolina decision on what platform to support, copy of radio release from Gov. Burnes, statement from Congressman Bennet, and U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Policy.
  8. July 1952 clippings, newspapers, printed matters regarding various planks during the National Democratic Convention, F. E. P. C. Plank – representative Emanuel Cellers, and UAW – CIO in support to Civil Rights Platform Plank.
  9. 1944/May 1952 clippings, newspapers, printed matters regarding Delta Council Directors, Stillers as new speaker, Gov. Bailey – new MS Governor, clippings: MS legislature 1944, and booklets: America’s 10th Man; Races of _______; A Better America; Black and the War; and America & the Future.
  10. Extra Session 1928 Abstract of House Journal regarding legislative matter: appropriation, taxes, education, highway department, agriculture, etc.
  11. Oct – Dec 1932/ Jan 1933/ Jan – Feb 1934 clippings, newspaper, correspondence, legislative matters regarding taxation, reduce Farm loans, privilege tax on Lower Levee District Act to validate the Bolivar Co. bonds, holiday greeting from Mike Conner, and Stillers – Tax Commission & unnamed fee.
  12. July – August 1952 correspondence, printed matters, telegrams regarding Democratic platform- Resolution which state that MS Democratic Convention disapproves of National Democrats candidates, letters from John Bell Williams about a copy of an original speech by Hugh White about states’ rights, The People’s Campaign Committee about raising finances, letter from Hardy Lott about Stevenson as National Democratic candidates, and letter from Commissioner Thigpen about Stevenson.
  13. 1951/July – Aug 1952 correspondence, data, legislature matters – regular clippings, magazine regarding Democratic National Convention, letter from W. B. Humphreys to WSJ about Democratic platform, letters to Gov. Shivers of TX, Gov. Brunes of South Carolina, Gov. Bryd of VA & Gov. Talmadge of GA about them not supporting the National Democratic candidates, Resolution by White, and a memorandum of A.H., Gen. of MS.
  14. July 1952 printed matters, notes, clippings regarding Democratic National Convention, Democratic Manual, Loyalty Pledge – Moody Resolution and Resolution – permanent organization of MS Democratic Convention for the appointment of committee.
  15. State Democratic Convention June 26, 1952 printed matters, MS Democratic Convention matters, telegram regarding MS Democratic Convention: Democratic Platform, Minutes, and Resolutions.

Box 58

  1. 1962-63 printed matters, newspapers, legislative matters, 1963 Bank Statement regarding Sillers Caucus- sheriff’s bill, appointment of a state school board, Facts in Education, Uniform Minority Party Law, New Industry for Columbus, Senate bill – fix fees for filing documents in the office of the Sec. of State and issuing certificates by him.
  2. July/Aug/Oct/Dec 1962 printed matters, Statement of Accounts, maps regarding Baxter International Economic Research Bureau – Economists were Wrong do we Face a Serious Business Recession; Going Broke by Evading Taxes; Where do we go from here?; Statement of Account Lease Miller Etal & Fomby.
  3. March – April 1963 printed matters, correspondence regarding TFX Controversy, letter from Louis V. Sutton about REA matter, Gerald Smith – Jews and Prayer, United States Civil Service Commission – Sammie Ross Davis?, Jr.
  4. 1944-46/Jan-Feb, Apr. 1963/Nov. 1962 newspapers, printed matters, correspondence regarding status of Appropriation 1944-46; challenge to morality; officer of MS’s Women for Constitutional Government – Mrs. Florence Ogden Sillers, an address by John C. McLaurin Nov 1962, and birthday wishes to WSJ.
  5. 1962 Resolution in Memory of William Clay Roberts & concurrent Resolution commending the honorable Walter Sillers.
  6. 1961 printed matters, maps, correspondence regarding MS Industrial and Technological Research Commission to be located in the vicinity of Jackson; Kentucky Spindle-top Research Center and Park, Research Triangle of North Carolina.
  7. 1962-63 printed matters, statement of account, legislative matter – 1962 regarding reappointment of legislature, statement and remarks by WSJ about reappointment; proposed amendment by House, and report of special committee.
  8. Sept –Nov 1962 correspondence, printed matters, clipping, legislative matters regarding reappointment of Meredith in the Univ. of MS; invitation to a dedication of a monument in memory of seven early governors of MS; Robert Kennedy views of the Oxford, MS issues, Kennedy’s and Sammie Davis Jr.
  9. Aug 1 – 13, 1962 printed matters, newspapers, legislative matters regarding statement by Senator Byrd about reduction of nonessential Federal Expenditures with employment figures and expenditures tax, reduction; suggestions for reappointment of the House & Senate submitted by Maurice Malone, copy of a letter from V. E. Fewell to Louis Hollis about a plan in the school system to integrate whites and blacks together with the use of the library, letter from Willis Stone about the Liberty Amendment and MS State Building Commission.
  10. June – Aug 1962/ June 30, 1964 printed matters, correspondence, clippings, newspaper, magazines regarding “Black Goal: Balance of Power in the South”; magazine: The Cross and the Flag; letter from Florence Sillers Ogden to WSJ about her articles “Dis an Dat” about Gov. Barnett’s speech to Washington State Bar Assoc. in British Colombia on the white and black issue, and article “Dis an Dat”.
  11. Whitten Campaign 1962 correspondence, printed matters regarding Jamie Whitten campaign for Congress, copy of letter for Clarence Cannon to keep Whitten in Congress, copy of article which compare Whitten qualification to running mate Smith’s qualification, and a copy of a letter for WSJ to Cannon about his support of Whitten.
  12. 1961-62 printed matters, correspondence, newspaper clippings, magazine, legislative matters – Regular Session 1962, data, roll call, notes regarding: MS 2nd District election of Frank Smith, resolution – the unique record of attainment of WSS in his outstanding service, data on revenue received for sale of beer, wine and? of 1961, letters form WSJ to A.M. Broome, letters from WSJ to Gov. Barnett about a penitentiary bill, wine bills, an article about American Moral, campaign papers from Frank E. Smith, Jamie Whitten.
  13. 1964-68 correspondence, clippings, printed matters, bills regarding letters of sympathy to Mrs. Sillers for the lost of her husband, ceremonies of Gov. John Bell Williams, letter from Mr. Naef about naming a building after Walter Sillers, letter in 1965 from a medical doctor, letter from Marshall Bouldin III about painting a portrait of WSJ, and a letter about property of WSJ.

Box 59

  1. Jan – Nov 1950 clippings, correspondence, newspaper, Senate bill regarding taxes, minutes of State Building Commission, Labor Agricultural and Industrial, mineral rights on lands in Stone and Perry Co., MEA, and Korean War.
  2. Jan – Nov 1950 correspondence, newspaper clippings, printed matters regarding letters: Harry F. Byrd – Marshall Plan, the arming of Greece & Turkey; Ramsey – communism, Jim Eastland – PAC – CIO Program, K. E. Shipp – Achesan?-His, and commodity.
  3. Aug 1961/Jan – Jul 1962/Nov 1962 correspondence, printed matters, newspaper regarding appropriation/omnibus Bill, repairs & maintenance for buildings at MS State Penitentiary, copy letter from J. Thomas to Chancellor J. P. Williams of Univ. of MS about integration, case of James A. Meredith vs. Charles D. Fair.
  4. Jan – July 1964 correspondence, House bills, printed matters regarding expanded role of research in MS; letters to Judge Brady, Supreme Court; and Russian in Cuba.
  5. Feb – Oct 1965 correspondence, printed matters, data regarding David Lawrence’s article on “Federal Business and Equal Rights”, Tom Abernethy – return of A. H. Gen. Katzenbach in sending Federal Registrars to Bolivar Co., M. M. Roberts – Underground Gas Storage, Jamie Whitten – voting, Fred A. Ross – Aid to Dependent Child, Registration Act of 1965.
  6. Jan – Feb 1948 printed matters, telegram regarding the State’s Rights Democratic Party.

Box 60

  1. Sept 1954 printed matters, correspondence, booklets, House and Senate Bills, clippings regarding a letter from B. F. Smith of Delta Council – information for minimum State requirement for MS farmer to get a loan under Water Facilities Act; gas chamber at MS State Penitentiary, Harding Carter’s article, segregation in public school, letter by WSJ to Gov. White – employees of the penitentiary, black applicants for medical loans, study of water resources, Conservation of Minerals & Natural Resources, and Flood Prevention Act.
  2. May/Aug/Sept 1954 magazines, correspondence regarding S. News & World Report; WSJ to J.J. Breland about his position on abolishing public school & returning to private school system – segregation; WSJ to Eugene Cook about decision of the Supreme Court – segregation; WSJ to Eugene Cook about no police action to maintain segregation.
  3. Aug/Sept? 1955 booklet, map, printed matters regarding beneficial use of water in MS; Act of Assignment; Report of Operations – Fomby – #1 Clayton Field.
  4. Dec 1955/ Jan –Feb 1956 newspaper, correspondence, Resolutions, notes, magazines regarding small loan; taxes – beer; child welfare & social welfare, Interposition, segregation.
  5. 1955/Feb 1956 – Regular Session 1956 printed matters, clippings, speech regarding Panorama Pictures Corp. vs. Delta Democratic Publishing, Walter Law Revision, permanent rules of the Senate, Interposition (VA), and speech by C. B. Newman – segregation & Supreme Court decision
  6. Oct/Nov 1957 printed matters regarding Civil Rights integration, and communism.
  7. Dec 1955/ Jan 1956 printed matters, newspapers, telegrams, correspondence, legislative matters regarding MS Utilities Commission; Harry Byrd about a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget; Interposition, several letters from citizens about MS segregated; Circuit Co. District.
  8. Aug 1957 correspondence, printed matters, clippings, newspaper, notes regarding letter to & from Gov. Coleman, statement from Ex Gov. White- segregation.
  9. Constitutional Convention Oct/Nov 1957 printed matters, correspondence, newspapers, clippings regarding Summary of Objectives to a Constitutional Convention, a speech about a need for Constitutional Convention – segregation & integration, industry, school problem, property for taxation, qualifications of electors; letter from MS Senator Glazier to WSJ – doesn’t want constitutional convention, letter to Mr. Robinson of State Times – relationship of Gov. Coleman & WSJ about Constitutional Convention issue.
  10. Constitutional Convention Sept/Aug/Oct/Nov 1957 printed matters, copies of other states’ constitution, newspaper clippings, correspondence, statements by committee of 25 regarding: Constitutional Convention, correspondence from Gov. Coleman to WSJ: proposal of Constitution, a copy of a newspaper article – “Blacks Open Campaign for Vote Rights”; tax, a bill to destroy TVA and all municipal owned utilities.
  11. Oct/Nov 1957 correspondence, printed matters regarding constitutional convention, copy of the Provision Constitution of GA, copy Wheeler vs. Board of Trustees of Fargo Consolidation; Constitution Convention – general, characters, and power; 2 letters from concerned citizen about revising the state constitution.
  12. 1954 newspaper, printed matter, legislative session 1954 regarding segregation, a study of Bolivar Co. Public School, and abolishment of public school in the counties and school district.
  13. 1957 printed matters, notes, correspondence, data, legislative session – 1957 regarding Constitution Convention, letter from Gov. Coleman to Rep. R. C. McCarver about a letter where Coleman was called a “dictator”, minority report; speech about segregation, integration, and public school, Industrial Round – up of MS, WSJ & other legislatures give reasons for not needing a Constitutional Convention and New Constitution.
  14. Oct/Nov 1957/Jan – 1959 printed matters, correspondence, newspaper, script of the “Missy” Awards, legislative matters, Biographical data of the House of Representatives Regular Session 1956; House Bills regarding Constitutional Convention, letters from Edwin White to WSJ about his opinion of Gov. Coleman’s plan to a Constitutional Con.; A.S. Coody, This is No Time to Tamper with Our State Constitution by committee of 25, copies of the Bills to be proposed for a constitutional convention; financial assistance for the needy, speech by Gov. Coleman to MS legislature.
  15. Apr/Oct/Nov 1957 correspondence, printed matters, hotel receipts, legislative matters, booklet, house bill, copy of clippings, clippings, roll calls regarding Constitutional Convention; letter from Gov. Coleman – Apr. 1957 about adopting a new MS constitution, public schools; hospital being built (Integrated veterans), reappointment of the House of Rep; a letter from A. H. General Eugene Cook of the State of GA about Constitutional Convention.

Box 61

  1. Apr/Sept 1961 correspondence, printed matters regarding Gov. Ross Barnett placing Thompson Pound on the committee on Education; Boswell Stevenson (President of MS Farm Bureau) – building research center; S. T. Brown – a copy of a Resolution about assessments for income taxes vs. banks; Robert Archer – industrial development of Gulf Coast.
  2. Mar/Sept/Oct 1963 correspondence, printed matters, clippings regarding Satterfield – address “Civil Regimentation in the Name of Civil Rights”; Henley – anti-poll tax amendment; Bearden (Head Dairy Science Dept.) – proposed Dairy Science building; Stennis – fiction of the test ban treaty; Ladner – “MS Republican Party Platform”, and clippings on Goldwater & Dr. McClain.
  3. Mar – Dec 1965 correspondence, statements of account, copy of a speech, printed matters regarding a copy of a speech by Jamie Whitten to MS Rivers & Harbors Assoc.; Statements & Report of operations about Zeigler Creek Field – Walter W. Heard, Jr., copy of car address given by Gov. Johnson – Ed. & Research for MS’s economic develop.
  4. Mar/Apr/May/Jun/Aug/Sept/Dec 1966 correspondence, printed matters, clipping, House Resolution regarding Scott – Textbook Project Thomas (Director of Gulf Coast Technical Institute) – article about Technical Institute, Heard – Sale of Working Interest; Brocato – candidacy for circuit court; Rep. Williams – appropriation of money & private schools; O’Keefe – resolution – National Guard Assoc. of MS.
  5. May/July/Aug/Sept 1966 correspondence, printed matters, get well cards, map regarding Heard & Colter – original copy of Joint Operating agreement; Forest Home Prospect and Rucker Home Prospect; Heard – drilling information on Gunboat Cairo.
  6. Undated correspondence, printed matters, notes, data, roll call regarding Gene hospital stay; pamphlet: “Partners in Progress”; dieting, religion leaflet; an area map of MS Memorial Stadium; Minority Report – Civil Rights, Financing of Public Schools; and reappointment.

Box 62

  1. 1946/ June 1948 printed matters, resolutions regarding State’s Rights, Democrats, Principles of the Democratic Party of the State of MS in the Democratic State Convention.
  2. Feb/May 1948/July 1948 telegrams, printed matters, letters regarding MS State’s Rights, and Democrats.
  3. Various dates July 1948/Mar 1948/ 1930/1925 letters, newspaper, printed matters regarding Truman, State’s Rights, communism, segregation, economy, and Bank records.
  4. July? 1948 letters, telegrams, resolutions, notes regarding State’s Rights and Democrats.
  5. July 1948 clippings, printed matters, newspaper, map regarding Truman, State’s Rights, Democrats, and communism.
  6. Sept 26-28, 1966/Oct 2, 1966 clippings regarding death of Walter Sillers Jr.
  7. 1948 Resolutions, printed matters, clippings, newspapers regarding State’s Rights, Democratic convention, Truman, and Civil Rights.

Box 63

  1. Nov 1961 – Feb 1962 legislative matters, newspapers and clippings regarding Univ. of MS Medical Center, appropriation, Cattle Research Center, Ill. Central Railroad, Tombigbee Waterway Management District.
  2. 1962 Delta State College maps, resolutions, order of the Board of Supervisors regarding Delta State College.
  3. Oct 1961 – Jan 1962 clippings, printed matters, newspapers regarding Unitization Oils – MS – Ala Division of the mid-continent oil/gas Assoc.; kickbacks of public officials – Sillers asking for a delay in the investigation.
  4. Nov 25, 1961/Jan 19, 1962 correspondence, house bill regarding Cooperative Marketing Act.
  5. Apr 6, 1962 & May 4, 1962 State Building Commission (MS) manuscripts regarding the minutes of the meeting on March 14 and April 11, 1962.
  6. Dec 1961 – Feb 1962/ Mar 1962 clippings, printed matters, letters and bills regarding the MS Exhibit in the World’s Fair, redistricting, transportation tax, liquor laws, minutes of the State Building Commission, and Order of DeMolay.

6a. 1962 Regular Legislative Session printed matters, booklet 2, 3, 5, 6

regarding General Acts of 1962 Legislative Session.

  1. Dec 28, 1961/Feb 1962 correspondence regarding Adult Education, warfare in Congo, levying mileage for school taxes in District 4 in Bolivar Co.
  2. Dec 1961 – Feb 1962 correspondence, newspaper, printed matters regarding finances in the legislature, communism, race mixing in the Jackson Park, flood control projects, and redistricting.
  3. Nov 3, 1961 – Dec 1961 letters, minutes of State Building Commission regarding School of Nursing Building at the Univ. Medical Center, mile limit in District IV Schools, Jr. Colleges, and MEA.
  4. MS Legislature 1962 letters, notes, clippings, House Bill, Senate Bill, map regarding redistricting of MS, revising MS Constitution and poll tax.
  5. Regular Session 1962 House Bill, Census map of MS in 1960, telegram about redistricting regarding the apportionment and redistricting of the State of MS.
  6. Oct 1961 – May 1962 letters, printed matters, newspaper, House Bills, legislature – 1962 regarding appropriation, establishment of a graduate scientific training and research program, sale of Non-resident Hunting & Fishing Licenses, & taxes.
  7. Redistricting 1962 letters, telegrams, clipping, printed matter regarding redistricting, regulations for applications of herbicides, and Bailey vs. Patterson (Supreme Court).

Box 64

  1. June 1955 printed matters, letters regarding an article by Hodding Carter in Look
  2. July 1, 1951 – Jun 30, 1953 printed matters regarding Ellisville State School and Mental Health in MS.
  3. Sept 21, 1955 speech delivered by Upton Sission regarding reapportionment.
  4. Sept 1954/ May 31 – Sept 13, 1955 printed materials, copies of various letters regarding the Supreme Court decision on integration, letters to & from C. S. Bennett, Ellis Finger, Roy C. Clark, and John Wesley Lord.
  5. Feb – Jul 1955 letter, roll call, House calendars regarding resolution – the Hodding Carter’s article.
  6. Mar 1945 War Food Administration printed material regarding War Food Administration – Office of Labor.
  7. Oct 1954 – Jun 1955 clippings, printed materials, letters, pamphlet, and newspaper regarding segregation, communism, and letters – Coody.
  8. Resolutions for Delta Council 1946 Meeting clippings, newspapers, printed matters regarding labor unions, and ballot rights.
  9. June 1955 Mrs. Bettie Howell & J. W. McLellan (sheriff) printed matters, clippings, newspaper, letter regarding segregation and Howell vs. McLellan.
  10. Dec 1958 – Mar 1959 printed matters, magazines regarding Religion, boating, Game & Fish Commission programs, and business review of MS.
  11. 1954 – Mar 1955 clippings, printed matters, and letters regarding cotton economy, teachers’ salary, welfare program, and segregation.
  12. Speech before MS Board of Supervisors Assoc. – Aug 30, 1944 clippings, printed materials, and data used for the speech.
  13. 1944 clippings and printed matter related to labor and economic issue.
  14. 1958 clippings, printed matter, newspaper, copies of House resolutions, and information regarding legislative matters – public education taxes, and trading stamps.

Box 65

  1. Legislation Nov – Dec 1943; Jan – Mar 1944 legislative matters – Regular Session 1944, correspondence, printed matters, newspaper, telegram regarding: Old Asylum Property & Office Building; Amendments to Sale Tax Law; Americanism; State Rights Soldier Voting Bill; State Highway system; editorial of Bilbo; Free Enterprise; Wartime Milk Facts; John Brunin about Senate Bill # 111 lawyers House Bill; “Assault Upon the Civilization of the South”; editorials from Alabama; Summary of Illegal Disbursements of Clark County District IV Fund; orphanages and state government; method of voting; members of the land and naval forces during the war; MS Forest and Park Service; Jefferson Davis Shrine; Industries & Thigpen; Old Age & Blind Asst.; data on taxation of the manufacture and sale of liquor; Soldiers’ Absentee Voting Bill and Blue laws.
  2. Dec 1943; Jan – Feb 1944 correspondence, cards, telegrams, clippings regarding speakership of the House of Representatives; election of a winning position; Sillers to be a future governor or U.S. Senate.
  3. Ruling by speaker and Special announcement Feb –Mar 1944 legislative matters and correspondence regarding: House Resolution – bills must be accompanied by Minority Report to be placed on the calendar; letter from Forrest about data, Unavoidable Absentee Forms- appointed waits of Washington Co. on Mar 17; point of order – act to revise the privileged tax class about H.B.#143; Memorandum about H.B. #64 – revenue bill,
  4. 1944 legislative matter regarding Intoxicating liquor; bill impose privilege tax on liquor dealers; Act to strengthened the Prohibition laws of MS; bill leading a privilege tax on hard liquor on a basis of $1.00 per gallon, stamps to be placed on bottle.
  5. Feb 1944 correspondence, printed matters, clippings regarding MS State Penitentiary; recommendations; Pardoning Board; need for a change in operation & conduct of the business of the penitentiary; changes in the methods of handling the convicts and clipping: “Sillers Prison Reform Plan Calls for General Overseer Farm Managers for Camps.”
  6. Jan – Feb/Apr 1944 printed matters, legislative matters, correspondence, clippings, data regarding: the Act to create the Univ. of MS Medical School in Jackson, MS; Home Concurrent Resolution #49 to investigate and compute information toward the establishment and maintenance of Medical School and hospital on the old soybean property; data – Ill. Physicians – Rosier, MS Physicians; Medical School Annual ______ & other revenues.
  7. Jan – Mar 1944 clippings, correspondence regarding “cost of living index questioned by labor’; “A Profit for Labor”; L. O. Crosby to James R. Clerk about Workmen’s Compensation; L. P. Clark to Gov. Thomas Bailey about Workmen’s Compensation Acts; WSJ to W. C. Adams about Workmen’s Compensation Act & Homesteads.
  8. Feb – Mar 1944 correspondence regarding MS Income Tax Law; letter about Ala tax department study income tax laws of various states, study shows laws of MS in report 5; W. R. Guest about view point of the corporation.
  9. Feb – Aug? 1944 correspondence, legislative matters regarding: draft of a proposed legislative act to establish uniform rules of pleading, practice and procedure in Civil actions with state courts; Senate Bill # 111; Bill Smiths, Inc – (The Average citizens group) Democracy; Lew Winchester about Estate of Mrs. Lottie M. Scott; M. G. Valdon opposing retirement fund for any of the school teachers; H. B. – act describing liability of an employer to indemnity an employee for injury or death resulting from an accident arising out of & in the course of employment.
  10. 1944 printed matters, legislative matters, Regular Session 1944, clippings regarding Taxation of Mineral Interests; H.B. #23 act to provide for the raising of additional public revenue by imposition of a privilege tax relative to Oil Mined; memorandum of Caucus H.B. #39; committee substitute of H.B. #39 act to prevent waste to foster & development and provide for Conservation of crude petroleum oil and natural gases; create a state oil & gas commission; Spearman to WSJ about excuse tax to be buried in crude oil.
  11. Juvenile Delinquency and Child Welfare Jan – Feb 1944 correspondence, telegrams regarding Mrs. J. N. Dunni- about moving the Oakley Delinquent Farm of blacks Boys to Parchman; Mary Francis Lacey – about home for delinquent black children; Dunn – about a bill which allows the child welfare standards for child carry institutions; Susie Powell – keep delinquent black youth from adult criminals; Mrs. E. Moore – object to repeating of the child welfare legislation; Mrs. Wayne Thompson – Child welfare standards for private institutions maintained for the care and welfare of children in MS.
  12. Highways Regular Session 1944 – Feb 1944 printed matters, Legislative matters, maps regarding Information Bulletin of House Bill # 423 – gasoline and war measure, gasoline tax; highway bonds; House Bill # 404 – to continue the existence of the State Bond Commission and authorizing to issue bonds to the state of MS; map – Location Steady of Proposed Park in Jackson, MS; Roebuck, Lowry, & Bush to Gov. and members of MS legislature about statements relative to the highway problems.
  13. Jan – Mar 1944; Regular Session 1944 printed matters, legislative matters, newspapers regarding factors concerning school transportation on MS; House and Senate Bills approved by the Gov. up until Mar 1, 1944; case concerning Gov. and Auditor serving on a Board not in violation of State Constitution Sec. 1; Senate Bill # 22 Prisoner’s Parole Board; official letter from Amer. Farm Bureau Federation; H. B. # 331 and #39; postwar highway building program; Cotton & the Federal Court; Bulletin Friends of the Public Schools; proposed Agricultural & Industrial Development Commission; H.B. # 56, 350, 123 and Senate Bill #30.
  14. 1952-1955 printed matters, legislative matters, notes, magazines, correspondence regarding MS legislature 1953; White Sentinel, Congressional Record – Law and Order Breaks down; Viewing the South from Washington; Human Events – “The South has no Candidate to call its own”, Brookhaven Leader – Times, “Johnson Thrills the Crowd with Straight from the Shoulder Talk”; WSJ to press about running for Speaker-ship not Gov.; Segregation and FEPC program.
  15. Feb – Mar 1944 printed matters, correspondence regarding Alabama; P. L. Harden to Gov. Bailey & Speaker of House – about partition on buses; resolutions were adopted at a Statewide mass meeting at Central Methodist Church in Jackson about the education of blacks such as equal opportunities, black schools run 8 to 9 months each year; blacks and the Labor problem in the south.
  16. Nov 28, 1917 abstract of Title, trust deed regarding Union Central Life Insurance Company old Abstract of Title, Released Trust Deed, and Mortgage Loan.
  17. May 1942, Nov 1934, Jan/Mar 1949 printed matters, correspondence, get well cards, notes regarding J.B. George about an address of Rudd in the “Vital Speeches”; Chancery Court of The Second Judicial District of Bolivar County, MS – Mrs. McGehee vs. Standard Oil Company of KT & L.F. Calhoun; Gulf M. & N. R. Co. vs. Graham Railroad; get well cards for Mrs. Sillers.
  18. Jan – Mar 1944 correspondence regarding Adams to WSJ about being elected speaker, Capers about copy of the report of the Department of Archives and History and appropriations.
  19. Dec 1943; Jan – Mar 1944 clipping, correspondence regarding J. T. Brown about Thigpen & candidates for Speaker of the House; Burden about Hospital Legislation; Bishop Bratton about education of the blacks; Boswell – appropriation to MS Sanatorium; Mrs. E. Brewer about petition signed by wives & relatives of Former Gov. to return the Governors pictures to the East Wing; Dr. Butts about Univ. Medical School; Bailey about Conference on Rural Life in MS; Brunn about Federal Court.
  20. Dec 1943; Jan – Mar 1944 correspondence, telegram regarding letters- Cork about supporting WSJ for Speaker; Gerald Chatman about Mr. Pollard & committee assignments; Fred Chaney about promotion for Frank A. Shell; Allen Cox about Mr. Sligh desires to be appointed Federal Court Reporter; Dr. Carter about expenditures for hospitalization; National Cotton of America about cotton industry; Roy Cox about Delta-wide Meeting; telegram – Carmichael about Senate Bill # 335.
  21. Jan – Mar 1944 correspondence regarding letters: Sillers & Roberts to Mr. W. A. Dunn about the Milton M. Kent land; Sligh about the appointment and pay of official court reporters in Federal Court; Clifford C. Pratt about U. S. Gypsum Co. vs. T. P. Reynolds; Sillers to Walter Scott about House Bill #84; Parish about Mr. Wynn; Sillers to Smith about Board of Supervisors to contribute $12000 to the colored hospital of Mound Bayou; K. T. Crawford about Miss Lottie Montgomery; Joe Smith about House Bill # 290; Fred Smith about H. B. # 470 perfecting defective organizations of corporations; Sillers about State vs. Turney case; Walter Scott about Senate Bill # 114; Sillers about copy of the report of the Delta Council.
  22. Stock Market Feb – Mar 1944 printed matters regarding stock market: Herman Bensdorf & Co. Feb 10; Kiplinger Washington letter Feb 12, 19; Market Advisory Bureau Feb 23; Kiplinger Washington letter Mar 11; and Market Advisory Bureau Mar 18, 21.
  23. Jan 1944 telegram, correspondence regarding telegram: Jelly Thompson about a conversation; letter: W. C. Trotter about Times Post “Musing Behind the Corncrib by A. Cornstalk”; Chaplain: Capt. Elnastan Tartt Jr. about civilian strikes in America; Sillers to Tartt about strikes and other unpatriotic measures which are retarding the war effort.
  24. Dec 1943, Jan – Mar 1944 correspondence regarding letters: Newman Dorsey about placing Mr. Edwards on two certain committees (Highway & Insurance); Delta Council about resolutions by executive session on Nov. 2943 – taxation; D. Wylder about public health programs; Dodge about Deep Water – waterways; Dulaney abut House Bill about creator of position of Reviser of the MS Statues, and for legislature draftsmen.
  25. Jan – Feb 1944 correspondence regarding Jim Eastland about Kelly being appointed Adjudication for the Veterans Administration; WSJ to Eastland about getting Lavelle House into the Veteran’s Hospital at Hot Springs and about a copy of H. B. # 83 & state’s rights of MS; Ewing about his interest and approval of the effort to pass an effective Workmen’s Compensation Act; J. F. Ellis about Senate Bill to give certificates an certified public accountants to every individual who had practiced accounting or auditing in MS.
  26. Jan – Feb 1944 correspondence regarding letters: A. B. Farris about invitation for WSJ to be guest & speaker at the Martin Lions Club; WSJ to Farris declines b/c of previous engagement, Alexander Fitz Hugh about cotton and MS experiment station research work; Fitz about MS State Penitentiary & appropriations for the purchase of fertilizer for the institutions; Forestry about meeting; J. M. Talbot about Mr. Fishel & H. B. #295.
  27. Jan – Mar 1944 correspondence regarding letters: Stanley Gaines congratulating WSJ (Speakership); L. T. Griffin wanting WSJ to consider Rep. Hudson Kile of Coahoma Co. on the penitentiary committee; WSJ to Griffin – placing Kile on the committee; to Genin – Senate Bill # 63; to Charles Garnett about Garnett opposition to the bill reforming court procedure; Ed Green about a reform school for blacks; WSJ to W. R. Guest about MS Income Tax law.
  28. Jan – Feb 1944 correspondence, telegrams regarding: W. W. Hickman about a bill pension for crippled people between the ages 18 & 65; John H. Hollman about declining the Chairmanship of Ways & Means Committee and appointing Hilton Warton; WSJ to Holleman about the Inauguration & legislature session; R. S. Harris about House Bill – Bolivar Co. Bill; WSJ to Francis Harmon about “The Command is Forward” and about free private enterprise.
  29. Feb – Mar 1944 correspondence, printed matters regarding letters: Oscar Johnson about adequately finances of the scientific research program; Johnson to Siconey about AAA & Raw Cotton Industry; WSJ & P. R. Johnson about voting bill; Dr. Johnson about Municipal Primary Elections and WSJ to Robert L. Jennings about amendment to Senate Bill # 53.
  30. Jan – Feb 1944 correspondence regarding: WSJ to H. M. Kilgore about Senate Bill # 11 – referred to Hugh L. White, chairman of the committee on conservation; Daisy Kimball about employment with the legislature for Minnette Garland & eliminating income tax;  Charles Kerwin about WSJ’s Speakership; WSJ to Kerwin about Legislature – credit bonded vs. the state; Lucille Kennedy about class assignment “How MS Legislature Works”; Kaufman about bill to pay soldier – instead of a job for soldiers.
  31. Jan – Feb 1944 correspondence regarding letters: Harry Landry about a copy of letter to Gov. Thomas Bailey about having a commission; Landry to Gov. Bailey about having the Gov. to sign a commission to issue Landry as Major in MS State Guard; Richard DaLee about a resolution – committee of Federal Relations; Alexander Fitz Hugh about principle of reduction state income tax; Wilkson vs. State of MS & Bolivar County.
  32. Jan, Mar 1944 telegrams, correspondence regarding telegrams: H. H. McGowan about elected ATT. for Board of Supervisors and Mike about copy of assessors salary bill; letter: Pearl McLellan about H. B. 219, court reporters’ bill and WSJ to S. J. McCauley about H. B. # 406 and return a letter from Col. Stanton Hall.
  33. Jan – Mar 1944 correspondence regarding letters: J. K. Massion about the Eleemosynary Institutions & legislator Chalmers Alexander; E. A. Murry to WSJ about increase salary for the Governor of MS; Julius Moody about a candidacy for Gov. of MS; Moody about placing P. G. Baston of Sunflower on the committee about the State Penitentiary; Gen. O. Miller to WSJ about MS having a good administration; W. R. Maddox about school teachers retirement pay, old age assistance; Mrs. O. F. Mullen about salary paid; and Jules L. Mallay about the entertainment facilities for soldiers in Greenville is not large enough.
  34. Jan – Mar 1944 correspondence, printed matters regarding Edward Tademy about a solution to the conditions & needs of the black Schools; Program by the Education District Assoc., Barney Norris about the probability of the state of MS instituting the Probation and Parole System and WSJ to Norris about Parole, prisoners, and state penitentiary.
  35. Jan – Mar 1944 correspondence regarding Paul Owen to Gov. Bailey about Sillers being a great choice for Speakership; Owen to Gov. Bailey about Fourth War Loans Bonds, Geoffrey O’Connell about a biographical sketch on O’Connell.
  36. Dec 1943; Jan – Mar 1944 correspondence, telegrams regarding Kenneth G. Price about candidate for Speakership (Dec 1943); B. L. Parkinson wanting WSJ to visit MS State College for Women; Miss Susie Powell about invitation on problem juvenile protection; WSJ to Parish about return of the inheritance tax returns in the H. C. Levion Estate; Sillers to Powell about a copy of the legislative program submitted by the State Coordinating Council of the Women’s Organization; telegrams: J. H. Petty about meeting of local Farm Bureau.
  37. Jan – Mar 1944 correspondence regarding: Mrs. Dunbar Rowland about Women Pallbearers; WSJ to A. H. Ramsey about teachers salaries and the number of teachers in the Cleveland/Rosedale area; WSJ to B. C. Rogers about dehydrated eggs; WSJ to John Rankin about copy of H. B. # 83; H. L. Roberts about passage of Senate Bill # 13 – Agent’s Licensing Bill; J. T. Robinson about copy letter from J. C. McGee on the Senate Bill #13; W. W. Ramsey about cleaning up the trash in Washington.
  38. W. Venalbe & Vollor Jan 1944 correspondence regarding: W. W. Venable about “Committee on Municipalities” Venable’s recommendations; letter to Venable – WSJ couldn’t appoint all of the members; Venable satisfied with the members of Municipal League; WSJ to Vollor about submitting the resolutions of the Warren County Bar Assoc. to Judiciary Comm.
  39. Feb 1944 correspondence regarding Dr. Felix S. Underwood about Fox Rabies and a letter from Johnson to Dr. H. C. Rick about Disease in Greene and Ga. County; Ricks to Dr. Underwood.
  40. Jan – Feb 1944 correspondence, telegrams, printed matters regarding Whittington to Cook about MS River Commission, Lack – water project; WSJ to Mrs. Ellen Woodward about Old times together; Wade to WSJ about Speaker of House of Representatives. Woolwine about large appropriation for Kings Daughters rescue in Natchez; WSJ to Wade about hospital at Whitfield; to Walter – suggestions to committee on Public Lands property to Jackson & mineral rights; to Whittington – Eastland Rankin Soldier Voting Bill; and Ziegel about Retirement Bill.
  41. Jan 1944 Correspondence – Unanswered, clippings, printed matters, legislative matters, telegram regarding 10 to War Tax on liquor sales, Charlie A. Boler of Bremerton, Washington on Public Laws 712; Allen Rufus about the death of George W. Albright; Charlotte Capers about blacks rule in MS during Reconstruction period; W. T. Lynn about OPM; S. R. King about free textbooks law and education of blacks; Pamphlet: Post War Plans for the Alluvian Valley and telegram: House Bill #128 Barlow Fox Livestock Sanitary Bill.
  42. Feb 1944 correspondences – Unanswered, printed matters regarding: H. D. Todd about House Bill # 135 on salaries of county attorneys; state tax collectors to fix power and duties; Nellie Somerville- child welfare cover & probation officers; Cora Walker – concerning unpaid back salary; Oscar Johnson appropriation to the Industrial & Board of Development Commission & on scientific research programs; C. C. Smith – a bill to permit absentee voting in elections; Joseph Mize – MS Rough & Ready Rebels; Charles Garnett proposed reform of court proceed area & membership of State Bar Association; Senate Bill & House Bill uniform rules of practice and procedures in civil cases in the courts of the state; O. B. Taylor sale tax & home title to confirm the marketable of land; Copy of Act 193 – Acts of Ark.; House Bill # 219 – Fees, Salaries, & Judiciary Committees: MS Court Reporters; A. H. Store to Gov. Bailey – taxing of oil in this state; Fred Smith – bill to cure defective reports and publications of Newly created corporations; W. M. Kethley – about financial troubles in the MS; Delta State Teachers College with data; Budget Status 1944-1946; and Bad features in the Indemnity Bill.
  43. March (1 – 14), 1944 correspondence – unanswered, printed matters, telegrams regarding R. L. Hunt – Julius Rosenwald Fund; T. D. Davis – comprehensive state wide promotional agencies data, industrial development; Oscar Johnston – farm labor, draft deferment; J. W. Dulaney – creating the Office of Reviser of Statues proposed commission on law revision; B. B. Allen – veterans Home & Farm Purchase Act; “Juke Box”; Findings of Survey by committee of Man Power for Auto Machine Maintenance; W. M. Zeigel – payment of back salaries, teachers in the higher age bracket in annuity payments, retirement bill for teachers; Means Johnston – rewriting laws with reference to the employment of attorneys for the Board of Supervisors; Will Whittington about examination of William Dixon Dossett; J. C. Holton about memorializing the Office of Price Administration; Mrs. Sperry Cole – House Bill # 381 “State Aid for Libraries”; Susie Powell – Oakley training school for delinquent Black Youth; Charlotte Capers – copy of the report of Dept. of Archives and History; Brewerton – Senate Bill 13 – Agency Licensing Law; R. I. Ingalls – tax reduction; Susie Triggs – teachers retirement bill; John Brunni – Senate Bill # 111; H. N. Eason – MS State Income Tax Law.

Box 66

  1. May – June 1955 Extraordinary Session 1955/Feb 1961 correspondence, notes, reports, printed matters regarding: Information on X – Ray equipment; Appropriation & laws passed by 1955 extraordinary session of the legislature; bids for the construction of the Hugh White & Carver Point State Parks; State Building Commission & University of MS on repairs; allocation from State Building Commission for MS Southern College; First State Medical School; Teaching Hospital Opens Organizing AAA – American Automobile Association (Feb 1961).
  2. Sugar Bowl Dec. 1954 newspaper, correspondence, and notes regarding the Sugar Bowl; newspaper: “Segregation of the Races in the Light of the Bible”.
  3. Segregation cases; Regular Session 1954 correspondence, printed matters, legislative matters regarding: Public school & Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka; a proposal for dealing with problem raised by the Supreme Court decision banning segregation in public schools – by William P. Murphy – Asst. Professor of Law at Univ. of MS; Establishing the Legal Educational Advisory Committee; copy of letter from J. B. Hutton about the Supreme Court decision on not permitting segregation; Gamble & Gamble Attorneys about segregation.
  4. June/Nov 1954/ Feb, Apr 1955 correspondence, printed matters, magazines, Award of Merit regarding Mrs. A. L. Hendrick to Gov. White about her committee – MS Congress of Parents & Teachers, WSJ to Mrs. A. L. Hendrick about views on the “educational situation”; Resolution adopted by the Official Board of the Methodist Church about the ruling of the Supreme Court; DAR Award of Merit to WSJ.
  5. Mar – May 1954 clippings, correspondence, printed matters, Resolution in state of Georgia, legislative matters – Regular Session 1954 regarding: “Segregation Switch is studied by NAACP”; WSJ to Att. General of GA; Cook – about a meeting of A. H. General of the several southern states to discuss the Supreme Court ruling on segregation; Resolution of GA about education, GA Commission on Education; House Resolution – to abolish public school system; Statement about the Supreme Court ruling by WSJ; Gov. of GA keeps segregation; Judge Brady of Brookhaven – about the banning of segregation; WSJ to Senator Eastland about ruling of Supreme Court; Judge Brady about Supreme Court ruling and article from the newspaper.
  6. Regular Session 1954 legislative matters – 1954, speeches, regarding a New Constitution; solving the problem of segregation and integration in the public schools; speech to the members of the legislature addressing the people of MS – oppose to a Constitutional Convention; House Bill – empower Lt. Gov. with the provisions of section 139 of the MS Constitution of 1890.
  7. 1932/1934 Session /Sept – Oct 1957 correspondence, printed matters, legislative matters – 1932 & 1934, magazines, newspapers regarding Gov. J. P. Coleman about the events in Ark.; Statement by Gov. Coleman on the Ark. School Crisis; Statement by Committee of 25 to cancel Gov.’s call for a special session of MS Legislature; South – Ark. Gov. Faubus; newspaper about Ark. & Government troops; Resolutions of 1932 & 1934 about changing the MS Constitution.
  8. Aug 1957 correspondence, newspaper, printed matters regarding WSJ to Gov. Coleman about keeping segregation as long as possible; Gov. Coleman about Constitutional Convention to have a general revision about problems of the school, Civil Rights, & legislation; John Herbes about WSJ’s views on the Constitutional Convention; Gov. Coleman about the Sillers’ Statement in the Commercial Appeal; Statement of Gov. Coleman about Mr. Sillers opposing a Constitutional Convention; Statement to a member of MS legislature by WSJ opposing a Constitutional Convention, Booklet: Modern Ring MS’s Constitution.
  9. September 1957, Statements, correspondence, printed matters, maps regarding television address by Gov. Coleman “The Need for a Constitutional Convention”; memorandum to Mr. Gatlin about true value figure of property that were assessed; Gov. Coleman about removal of a gallbladder; memorandum – Gatlin about # of industries located in the state, BAWI law was passed; statement by former Gov. White about Constitutional Convention – Favored it.
  10. Oct – Dec 1957 undated materials, printed matters, correspondence, newspaper regarding Rules, Joint Rules of MS legislature 1953; Recommended Constitution for Florida/ Handbook on Recommended Constitution for Florida; Are you all American?; letter from Foxworth about his stand on the constitutional convention but favor for re-appropriation; statements from Committee of 25; Noel Vhonagham about the magazine the Methodist challenge, MS Economic Councils Weekly Legislative Bulletin; memorandum – Gov. Coleman about Constitutional Convention & Veteran’s Hospital Land Grants; the Second Gettysburg Address.
  11. Aug – Sept 1957 correspondence, printed matters, newspapers, magazines regarding State Building Commission – sewage disposal system to be constructed at Univ. of MS; Hearing before the Subcommittee to investigate the administration of the Internal Security Act & other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary U. S. Senate; S. News & World Report – Mixed schools; Jesse Hurdle – supports constitutional convention; Senator Yarbrough opposing Constitutional Convention; Newspapers – Ark / troops & Eisenhower.
  12. May/Aug/Oct 1957 printed matters, magazines, newspaper, recommendation of the Advisory Subcommittee to the Southern Governors’ Conference; The Outlook for Farm Real Estate; S. News & World Report – Renewed Friction Between Racial Group & the Clash Between Federal & State Authority; List of proposals; newspaper – Little Rock Incident.
  13. Constitution – State of MS 1957 Apr – May, Jul – Sept, correspondence, printed matters, clippings regarding WSJ to Waits about an investigation to determine what tax laws meets the demands of Industrialist; John Kennedy of Marshall County to Douglas Starr about a bill to earmark the entire revenue derived from the sue tax for increasing teachers’ salaries; Kennedy about controversial sue tax; WSJ to Kennedy about not in favor of re-enactment of the “sue tax”; WSJ to John Gregg about MS Manufacturers Assoc. & favor charges in the tax & corporation laws; Roman Kelly – New Constitution, legal liquor, & marriage licenses; Green about changes made in the chapter on the judicial in our constitution; T. V. appearance of Gov. Coleman.
  14. “Constitutional Amendments on Convention” Sept – Nov 1957 newspaper clippings, printed matters regarding members of the Council’s legislative program outlined to state farm leaders; “Blacks Due to Drive for Votes in MS”; Ark. & U. S. Army “Posse Comitatus Act” National Program Letter “Coleman Concedes First Round Defeat” Ark. Constitution, Baxter International Economic Research – Commodity Prices.
  15. 1953-1957 Correspondence legislative matters – City Sales Tax Collection – House Bills.
  16. April 2, 1956; June –August 1957 correspondence, clippings, newspapers, printed matters regarding Travel Department – MS A & I Board MS Magic Film Bookings; Haryole to Yelverton about specific projects for State Pen. designated before Building Commission; Speech by Senator Byrd on Civil Rights Bill; O’Mahoney Part III of the Civil Rights Bill; Articles: “Why Not” Freedom of Association for Everybody? “An Editorial by Thomas Jefferson”; “An Editorial by Abraham Lincoln”; Newspaper; Secretary of State Dulles; Coleman & the Constitution; Coleman and Old Age Asst.
  17. Sept – Nov 1957 & Some undated matters clippings, newspaper, printed matters, correspondence regarding Dr. Martin Luther King & Vice President Nixon; Gov. Coleman & New Constitution; Civil Rights; Florida Federation for Constitutional Government on Integration; newspaper: “Coleman May Test his Strength Today”, “Senate Unit Backs Constitution Plan After Foes Appear”; clipping: Coleman’s Opponents Seek Aid in Countries; Plan Drive for Black Voters; Racial Integration & National Weakness.

Box 67

  1. Jan – Dec 1952; Jan – Nov 1953; July – Oct 1954/1955; March 1956 Bank Statements regarding Mrs. Walter Sillers Jr. & The Valley Bank of Rosedale, MS.
  2. July – Sept 1956 correspondence, Statement of Account regarding Heard, Gauthier, and Mrs. Sillers.
  3. Undated matters, MS Legislature 1948 – 49, Apr, July, and Sept 1951? Correspondence, telegrams, printed matters, legislative matters, notes regarding stopping confiscatory taxation; Factual Information on proposed teacher retirement bills; House Bill to provide an administration remedy of controversies between school authorities and teachers, pupils, patrons citizen or taxpayers in respect to teachers’ salaries; Constitution & Declaration of Principles of National States “Rights Committee or Agriculture, livestock, flood control, health, MS Declaration to Congress, Resolution on retiring president & resolution expressing appreciation to Dr. Kethley; J. R. Otis – President of Alcorn College about Mrs. McClain & Johnny Boyd McElroy.
  4. Extraordinary Session 1955, March 1955, 1956 – Jan – July; Sept and Nov printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters of 1955 regarding House Bill – construction & improving school buildings, a different method of scaling teachers’ salaries; Senate Bill – raising public revenues by imposing tax upon income; Civil Rights; Forty Years of Interventionism by Pettengill; Inaugural Address of Gov. Coleman; Jim Knowlton about role of the citizens council to fill gap between white and black people as to off set the work of the NAACP; Paul Cork – Let Us Understand the Black; Resolution about Democratic Party of MS; Biloxi Chamber of Commerce about “Battleship MS”.
  5. 1949 – 1955 correspondence, checkbook regarding Mr. & Mrs. Sillers – thank you letters & invitations; Checkbook – Mrs. Sillers.
  6. 1954, 1955 printed matters, newspapers, regarding There’s no Security in Foreign Oil; “Honoring Gov. & Mrs. Hugh White 50th Anniversary; McCarthism – Natural Market Place Between MS Valley, Latin America, and the World; New Orleans.

Box 68

  1. July 1963 printed matters regarding Civil Rights Package; Voting Public Recommendations; Public Schools; Congressional Records – Senate Floor Statement by Senator John Stennis – 14th
  2. May, July, and Sept 1963 printed matters, correspondence, regarding John McCellan about his speech to the Delta Council of Cleveland, MS; S. 287 – Unions in Transportation Industry under Restriction and Control; 288 – Outlaw Strikes and Work; an Address by Louis W. Hollis – 5 pt. Action Program to the Reorganization Valley Savannah Citizen’s Council; Fred A. Ross about John S. Mosby Academy – problem of separate school district.
  3. May, July, and Sept 1962 printed matters, telegrams, newspaper, notes, legal pad regarding House Resolution # 32 – Recognize W. S. J. for his service; Foreign Aid – Red China; telegram: Accidents involving River transportation at Victors Bend (from Jamie Whitten); newspaper: Red Revolution in Cuba “Cotton Program”, Dis an’ Dat “Kennedy Clan Slaps at State”; legal pad – notes labor union, communism, etc.
  4. Aug – Sept 1963 printed matter, correspondence regarding James Sorrels about discussing Aluminum Extrusions Inc. on the Delta Architectural Products Co. building in Cleveland; Henry Dettean to McCollum about credit inquiry of Aug. 1963 of Aluminum Extrusions, Inc.; Analytical Report; Ratification of a Guaranty of Performance of Contrast; Brasco Manufacturing Co., a Delaware Corp., option Bolivar County & Aluminum Extrusions Inc.; State Michigan; Agreement between Bolivar County & Architectural Products (Tenn.); endorsement to agreement Bolivar & Tenn.
  5. September 1963 printed matters, correspondence regarding Kennedy vs. Lewis J. Cir, #20, 411; letters: Doug Shands about sending a copy of the brief with pen corrections & inter-lineation; copy of the response to Kennedy’s summary motions; Shands to Alfred Livingston about hiring extras secretarial service and a bill for the service; printed matter: Motion of Kennedy for summary reversal supplemental; brief of Lewis.
  6. January 1963 newspaper, notes, figure pad regarding newspaper The Community Citizen “Gov. Barnett Praises Minister for Race Harmony Efforts; note: Sympathy notes; figure pad: 1960 Census of MS Counties; tickets for Ole Miss and LSU Game; Rough draft of a letter to Jamen Eastland on U.S. Supreme Court Decision of 1954; about Integration of white and black people; Plessy vs. Ferguson; Education.
  7. May 1952? Printed matter regarding Mental Health; facts and analysis on Budget Bill in Calif.; facts on “mental health” movement; H. R. 6376 (1956) Hospitalization & care of mentally ill (Alaska); Alaska mental health bill G376 Unconstitutional S. C. of Missouri; Mental Health & World Citizenship; World Death Organization; Legislation affecting Psychiatric treatment; Short Doyle Act 1957; Education for mental health; and sex education for children.
  8. February – March 1963 printed matters, correspondence regarding Bolivar County Schools – S. B. #1577 of MS Legislature; statement of allowance, to whom paid, for what, and the amount of all expenditures of Bolivar Co.; Board of Education; statement of each consolidated school district in Bolivar Co.; MS State Sovereignty Commission; Mrs. Harry Scrivner about student for Democratic society as a communistic organization; materials from SDS.
  9. Undated printed matter regarding discrimination lawsuits.

Box 69

  1. 1935-38 printed matter, legislature matters, correspondence, notes regarding Land – sold in County, sold by Chancery Clerks, advertised, offered for sale, fixed price contracts, advertises (land for sale, patents, Chancery Clerks’ compensation, collect money & damages); Act clearly defines what constitute one tract of land for the purpose of sale for taxes; abolishing office of state land commissioner Secretary & employees of land office, rent & sale of public lands; notes: land commissioner, Sharkey County Sheriff Hicks; Gen. Rice; Insurance of Land Patents, State Land Office, R. D. Moore State Land Commissioner; Act to provide a better and more efficient method of conducting the affairs of the State Land Office.
  2. Walter Sillers (Investigating Land Commissioner – Office) Dec 1936, Jan – Dec 1937 correspondence, legislative matters, telegrams regarding Joe Owen about hiring First Asst. A. H. Gen. J. A. Lauderable to investigate the Land Commissioner’s office; WSJ to R.C. Langford about subpoena to the investigation of the Land Commissioner’s office; Mrs. R. M. Graham about being a stenographer for the Land Commission Committee; Mr. E. J. Hines to appearance before the Land Commission Committee; J. B. Snider about Judge Holmes & V. A. Weir Land Commission; L. Barnett Jones about having patents issued to him; WSJ to John Armstrong about a plan of procedure to be followed in the investigation of the Land Commission Office; WSJ to Fielding Wright about gaining an abstract of the 20 odd patents & 20 odd quit deed; WSJ to C.C. Couto about Fannie Mullins’ letter; Fannie Mullins about land sold to Mingon Fairman & investigation of Land Commission; Coats about Smith Murpley & his lands situated in Sunflower Co.; Tom Blizzard about his meeting with Mr. Owens & Owens’ accusation to Blizzard; Blizzard about talking to WSJ due to Owens’ charges of bribery; E. B. Taylor to Owen & Sillers about land of Town of Shelby; House Resolution authorizing & directing the standing house committee appointed to investigate state offices; Biennial Report of Stand Land Office; WSJ to Owen about Sillers copy of Owen 7 Coats testimony; and drafting bill.
  3. Jan, Dec 1936; July 1937;March 1938, legislative matters, Regular Session 1938; undated matters, correspondence, notes, telegrams, data regarding WSJ to John Armstrong about plan of procedure of the investigation of State Land Commission; J. I. Ford about his application for Auditor to the investigating committee of Land Offices; Joe Owen about a rough draft of a proposed bill; W. M. Kethley about seeing the new building on campus; Data; Comparative rates for trucks operated by wholesale grocers, land merchants; H. B. 412 Clearly Defuse a State Highway System; S. B. 282 Authorize & empower the State Board Commission to issue & sell notes; “Forgotten Men” who served in the Spanish American War & appropriation; House Calendars, bill about Rosalie for a shrine; Advertising MS; Oscar Johnston about resolution (Agriculture); J. E. Johnson about a Delinquent Home for Black boys & girls.
  4. Feb 1932; MS Legislature 1936 (1937) printed matters regarding Feb 1932 – Summary of factor, finding & recommendations of a report on a survey of the Organization & Administration of State & County Gov’t in MS; report no. 2 on the committee appointed under house resolution no. 6 of the special extraordinary session of the MS legislature of 1936 investigate systems by which tax forfeited lands are sold to purchasers.
  5. April 1935, 1936?, Jan – March 1938 printed matter, correspondence, snaps regarding L. S. Folse of State Planning Commission to Gov. of Oklahoma Earnest M. Marland about land by the Federal Government, forfeiture of lands to the states b/c nonpayment of taxes, removal of lands from State & Country tax polls by reason of Federal Acquisition; Summary of work done by the State Planning Commission: River Basin, Rural Electrification; Recreation; Soil Conservation Miscellaneous Education Program; Some uses of stream gagging data; Ground Watch data; need for information on Water Resources of MS; proposed Master Survey on State of MS; L. S. Forse to MS State Planning Commission about MS clay deposits in southeast MS; Homochitto River Project; WPA Channelization of Big Black River, Pearl River & War Dept; D. Hart to Forse about appropriation for surface & ground water study; B. Hart to V. M. Foster about Filtrol Corp. Plant; Jackson & Waste disposal (Dec. 1937); Allen T. Edwards (U. S. Dept. of Interior) to L. T. Forse about Tentative Final Report of the Park, Parkway & Recreation area study – National Park Service.
  6. Dec 1937; Jan – Mar 1938 printed matters, telegrams, correspondence, notes regarding C.C. Heity to D. H. Barber about information about water supplies in MS based in the general lines of GA; Plan for development & conservation of Mineral & Water Resources prepared by V. M. Foster; Harry C. Hoffman & others to Gov. White about getting essential data on the water resources of MS & appropriation; Forse about S. B. 135 & 136 for the grounds & surface water study; urging the passage of bills in the House; telegrams: Bob Williams to WSJ about two factories & the amount of water needed; McEachern about passage of S. B. 135 & 136; Forse about S. B. 135 – 136 on data such as water stations; and deeded information on water resources in MS.
  7. Dec 1936, Jan 1937, 1938 (Jan) printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters 1938 regarding requisition on account of expense of the committee to investigate the Office of Land Commission; John Clearly about land patent matter; article # 1 – 5 on R. P. Moore; Report # 1 –3 on the committee appoints under House Resolution # 6 MS Legislature 1936; Nelson Taylor about fighting Bayou drainage district vs. Leflore County; Drainage taxes & assessment of the 16th
  8. Jan 1937, Regular Session 1938, March 1938 legislative matters, telegrams, data regarding proposed Senate Bill on authorizing the acquisition, construction, improvement, operation and maintenance by counties and cities of bridges; E. L. Sharp about support of Senate Bill 298; S. B. 471 – promote the improvement of field seed; Robert Collins about S. B. 605; data on appropriations of Junior Colleges, Common School & Senior Colleges; H. B. 335 – appropriation for the main fence of the Institutions of Higher Learning; appropriation of Universities & colleges; H. B. 812 – prevention of soil erosion.
  9. Feb 1966 printed matters, correspondence, bank statements, magazines regarding Valley Bank Statements Mrs. WSJ; Tod Smith – get well to Mrs. Sillers; Tyler to Mrs. Sillers to get well & picture; Booklet from Rosedale Methodist Church; Forms from Forest Service Department of Agriculture; MS Architect; Rising Programs 1966 Mar & Apr (Hot Spring, Ark).
  10. Jan – Feb 1938 correspondence, legislative matters, newspapers, receipts, clipping regarding Bill to amend the Federal Aid Highway Act ; Proposal to begin getting essential data on the water resources of the state (surface water investigation – ground water); Natchez Association of Commerce about S. B. # 160 – Senate Bill appropriation; membership of Senate Roads, Ferries & Bridges Committee Highway & Highway Financing; Jackson Daily News “Highway Act Conferees to seek accord”; Daily Clarion Ledge “Road Bill Goes to Senate Due White Ok Today”; William Clay about purchase of automobile license; Maryone Haggart about more adequate educational facilities for the Black population; Mrs. Hupan Shands about various bills on the automobile, driver license; “Jackson Club Dinner Dance Ends Winter Social Session”; Reams to Roebuck about a jog for Highway # 7, 8; T. P. Goodwin about H. B. # 611 (Southern Bell); Robert E. Jackson about banking laws relative to closing receivership, chancellors amiss legislation; Commodity prices.
  11. Mar – Apr 1938; undated matters, hotels receipts, correspondence, printed matters, legislature matters, telegrams, map regarding United Business Service; D. M. Nelson about Mortman Statutes; S. R. Whitten about H. B. # 626 Life Insurance; J. L. Smith about S. B. # 356 carrier tags; W. B. Alexander Jr. about bill to regulate the freight trucking lanes; Roland Cranford about legislated R. D. Moore out of office; C. Sligh about the payments of the fees of the court reporters; Guy T. Gillspie about Mortmain resolution and to influence Senator Roberts; telegram: H. B. 827 Highway; W. C. about Quit-Claim Deed; WSJ to Gov. about research lab; Regulations Governing local & private legislation; H. B. 566 – allocations between the 3 Supreme Court districts of the State; Amendment to S. B. # 2 (tax); Tourist map of Canada.
  12. Jan 1933; Dec 1937; Jan – Feb 1938 correspondence, printed matters, telegrams, hotel receipts, data regarding World Fibre Corporation and International Fibre Machines; MS Highway Construction Program; Somerville about Ringold vs. McEvans; Monley Williams about liquor; telegram – tax; data – Highway Construction; Albritton vs. Catz of Winona.
  13. Undated matters, printed matters, correspondence, legislature matters, notes regarding Act to promote the improvement of Field Seed, govern the purchase of foundation seed, increase & distribution of power, feed by the State Penitentiary; National Safety Council & MS Highway accidents; County Refunding Bill; Bonds – S. B. # 197 & H. B. # 287 Granting a State Bond Commission and presenting its power and duties; S. B. – creating the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, creating a State Highway Patrol.
  14. March 1 – 10, 1938 correspondence, printed matters regarding creating a monument to commemorate the history of Jackson (H. B. # 727) D. A. R.; G. T. Gillespie about Mortmain resolution; Conolly about investigating committees to go to Mankato; Conolly to Gov. about hemp crops Agriculture; W. H. Smith about Insurance; R. H. Elmore about Old Age Pension; W. C. Wells about Mortiman statute; J. C. Holton about location of Federal Research Lab in MS (data – budget); V. B. Philpot about eleemosynary institutions; S. C. Roberts about S. B. # 198 & 199 means of permitting the release of lands from drainage assessments; W. T. Tatum about S. B. # 176.
  15. 17, 1938 Booklet, printed matters, pictures regarding proposed War Memorial and State Office Building by W. P. Bridges, realtor.
  16. March 1938 printed matters, correspondence, telegrams, data regarding John Sligh about Court Reporter’s salary and fees; W. L. Taylor about $2,000 Bolivar County Lane Bayou Drainage District Bonds; House Calendar (March 11); S. R. Whitten about Committee of Insurance (H. B. # 626); H. P. Cured about Lane Bayou Drainage District 69 Bonds and defeating H. B. 636 insurance companies; State Game and Fishing Commission data; Robert W. Collins about S. B. 605 – Oil products and MS mineral lease commission; C. B. Black about gaining a position sales tax division; F. A. Anderson about S. B. 135 & 136 on water survey for flood control districts and industrial development; House Calendar (Mar 29); telegram – highway.
  17. Dec 1936; Jan 1937; Dec 1937; Feb – Apr 1938; undated printed matters, legislative matters, Regular Session 1938, correspondence, telegrams, notes, hotel receipts regarding United Business Service; leaflet: $116, 000 Duncan Separate Road District, $48,000 Mound Bayou Consolidated School District; U. R. Executive Information Service – Public Utilities; William H. Watkins about refunding in favor of the TX Company (Case of the TX Company vs. Dyer); notes: patents, suggestions expenditures for livestock, personnel, equipment (Livestock Breeding Program); DAR & Rosalie – historic home in Natchez; Highway S. B. # 483 construction of Ripley & Booneville; Telegram to Mrs. Sillers about Rosalie; W. C. Adams about S. B. 298; S. B. – amend Section 14 of Chapter 120 of the General Laws of 1934 corporations making crops production loans from income tax; H. B. 1042 provide for the enclosure of all cultivatable in a county voting – stock laws.

Box 70

  1. Aug 1948; May – July 1954; legislative matters of 1954, printed matters, correspondence, newspapers, clippings regarding National States’ Rights Democratic Campaign Committee States Rights Information & Speakers Handbook; Extraordinary Session 1954 House Concurrent Resolution # 2 – abolish public school – 2/3 votes of those present in both Houses of legislature; J. B. Hutton about Supreme Court Decisions – public schools; Harvey McGehee about a meeting on proposed constitutional amendment; Garnett article on segregation; bid tabulations; N. Point segregation program; Tom Brady about Blacks; A. H. Stone – Pari Bellum Reconstruction: A Mexican Experience; Louisiana & Public Schools; Reactions about Blacks & Public Schools; Ward Austin to fight NAACP & Integration.
  2. Aug – Dec 1953, March 1954 legislative matters, printed matters, correspondence, clippings, notes, newspaper regarding Income Tax Law; What Kind of America?; Alabama in New Right to work bill; state tax rat on malt beverages; WSJ’s view of equalization program of black – white school; Jamie Whitten – Agriculture cotton; Ramsey – Reorganization of School Districts; House Concurrent Resolution 54 – establish MS legal educational advisory committee; H. B. 985 – appropriation for state medical education board open shop law in TN and its benefits.
  3. Jan – Apr 1954 printed matter, correspondence, clippings, newspaper, telegram regarding Alabama “Governor’s Mail Shows Firm Stand in School Crisis”; Neil Magrider about Qualified Public Accountants and CPA’s and standard of the profession – income tax return; Chess Webb about equalization legislation; Tax in Bolivar County in 1952; J. F. Mincy about putting off raising tax for school purposes and against changes of marriage laws of MS; R. J. Koonce about MS Education; William Cresswell about House Resolution No 4; H. A. Quinnelly about the school program; T. K. Williams about opening up a road across the railroad tracks of Coahoma, MS; Clayton Rand about Bickerstaff Bill; M. C. Durr about Evaluation school program; William Mallett about designing the Crippled Children’s Hospital; Tax Differentials in the South Central States; M. V. Miller about H. B. 125; Charles R. Sayre about mosquito control in rice fields; and Bricker Amendment.
  4. 1954 ALABAMA: Governor shows firm stand in school crisis; Rankin on United States Constitution amendment limiting Congress’ taxing and spending power; N. Magruder on Certified Public Accountants and professionalism standard; etcetera.
  5. 1934, March 1956, Regular Session of 1956, printed materials, correspondence, newspaper, clipping, notes regarding Medical Education Bill with suggested changes; salaries of Secretaries of State Medical Ed. Board; House Calendar March 15, 1956; Consolidation & Reorganization of School Districts; Resolution of Interposition and Segregation of the Races; Election of U. S. President & Vice-President; State Hospital Commission; reappointment; Coleman’s administration; sale of beer; and Medical School at Jackson.
  6. 1956; Dec 1955; Jan –Feb 1956 correspondence, cards, clipping, printed matters regarding WSJ’s speakership and Farm Bureau Building; Oakley Training School – need of dormitories and increase budget; Law about barber’s charge; Sheriff Recall Bill; W. H. White to Gov. Coleman – education; Petroleum taxes.
  7. Dec 1942; Mar, June , Nov 1943; March 1947; 1957; Aug, Dec 1958; Feb – March, Sept – Oct 1959, undated printed matters, legislative matters, Extraordinary Session 1957 & Regular Session 1958, newspapers, clippings, correspondence, notes regarding Summary of Provisions and operating procedures 1959 Conservation Reserve of the Soil Bank; Finding A Better Way; W. H. Reedy about Reedy’s plan to keep peace in the “Virginia Mixes After Betrayal” Integration; Davis Lee & attacks by the NAACP; “Is NAACP Discriminating Against its Own Race”; MS Coordinating Committee on Education to promote better schools for the youth of MS; W. B. Humphreys about integration; R.B. Parish about Advisory Subcommittee for a study for land and water development within the Yazoo-MS Basin; Grand Jury March Term 1959; “Michigan –Going Broke!” ; “A Sane Proposal on School Segregation”; “Michigan for Broke”; Legislature may authorize the establishments support maintenance and operations of public schools; poll tax; H. B. #2 – enact a new constitution for MS (calling convention); “Congress Can Restrain Court”; Propaganda In Our Schools; memorandum – Old Capital Restoration.
  8. Jan, Mar, Apr 1959 printed matters, clippings, correspondence, magazines, telegram, birthday cards regarding John Satterfield about a copy of the Resolutions and report of the Special Committee on Communistic Tactics; MS Automobile Club (Ark.) Building and Maintenance of Roads; Founders’ Day (April 5, 1959) MS Vocational College; Lester Arnow about Allied Artists & Stocks; MS Game and Fish “Fish of the Flood Control Reservoirs”; B. F. Smith of Delta Council to Delta Council Labor Committee about Department of Labor Wagner-Peyser Act; standards and regulation of Farm Labor; Ellis B. Bodron about WSJ appearance before the subcommittee of US House of Representatives on Civil Rights Legislation; Eastland Plantation – James Eastland vs. H. E. Eastland; The Challenge to the Dollar; and Cad Jones about Communism & Gov. Coleman.
  9. Jan, Feb, Mar, & Apr 1956, Regular Session 1956, printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters regarding The Civil Rights Revolution; American States’ Rights – Integration Decision 1954; South; Harry Stuart to Robert Whitehead about interposition; Interposition – WSJ speaker at McComb at the High School; H. B. 55/ Race mixing any swimming pool, park playgrounds, etc. will be a penalty; H. B. 7 Railway & form of transportation provide separate accommodations; H. B. 12 on Railway separate bathrooms & waiting rooms; H. B. 13 – abolish common law marriages; H. B. 21 – person , firm, or corporation engaged in any public business can choose their patrons and clients of such business; H. B. 26 – creating a disturbance penalty; H. B. 38 Ballots to be marked in Blue/Black ink; H. B. 47 Felony to hold athletic contests where it is open to the public whereas Blacks and Mongoloid descent participate with white people; H. B. 207 Mandatory reorganization of school districts; “Let’s Set Up A Liquor Study Committee” and “Mixing of Races in Schools Is Long Way Off – Maybe Never”; A Question of Amendment” Segregation; “Education or Indoctrination”; Bolivar Co. Legislature of the State of MS wants telephone lines, radio station, and 3 patrol cars; Nelson Trimble Levings about segregation; H. B. 610 – Purchase by US Land within Delta Purchase unit of Desoto National Forest in Sharkey County, MS.

Box 71

  1. 1966; Jan 1968; July 1977 regarding Baxter Wilson to Mrs. Sillers about the lost of WSJ and an article “Walter Sillers is Dead”; Dedication of Walter Sillers by Gov. Paul Johnson; Making of Lena Roberts Sillers Chapel – with letter from Kent Wyatt.
  2. Sept – Oct 1966 printed matters regarding WSJ: returning to the hospital, dying of heart failure, funeral, editorials, running for new speaker, dedication articles, and public reactions.
  3. Jan – June 1955 correspondence, printed matter, telegram, newspapers regarding A. H. Rowan about the South band together at Democratic National Convention; restoration of the 2/3 rule in selection for candidate of Pres. and V. Pres.; Leaflets about Self Government; William Cocke about meeting to gather persons of 11 Southern States to resist the present trend in the government; Cleveland Chamber of Commerce about additional revenue to meet school program – don’t favor increase in per capital income; Under-signed Automobile Dealers of Bolivar County about “increasing sales and tax on automobiles”; Segregation – Supreme Court decision for Integration; L. H. Percy wanting the legislation to restraint segregation; Gessner T. McCorvey about appropriation (school segregation); E. W. Hooker about resolutions to defeat the appointment of John Marshall Harlem as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court; MS Economic Council – Weekly Legislature Bulletin; Special Report: 2 A Trail – Legislature Committee; MS Municipal Assoc. 1955 Legislative Program; Washington Report “Campbell Saluted by MS State Legislature”; Platform of Fielding Wright “Mississippi Perilously Close to Racial Discord; Need of Experience Cited”; “Luther W. Wade Named President of Delta Council”; MS Hospitality Coronation – MS Agricultural & Industrial Board.
  4. June 1965; Sept, Dec 1966 newspaper clippings, regarding Governor Konner’s ransom as page; article about Sillers death; a revolution by Bolivar County Board of Supervisors pay tribute to WSJ.
  5. 1974; July 1976; July 1977; March, Oct, Nov 1979; Nov? Jan, Aug, Sept 1980, March, Oct 1982, July 1983 printed matters, newspaper, correspondence regarding Auddie Newman to Lena Sillers about death of Hugh White; Newspaper: Tom Roberts; Walter Sillers Weems; DSU presentation to Audley William Shands; Luncheon invitation for the dedication of Lena Roberts Sillers Chapel”; Invitation to dedication to “Lena Roberts Sillers Chapel”; Floyd Kingsbery about the dedication; Death of Julia Starnes; Marker on the intersection of Highway 1 and 8 – W. B. Roberts; Mrs. Madel Morgan to Lena Sillers about picture of WSJ; Senator Roberts for the picture file.
  6. July 1946; Jan, Jul 1947; Jan 1948; Nov. 1951; Oct 1953; 1966 and 1969 printed matters, correspondence, newspaper, notes regarding Rosie Lee James and Parchman; Sellers’ Home; Last Will and Testament of WSJ; Delta State College Building Program 1966-68; House Resolution – WSJ “50th Anniversary in House of Representatives; Edward Pendergrass to Mrs. Walter Sillers’ – dedication of the W. B. Roberts Library.
  7. April 1921; Feb 1932; Jan – Mar, May – Oct 1933 printed matters, newspaper, clippings, correspondence, hotel receipts regarding Issac Novel and Revolutionary War; Wallace Blackwell on sales tax; MS Highways; John Rankin about H. B. 14458; L. J. Folse about Tabulation of revenue receipts and operating cent for the eleemosynary institutions; John E. Rankin about currency expansion and commodity prices; Oscar Johnston about Cottonseed Products Association – oleomargarine; Nelson Rector about ditch, grade sheet for the survey; “Rosedale the City of Roses”; J. H. Currie about Medical School of Univ. of MS and Mrs. Clingman’s criticism; “Conferences Called on Cotton Gap”; “Taxation is Destroying our People”; A. S. Coody – Reducing Assessment Homestead Exemption.
  8. April 1965; Feb – June 1966 correspondence, printed matters, clippings, legislative matter 1966, hotel receipts regarding Frank T. Brunfield about annual meeting; Roll Call; telegram: act to provide for a system of public defendants; Charles Carr to Michael Piper about property; Press Release by Gov. Paul Johnson about Alcoholic Beverage Control Law; Memo with Dr. J. H. White about faculty housing; John Stennis Civil Rights Bill; Senate Calendar; H. B. 968 Board of Supervisors of Bolivar County to qualify for program under Economic Opportunity Act.
  9. March 1969; June 1975, May 1976; Jan 1979 printed matters, correspondence, newspaper regarding W. B. Roberts Library – dedication of Buildings; John R. Junkin Day; House of W. B. Roberts; C. B. Newman to Ms. Sillers about Speaker – ship.
  10. Feb 1934 printed matters regarding resolution to Teacher Training; Dean of Faculty – Ziegel.
  11. Nov 1960; Jan 1961; Mar 1963; Nov 1964; Mar – Apr 1965, undated matters, correspondence, printed matters, telegram, notes, newspaper regarding Hugh White about passing of Mrs. White; Dedication of Walter Sillers Coliseum at Delta State College; Campaign of 1932 – platforms; W. W. Duncan about Women for Constitutional Government; Dugas Shands about Thanksgiving Party; Gov. Paul Johnson about organization on the status of women; Jamie Whitten about his mother’s death; “Campbell urges Special Session”.

Box 72

  1. Aug 1924; Nov/ Dec 1927; Apr/Aug 1928 correspondence regarding WSJ to S. D. Neil about Levee Board Case – Appeal of the Parks Case; WSJ to S. R. Whitten about duck hunting and see all service; to S. B. Bufkin about hunting dogs O. D. and Ching; Mrs. Lou Hudson about a check to pay a lot; WSJ to T. E. Salmon about a check.
  2. July 1952; Jan 1953, June 1954 clippings, correspondence, printed matters regarding “You Can Tell Your Choice For Nominee Direct to Democrats Delegates; Here Are Those Mid – South Going to Chicago, with Home Addresses”; Miss Jamie Witt about H. B. 1136 amend state constitution as to open financial assistance to minors; H. B. 1139 – deals with 1136; H. B. 1138 – parish superintendent; H. B. 1137 – state political power – segregation in school; Harold Shefelman about joining the section of municipal; Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Board of Electors of the MS Agriculture and Industrial Board; W. H. Booth – guest speaker, Rotary Club; Lester Clark – reasons for supporting the constitutional amendment.
  3. Legislative 1954; May – July 1954, printed matter, correspondence, newspaper regarding appropriations and laws passed by the 1954 legislative affecting the State Building Commission; General; Common Consolidated and Municipal Schools; Institutions of Higher Learning; Medical School and Teaching Hospitals; Mental Institutions; Miscellaneous State Yard; State Forest & Park Service State Penitentiary; State Sanatorium and State Reformatory for Delinquents Blacks. Heritage Crusades; Harry Gamble about a segregation and forming of the Society for Vice Preservation of American Culture, Cultural, Constitutional Government; Racial Integration.
  4. Apr – July 1958; June 1960 correspondence, clippings, newspapers, printed matters regarding WSJ 70th birthday; This is Your Life – WSJ; Geo. Brown to M/M Sillers about Kentucky Derby and Alcoholic Beverages; “Governor’s Race Tempting Sillers”; Kent Courtney about Communism & Constitutional State Rights; Francis Walter about Judicial Review of orders of deportation; The Great Delusions; Supreme Court of MS No. 40, 654, Sunflower Farms Inc vs. R. P. McLean.

Box 73

  1. 1960 – 1963 Printed Matters, Letters, Congressional, Frank Smith, letters, charters regarding Districting, Agriculture – cotton; farming weather; Flood Control and Water Resources; Communism; State Tax Committee; General Fund Cash Balance; Delta Council Directory 1962 –63.
  2. 1962-1966 printed matters, correspondence, MS Legislative regarding Delta Council Directory 1963 – 1964; Charlotte Capers about letters of appreciation; Donald Soary about Timber and Shannon County in Missouri; Civil Rights Compliance Statements – Charles B. Henley about school districts; Liberty Amendment; James Edmonds about Biracial media coverage; “Separateness in Equality” Television Plan to place a proper image of the South and stop the anti – south agencies; James Edmonds about the NBC – Frank McGee’s program “MS – A Self Portrait” was a distorted picture; House Concurrent Resolution No. 71 – Rules – creation of Interim Legislative Committee.
  3. Aug –Sept 1961 State Sovereignty Commission; correspondence regarding Mrs. Harry Scrivner about programs to promote patriotism appreciation of our American Heritage – Stop Communist Conspiracy; Mrs. Edward (Doris) H. Russell and Mrs. Whitefield Harpey Arts Alexander about a sum of $200 to finance an Anti-Communist Seminar in Jackson.
  4. May, August, and September 1961 printed matters, correspondence regarding Legislative Trends; National Conference State Legislative Leaders; Notification of the 3rd Annual Meeting; Tentative schedule of activities; Speaker Secretary (Defense) Robert S. McNamara; U. S. Atomic Energy Commission; Agriculture and MS.
  5. 1961 printed matters regarding General Legislative Investigating Committee: Investigation of the MS State Forestry Commission – on alleged illegal activities in the Fire Control Department of MS; Investigation of MS State Penitentiary at Parchman – discharge of Mr. Fred Jones, Superintendent.
  6. Political and Legal, May, July – September 1961 correspondence, clippings, newspapers, printed matter regarding Communism – to combat subversial influence on college campuses; Agriculture – cotton; Shriners – dues; Retarded Children in Stone County – Teaching; Robert Archer – “Thousand Pride Miracle” development of Southern Industry; MS Southern College – demoted from “major” status vs. State and Ole Miss.; A. D. Suttle Jr. about “Seismic Detection in MS”; Jerome S. Hafter about a reception honoring John Satterfield in the Mid Regional Meeting of the American Bar Assoc.; Jimmy Ward about Cramp Situation  – Ole Miss; Memphis, Tenn.
  7. 1960; 1961 Jan – Mar, legislative matters, newspaper clippings, printed matters regarding resolution to adopt the platform and principles of the Democratic Party in the MS Convention; 1964 Presidential Election: A Prophecy: A Study in Depth by Gerald Smith; Population inequities and the 5 MS Districts Blacks gaining voting registration; Labor Union and Tenn. Congressman Ross Bass; France and other countries need to pay their war debts to U. S. –hurt of the Atlanta Alliance; Senator James Eastland; Directors Economic Council – Mississippians must adjust to the 1964 Civil Rights Act; Lost of billions of dollars due to strikes; Federally – mandated desegregation compliance agreement; MS in the irreducible core of resistance to the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Desegregation – Boston; MS & Ala Unions.

7a. February and March 1960; January 1961 printed matters, maps regarding A.G.

Gauthier and Walter W. Heard Jr.; and oil properties.

  1. December 1966 printed matters regarding Copy of the Committee’s Report & copy of the Bills – to study the election laws of the State of MS including Constitutional provisions of Registration, voting, and laws pertaining to bond issue elections; H. B. No – changes in No. of signatures of qualified elections to appear on petitions; H. B. No – change the date of 1st Primary Election for Congressmen; H. B. No. – to provide for the arrangement of the names of candidates on the ballots; H. B. No – to pay certain experiences in the preparation of election (printing the tickets); H. B. No. – Eliminate the provision for alphabetical arrangement of Names of the Candidate in primary elections; H. B. No – provide that the total number of votes cast in the election shall be 1/3 of the electors of the territory; Issuance of Bonds for Elections H. B. No-.
  2. September 1965; June 1966 printed matters, newspaper, correspondence, legislative matters regarding proposed House Bill – clearly define the crime and the Penalty about forcibly stopping or intermediating injury on another persons; Civil Rights Laws – Watts Riots; Chesley Hines – Extension Horticulture about obtaining increases in appropriation and development of the agricultural industry in MS; Tom B. Virden – Supervisor’s Salary Bill; and Blacks Registration —March in Jackson.
  3. July 1954 printed matters, legislative matters – First Extraordinary Session 1964 regarding House Amendment to Senate Bill No. 1515 about permanent Capitol Commission and its Compensation; S. B. No. 1515 – granting the Capitol Commission Authority to collect rent from certain State Agencies; S. B. No – authorize the Senators and representatives to serve as Ex –Offices Members of the Capitol Commission; WSJ to Honorable Joe Patterson about S. B. No 1748 and its membership of the Capitol Commission; S. B. No. 1748 – to reorganize the Capitol Commission to give it responsibility for the management of additional State Property in Jackson.
  4. “From Dugas Shands, Mrs. Lewis Case” 1963-64 printed matters, correspondence, legal case regarding Opinion & Judgment – U. S. District Court for the Southern District of GA; Savannah – Chatham County Board of Education and Lawrence and Daniel Roberts (Intervener) vs. Ralph Stell (plaintiff); the “Blessings of Liberty” vs. the “Blight of Equality”; Opinion of Stell vs. Savannah – Chatman School; U. S. Supreme Court: Mrs. Walter Lewis Circuit Clerk and Registrar of Elections of Bolivar County vs. Robert F. Kennedy, A. H. General of US; Jamie Whitten about the redistricting situation –accusations about Whitten wanting to get rid of Greenville – Redistricting problem is a MS problem or Delta problem; James E. Edmonds about a plan for interracial peace with realistic justice; Blacks and Whites – Background of Edmonds.
  5. April 21, 1964 printed matters regarding The University of MS Medical Center; Robert Q. Marston – Director & Dean – about Budget Commission Recommendations are too small and inadequate – lack of support will result with the Medical Center to deteriorate; List of Supported Needs—appropriations; Robert Marston about Appropriations for Medical Center – Choice Is Yours.
  6. June 1961; August 1964; June and Oct 1965; May and June 1966 printed matters, correspondence regarding B. F. Smith about a resolution proposed at the Annual Meeting; redistricting; Herman Talmadge about US Supreme Court legislative apportionment decisions; Lewis McKee abut defending WSJ’s honor; text of Landon Johnson’s Address at Howard University —Education & Blacks.
  7. May 1, 1964 “Redistricting” printed matters, redistricting maps, redistricting tables regarding Kenneth O. Williams about a proposed New Districts —U. S. Supreme Court decided on other states that earlier districts are unconstitutional; Tables—1st Districts – election results, no. of whites add no. of blacks; committee substitute for H. B. No. 728 – to apportion and redistrict the State of MS into 5 congressional districts; Committees on Census and Apportionment – study on the problems concerning redistricting in MS; to rectify the unbalance in population – considered economic, educational, political, and historical factors.
  8. 1966 Redistricting printed matters, legislative matters 1966; redistricting maps and tables, roll call regarding H. Concurrent Resolution No. 49 – apportion; gerrymandering; Gov. Paul B. Johnson about authorizing the legislature to reapportion itself instead of it being done by the Federal Courts; Proposed State Senatorial Reapportionment in MS; voting of H. Concurrent Resolution No. 49; committee substitute for Senate Bill No. 1563 to fix the Annual Salaries of the Judges of the Supreme Court of the State of MS – certain specific duties and services; committee of substitute for S. B. No. 1564 – to fix the salaries of the Attorney General and the Assistant Attorneys General of the State of Ms; Memorandum – major weakness of the Williams (House Bill) – Issaquena County; Max Freedman “Apportion Ruling Passes Tests” – CA; H. C. R. No. 71 creating an interns legislative committee to study reapportionment of the legislature of State of MS – reports finding etc.
  9. 1963; 1964 printed matters, legislative matters 1964 (Rule) regarding Guy T. Gillespie about Blood – transfusion reactor; Insurance Counsel Journal 1965 – April; Proposed Legislation – Agenda; Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 139 – joint House and Senate Committee – investigation and study of the salaries and duties of personnel and constitutional officers.
  10. August & September 1961 regarding Washington Bulletin about Senator Eastland on racketeering and gambling; Water Shed area water utilization flood prevention and control; and Railway in South.
  11. May, June, and July 1966 printed matters, newspapers, clippings, correspondence, roll call regarding The Councilor – Communism, Interracial relationships; LBJ; Charlotte Capers about the exhibit of the pen, the picture, Xerox copy of the legal liquor bill and other clippings and magazines about prohibition in MS; need for an construction bill to build a creditable archives building; William L. Giles (President of MS State University) about Experiment Station and the Cooperative Extension Service; Alumni Card from MS State Univ.; Else Johnston Jr. (Director of State Sovereignty Commission) about copies of articles – Watts Riots in California; Differences of American Blacks and African Blacks; W. C. Adams about two married students at Delta State College; Roll Call for H. C. R. No. 71; The Augusta Courier about Civil Rights Bill and LBJ.

Box 74

  1. A. and I Board – 1951, 1952, 1954, 1958, 1959, and 1960 correspondence, printed matters, telegrams regarding W. E. Barksdale about Textron proposition; A. E. Gattin about memorandum on Research addressed to Gov. J. P. Coleman – applied research in regards: MS’s Development Program Industry; Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the Board of Directors of MS Agricultural and Industrial Board; Henry Maddox about a testimonial dinner in honor of Gov. Coleman; William E. Keith about the remarks made by executive director Fred Bush – outline the program for the economic development of MS, developed by the Board of Chairman, Gov. Barnett; J. T. Wilbanks about an upcoming program in Corinth Industry Appreciation Says – to honor our local industries.
  2. of Archives and History 1959 and 1960 correspondence, printed matters regarding Charlotte Capers about minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees; Gaining the papers of State Officials for the Archives; Status of the War Memorial Building remodeling; the Budget request; Charlotte Capers about the Oct. 1959 Report, about rescheduling the January meeting, about remodeling of space in the War Memorial Building which will be vacated when the Hall of Fame is moved to the Old Capitol.
  3. “MS Power and Light Company – 1950, 1952, 1957” printed matters, clippings, correspondence regarding House Bill 72 – state railroad assessors; does the tax commission have power to value or assess for taxation the property owned by a Railroad Company which is not used in the Railroad business; Rex I. Brown about the role of privately owned electrical companies in our ever expanding economy; Les M. Taylor about proposed rules of practice and procedure – to implement the Public Utility Act.
  4. “Legislative – 1951; 1952; 1959; 1960” printed matters, correspondence, U. S. and MS Legislative matters regarding Ellett Lawrence about the report from the Fact Finding Committee on Reorganization of State Government – reducing of agencies; W. O. Dobbins, Jr. about the battle between the Textile Workers Union of America and some of the large textile mills, governmental intervention and regulation; Odie Tranor about his support for WSJ candidacy for speakership of the house; Lois Riggs – congratulate WSJ on his victory on Speaker of House of Representatives; James W. Morgan about application to Veterans Affairs Board as Assistant Commissioner; L. O. Macmillan about matters of conservation of oil and gas – engineers, maintenance; A. S. Coody about public schools be operated 12 months instead of 8 or 9 months a year; MS Legislature – bills; Legislature Program for Economic Development.
  5. “Legislative – 1950, 1959 and 1960”; legislative matters, correspondence, printed matters, telegrams regarding Michigan Legislature about opposition to World Government; W. E. Holcomb about a study by State Department of Public Welfare of the Distribution of funds by types of public assistance, increase aid to the aged and disabled; First National Conference of State Legislative Leaders in Albany, NY; Legislative Investigation Committee – inspecting of the MS National Guard Operation at Camp Shelby; Biographical Data of Senators; Interest Exempt from Federal Income Taxes; Insurance Business in MS – S. B. No. 1702 and 1704.
  6. “Correspondence with U. S. Senators and Representatives” 1951 – 1953; 1956 – 1959 – 1960; correspondence, U. S. Legislative matters, clippings, printed matters regarding Courtney C. Pace (Asst. Assistant to Sen. Eastland) about the rent waiver in convection with the Gibson loan; John Stennis about the disaster loan situation in Bolivar County – general alteration of the policy with reference to the waiver of the landlord lien; Sen. Harry Byrd about the improper conduct of Gen. Daniel J. Crawford as Commanding Gen. of the District Ordnance tank Automotive Center; Paul Crouch about the communication background of Paul R. Porter the acting director of the Economic Co-operation Administration (Marshall Plan); Clarence Cannon about importance in retaining Jamie Whitten in the Congress – MS redistricting problem – Whittten’s position in the handling of the important agricultural appropriations; Williams Coleman about Presidential Election / Southern States’ Righters Candidate; Jamie Whitten about the cotton and all the problems of the south; “Whitten Rider”; James Eastland about Civil Rights Bill; Eastland about President Taft’s view on Jury Trials – opposition to trial by jury amendment; nomination of Porter Stewart; Terrene Landing; Harry Byrd about the 1960 Debt  – Tax Bill.
  7. 1951, 1953, 1957 –1960 printed matters, correspondence, newspapers, data regarding remarks by Sen. Harry F. Byrd – a bill to abolish and liquidate the assets of the reconstruction Finance Corporation; General Practice and Assets – medical; Travis McCharen about Vocational Rehabilitation Program – purposes of restoring the physically and mentally disabled persons to a self – supporting status – need for rehabilitation center; North MS Annual Conference of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church about their urges to Legislative body in the passage of legislation for the equalization of school facilities for all people; Karl Wisenburg about Governor J. P. Coleman and his program; John E. Gregg about enacting the Herlong – Sadlak bill to bring about basic tax reforms, — Industry & Economic Growth; J. M. Tubb about 3rd Annual MS Youth Safety Conference with recommendations on school safety, traffic safety and home safety; W. D. Neal about Bonded Indebtedness and Schedule of Bonded Debt; W. E. Holcomb about State Dept of Public Welfare – Release of Statistics – Public Assistance Recipients; MS Labor Federationist about Labor, rights – to – work amendment; W. D. Gunn about opposition to any fishery, license time or manner of obtaining such licenses.
  8. 1950-1951 telegrams, correspondence, printed matters regarding Howard C. Williams about appropriation to relief municipalities; Thomas Abernethy about cotton ceilings and acreage; J. A. Thigpen about an act to set up an accounting department under a commission appointed by the government; Hugh Allen Boren about Commissioner of Insurance; Report of Investigation of the Sewerage Facilities and Sewerage System of MS State Hospital at Whitfield, MS; MS Education Association District Conference – Program; Walter C. Givhan about historic day in Dallas County in Alabama; W. N. Hale Jr. about Recess Committee assignment.
  9. 1952; 1953; 1955 printed matters, correspondence regarding L. J. Folse about a survey of the underground water resources of MS; Communications Workers of America – CIO; Daniel W. Ambrose about to facilitate the cooperation of this territory (Virgin Islands) with other units of government and to establish an unpaid commission for that purpose –Virgin Islands commission on Interstate Cooperation; Rowan Kelly about reporting the Federal Social Security numbers of members and employees of the House of Representatives all when are eligible to participate in the benefits of the retirement systems; Carl J. Brown about speeches; W. D. Neal about re-establishment of the Dept. of Audit, task of auditing and investigating all public offices of the state; increase in revenue and the establishment of the merit system; Introduction of WSJ at MS Vocational College; Hugh Clegg to Robert B. Patterson about a book by Theodore Brameld, “Enforced Segregation” and “Time to Get Angry” by James B. Carey; Deans at the Schools at Ole Miss; Dean of the School of Ed, a nature of Indianola; student newspaper and censorship; S. Hudson Kyle – Kohler and Industrial Expansion.
  10. 1956 – 1958 printed matters, correspondence, clippings regarding J. D. Lollar about Prohibition, the Black Market Tax, Committee Assignment to Temperance; Suggested Agenda at Industrial Committee; Re – Enactment of the Surtax at the 1958 Session – J. P. Coleman; J. L. Pierce about constitutional convention; Forest Cooper about MS Veterans of the Veterans’ Hospital segregation and integration of federal facilities; G. D. Garrett about Court Case; Joe T. Patterson about a bill to authorize the Attorney General to appoint special counsel in certain cases, as well as additional secretaries; Wilbrun Hooker about Ole Miss, censorship and college publications.
  11. 1959-1960 correspondence, printed matters, clippings regarding Charles M. Hill (editorial); J. P. Coleman about his role in the legislative branch and ex-governor; Alonzo Quarles about Coleman actions, call for special session, vs. Coleman; Maurice R. Black about Black’s support for WSJ – “concerned about your overtures to the governor”; Boswell Stevens about committee assignments for Dave Bennett and Deloach Cope; R. O. Arrington Jr. about his running for a Seat in House of Representatives – in 2nd primary (Copiah County); Statement by Gov. J. P. Coleman – about Sillers’ important mission in Europe; Call to Session on Dec. 1.; Frank Brumfield – MS Cattlemen’s Ass. – meat laboratory, beef cattle research and sheep research center; feed preparation and storage equipment and livestock research at MS State University; Proposed amendment to State Constitution – Right to Work Law; Issuance of Bonds vs. Anticipated State Aid Funds; Roy C. Adams about dedication ceremonies for the District Office Building located on Highway 45 – Tupelo; J. A. Thigpen about Education — attendance, qualifying teachers, taxation, – superintendent of education.
  12. September 1957 printed matters regarding committee assignment requests from members of the House of Representatives of MS.

Box 75

  1. 1945 –1950 correspondences, printed matters, newspapers, addresses regarding Marcellus Green about compliments to WSJ in his (WSJ) fight against Communism and New Deal; E. D. Kenna about Resolution to develop the Oil and Gas resources of the states of MS and Ala Kenna is the Executive Vice President of MS – Ala Division of the Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association; John W. Kyle about his MSCW address – Education popular education; WSJ to Robert L. Doughton of U. S. Ways and Means Committee about unemployment, need of expansion in industry and other business activities, need of incentives; WSJ to Sen. Richard Russell (U. S. Senate) about Civil Rights legislation –States Rights Democratic Republican Party; W. P. Harris about to enforce rules and regulations of Federal Fish and Wildlife Service; Migratory Bird Treaty Act (House Bill # 738); W. A. Bond about salary raise – the qualifications for old age assistance.
  2. July 1940 to June 1942; 1948; 1950; Undated matters, printed matters, correspondence, newspaper clippings, hotel receipt, commentaries regarding Henry Boswell – Superintendent to Budget Commission – on MS State Sanitarium, Budget Estimate – requirements permanent improvements, major repairs, and capital equipment; Henry Boswell – letter of transmittal on patients, expenditure, improvements, facilities; WSJ to Erskine W. Wells – President of Jackson Jr. Bar Ass. about Civil Rights Legislation – Resolution: Mississippians would not support a Democratic Candidate for Civil Rights; Merritt H. Gibson of TX about a clipping on Truman’s conviction in wanting the Black vote – Gibson’s idea of Southern Electors free election; O. H. Swayze – Chairperson of Legislative Dinner Committee about seating arrangement; Eastland Bill – Spur Farm Commodity Surplus Sales in Foreign markets; Establishment of New Medical Schools; Right and Freedom to Work – Need legislation to protect the laborer, employers and to public vs. unwanted encroachment; From an Observer – the faults of Senator Bilbo in his 5 ½ years as Senator – he should not be re –elected; the criticism of Gov. Paul Johnson.
  3. 1942 – 1947; 1950 Delta Council printed matters, correspondence regarding Annual Reports –activities; Present and Proposed Budget – Expenditures; B. F. Smith about House Bill No. 423 about Experiment Station, needed appropriations; 15th Annual Meeting of Delta Council – speaker Sen. Harry Byrd of Va.; J. C. Baird Jr. – on child labor provisions and farm labor standards act; W. T. McKinney Chairman of Committee on Buckshot Land about heavy clay soil in the Delta.
  4. 1949 printed matters, correspondence, hotel receipts, newspaper clippings, and addresses regarding Federal Aid Highway Act of 1938 — Highway Planning Funds; Committee Assignments of Brinkley Morton; Address by Edger J. Hoover – The Need of 1949 – justice and the convictions of Theodore Roosevelt; Federal Taxes “Miscellaneous interval revenue”; Soviet Union and the October Revolution; Rural Road Program for MS; W. F. Bond Commission State Welfare Dept about Public Welfare – old age payroll; and Calling of Extraordinary Session – Legislative Highway Planning Committee – Comprehensive farm to market rural road system.
  5. 1949, 1950 printed matters, newspaper clippings regarding Displaced Person Facts vs. Fiction; World War II; Immigration; Agriculture – to put surplus agricultural products into world trade; Alger Hiss and Communism; Ray Cases: two pipe lines on Ray’s property; World War II Veterans and bases; Boll weevils; Conviction of Alger Hiss –Secretary of State Dean Acheson; WSJ’s resolution – dangers of communism – Alger Hiss; Construction State Office Building – doesn’t hold all the Department of State; Placing a Black person on the county Superintendent appointed Board.
  6. 1939 – 1947; July & September 1949; 1950 printed matters, correspondence, Address, statistical data regarding Department of Public Welfare W. F. Bond about old age assistance payroll; State Democratic Executive Committee about House Bill No. 38 on principle of the Party; Minutes of Meeting on Feb. 19 and March 1; MS Agricultural and Industrial Board Robert S. Hand on the Horace S. Ely Industrial prospect; Float on a bond issue; MS State Highway Department about Walter Spiva on Major highway construction, funds; MS Agricultural and Industrial Board W. E. Barksdale on “Miss Hospitality” contest.
  7. 1945; 1949; 1950 printed matters and addresses regarding Will M. Whittington: Maximum Benefits Call For Greater Highway Investments; H. B. 5472 about rivers, harbors, and flood control bill; shipping of pecans (marketing); Investigating Committee to determine possible tax losses as a result of the construction of the Sardis and Arkabutla Dams and Reservoirs; Henry F. Byrd (D – VA) about the North Atlantic Pact, Arms and expenditures, deficit spending, and $36 billion Byrd Budget.
  8. 1940; 1946; 1949; 1950 correspondence, printed matters, data regarding The State Tax Commission on Public Utility Assessments; All utility valuations and assessments; Report on Ad Valorem Assessments of all classes of property in the State – Real, personal, and Public Utilities (1940); W. R. Hough about WSJ’s inquiry on the inconsistent amount of revenue received from various states; A. H. Stone on the Federal Gov’t is gradually undermining the independence of the States through contribution to state deductions; W. R. Hough about the Budget Status as of March 18, 1950; A. H. Stone about the token law is disliked; the Bracket system is more preferred by consumers sales tax.
  9. 1938; 1942; 1946; 1948 correspondence, printed matters, hotel receipts regarding MS State Sanatorium Henry Boswell Superintendent about a request that WSJ and Lena Sillers try to “straighten out Senator Roberts” to OK more money for the institution; C. C. Smith about the labor situation; final contract on cotton seed; Vernon W. Holleman to Gov. Thomas L. Bailey about an appointment for Field Representative under the Motor Vehicle Commission – for his brother- in – law; Mr. O. M. Taylor of Hattiesburg; William Clay about the appraisal of Louis’ estate of the settlement question over the Louis Stower’s will; James H. Gardner of the First Districts in Michigan about Michigan Resolution No. 10 (House of Representatives) on placing the Michigan State Police in order to maintain law and order at picket lines and for strikes where the local law enforcement authorities could not cope with the situation; Bolivar County Schools – A. H. Ramsey about the need for a set of rules and regulations relative to the issuance of teachers certificates and increased appropriation to improve salaries and consolidation of small schools.
  10. 1949 correspondence, newspaper clippings, printed matters, statistical data, regarding Horace C. Wilkinson to Alabama Representative John Graves on the Gossett – Lodge Amendment, the Electoral College (proposed to abolish); Communism; Bulletin Friends of the Public Schools “Figures That Dispute Need for Federal Aid”; Charles S. Tindall Jr. about the authorizations for the Boards of Supervisors and the Levee Boards relative to the rights of way for drainage improvements; T. H. Naylor about information on the population of the state (Educable children, daily attendance, and value of school buildings); James E. Edmonds about States Rights, International and Interstate Commerce, Non-Partisan International Relations – platforms for next Republic Party 1952; Harrod E. Stasses – Republican Party must rebuild Walters. May-clippings about the consumer’s Dollar; production and Farmers’ Income-Don M. Griswold medical consultant (Mississippi Board of Health) about revision of “Places to route To Practice medicine in Mississippi”

11.1950; 1953- correspondence, printed matters- RE: Clay Lyle entomologist- State Plant board of Mississippi about the possibility that inferior insecticides are being sold in the state=boil weevil poison-B.S. Guyton- Institution of Higher Learning about Guyton cancellation of meeting with WSJ. – Forrest G. Cooper about to discuss the political campaign to select successor to Mr. Whittington.- Ed. Gren about Brandeis, the great liberal thinkers and the avocation of the incorporation of unions.- S.P. Coleman, Attorney General, to Mississippi senator Brinkley Morton about the procedure in cases if weits of error coram nobis; the Willee McGree case

12.1936,1947; 1961-1966 correspondence, statistical data, printed matter, newspaper, Legislative Matters = 1963-1964.- RE: W. A. Geisenberger about a copy letter from Ben C. Callon of the County Affairs committee-oppose H. B. No.137 making the county Attorney the Attorney for the Board of Supervisors and Callon’s  reasons Enrollment and Average Daily Attendance Rosedale consolidated School Session 1946-47.- Kay Hard of London was about the removal of animal when they become dangerous- Noel Rongham of State Tax Commission about attending the National Tobacco Tax Conference and Sending the Homestead Exemption conformation soon.-Keith Cranston about giving assistance to WSJ on the jostery forestry and Timberland interests.-Nick West about Core folder (pamphlet).= Segregation Housing , Freedom Rides, etc..)- committee Assignments (Representatives of Adams, Claiborne, and Harrison counties).- The Press-Scimitar (Given by Charles Schneider-editor) Series of editorial by George Carmack [Feb. 15, 1965-Feb 22, 1965] on the men of the Supreme Court.- Lena Parish about the mail = to be sent to Jackson.


12a.June 1961; August 1962; June 1966 printed matters; correspondence, max –

RE: Walter W. Heard Jr.- Welby Wooten Area project- Statements of       Accounts in June 1966.

13.April 1964; July 1964- Printed matters; correspondence; copy of Goldater’s acceptance speech- RE: Mississippi Republican party- State Chairman Wirt A. Yeager Jr. about the Republican view point of the proposed election law changes [S.B No 1764. S.B No.1766. S.B No.1767; S.B No.1768 & S.B. No.1776]- Norman Morton Jr. Editor of Yazoo City Herald on the Senate Bills = purpose is to “stamp out the developing two-party system”- Charles L. Sullivan Farmer PA and Former candidate for Democratic Nomination Jr Gov.- on the same issue- Mississippi Municipal Association- several mayors of Mississippi towns sent a letter to WSJ so that WSJ would support the S.B. 1800 which is about to protect the home-rule right of franchise for municipalities— generate and distribute power and utility to ones’ own people- Writ A. Yeager of Mississippi Republican Party about the 1964 Republican Platform ( National convention )and the Acceptance speech of the Goldwater to run for U. S. President

14.1961,1963,1964,1965,1966-Legal pad papers, newspaper clippings, correspondence- Regarding: Allen Gray Estate- C.E Dawson wanted the possession of housed that is in Gray’s Estate- A contract for sale and purchase of land between W. A. Wilshaws, first party, and William Shattuck Adams, seemed party- Memo for Feb. 4, 1961 dealing with estates- Brushing Take-J.W. McLellan’s land and the cutting of the willow.-Memo for Mar 2, 1961- Memo for March 6, 1961—estates, Lake Buelah lot rent- Memo for May 16, 1963- Rough draft of a letter to Joe Eastland on May 27,1963- WSJ’s opinion that JFK and the Warren Court is leading the U.S. to a government of dictatorship.-U.S.A. #. Gen Bobby Kennedy’s police action in Alambon to Gov. Wallace-Lena Parrish to WSJ about the liquor petition, the marchers coming to Jackson and “the Federal Government hasn’t sent troops”,-Reappointment- Editorial in commercial Appeal- The media slanted reports in favor of the law breakers (Margor)

  1. 1945,1948,1952-correspondence, printed matters- Regarding: J.A. Thigpen to Lena Sillers about contribution to the committee of the Nurses’ Home Furnishings of the Rosedale Bolivar County Hospital. Other contributors from Miles Lopen Herbert Boyer and T.G. Roper- Rosalie Bulletin—the pilgrimage in March and the “Rosalie” Wedgewood China- Mrs. Edward Brewer to Lena Sillers about the Woman Society of Christian Service- get pamphlets from House Un-American Activities Committee Better Ed. So that there will be less criminals

Box 76

  1. 1951-1953-printed materials; correspondence-Regarding: Rice Consumer Service- What the Public Spends for Grocery Store Products – Pecan Administrative Committee-Pecans Pecan and Production.- Meeting of Delta Council Livestock Committee – Livestock Insect Pest Control – Speech against supporting Adlai Stevenson Civil Rights, F.E.P.L platform states rights – Raymond L. Sullivan about Mississippi Farm Labor introduction about George Johnson.

2.1956-1958- correspondence, printed materials, clippings- Regarding: cost estimates on the requests to the State Building commission for repair and renovation – Recommendation of architects for the new student housing facilities – J.D. Williams J. R. Otis about summary estimates of building construction and repairs – Alcorn A& M College – Board of Trustees Institution of Higher Learning – remarks of Richard Russells – Segregation extension of remarks of Ralph Gavin about Federal Government – Ray Smithart about the effects of the “Right To Work” bill- Delta Council: “A Proposed Short-Term Cotton Program” Communism and NAACP – Mississippi National Student Association  addressed delivered by J. H. White of Mississippi Vocational College about industry. – R.K. Scott about business- America’s Future.- Clarence Pierce about Orval Faubus, House Committee on Un-American activities- Governor Brown waves lost political battle in state – Howard Hill about Gator Bowl Train

3.1959 and 1966 – printed materials, correspondence, newspaper, clippings – Regarding: Andy Crawford- W.S.J’s appearance on the Rolling Fork Rotary Club – Dis AN’ Dat = A and B Plans, AHLEE, Ha. Cause concern in state – E.J. Yelverton about minutes of the meeting of the State Building commission – “Joe W. Hopkins Won’t Seek Re-Election”- State Representative of Florida- H.B. No 98p about authorizing the incorporation and operation of private schools – Harry W. Nugent about his stay in Singapore- Fred Jones about a governor for Mississippi and W.S.J – J. D. Williams- WSJ’s gift – Evelyn M. LaHue about placing a biography of the late WSJ in the American Historical Encyclopedia- Roman Kelly about memorial services- Board of Supervisors of Bolivar county, Mississippi- memory of WSJ – J.D William about honor the name of WSJ

  1. “Dattel-General-7/45-April-May 1953 – printed matters, correspondence – Regarding: Agriculture, Forestrey, Labor, Water Conservation, Bollworm
  2. Lena R. Sillers – John grant Gourley – Feb. 1953 – Printed materials – Regarding: money to purchase settle
  3. June 16,1959 – printed matters- Regarding: Building Plans
  4. June 15,1959 – printed matters- Regarding: Plans for airport addition
  5. March-April 1959 – printed matters, correspondence- Regarding: Survey of the facilities for psychiatric teaching at University of Mississippi- Hester p. Lowe about the memorial service for WSJ’s mother- Doug Shands about the United States Civil Rights Bills- Supreme Court segregation cases- Al legal error- Senate Bills
  6. 1959;1958;1959- printed matters; correspondence, clippings- Regarding: Frank E. Smith about the flood control appropriation and carving which occurred in the vicinity of Lake Concordia; Federal Water Facilities program, Senator Fulbright’s bill- Harry Maddox about changes- new your trip- Dixie Enslaved by Democrats”- William V. Chappell of Florida about the Private School Act of 1959 and the supplementing legislation proposed to the Florida 1957 session
  7. October- December 1966- printed materials, correspondence, clippings- Regarding: Clipping of WSJ death of his rememberable moments- James E. Edmonds about in article about WSJ and Herman Leutsch- Ancil L. Cox about a resolution which has been adopted by Bolivar County Bar Association in memory of WSJ- W. F. Bond about his memories of WSJ – Governor Bilbo Board of Supervisors of Bolivar County- tribute to WSJ- Pearl and Jimmy Amoss about Representative John Junkin named Mississippi Speaker- Memorial services for WSJ and others by the Mississippi Legislature

Box 77

  1. 1958; 1960; June/July 1961- correspondence, printed materials- Regarding: High Court’s “Arrogance” is viewed by Northerner Tax Assessments- J.B. Morris about the work of the Education Study Committee- Preliminary draft prepared by Resources Study Group- Jack P Canizaro about Board of Mississippi Levee commission coverage land in Bolivar County- Overstreet Ware and Ware to Jack Conizaro about a joint venture agreement, Science Center joint responsibility to the university of Mississippi and Building commission- Overstreet Ware and Ware withdraw from the contract agreement for joint venture employment of State Building Commission for refurnishing- architectural services in connection with Research Center at the university of Mississippi- James T. Canizaro to E. Yelverton about repairs and addition to Governor’s Mansion- Bernard Crihfield about federal legislation-that will affect the federal and state roles in conservation, development and utilization of water and related with resource- Herbert Kohler about a new book that deals with the decision of the National Labor Relations Board- Dormitory Housing Data
  2. “Constitution- Section 273” (August 1958)- printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters- Regarding: L.L. Harris about the election- how to vote on amendment submitted to the voters for approval or rejection- Voters of Leflore County: to vote for the amendment to Section 273 of State Constitution- provide how the Constitution may be altered, changed, or amended- Proposed Amendment to amend the Constitution in an special election on August 26,1958, the date of democratic primary election for congressmen and judges
  3. August 1961- printed materials, correspondence- Regarding E.J. Yelverton to Earl Evans about a detailed report on allortion and expenditures from funds appropriated to the State Building commission- Speech by Jamie Whittan about cotton and cotton textile problem- William P. Rock about a seminar- discuss and project to field of nuclear energy’s application, problems and potential- Charles Fair about a workshop to discuss deficiencies that may be handicapped their industrial program and growth and development- D.H. Echols about the Homestead Exemption and supported by the Mississippi Farm Bureau- W.J. Parks about approving funds for the building to house the Mississippi Surplus Property commission- Minutes of the committee appointed by Governor Gannett in regard to a Research Institute- E.R. Jobe about a special study committee to study proposals for an Institute of Technology- Fred M. Bush about free storage time of export cotton at public owned docks at Mobile, Gulfport and New Orleans- Fred M. Bush about his term as Director of Mississippi Agricultural and Industrial Board.
  4. September 1960- March-July 1961- printed matters, correspondence, magazines booklet- Regarding Connally Amendment-Address by John C. Satterfield “World Peach through Law or World Chaos”-Walter Sillers to Superintendent of Dortemero about a check for $1.00—communism-Alber Jones-speech by Gallion of Ala.-Freedom Riders- communism-J.L. Roselle about repair and extend the existing revetment at Terrene on the left bank of Mississippi River.

4b. July/August 1961-clippings, newspaper-Regarding “Two Senators Get New        Posts”- clippings on labor, economy, and Jimmy Hoffa Freedom Riders

  1. 1960-1961-printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters- Regarding Audit of Mississippi State Building Commission – Various amendment to self on lease 16th section school lands for industrial development; five year tax exemption to refinery – E.L. Botelen about public school; judicial problems in Mississippi – Norman A. Johnson to Hon. Hutchinson about Intrastate Commerce – Tom Watkins about enlarging the powers of the Board of Supervisors proposed 16th section bill – Refinery and taxation repeating section 9702 of the code
  2. April-August 1960 – printed materials, correspondence, newspapers, clippings – Regarding: Resolution of Mississippi State Democratic Executive Committee district conventions and state conventions – WSJ to Harry Bryd about policy of VA Democrats and some of its resolutions; Presidential Elections – WSJ to Hon. E. P. Riley (South Carolina) about people of Southern states to elect independent Presidential electors – Highway Fact Finding Committee to study the public educational system – Resolution preventing temporary organization of Mississippi Tenace Convention of 1960 – “GOP Democratic Planks Compared”- “New Orleans Schools to Stay Segregated” – Mississippi Republican News — GOP “For Independent Electors” – “Can You Swallow This?”
  3. 1960 – printed matters – Regarding: Resolution – nominating a group of presidential electors to be placed on the ballot in the November General Election of 1960. – Resolution No. 1 – adopting the platform and principles of the Democratic Party of Mississippi in convention assembled in June 30, 1960 – Resolution No. 2 – assembled in Jackson  – June 30, Presidential Elections – Resolution of Democratic Party in Mississippi in convention assembled on August 16, 1960 –
  4. “Right To Work” – newspaper, printed materials – Regarding : The Independent American “Right to Work” – Hon. Donald L. Jackson – communism- The Methodist Challenge – religion – violence
  5. April-August 1960 – printed materials, clippings, correspondence – Regarding: Speech by Sen. Harry F. Bryd — legislation to overcome law enforcement difficulties resulting from the Warren Supreme Court Decision in the Mallory Case – “President for Dixie?”: The South Holds the Cards for Spectacular Upset” – Integration on Biloxi bathy beach- stopped Wilburn Hooker about state convention to Name Charlie Sullivan as a delegate from the state at Forge – E.H. Ramsey about how the Florida ____ election will result: the presidential electors in Florida – Independent electors – R. H. Busby about an assisting the legislature in its decision for economic progress – Resolution Providing for a temporary organization of the Mississippi Democratic Convention of 1960 – appointment of committees – National Political Parties are “Promising African Americans More” – Betty Jane Long about a list of the delegates of counties that submitted lists to state conventions – “Sillers Back to Party States” – Horance H. Harmed about the jury of public officials Douglas Shands about inspect voting records of Bolivar county, Mississippi
  6. 10 July 1960- printed material, clippings – Regarding: Campaign of 1928 – Democratic Platform – Republican Platform –National Platform of the Workers – Party Communist – campaign of 1932 – Republican Platform – Democrat Party Candidate Appeal to African American Voters- Senator John F. Kennedy – “Democratic Party Candidate For President and Vice President of United States”
  7. August 1960 – printed materials, newspaper – Regarding: Mississippi added school construction = largest proportionate increase of classrooms in the United States during the past year – Resolution #3-#8 about the state convention of the Democratic Party of Mississippi Presidential Electors



Box 78

  1. 1961 – printed matters, correspondence, legal pad paper – Regarding: Paul Revere Ladies and Myers Lowman on Communistic Subversion – Speech by Clayton Rand on Kennedy Administration “Grimson Cabinet” – Harvard Communism – The John Birch Society – What is it and its role? – Herbert Wittsee to Roman Kelley on the sole of the Council of State Governments – Senate of United States – desegregation of public schools with deliberate spoiled – United States Senator Harry Byrd on federal school control – Charles C. Jacobs to H. C. Strider about getting another Game Warden in the Bolivar County due to the large hunting area in the county – WSJ to Strider for a request for another Game Warden for Bolivar County – Judge (United States District ) Claude Clayton to WSJ about the problem between the governor and the Adjutant General control the power of the National Guard – S.T. Roebuck to WSJ about the Civil War Centennial in 1962 – memos for May 1961
  2. May-June 1961 – correspondence, printed matters undated matters – Regarding Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus to WSJ to invitation of Executive Committee of National Conference of State Legislative Leaders – Roman Kelley H.B. 115 – appropriation for the attendance at the Conference of Commissioner Uniform State Laws – S.N. West about Estate of Pearl W. Poupart and two newspaper articles about African American Riots – Segregation of the South
  3. April-May 1961 – printed matters, correspondence, clippings – Regarding: material from the “Circuit Riders” Communism Religion – General Funds receipts – NAACP—Mississippi and Medgar Evers Impeach Earl Warren – Christine Oglevee about reappraisal of Nursing Needs and resources in Mississippi – Noel Monaghan to WSJ about sales tax with reference to exemptions – clippings on education and federal spending – D.W. Colvard to WSJ about invitation to the North Carolina Farm Opportunities and Marketing Caravan – Agriculture with guest speakers Harold Cooley and Jamie Whitten – John Stennis with opinion on Freedom Rides and Mississippi – Carl Wiesenburg on State sovereignty commission
  • August 6, 1936 – copy of speech – Regarding: Yesterday and Today by Walter Sillers, Jr. about its creation of the county; its first county seat; its inhabitants prior to 1817, general past history of the county; prominent families of Bolivar County and history during  Civil War – prominent families in the present – development of Bolivar county
  • January-June 1953/May-June 1958 –printed matters, Legislative matters, correspondence – Regarding: Minutes of the monthly meeting of the board of Directors of Mississippi A and I board – Expenditures, Advertisements in National magazines, applications – Tishomingo County into a contract with Blue Bell Inc. – Appearing the action of Mayor and Board of Aldereen in issuing bonds – Membership of Bolivar County in Delta Council – S. L. Calhoun to WSH about information from the 4th annual Cotton Interest Control Conference – Mississippi State Building Commission – Appropriations and Laws – S.B. and H.B. of Balances- Bonds – agenda, building needs
  • 1961 March-May – Newspapers, clippings – Regarding John Birch Society; Citizen Council – Judge Warren, farm bill – Negro Student Editor at University of North Carolina, Jackson Advocate May 31, 1961 – Jackson Daily News Editorial page March 3, 1961 – Editorial Page: Bill Barton and Mississippi’s Future – The Community Citizen, New Albany Mississippi May 11, 1961 – Mississippi Farm Bureau News, May 1961 – The Citizens’ Council, April-May 1961 Jackson Mississippi – The Citizens’ Council, June 1961 – The Commercial Appeal, Memphis Tennessee July 5, 1961
  • June 11 and 12 1961 – correspondence clippings – Regarding: racism, meetings – Nick West to WSJ about two clippings of the racial question on the west coast by African Americans – Robert Patterson to WSJ about hiring a research specialist – application for position by Elmore Greaves – Albert Jones about State Sovereignty Commission meeting
  • October 1,2,and 6, 1961 – newspapers – Regarding: “South Moving Ahead in Far Better Days” – “Road Bids ____ is Highest of Year” October 2,1961 – October 1, 1961 – advertisement about Mississippi need to vote for two amendments will open new industries in Mississippi – Artube by Kenneth Toler on taxes and the 1962-1964 session October 6,1962 – Billion Dollar Pay

Box 79

  1. December 8, 1952; undated material, printed matters, correspondence – Regarding: Tyler Holmes about Bills enclosed from the Reces Education. Committee- No.1, establish a county Board of Education – No. 2, create an educational Finance Commission, No.3, Consolidation of School Districts – No. 4, program of state aid for the construction of school facilities – No. 5, transportation of school children at public expense – CRN 1, legislative provide for and finance the operation of transit – Provide for a uniform system of free public education for all children
  2. 1946, 1947, 1952 – printed materials, correspondence – Regarding : The Packaging of American Cotton and methods for Improvements – Agriculture in An Expanding Economy – Delta Council: Flame cultivation sub-committee – J.H. White about Mississippi Vocational College: $100,000 scholarship fund – to gain education through work-aid scholarships.
  3. 1953 – printed matters – Regarding: Extraordinary Session 1953 – H. B. No.2, create a State Educational Finance Commission – No.3, Consolidation of Reorganization of School Districts – No. 6, Transportation of school children No.8, Organization of the Board of Trustee – No.9, Authorize county Boards of Education to purchase and operate transport – No.11, Salaries of Superintendents – S.B.N. 1204, a program of state and for the construction of school facilities – 1205, minimum program of  education for all children – 1225, provide uniform system of public schools grades 1-12
  4. March 1953 – printed matters, legislative matters,1953 – Regarding: Address by Hugh White – Mississippi Industrial Program – A.H. Ramsey – Expenditures of money for African American education in Bolivar County – William Winter, Vacancy on the interstate Cooperation Comm. Construction of a building at Hull Jr. High at Coahoma – Redecorating and alterations of Governor’s Mansion – Maintenance and operation of public school for a minimum of eight months – State Board of Education composed of nine members – uniform system of free public schools for children of six to eighteen years – Digest of Legislation proposal of the Recess Committee on education – No, 1-25 supplemental 28-32
  5. March 1953 – printed matter; legislative matters 1953 – Regarding: N. Gore on a bill to handle the problem of segregation H.B. No., School Districts – CR. No.3 – State Superintendent of Education appointed – No.4, State Board of Education members – Method of ___ Collecting Support of Education program – Regarding: Bill No. 17, specify the school tax levies – No.18, Payment of the Outstanding Indebtedness of School District – B.No.20, keeping of permanent records of each pupil in the public schools of Mississippi – Regarding B. No. 21, Sates Tax Law – No.22 increase the rate of the oil severance tax, No.23, increase the rate of tax on cigarettes – taxes on natural gas and timber

Box 80

  1. March 1930, May 1956 – undated matters, correspondence, printed matters, letter by WSJ to Goody on legal pad paper – Regarding: W.W. Ramsey to WSJ about the Small Loan Bill by trying to get it voted on first and Full Crew Bill about he railroads – W.E. Chapman to WSJ about the delinquent Poll Tax list – solution to deal with the problem – Chas W. Clark to all Legislators representing delta territory: Information in requesting a office for the Delta Experimental station and auditorium for Delta Station – hotel Receipts at the Hotel Claridge in Memphis, Tennessee – Doug Brooks to WSJ about stockholders and derby – organization of a Local Citizens’ Council purpose the council is to destroy integration – Suggested agenda for A and I Board Industrial Committee on Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida ____ its south crop disease control – “Some Observations Look to the Future” about insurance
  2. November 1934, June, September, November, December, 1955 – undated matters, printed matters, correspondence, clippings, speech – Regarding: Independent thinking and Free Speech- censorship segregation of the white race must be preserved – Your Place in History – the first annual Constitution Day here what one editor hears about the speaker’s race (Upton) – Virginia Legislature – segregation – J.P. Coleman (Gov. Elect) to maintain segregation but not to pass resolution of nullification of the US Supreme court decision – Coleman to WSJ stay segregated but not destroy the state and lose the rights of Mississippi – Ordinance in Kirstree South Carolina – separation of railroad station, bunstat, etc by the races – The Civil Rights Revolution by Aldrich Blake – copies of WSJ’s speech about segregation , integration, and interposition ( rough draft, corrected copies, and final copy)
  3. Regular session 1956, January-June 1956, correspondence, printed matters, legislative matters magazines – Regarding: H.B. No. 655 clear definition of subversive organization and subversive people – H.B. No.195 create the subversion activities control commission – S.C.R. No. 128 –states the Right to regulate health, morals, education, marriage, peace and good order – Supreme Court Must Be Curbed by John Bell Williams Whitten – United States Government is threatened FEPL – Georgia student and race war in United States – Motive segregation (several article average ____ south segregation integration – “It Will Be An Issue” – J.P. Coleman – N. Gore to WSJ about sending a copy of rules and regulations- affairs of the commission’s office – Organization and Administration of the State Sovereignty Commission – “Editor still Unconvinced about N. Gore’s Status” – WSJ to Governor J.P. Coleman about State Democratic convention can reconvene and also recessing on July 16
  4. April-June 1956, undated matters, printed matters, correspondence, legal pad – Regarding: Williams Intelligence summary – The Tragedy of America – John Satterfield to WSJ about annual convention of the Mississippi State Bar report of study – committee of Mississippi State Bar 1955-1956 – George Payne Cosar to WSJ about the State Sovereignty commission – now the chairman conduct a special investigator stock market – N. Gore to WSJ about meetings of state sovereignty commission – Interposition address of Governor Marvin Griffin – General Assembly of Georgia – H.B.123 – public utilities – public service commission and its duties and powers – Organization and Administration of State Sovereignty Commission – Steering commission establish employment and determine financial situations
  5. June, July 1956 – undated matters, correspondence, printed matters – Regarding: Ben Hilburn to DR. E.R. Jobe three items (scientific equipment, miscellaneous furniture, and landscaping) approval by Building Committee relate to the Chemical Engineering Building Bids for equipment – Detailed specification of furniture – landscape development – J.D Williams to members of State Building Commission – Equipment – Teacher Education Building – remove and re-erect buildings from Gulf Ordinance Plant – Emergency repairs of the Institution of Higher Learning – Construction for Junior College – Location of Federal State Rice and Grain Market – News Office – Fact Forum Southern Manifests – “Supreme Court Must Be Curbed”
  6. May 1958 printed matters, correspondence, newspaper – In Regarding: Resolution organization for Trade Cooperation “General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade” – Resolution for Walter Sillers – sale of National Forest Timber – pulp melt in Alaska; Freight Rates; Social Security – Various resolutions by Delta Council – B.F Smith to WSJ about legality of G.A.T.T Organization of Trade Cooperation (Resolution; House ______)
  7. April through October 1956 – printed matters, legal paper, correspondence – In Regarding: Minutes Delta Council Board of Directors meeting about development of industries, utilize now materials and agricultural projects – J.H. White to Adam Clayton Powell about Powell’s refusal to pose with Miss Perryman – Maury S. Knowlton about Delta Steering Committee – cotton industry – Danger Signals in the Caribbean – Mississippi Legislature 1956 – House Appropriating Bills – ______ appointments to The Board of B_____ Examiners
  8. 1956 – printed matters, clippings, copy of a speech – In Regarding: The Bible Answering the Race Question – Then My Old Kentucky Home Good night by W.E Debnam – Speech by WSJ about Integration, Separation Interposition – Clipping: Interposition: To nullify the Supreme Court decision more inter-racial fights occurred in school
  9. 1956 – printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters, map, roll call, legal pad paper, clippings – In Regarding: Roll Call Recess Tax Study Committee – S.B. No. 1958 – Finance – to create a Legislative Recess Study Committee on Revenue Laws – S.C.R No.137, create a temporary Fact-finding committee on development of Mississippi’s resources – H.B No. 44 the appointment of a recess committee- H.B No.993- appropriation for the purpose of defraying expenses of the recess highway planning committee- H. B No. 880- create the state sovereignty commission – House Standing and Joint Committee – A Resolution: General Assembly of Georgia 1956 ____ void and of no effect Supreme Court decision of 1954 – G.P Granberry to WSJ about suggested names to be represented in the Forestry committee and Forestry Industry Committee- Charles Cason to WSJ about River Route (Highway No. 1) and involvement of the AAA – Mississippi State Building Commission
  10. Interposition Speech — and Date 5/56 – November through June 1956 – Undated matters, clippings, printed matters, correspondence, newspapers – In regarding: “The National Program Letter” November 1955 – Address by Frederick Machlinon Balance Agriculture with Industry Armstrong Tire and Rubber Company “States’ Rights”- Honorable Wm. Tuck remarks on the United states Representative James Davis to joint session of the General Assembly of Georgia on the question of segregation – “South Mobilizing to Defend States Rights” – Honorable James Davin on United States Supreme Court efforts to ____ legislative functions – Honorable Strom Thurmond on south will “ Fight to the End” to reverse the Supreme Court segregation decision – Honorable John Williams on Black Monday – segregation problem – Marjorie to WSJ about the request and recommendation for appointment on recess committee – South – “New Civil rights Proposals Rapped” – Joe Hopkins to WSJ about Berry place on the State Sovereignty Commission – WSJ to Ellette Lawrence about National Democratic convention 1948 – walked out; States’ Rights Interposition – Clipping: racial Mixing, “NAACP Integration on the Way” – J.P Coleman to WSJ about his support in introducing a rule to recess Mississippi State convention and reconvening – Coleman to Honorable W.C. Neill about Babson’s Washington Forecast – WSJ to Coleman about _____ low _____ time until Mississippi _______ more support.
  11. 1955 January through July 1956 – undated matters, printed matters, correspondence, hotel receipts, legislative matters, telegrams – In regarding: Race relations; Mississippi Crops and livestock Reporting Service – Cotton; General Acts of Regular Session 1956 – H.C.R. – Condemning the usurping and encroachment on the reserved powers of the state H.B.No.30 – safeguarding to the citizens of the State of Mississippi – James Eastand to WSJ about a resolution in Mississippi that honored Eastand – Willard parsons to WSJ about S.B. No. 1806 about a cancer hospital and treatment of cancer patients – Barney Luther to Governor J.P Coleman about Coleman’s veto of the H.B.No.370- salary of the county superintendents – A report of the principal building needs repairs at Jackson State College – African Americans who desire to settle in Libernia – Langer Bill – W.A Schmitt to WSJ about civil rights meeting at Madison Square Garden, who attended, declaring the council as #1 enemy – John E. Gregg on pre-emption doctrine – Congressman Smith of Virginia – H.B No.3 – A.S Goody on integration – States’ Rights movement – Robert Patterson on “Black Monday” decision Goody to Coleman’s action – State of South Carolina joint resolution.
  12. March/April 1962- Printed matter, correspondence, newspapers- In regard: A report to the Mississippi State Legislature to investigate the Mississippi State Penitentiary – The Kimble Berry affair – finance – _____ marked for- Mississippi Manufacturer Association – H.B Cotton and Farming


Box 81

  1. November 1962 – correspondence, printed matters, booklet, legislative matters, legal pad paper – In regard: Martin McLendon to WSJ about copy of advance sheet No 4. – Schools vs. House and Supreme Court – Roman Kelley about H.C.R #2 on selection for Senator in House – Roll Call H.C.R and S.C.R No.101 – 1960 census – Senate concurrent resolution No.115 tax apportion – the membership of Mississippi House of Representatives to consist of 110 members and Mississippi Senate to consist of 54 members – S.C.R #101 on profile for appointment of House H.C.R # – A study of all fund of a private school system in grammar and high school and to provide funds – Statement of military Services – Edwin Walker – United States District Court for Eastern District of Virginia – Harrison vs. Davis relationship _____ in Flapide
  2. October through November 15, 1962 – printed matters, correspondence, clippings, magazine booklets – In regarding: 1962 session – Term 1960-64 Mississippi Legislation Supreme Court of United States October 1961 – term apportionment – Congress: Barton Milligion – University of Mississippi on the rest on the United States Marshals on the campus of the university September 30 – Cooperation of media plus; signature from AM Association of University professor and non-markers – WSJ to Guy A. Thompson about the enclosed letters on Section 40 of state wide privilege tax laws of 1944 – License of road machinery and road material dealers – sales of grand – John Frye to WSJ about funds for illegitimate children – Copy of a letter from Karl Ramsey to editor of Clarion Ledger on Mississippi representative comment on President Kennedy and Cuba – Clipping Southern Area Gains Power – Satterfield Changes Kennedy’s ______ Judicial Procedures –civil rights – Meredith case – B.H Hirsberg to WSJ about – records of W.B Babers Estate and W.C Roberts Trustee – W.P Neal to Governor Barnett on the financial condition and annual operation of general find
  3. November 15 through December 1962 – correspondence, newspapers, legislative matters – In regarding: Wm. B. Alexander to WSJ on the request of Upton Sission to obtain another Senator (Mississippi) for Hinds and Harrison County reapportionment – G.E Parson to WSJ on Judge Grange murder case – E. H Ramsey about Southern Association of College and Schools – Ole Miss – integrated groups of college professors in Kelly the legislature how to operate schools – “Legislative Is Stymied” – Albert James about monthly activity report on integration –Meredith Case NAACP – S.C.R.No.101, reapportionment – H.C.R. No.2, provide of apportionment of Mississippi House of Representatives and Reapportionment of House of Representatives decently – H.B. No.____ to clarify the authority of county Boards of Supervisors to legal counsel – Comprehensive Road Test, Test Loops, Light Traffic, Pavement, Concrete – Forty-eight Senator Plan – List one county districts the two county districts, the three county districts, and four county districts
  4. 1956 Session – 1962 session – 1962 booklet; printed matters, legislative matters, roll calls – In regarding: Rules Book of Mississippi Senate and house 1956 regular session – Biographical data of Senate and House of Mississippi Legislature in 1962 – Supreme court of United Stated Scholle vs. Hare about Baker vs. Carr Equal Protection Claim – S.C.R.101 Amendment 17 and 18 – H.C.R No2 to provide for the election of a senator from each of the several districts to provide apportionment of  the Mississippi House of Representatives and to authorize reapportionment of senate decennial – S.C.R.No.101 – Roll Call S.C.R 101 Passage 79 and 82 – Minority Report – H.C.R.No.2 – Statement by Speaker Walter Sillers about the failure of the House to adopt S.C.R No.101 WSJ in experiment
  5. March through October 1962 – printed matters, books, magazines, newspapers, legal pad paper – In regarding : Baker vs. Carr – Apportionment Handbook 1962 session of Mississippi legislature – “African Americans Push Voting Drive – Poll Tax –Undemocratic – “Migration of African Americans – “A Comprehensive Study of African American Migration and Populating Trends” – The Tennessee Reapportionment Case – Views of the minority – dissenting opinion – “ What court said “ In Prayer Ruling” – “T.V Study of Prayer Ruling Leaves Out Important Facts” – “Reapportioning the State Senate” – Pamphlets on the Federal Marshals of United States Troops invaded the state of Mississippi – Meredith case Integration vs. Segregation
  6. June through August 1962 – printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters – In regarding: Legislative apportionment in Tennessee after Baker vs. Carr Case – Geo. McConley to Joe Patterson on the opinion of three Judge U.S. District Court of the Baker vs. Carr Case – Reapportionment in Mississippi Senate and House – WSJ to Jamie Whitten about Commission Medicare bill and John Stennis constitutional amendment on the New York prayer decision – United States Court for the Northern District of Georgia Hear vs. Gray, et. Al. about county unit system – The system violates certain United States Constitutional Amendments – H.C.R.No.13 provide apportionment of the legislature among several counties in the state of Mississippi – H.B.No113 provide how representatives shall be apportioned – H.B.No.318 to reapportion members of the House of Representative of the state of Mississippi
  7. 1947,1953,1956,1962 – printed matters, legislative matters, newspapers, legal pad – In Regarding: Mississippi Agricultural and Industrial Board – Information about Mississippi Manufacturing industry, lumber, and timber – Recess Education Committee – No.16 Town ship schools in the Choctaw Purchase – 26: Allocate funds to school districts and school – 28: Additional _______ 29: School funds – 30: To convey in convey land not extend 31: abolish line school districts to provide for administrator – 32: Uniform system of public schools grades 1-12 specify curriculum and rule and regulation of its operations – Mississippi State Board of Registration for Professional engineers – Thomas Tubbs to WSJ about his appointment as District Judge Resolution cotton and cotton seed commission
  8. 1930,1947,1954-1958,1961 and 1962 –printed matters, correspondence, clippings, newspapers – In Regarding: J.A Rogers to WSJ about a bill on regularity the practice of public accountancy – organize state forests – Minutes of Mississippi I and A board about approving the action of the mayor and Board of commissioners – W.E Barksdale on copies of proposals Import- Export Committee of Mississippi A and I Board, addresses by Governor Wright and Blaisdell – personal income senate – Till Case –Mississippi House Hectic as 1958 Session Closes – S.D Williams about Board of Governors – 287,000,000.00 Budget of 1962-64 – Editor at Ole Miss and Controversy better to be constant companion – Jimmie Robertson Cossar about setting up and meeting about the Geo. Building Commissioner –
  9. 1957,1958,1966 – hotel receipts, correspondence, printed matters, clippings, telegrams – Regarding: Mississippi Vocational College – Buildings and Repairs Projects – “Our Choice: Moving Ahead or Standing Still” on the constitutional convention – WSJ and Coleman – why the Daily Journal support a constitutional convention – H.Chalmers Alexander to WSJ about Sillers’ speech – Otho R. Smith to WSJ about education uniform nine month school session for all children and annual salary increase for teachers of “A and AA” certificate – Newspaper picture of Lena Sillers and others visiting Mississippi Legislature – H.B.No.106 about to permit the use of certain drugs in the relief of pain after an operation (radiometry) – Telegrams: WSJ’s mother’s illness – Robert A. Everett ( United States House of Representatives ) sympathy for Lena Sillers for the lost of WSJ who died – Red Festival Turns political, Tow Mississippian Walk Out Sixth World  Youth Festival that go political – Walter Raleigh Copplage of Rosedale, Mississippi and Shelby Tucker Jr. of Pass Christian Mississippi
  10. 1957,1960-1965,1974 – printed matters, correspondence – In regard: W.B Alexander to Florence S. Odden about Alexander’s support for a constitutional convention and what section of the Mississippi constitution need to be changed – Civil War centennial – H.B.No.16 – to authorize Mississippi State Park Commission to negotiate With international Paper Company about the home and surrounding guards of J.F.H Claiborne – Mississippi Supreme Court – Employees Mutual Casual Company vs. Joseph J. Nosser – Minutes of Regular Meeting of State Building Commission – Buddie Newman to Mrs. J.H White
  11. 1952,1957,4958,1959 – Newspapers, clippings – In regard: WSJ was re-elected speaker – WSJ and Lena Sillers at Chicago Democratic Convention – WSJ’s seventieth birthday – Tribute to WSJ on his seventieth birthday – Coleman in Speaker Chair? Walter Sillers re-election is Speaker of House
  12. 1962 1974-1975, undated correspondence, printed matter, clippings, legal pad – In Regarding: “As I See It” by Captain Tim Gibson on integration – Copies of the funeral services remarks by Kenneth Sissell – Funeral of WSJ – Mrs. W.B Dickerson II about seeing the painting of a portrait of WSJ which was done by Marshall Bouldin – Bill Waller for “Legislative Ladies” – H.T Holmes an oral history – got WSJ’s chair – Father Tony opened the 1975 session of House of Representatives and comments of WSJ from House members – Cliff Finch about needing support for this campaign for governorship

Box 82

  1. January through July 1949, 1956 – correspondence, printed matters, newspapers, clippings, and magazines – In regard: “Southern Rebels Ought to Scorn Amnesty, Turn to Real Friend –States Rights” – Oscar F. Blesode III to editor of the Greenwood Commonwealth about a proposed income tax on the non-profit Staple Cotton Cooperative Association – President Truman’s Inaugural Ball and Parade had integrated party – Owen Cooper executive director of Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation was honored – W.H Agington about setting up a legislative action group to turn legislative thought and action back towards sound fundamentals in taxation – William Winter about Winter’s appointment to represent tax Mississippi House of Representative at the American Legion Conference on Subversive activities – Edmund L Brunins about the Jackson Memorial Hospital project – V.B Montgomery; about interior drainage of the Yazoo Mississippi Delta, purpose of Yazoo Tallahatchie Water Flood control District – Flood Control At 1944 – J.P Coleman about meeting of the State Building Commissions of non-controversial nature
  2. 1930 Undated matters, correspondence, printed matters, legislative matters – In Regard: C.E Amding about taxes – George Power about the Code Committee and Senate Committee – Hugh Causey about a sales tax against the Building and South Association – Leland L. Smith about a bill to regulate the practice of Public Accountancy – establish the standing and scale of the accountant – Louis J. Wise about sending an act to provide for the refund of all erroneously paid taxes which have been or may have after be erroneously paid to municipalities – R.L Brown about state textbook commission disqualified – J.W Bell about invitation to a meeting of the Mississippi Bar Association – Regular Session 1930 Geo. M. Foote about H.B.No.27 providing for the investigation of general public utilities and public services corporation – House Calendars Code Commission – S.B.No.110 about the authorization organization operating appointment and supervision of state Board of Administration – Act imposing guardians to make private sale of lands and personal property belonging to their wards – H.B No.100 – Highway – Charles Sayne of Stoneville Mississippi about his disapproval of H.R.203 because slatter on future favorable prospects for growth of Delta economy – J.A Thigpen about New Deal – James C. Nance about administrative and legislative job of the states –
  3. April through November 1947; June; September through December 1948 – printed matters, telegrams, newspapers, correspondence – In regard: “Why We Have a Housing Mess” – Lumber – Bolivar County Democrat on extensive hospital construction program – DAR – Rosalie Mississippi Supreme Court – Tom Hendrix vs. Alfred Foote about oil, gas, and minerals –Tenants Spinner – Breeder Conference – Mississippi State College – Agricultural Experiment Station – cotton production wheat, soybeans, tomatoes, and vegetable soybeans – Road and Bridge Privilege Tax – Mississippi Highways – “The Great Delusion of the Present Age” by Reverend Carl McIntire – Freedom , Socialism, mechanization – WSJ to Senator Harry Byrd about the increasing budget national debt – H. Green about statutes on criminal lawsuit procedures – Jury system placing juror trial stereotypes
  4. February March, June 1949 printed matters, correspondence – In regarding: “Twenty – Five Years in Maternal and Child Health” by Felix Underwood – Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of Mississippi A and I Board about insurance of certificate of public convenience and necessity No.63 – bond issue: Perry county approval of bonds issued for 60,000 by supervisor’s district No.1, Lamar County – Win Jackson McGee about a re capitulation by agencies of the inventory of state-owned property – D.V Galloway about hospital construction report – New Developments in State Labor Laws – W.E Elam about interior drainage of the Delta manorial secretary of WSJ – index to the House rules

Box 83

  1. 1953,1954, April through May 12 to 27 1955 – printed matters correspondence In Regard: rules, joint rules constitutional provisions of Mississippi legislature in 1953 – Public employee retirement plans – unending Hale – Harry F. Byrd about balancing the budget; direct debit deficit pending federal grant – Winston B. McCall about  oil well and editorial from Alabama – subversion – Jamie L. Whitten about answers to the farm problem, CCC chapter – Whitten to Senator Allen Elkender about to sell in world trade at any price and P.L.480 sale for foreign currency – John U. Barr provisional committee – Hoddy Carters – editors article
  2. May 29 through June 5, 1955 – newspapers, clippings, correspondence, printed matters – In Regarding: “Presbyterians Face Segregation Debate” – “Segregation Issue Dominate Letters to the Editor” – “Lady Politicians Challenge Mississippi Office Holders in August Primary Contest – Tom P. Brady about a copy of the Declaration of Purpose Charter and By Laws of the Federation for constitutional Government – Advisory Committee – J.B Hutton Sr. abut the opinion in the Segregating decision – Text on High Court’s opinion affects school segregation – DeQuincey Sutton about the Supreme Court Decision – John A. Barr about the Advisory Committee – J.B Hull about Segregation and Integration
  3. July 1 through August 31, 1954 – printed matters, newspapers correspondence clippings – In regard: Proposal constitutional Amendments; question of public education – Black Monday – federal government usurping the states’ rights Communist and Segregation – J.B Hutton Jr. parental rights to control education and to organize private schools – Hutton’s opinion on voluntary plan to place segregation opinions of Sr. T.R. Howard on segregation and discrimination – Sam Thompson on irrigation and water facilities act – State constitution – educational system
  4. February 13 through April 7, 1955 correspondence, printed matters, clippings – In regard: World’s First television Controlled Radioactive Cobalt bomb for the treatment of deep seated concern – Mississippi State Building Commission – Lethal Gas Chamber – Medical School x-ray Equipment Bids – University of Mississippi Medical School and Teaching hospital – J.H White about WSJ ‘s presence at 50th anniversary celebration – Agenda of State Building Commission on April 7, 1955 – University of Mississippi about construction of airport, men’s dormitories, renovation of medical building, pharmacy labs at the University of Mississippi –
  5. 1953,1954,1955 (April; June) – printed matters correspondence, clippings, invitation – In Regard: A Banquet to honor James Herbert White – Bill Sugg about a editorial letter to put the “African Americans, back to Africa” – Slim Shuttle’s Viewing the South from Washington about the State (Mississippi) Supreme Court Ruling on interracial marriage – Mississippi Game and Fish – Biographical Sketches of James Kimble Vardaman – The Race Question from the White Chief: A Story of The Life and Times of James K. Vardaman
  6. 1954; 1955 printed matters; correspondence, clippings – In Regarding: For Macruley about Jeffersonian policy Negroes Menaced by Red Plot B Heidelberg about resolution to keep segregation and oppose integration in public schools – Methodist Church – Report of Legal Educational Advisory committee about public schools, taxation, construction of school facilities – educational opportunities for  children of both races on segregated basic – Civil Right Resolution – Death of Alfred H. Stone editorial Methodist Church and Segregation – Elett Lawrence about re-electing Wiggins – R.B Snowden about National Advisory Council – “Campaign for the 48 states – stop socialism in America; state rights – S. Gordon Rach about key supporter for Wright Political slogan for Fielding Wright for governor – Two clipping’s about Clay Roberts – Cumberland
  7. May 1953; September and December 1954; April, June, September, 1955 – printed matters, clippings, correspondence, legislative matters 1954 – In regarding: Analysis of Presidential Election Returns 1918-1920 and 1932-1952 – Maintaining Segregation in Public Schools – B. F smith and export rates on soybeans – Racial Integration by Court Decree Qualifications of the office of county superintendents of Education – SB.No.1230 – appropriation to State department of Public Welfare – Duties of Legal Education National Advisory committee – Sillers and Speakership

Box 84

  1. “Sillers- Personal and Varied (continued) – Memorandum: Attorney General’s Salary – Roll calls – Roman Kelly about clipping – Sillers Attacked By House Member. Copy of the agreement on the necessary changes to be made on State Constitution of 1890 – Revision of Constitution – candidate for election and poll tabs – State Representative john Kennedy of Marshall county about the light vs. “power politicians” who control Mississippi Legislature – “How Red is Red Sillers”- House Program for encouragement of Industry in Mississippi


  1. January, February and March 1962 – printed matters, correspondence, newspaper- In Regarding: Chris Faser about Why? – U.N – excessive patriotism – Bill Bailey about local option liquor control Bill – J.M Montgomery about the First Offenders’ – Camp and State Penitentiary – P.J Townsend about redistricting and camper bill – O. M. Souter about Two bills on the extension service and experiment stations – WM. B. Alexander about proposal constitutional amendments separate the sheriff and the tax collection- Wilburn Hooker to R.B Patterson about the autobiography of Sherwood Eddy, African-American Vocational College in Itta Bena – Joe Bullock about the New York World’s Fair – appraisal of land for Delta State College – Ben D. Lacy about election of president and Vice President – O.L Simpson about Motor Vehicle Inspection Law Legalization of whiskey – SB.No1712 about corporation law Hunting grounds – Mineral Resources- oil industry S.B. No.168
  2. April 1962 printed matter, correspondence, clippings, legislative matters – In RE: Doing away with state veteran’s affair board and commission – Excise Taxes – 12 Drainage Districts – Bogue Phalia Cotton Research Bill- Regulation of Loans – Mississippi salutes Mexico – Improvement of public harbor facilities – Mississippi Marine Conservation Commission and dredging the dead ____ shells – Vocational and Technical training program – Establish State Board of Vocation Education – Health Care for the elderly through social security system
  3. May 1962 [1-23] printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters – In RE: L. P Bell about patriotism, segregation, Kennedy – Dr. Frank Moak about St. Anthony Club in Mississippi Phi Chapter of Delta Psi – W.J Blass about sale of Dead Reef Shells S.B.N 2125 – B.F Smith about introduction for General B.A Schriever – H.V. Cooper about 9 member state board of Education – Dan R. Thornton about a bill that was passed in the Senate in regards to sterilization after one child – A.B Hargis about proposed airline highway route and replacement of Sardis Reservoir Crossing – Mrs. Sue S. Miller about the Illinois Central Railroad Company vs. Carl M. Crawford – Albert Jones about the Patriotic American Youth Organization – B.F Smith about cotton research program and C.C Smith – Fred A. Ross about H. B 280 on foster care to children – William E. Mallet on H.B 198- African American annex to cerebral palsy hospital school
  4. “Legislative” 1954, January-February 1955 – Legislative Matter 1955 – In Regard: Issue of Segregation and it effect – Sales Tax increase on Retail Sales – Agriculture Integration – Educational Facilities – lack of it; poorly paid teachers – Mississippi Employment Security Law – Turnpike Projects – Tobacco products and Exercise Tax – Paid of Principals
  5. “Legislative” June and September 1956 Undated Matters correspondence, printed materials – Regarding: General Repairs and Projects to be requested from the repair money of State Building Commission – W.M Kethley about balance in the appropriation for additions to the – Robert Memorial Library – Mississippi Southern College – Needs and Renovation Request – Mississippi State College – Agriculture – Export control Authority Act Cotton – Tax Comparison – By Mrs. Wilma B. Sledge about the citizens’ councils maintain segregation of the races
  6. February 1955 Legislative matters – Regarding: Status of New Expense – taxes, building – Jackson Memorial Hospital – 1948 Legis Carter authorize State Building commission to sell certain state- owned land for building site – Proposed H.B No. – to prescribe to qualification of electors fully and to provide _____ forms – proposed H.B. No. to make the form of registration books conform with section of Constitution – H.B No. 95 to provide for the registration of voters – Tripps Grossing Property – purchase by W.D Short
  7. “Schools” January – February 1955 – Correspondence printed materials, clipping legislative matters 1955 – Regarding : Elliot Lawrence about sales Tax; MS School System Cutting School Cuts—MS Can’t Maintain Separate and Equal School Systems (with a additional costs and same basin) – G. Coin about needs for financing the public school system under new minimum program laws – Ben Hilburn about special courses in English at MS State College – J.D Williams about freshman, orientation program English courses, reduce the failure of Freshman English –
    “Dis A’ Dat” by Florence Sillers Odden – Hillery E. White about the new voter amendment S.B No. 1216 and H.B No. 95 – T.P Head about possibility of building a dehydration plant – H.B No.24 to provide what persons are eligible to vote in primary election – Segregation – Roll Call HCR.10 –
  8. “Democratic Party (conventions, etc.) 1955” May-July 1955 – correspondence, printed materials, newspaper , legislative matters -–RE: Thomas Tubb about resolution for MS Democratic party with their opposes and advocates – Certificates about delegates to vary convention s WSJ to Gov. J.P Coleman about the resolution for continuation of the State Democratic Convention until 1960 and recessing July 16th session of the convention – J.P Coleman about obtaining a room for ____ Ogden – WSJ about uninstructed delegation about A and I Board appointments – P.E Williams about two resolution assembly Coahoma county delegates – doctrine of inter position of recess – Resolution about State Convention of the Democratic Party of MS – Hotel Bill – Resolution – National Platform – MS Convention its supports and ____ organization of the MS Democratic Convention
  9. February 1955- correspondence, printed materials, legislative matters, clippings – Regarding: Gessner McCorvey about a Harris Case – Forward attorney fee – Gessner to E.H Ramsey about State Democratic Executive Committee – Ben Hilburn about English Department and Freshman – J.R Hutton about Politicians Won’t Let the Race Issue Rest – Board of Supervisors and Bolivar County and Taborian Hospital – Nathaniel Bell – S.B 1220 Frank South and development of interior drainage and flood control program in Delta – The Beneficial Use of Water in MS – water problem in MS
  10. February 1955 – printed materials, correspondence, Roll Call Regarding: Taxation and Equalizing white and Negro schools NAACP – Frank Bare about “hillout” and government – H.B No. 156 – provide for the administration and collection of the Black Market tax commissioner- MS Highway conference
  11. May 1951 – printed materials, correspondence, newspapers, magazines – Regarding: Rex I. Brown about an article by Leslie a. Miller on Soulism – Market Advisory Bureau on agriculture for US to withdraw from UN of Red China is accepted – Mrs. Maria _____ about finances – property – T.B Fatheree about a Salter loan program and Delta – T.Y Williford about sulfate ammonia for sale – Mrs. G.L Spudock about building need if MS – Would _______ Mean World Communism
  12. January 12-31 February 2-9, 1956 – correspondence, printed matters, magazine – Regarding: Book Estate; Legislation on the Welfare of Children and Youth; “Southern Case vs. Desegregation” – Reappointment to the State School Finance commission Jury Service for Women – Panorama Pictures Corp vs. Delta Demarta Publishing Taxation – WSJ’s speech on segregation – Curtailing abuses of absentee ballots – Post penement of reorganization of county schools – Insurance premiums – Drainage Bill for Eden Drainage Districts –
  13. February 10-23, 1956 – correspondence, clippings, telegrams, printed matters – Regarding: Federal Support for Public Health – authorize churches and religions societies to transact secular business on Sunday – Segregation; Education – Resignation of two progressors at Ole Miss and Mississippi State – Rates by Hotels – Industry shoplifting, egg marketing, TB Patient  – A bill to disprove housewives of S and H Green Stamps – Progress and Growth of Coahoma Jr. College – limit ownership of mineral – felony to slander the state government  – Highway Revenues – Reorganization of Mississippi Public Schools – McDowell Adequate Probation Law for Adults
  14. March 13-28 April 4,1958 – legislative 1955 Undated Correspondence, printed matters, legislative matters 1955, legal pad paper, telegrams – Regarding: University’s democratic mock Convention – Charity care of patients with cancer – Bill to make Highway’s safer – Law Enforcement Legislation – Old State capital for conversion into a museum – NAACP- Creation State Sovereignty Commission – Creation Legislative Recess Study Committee – highways – “The Till Case and African American  liberation Movement”
  15. March 13-20, 1956 printed material, correspondence – Regarding: John Stennis about Resolution on – proposed amendment of US constitution granting to the states the right to regulate health, morals, education, marriage, peace and good order – S.C.R No. ~ US Congress to balance the budget – election if Vice President – taxes of income and gifts – procedures for amending the Constitution – Presidential Election Methods – Sam Thompson about Water Rights Legislation (HB 232) – Gerald H. Brandon about HCR 30 and SCR 139 to repeal section 171 of constitution – to make office of justice of the peace a non- constitutional office – A suggested proposal for a magistrate court ecosystem
  16. “Delta Council” – printed materials, correspondence – Regarding: B.F Smith about a soil conservation resolution – The Southern Weekly – State Democratic Party and National Democratic Party – Maury S. Knowlton about resolution and Atlantic Union – Resolution: Agriculture, Forestry, Flood Control, Mississippi
    River commission and Corps of Engineers Live stock and Mississippi Employment Security Commission add Employment Services
  17. Printed matters – Delta council Resolutions agriculture, government soil conservation
  18. 1956-1957 Legal Pad, printed materials – Regarding: Shaw School Bulletin – Legal Pad – States Rights


Box 85


  1. Mississippi Legislature Regular Session 1962 – printed matters, legislative matters, roll calls – Regarding Handbook 1962 Session –Calendars for the House and Senate – SB. No. Liquor privilege tax on liquor – Beverages of gambling equipment – Roll calls
  2. April, June 1962, undated matters, telegrams, clippings – Regarding: WSJ to Minor Gray about WSJ trying to convince Gray not to run vs. Whitten and Smith esp. Whitten – Elliot Lawrence about editorial on redistricting and merit system – Tom Ross to Barnett about the copy of the minutes the meeting of the Board of commissioners Mississippi State Penitentiary – MS State Penitentiary Investigating committee report “Kimble Berry Affair” – Fred Jones – reinstate – H.R. No. 21 – investigate the affairs of state penitentiary – Joe Bullock about the accomplishment from the economic development program revised by the 1960 session – H.B No. 998 and SB.No. 2100 about reconstituted state board of vocational education – revolution in Mississippi by Tom Hayden (sds) in McComb, MS – WSJ to Sen. Whitten about Flood control in Mississippi – Thurman Sensing about “Supreme Court vs. Religion” –
  3. May 3-27, 1962, correspondence, clippings, newspaper, telegrams, printed matters – Regarding: Roy Adams to WSJ about Better Highways and accident insurance – Mississippi Executive department message from the Gov. Barnett about Mississippi Financial position – Reduction of Income Tax secure 323 New Industries – Economic Development Laws – W.J Blass about State Bill No. 2125 – Sale of Dead Reef ___ by Mississippi Marine Conservation Commission – Frank Critz about the State Penitentiary – B.F Smith about WSJ to Introduce Gen. B.A Schriever – H.V Cooper about the 9 member State Board of Education – W. Alexander about reapportionment committee and proposals – M.G Lawman about Vocation al Bills – Ed. Harrison to Rev. Robert Ingram about Integration – Bid well Adam about the qualification of “Negro candidate for congress for the second and third congressional districts before the State Democratic Executive Committee” – Mississippi Supreme court –Illinois Central Railroad company vs. Crawford Jean Turner about H.B No.893 passage
  4. “Education- Letters” April and May 1962 – correspondence – Regarding: Teachers’ Salaries – proposed program by MEA – MEA’s eleven point programs – minimum foundation program – Merit System – Acceding Agency 16th Section Land
  5. “State Highways” – April 1962 – printed matters, correspondence – Regarding: state Highways in Trouble” about the state’s motor fuel tax is not sound, insufficient maintenance on stretches of road and poses excessively severe financial strains on Highway Department – Per capita receipts for state highway were higher than 37 states – higher total per capita distribursants for state etc – W.L Dearwon (Chairman of Mississippi State Highway Commission) about passage of financial bills to improve our main highways and secondary roads – T.C Lobbins about Gasoline Tax as source of revenue and additional revenue for highway department for a better highway system – Facts Concerning the use of Safety Belts in Passenger Cars – Statistics by National Safety Council and Mississippi Highway Patrol – H.B.No.789 ___ to enforcement of the laws of the State of Mississippi vs. the unlawful transportation of intoxicating beverages and gambling equipment and devices into or within the sate by utilizing the services of the Highway Safety Patrol
  6. “David Lawerence, et al” – April 28-30, 1962 printed matters, correspondence, clippings – Regarding: Human Events “That’s Different” about raising the prices or rent after by assault on Big Steel – Merchandise mart – “Press” about Kennedy administration and steel companies – “Geneva _____ Plan” about US surrender it sovereignty to a UN police force clippings – Kennedy Administration and American businesses disturb business planning and marketing – JFK should’ve know” about president Kennedy’s spending program – US debt – “Rebel with a cause” about problem of American Education – students are energetic and want the best – WSJ to Honorable David Lawerence about the “Kennedy Plans Electorate Packing” – Attorney. Gen is assaulting the Constitution by support ability to qualification of electors in congressional election – David Lawrence to WSJ about the ballot and constitution – Supreme court Decision on Literacy Test – WSJ to Lawerence about H.C.R. No.89 about commending Sen. Stennis for his defense of Sen. Eastland – Eastland’s speech about Judges and communistic issues
  7. “Stuart W. Turner” – 1960-1962 printed matters, legislative matters 1962 correspondence – Regarding: legal Aspects of Chemical application in Respect to Bees by Stuart W. Turner about Aerial Crop dusting and loss of bees and alfalfa field – Oklahoma Pesticide Applicators Law use of terminology; do’s and don’ts of crop dusting – Stuart W. Turner to WSJ about give ____ infuriation so that Mississippi can develop statutory regulation to defaced encoded – WSJ to Turner about spraying crops – MS own regulations in H.BNo.944 on licensing and nonresident
  8. Printed matters undated matters – Regarding: House Memorial No.18-X (Fla.) apportionment and reapportionment of the membership of State Legislative (Fla.) – HR2145 (United States Congress) about Civil Rights Civil Rights activities – S83 create in the executive branch of government a commission on civil rights – Investigate written allegations that attain citizens derived to right to vote or obtain employment. SCR MO101 opportune of best reapportionment of House every ten years. Marvin Fortmer et al Vs Ross Barnett et al about reapportionment.
  9. Jan-May 1962 legislative matters printed matters. Correspondence. Legislative matter-1962. Newspaper clipping Hotel Receipt. I. RE: Handbook 1962 Session MS Legislature

What the Constitution means to the state of VA

John Stennis on as chairman of a special subcommittee to investigate department of defense policies-censorship of speeches by military officers. Sidney Zellingston to WSS about decisions the ways and means of maintaining a congressional district article about Mississippi senior colleges.

M.G. Vaiden about the increase of fees and taxes in the Mississippi Game and Fish Commission. WSS to John Stennis about Kennedy’s stopping Poll Taxes and literacy tests: African tribes as members of the UN- annual dues: investigate of the military commander. Stennis mugging of military speeches  Stennis to WSS about U>N.

John Lake to Gov. Barnett about industrialigate  Sillers to Perry Muller—products


  1. WSJ 1988, 1960: Oct to Dec 1961Printed matters; correspondence DN RE: Virginia Commission on constitutional government-Brown VS. Board of Education, The Mineral Industry of MS-1960 Keri Ramsey to Editor of Memphis Press-Scimitar about Ramsey’s opinion on the Supreme Court taking states power away with the decision of the Brown Vs Board of Education General Edwin Walker

Racial problems, Hodding Carter editorials and Senator Stennis on censor of military speeches

  1. WSJ September to December 1961:Jan 1962 Printed matters, correspondence, clippings, Hotel Bill IN RE: Bayview Oil Corporation “South’s succession said to thought control,”
    thought control see the South to succession and Civil War—demagoguery Charles V. Falkenberg about the Electoral College Hodding Carter III about white supremacists in Mississippi—total segregation

E.J. Yelvertin about minute of special meeting of State Building Commission

Charles Faur about information of the meeting of the advisory council and meeting of the Board of Governors

Rural area development on Mississippi: raise the social economic level of people; bring together of resources to attain problems of inadequate income; develop our human institutions and natural resources


  1. WSJ November 1912 Printed Matters Correspondence IN RE: “Rebel Underground”- to encourage James Meredith to transfer to some colleges where he would be welcome

Charles P. Fair about copy of “Another Mississippi Story” about Meredith crisis and editorial

Electoral College Reform Committee

E.H. Ramsey E.R.B. Crawford about giving proper leadership in 1964 Comparing to get states’ right leader. —Editorial David Towers

  1. WSJ “Reappointment” July-November 1962 Correspondence: Printed Matters; Clippings

IN RE, Walter Hester about four maps to id in reapportionment—outlined of Hinds County Chancery Court

Sims at el Vs Frank et al about Alabama legislature –Coney election of legislature

George Rodgers to members of legislature about redistributing the senate rejected use of geography and population in House, population in Senate. Geography

George Rogers about establish a quotient by dividing the total population of state at last census by total number of representatives that the House contain (Reappointment Plan)  Sillers’ View of Appointment: vote no in the proposed amendment-Interview with Sillers.  Sillers wants change in election procedure proposal methods of electing presidential electors in the matter is changed by constitutional amendment.

  1. WSJ “Reapportionment” June 1962 Printed Matters IN RE: Tocks Vs Fortran about GA reapportionment
  2. WSJ September-November 1962 Printed Matters.Coorespondence, Clippings IN RE: House Joint Resolution No Box=Florida Providing apportionment in Florida. Legislative state census and special elections Apportionment-Senate 46 District Upton Session to W.S. J. about Sesson’s request for the Perry’s Rodgers proposal reappointment procedure.  Joe T. Patterson about sending a copy of N.Y. opinion on apportionment of Senate and Assembly are unconstitutional. Message from the Governor (to Lt. Gov, Speaker and members of Joint Legislative Bodies) about convening of legislature into extraordinary session in the purpose of considering reapportionment. Clippings: Satterfield Charges Kennedy”s Trample Judical Procedures” —Government by Intimidation—Civil Rights
  3. September-October 1962 Printed Matters, Correspondence, Newspapers, Legislative Matters IN RE: The New York Prayer Case

Bates Raney to Governor Ross Barnett about MS continued industrial development

Milton Tory Pres. American Coalition of Petroleum Soviets about President Kennedy should concentrate on Soviet invasion of Cuba instead of Mississippi and Meredith

Lucas Phillips to Gov Barnett about Barnett’s stand at Ole Miss and the state MS need a resolution to declare the illegal rulings and acts of the federal court(Null and Void)

Dale Alfred (marks of Congress) to Kennedy about Kennedy’s mistake in putting armed forces into MS

Wade O. Martin Jr. about integration crisis. Meredith second day in classes

Illegality Breeds Illegality Little Rock, University of Mississippi


Senate Resolution 101- Reapportionment Amendment. Roll Call

  1. June-July 1962 Printed Matters INRE: Henry Toombs et al vs. Ben W. Fortson Jr., secretary of State of GA, et al GA citizens seek relief from alleged unconstitutional inequalities existing under the present component of the GA State governmental structure Results of two populous counties wants reappointment based on population rather than on the             basis of geographic area

M.O. Sims et al v. Bettye Frink, secretary pf the State of Alabama et al

About charges concerning the election of members of the Alabama legislature

  1. June 1962 “Reapportionment—(Marvin Fortner, et al vs. Ross Barnett, et al)”

Correspondence.  IN RE: Frank E. Shanahan Jr. about Reapportionment

Shanahan plan to replace different representatives in each county: wants a portion in the Senate. HCR 17. State Senatorial Districts 1960. WSJ to Maurice Black about Bolivar’s representation –amend Section 255.  Chancery Court of Hinds County—election in lower house

  1. July 1962: Undated Printed Matters, Correspondence

IN RE: Art Equipment in Zeigel Fine Arts Hall at Delta State College: conrating      agenda of MS                     State Building Commission for Institutions of Higher Learning – Junior Colleges Menatal and Eleemosynary Institutions Other Appropriations and Laws passed in 1962.  Legislature affecting the State Building Commission.  A test given to students to find out how well they know their government and government terms

  1. April 19, 1962 Printed Matters  IN RE: Administration and Operation of the State Penitentiary

Conflict of authority with Superintendent and the Penitentiary Commission

  1. 1960-1962 Printed matters, correspondence, legislative matters, newspapers in re: Gasoline tax, House Penitentiary Committee, segregation, communism, state tax commission, monaghan, state aid road programs, Martin Luther King and voting drive, MS Legislature and calendar o events, Whitten’s campaign. “Sillers’ Caucus”, Decans voting for Whitten instead of Frank Smith, firing of Jones at the state penitentiary.  Teacher’s salaries, apportionment


Box 86

  1. Nov 14-19 1962  Printed Matters, Newspapers, Correspondence INRE: Southern Pulpwood Convention Association about the pulp and paper industry in the south Official report of the University of Mississippi on the Meredith case Newspaper picture = Chancellor J.D. Williams v Gov Ross Barnett with first state wrote Civil Defense teletype Network “John Bell Williams—“Liberty Lobby” General Edwin Walker


  1. “Accreditation Data” Oct and Dec 1962  INRE: Common Sense=  a congratulate to Gov. Barnett on his handling of the Meredith situation           Henry King Stanford- statement on the MS situation with Exhibits on Governor and MS   Board of Trustees of state and institutions of higher learning  David Lawrence to WSJ about election (Electoral College)  Accreditation and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Football games ending game (racial)  Roll Call SCR No 101 E.H. Ramsey to WSJ about disarmament Act  Public Law 87-297= voting for or against by MS congressman  Sport editorial about WSJ on athletes at Ole Miss and about Hugh White         The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools- it does “labor union”  Paul Johnson and J.P. Coleman running against each other for governorship of 1964  Reapportionment Plan

  1. May 1959  Printed Matters, Newspapers, Correspondence  INRE: B.F. Smith about addresses made by Dr. Von Brown and Mr. Jones about rocket power missile system and raw cotton production –to protect against imports law textile merchandise.  Newspaper: “What’s the Matter with MS?” – poor state, people’s yearning for the past psychological handicap.  Harvey McGehee – Chief Justice of MS Supreme Court about the report and resolution on federal/state relationships.
  2. October 1958 Correspondence, newspaper, printed matter in re: R.W. Haef to Dr. E.R. Jobe about physical and cost comparisons of student apartments at the University of MS Medical Center.  Baxter Elliot about Ole Miss homecoming.  Newspaper on taxes, segregation.  Faubus – new symbol of resistance to Federal tyranny.
  3. October-November, 1958 Newspapers in re: 12 articles and 1 separate article by Gene Wirth. Separate article: Truman and States Rights revolt in 1948, 1) Pros and cons of the third party movement, 2) interview with Senator Wayne Morse about civil rights and Democratic Party, 3)South has doubts about U.S. Senator Lyndon Johnson for 1960 election, 4)the Liberals, 5)Congressman Charles S. Diggs, 6)The Lefts develop at the 1960 convention, 7)Matter of Adjustment for Democratic Party, 8)States’ Rights, 8)States Rights, 9)Sen. Paul Douglas – to workout the human relations and race relations, 10)Paul Butler and Strom Thurmond about Democratic Party, 11)Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt about natural Democrative’s attitude toward the south in 1960 convention, 12)Southern Democrats and its influence on the Democratic party, 13)A review of the previous 12 articles written by Wirth.
  4. 1928, 1958, 1959 Printed matters, correspondence in re: State of MS Income Tax law of 1924 and Regulation No. 2. E.J. Yelverton to WSJ about Housing Projects at University of MS.  Renovation and repair needed 1958-59 fiscal year.  R.P. Parish to Delta Council officers and directors about let of the resolutions and additence resolutions (Agricultural resolutions; hospital care, education, vocational, forestry, land and water resources, labor)  W.F. Daniels to WSJ about Senator Stuart Livingston.  Douglass Shands about Civil Rights Bill and H.R. 3.  Commencement exercises at Jackson State College
  5. “Clippings – Temporary 7/57” 1957-1963 Clippings and Newspapers in re: Civil Rights.  Coleman Constitutional Convention.  Integration; Supreme Court Decision and Little Rock.  Question about Governor Coleman and re-election commission.  Japanese and ware:A-Bomb.  WSJ- Is he a dictator?  Coleman and speakership, local option worker bill, opinions about segregation; racial harmony
  6. 1960-1964 Printed matters: correspondence, newspapers, legal pads in re: Kenneth Hooley about anti-Civil Rights Resolution passed by VA. General Assembly. Hebert will see about plenary and legislator workshop sessions.  Paul Johnson about placing air conditioning in the coliseum at Delta State.  Percey Greene about meeting with WSJ.  WSJ to Hon Hardy Zott about the education town and federal court decision.  Results of second primary – MS Legislature
  7. 1953;1960-1962 Printed Matters, Correspondence in re: Ruebel Phillips about MS politics; Easthand for Senator; Paul Johnson vs. Feilding Wright; Coleman’s support for Stevenson for Pres. Interposition, principles of the Democratic party in MS (Planks); Repairs for W.S. Coliseum at Delta State College. Civil Rights and voting; segregation, organization and location for training schools at facilities for industrial workers.  Herbert Corver and H.C. RBO a renewal control of school from portion partial control and improve organization and administration of public education
  8. 1963-1966; undated matters Correspondence, clippings, printed matters, legal pad paper in re: E.T. Barret about Gov. Ross Barnett – criticisms.  Richard Russell about test ban treaty; Russell’s position.  Clippings about Goldwater’s statements about the racial issue and federal troops’ involvement in Little Rock and MS.  Francis Georghegan about committee on Interstate cooperation.  Erle Johnston about a vacancy on the Sovereignty Commission.  Wm. B. Alexander about SCR103-proposed constitutional change.  J.B. Hutton, Jr. about propaganda about whites using force on the Blacks.  Charles B. Henley about being on the interim study committee on subject of MS election laws.  Resolution: support the MS Democrats nominees for Gov. and Lt. Gov.  (Johnson-Gov) and (Garlin, Lt. Gov)


Box 87

  1. 1950/1959/1961 Correspondence, printed matters  in re: Joseph talking to Mrs. WSJ about putting WSJ’s name for an award.  Geo. Cossar to WJS about an article on reapportionment.  MS State Tax Commission.  Noel Monaghan to WJS about Homestead Exemption.  Melfield Ellis about an editorial on Mid-Continental oil and grease ass. refinery at Pascagoula.  A.G. Paxton on WSJ’s support and sponsorship to MS Heart Association.  Jim Ewing on a booklet by Association of Justice Wm. B. Douglass.  Janice Whitten and Watershed areas
  2. 1962 Correspondence, printed matters in re: Insurance policy for Sillers’ Fine Arts, Jewelry and Furs.  Dugh Matlock on the data on Electorial College reform proposal and letter from Kenneth B. Williams and Tom Gibson.  Bolivar County School District – consolidation and statements of allowance and expenditures.  Hutton Lumber Co. about building of a new agriculture – forestry  center in Starkville built of wood from MS Pine and Hardwoods.  MS State Tax Commission – Daily Cash Report.  Charlotte Capers to WSJ about a copy of the

Box 104

  1. “Circuit Rider, Inc.” 1961- 1964 – printed matters, newspaper page – Regarding: Committee on Un- American Activities Communism – Civil War Centennial commission in 1961 – Platform Issues = Democrats vs. Republicans – Taxes, Social Security, Medical Care, Religious Exercise, Discrimination Federal Spending, Civil Rights, Minimum Wage, Education, poverty, National Defense, Laker Management, Agriculture, and Natural Resources – Goldwater to speak in Memphis ( Goldwater Republican Presidential Candidate
  2. August- September 1964 – “Presidential Election –1964—General” correspondence, printed matters, Rough drafts, clippings – In Regarding: Stated Democratic Convention, independent and Republican electors – Naming a State of Democratic electors for Goldwater Presidential Electors – False belief that Democratic who vote Republican ticket will remain Republican – Splitting the anti-Johnson Democrats – Mississippi don’t want a third party in any form- view of Si Conley Johnson’s Support of the Negroes – Hubert Humphrey who sponsored the minority plat on Cirts in 1948 – Suggested Changes in election laws – Editorials by Elliot Lawrence
  3. “Committee Request” February-October 1961 – Correspondence – In Regarding Gus. Hobbes – vacancies on ways and means committee – G.L Crawford and Earl Evans jr.- Recommendation for P.L Hughes on ways and means committee – Governor Ross R. Barnett – recommend Representative Thompson Pound for Education committee – Jekry L. O’Keefe and rules committee – Ross Barnett want to establish a graduate Institute of technology in state of Mississippi; appoint WSJ on special committee – Sterling Seabrook – ways and means committee – Jimmy Walker on Re-districting
  4. “Clarion-Ledger Jackson” – August, September, November 1961; January 1962; April 1963 – correspondence, clippings – Regarding: WSJ to Charles M. Wills about article by several African American newspaper — Percy Green – Joseph F. Albright – his records such as; Albright vs. Communism, military records; “Negro Patriot” – Article about the North needs to handle their own racial problem – northern papers had exaggerated the racial conflicts in the South – WSJ to Gene Wirth – “Democratic Party Lauds Success in using African American in Post” – General Edwin A. Walker – speaker at Jackson City Auditorium – sponsored by group of Mississippi friends included WSJ! – WSJ to T.L Tubb about editorial in the Clarion- Ledger – integration
  5. Community Citizen – J.W Jones (New Albany) 1962, 1963,1964 – printed matters- correspondence, newspapers – In Regarding: New Frontier and JFK Administration – Kenneth O’Williams and Council of Legislative Leader Lenders – Hugh Matlock’s Electoral Reform – District Plan – The Community Citizens – Racial disharmony and integration – The Mississippians – Mississippi and outdated tradition The Community Citizens – Manufacturing of liquor Integration – ADC – Mississippi aid of Department Children – WSJ to Editor Jones – subscription and Isaiah T. Montgomery  – disharmony between Blacks and Whites are caused by “outsiders”- Jones
  6. “Constitutional Amendment – Tenth Amendment (1963)” correspondence, Legislative matters, printed matters – Regarding: Frank E. Shanahan Jr. about enclosed copy of Shanahan’s article on three proposed amendments for the United States Constitution – Proposed Constitution Amendment to Strengthen the Tenth Amendment by Frank E. Shanahan, Jr. – Tenth Amendment on Reserved Rights and powers of the state government vs. Nation government: Supreme Court lack of judicial self-restrain; reapportionment of Baker vs. Carr – House Concurrent Resolution No. 33 – United States Congress to call a convention for the purpose of proposing an amendment to the constitution of the United States relating to the judicial powers of the federal courts – House Concurrent Resolution No. 34 –Court of the Union – No.35 Purpose of proposing an amendment to the constitution of United States relation Article V
  7. “Harry S Byrd –General” – 1961 – printed matters – Regarding: Speech in United States Senate on “Virginia’s conservation based on Jeffersonian Principle” –deficit, relations with Soviet union, defense expenditure
  8. “Council of State Governments – 1963 and 1965 – Correspondence, telegrams, printed matters – Regarding: John E. Kingston about New York state Legislature of a mimeographed copy of a resolution to call a convention with proposed and amendment to the united Stated Constitution – permit the adoption, use, or recital of non- denominational, non- compulsory school prayer in public schools – Herbert L. Wiltsee about a series of regional meetings for late this JR.(63) and next for on recent development of traffic safety and to reappraise the Action Program for traffic safety – Herbert L. Wiltsee about the response to allow three Mississippi representative to attend the Highway Traffic Safety Conference in Atlanta – the Council of state Governments on the Legislative Apportionment, Congressional Districting Reapportionment in the States
  9. “Civil Rights Act – 1964” – correspondence, printed matters – Regarding “Reds ____ the Blacks” – Community influence – “Open Primary” needed to be considered in Mississippi – Wide Open Primary solution to the party system – Need of attorneys to study the 1964 Civil rights Act – Civil Rights Compliance Statements – Johnson’s and his Great Society more power for labor union supreme court and civil rights – State supported primaries and general election of the candidate’s party affiliation
  10. Civil Rights — 1957 – printed matters, correspondence, United States Legislature matters – Regarding: Civil Rights- April 1, 1957 – United States House of Representative G12 – establishment of the Commission of Civil Rights – Hardy Lott about – protection of the franchise Rights of municipalities – Delta Electric Power Association the municipal Association and Winona Milton Case’s speech on integration—by forcing integration, on is actually discriminating other races – G. Milton Case to WSJ about his speed and the dissatisfaction of the Kennedy’s – WSJ to Milton Case about the logical and impressive case’s speech with the usurpation of the sovereign powers of the state is because of selfish politicians – Arch E. Roberts about “A proposal to enforce he United States Constitution – “Voter Plan” for a Communistic Revolution in America is the United Nations charter
  11. “Correspondence of the southern States Industrial Council 1961”- Regarding: The Vanishing Incentives Kennedy Administration – Teamster Union – Communism –United States – United Nations Congo Operation – Unionism Jimmy Hoffa

Box 105

  1. “John C. Stennis” 1947-1949-1954-1957-1958, 1960-1963 – Correspondence-

printed matters- clippings- United States Congressional matters – In Regarding: WSJ’s

support of Mr. Colmer suggestion to develop, “States Rights Democratic Republican

party, agriculture [1949] – Communism, Korea War, Admission of Hawaii and Alaska,

Labor Union [1950] – Labor; case of William E. Dorrah, Agriculture, Cotton, Income

Tax [1951] – 1952-1954 – Civil Rights Strikes Exchanged Prison – communism;

Agriculture Bicker Amendment; Hawaii – 1957-1958 – Postal Rule Taxation President

Eisenhower and Civil Rights Little Rock Integration – 1960-1963 Education in

Mississippi; Poll Tax; Freedom Riders: Communism and Cuba

2.Citizen Council 1962-1963 – printed matters clipping- legislative matters 1962; photo correspondence – Regarding Liberty Amendment – Landrum-Griffin Act – Wagner Act – Segregation and Schools that wont integration – Federal – State- Local Relation – Freedom Riders and University of Mississippi desegregation story – Principles of Religious freedom – School Prayers – Communism – Cuban Missile Crisis – Discernment program and united States Congress

  1. “Jamie Whitten — (General)”- 1959-1964 – correspondence-printed matters- telegrams – newspaper – United States Legislative Matters – In Regarding: Cotton, taxation, communism; Segregation and United States Supreme Court; Agricultural appropriation bill – Governmental spending; “Amalgamate the Races”- Upper and Central Bogue Phalia Watershed Projects – re-appropriation of Mississippi – Frank Smith- synthetics Whitten for Congress – Foreign Aid Program (Congo) – Dredging in Riverton Bend Bar opp. Lake Beulah – NAACP- Warehousing Cotton – Greenville Harbor Project drainage problem –Mississippi – Civil rights legislation and communism, a connection (WSJ’s) opinion
  2. “National Legislative Conference (1963)” printed matters, correspondence – Regarding: Herbert Wiltese about Nation legislative conference at Honolulu, Hawaii – Conference Registration – Hotel Accommodations – Travel Info – Tours – 1964 Annual Convention – National Conference of State legislative leaders – to be discussed legislative reapportionment (In new Orleans)
  3. “Magnolia Heritage Society” 1961 – printed matters – Regarding: First meetings of Magnolia heritage society suggested name and constitution and by-laws – purpose: to teach unquestioned allegiance to the United States Constitution – to unite in one body with the purpose of preserving our heritage (White Caucasian etc.)
  4. “Walter Sillers – Committee on constitutional Law” Bar Association 1962 – correspondence – Regarding: Committee on constitutional Law – MSB Tom Watkins to WSJ about having WSJ to serve on the Committee on Constitutional Law for a year 1962-63 – WSJ to Watkins about WSJ’s response to the appointment on the Committee of Constitutional Law of the MSB – tom Watkins to WSJ about WSJ’s invaluable presence for the committee
  5. “Michigan Resolution” 1963 – printed matters, correspondence – Regarding: Read- Walter Amendment (form) protects the fundamental powers of the states to convene in convention for proposing or considering proposals to amend the constitution – Reed-Walter proposed Amendment of the Article V of the united States constitution
  6. “Legislative Investigating committee – January 1963 – printed matters – Regarding: Request by an official of Harrison County to hear testimony of several witnesses relative to undue influence being exerted upon certain persons seeking public contracts in Harrison County. – To investigate: Alleged practice of direct or indirect payment of money by of road machinery of any other material – Violators of the laws of the state in the sale and purchase of other materials or supplies – The methods, manner, and means of such payment  – present laws of the state dealing with the purchase of materials, supplies, and equipment by the several boards of supervisors
  7. “Mr. John Bell Williams – General” – 1961 –printed matters, correspondence – Regarding: “Free Enterprise”—Honorable James B. Utt WSJ to John Bell Williams about AH. Gen. Kennedy and CORE; Black and Tan cities; challenge to National Broadcasting Company; United States financial assistance be denied to nations which voted to admit Red China – John Bell Williams to WSJ about proposals by the Methodist Church and National Council of Churches – Tom Watkins to WSJ about proposed Pascagoula Refinery – John Bell Williams about Williams’ Congratulation to WSJ election – promote economic opportunity and to preserved domestic tranquility
  8. “Storm Thurmond (South Carolina)” – 1961 – printed matters, correspondence, statements – Regarding: Military anti-Communist Seminars and Statements – Communism – Cuba – Castro – Lenin – Anti- Communist activity among members of the military – Tribute to Lt. Gen. Arthur G. Trudeau – Worker – official news ____ for the Communist Party –United States of America – statement by Thurmond about Military Anti-Communist seminars and statements – a campaign designed to prevent military leaders from participating in activities to inform the American public and their personnel on the Nature of Communism – Military anti-Communists Indoctrination Program – Thurmond about pentagon order to “scrub” anti- communist seminar in Panama Canal Zone
  9. “Gerald K. Smith” – 1962-1963 – printed matters, correspondence – Regarding: Negative comments about the Kennedy’s Administration, Communism, Jewish – American Industrial Development Council – industrial promotion book – Governor Ross Barnett received the AID with award – WSJ to Christian Nation Crusade about Integration – Presidential Election (1964) Goldwater/Nixon – Frank Smith and elections – negative aspects of his congressional years
  10. “June 14-19, 1962—Legislative Leaders Conference in Seattle, Washington — Change Methods of Electing President – Data” – Printed Matters – Regarding: WSJ about congress want to change the methods of electing a President – cost and continue to loose sovereign powers – ideals of ______ and communism are in our American government – Election of the President of the United States is neither a democratic or republican procedure – United States Senator Karl Mundt of North Dakota about S.J Rep. 12 proposed amendment to the constitution of united States providing for the election of President and Vice-President – New Frontier – JFK – Civil Rights – Senate Concurrent Resolution No.117 – certain officers and committee chairmen of the Mississippi legislature with the national conference of state legislative leaders; naming the members, providing for necessary expenses etc…- Pre-filing of bills – brief summary guideline comprehensive survey

13a“James O. Eastland 11/51 1951-1962 – correspondence, clippings, printed matters – 1951 – Agriculture cotton, Truman and his old cronies in government – Impossible for true Southern Democrats to support the National Party and Truman Administration – 1952 – McCorren Bill; purchase of wool (grease); Taft Hartley amendment; strikes; wildcat walkout; presidential election – 1953 – Cotton Market, Communistic or other ________ influences on Ole Miss or other colleges, admitting Hawaii and Alaska into the Union is a liability; Add District of Columbia to Maryland – Is Eastland going for re election to United States Senate? – the failure to convict jail and for deport Harry Bridges – the delay in the Kosenberg case – Carving condition at Terena –  Landing; Segregation McCarthgism Rice Acreage to total  allotment and allocating cotton acreage – Warren’s appointment as Chief justice of Supreme court Segregation – Beef Cattle – 1954 – deduct on cotton acreage- Bricker Amendment; opposition to admit Hawaii or Alaska – Accusation that Eastland have gotten too big for the county ___ of Mississippi –1955 Supreme
Courts’ Segregation decision, African American admission to white public places, Russians, Immigration Laws Bricker Amendment – 1956 – Fight against integration Supreme Court’s invasion of the Rights of the States; Fifth Amendment Communist McClellan Bill to prevent the Supreme court from using Federal laws as an excuse to prohibit the states concurrent jurisdiction in legislative fields- civil rights- the release of Guy B. Nerren from military duties because of family obligations to run the farm- McCarren – Walter Immigration Law – National Democratic and Republican convention as platform

13b“James O. Eastland 11/51” continues – 1957- to amend the civil rights bill; controversy with the African Americans on segregation and integration; Labor Union Legislation pro and con discussion of cotton and synthetics- Number of aliens illegally in the United States; Bill restore the Right of trial by jury in contempt proceedings under the civil rights law; Federal Aid to Education; Relation of lower Lint Prices and Increased cotton acreage to net Farm Income of Representative Farms. “Trial-By-Jury Communism; Steve Nelson Case; Labor organizations – 1958 J.P. Steve nominated to Federal Farm Credit Board.  Federal Civil Rights law – asiatie and other colored immigrants in United States – 1959 cotton- agriculture Farm Program – Farm Act of 1935 – Loans; communism and subversion socialism; Home Aid Programs – WSJ to Eastland about the Governor’s election—the strengthen of Sullivan and Barnett – Kennedy Administration – Carl Rights Bill WSJ to Eastland about the election for Governor and its outcome.  ______ Clarence Pierce on to a committee (appropriation) – 1960- Espionage; Communism-China; Democratic State convention, Nixon or Kennedy – 1961- The Communism on Civil Rights

  1. “Election 1963” – correspondence – Regarding: on an article (advertisement) on Karl Wiesenburg
  2. “Senator John Stennis – committee on Army office “Gad” – 1961 – correspondence, clippings, telegrams – Regarding United Nations – John Stennis to WSJ about Stennis’ change to gain the chairmanship of the armed service committee with the retirement of Sen. Carl Hayden – WSJ to Stennis about communism and the _____ of Races – Stennis chance of chairmanship to committee on armed forces – General Walker – Communism, Korean War, Cold War – WSJ to Stennis about President Kennedy constantly usurping the states rights and power – abolishment of the poll tax and literacy test – Stennis to WSJ about the “unfortunate references” that the NBC “Today” Show said about Mississippi
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