Collection Title:  Kamien Collection

Collection Number:  M243   /   2007.2

Inclusive Dates:  1923 – 1999

Bulk Dates:  1962 –  1993

Volume:  2 Cubic Feet

Processor:  W. Ray


Biographical Information:

Papers and information from four generations of the Kamien Family make up this collection.

Active leaders in the chamber of commerce and Cleveland community, the Kamien Family opened a dry goods business in Cleveland in 1904 which is still in operation today.


Scope and Content: 

The collection contains genealogical information, educational programs, news clippings of community theatre and other civic events, awards and certificates, Exchange Club and Rotary Club Charter information, Rotary booklets and bulletins, Cleveland Garden Club, Delta Garden Club yearbooks, and a record album collection.



Box 1 / Folder 1


8 x 10 Photo of Eva and I.A. Kamien Jr.

Bolivar Commercial 1962: I.A. Kamien Sr. dies

Laminated obituary for Isadore Arthur Kamien Jr.

Laminated Memorial Obituary I.A. Kamien, Jr.

Commercial Appeal 1962 – Isadore A. Kamien Dies in Cleveland

Press Scimitar 1962 Isadore Kamien of Cleveland obituary

Newsclipping: Mrs. L. W. Kamien obituary

Bolivar Commercial April 1994 obituary for I.A. Kamien Jr.

Kamien’s Diamond Jubilee 1904-1979 Supplement to The Bolivar Commercial October 5, 1979 (2 copies)

8 x 10 photo of Queen Estelle Bedwell and King Arthur Kamien Jr @Junior Auxiliary Ball


Box 1 / Folder 2

Cleveland High School

Newsclipping “Homecoming Planned for CHS”…alumni officers are … and I.A. Kamien, Jr.

Photo of Cleveland High School Band in about 1930:  I.A. Kamien Jr. second on left in middle row.

Dedication Program Cleveland High School May 16, 1950 …and recognizing I.A. Kamien Jr. for new building

Cleveland High School 1983 Reunion for Classes ’31, ’32, ’33, ’34 for I.A. Kamien, Jr.


Box 1 / Folder 3


The Miss Delta October 2, 1980 – Endowment fund established.  Families of I.A. Kamien, Jr. /Douglas a. Levingston established the Levingston-Kamien Endowment fund for business at DSU.

The Bolivar Commercial October 4, 1962 – Farm Bureau Pageant – Mrs. I.A. Kamien Jr. was Director.

The Bolivar Commercial September 21, 1956 – Jr. Auxiliary Harvest Ball – Mrs. I.A. Kamien Jr. Overall Chair

The Bolivar Commercial October 8, 1954 – Cleveland P.T.A. Mrs. I.A. Kamien, Jr. Panel Leader

October 20, 1983 CHS Reunion Classes of 1931, 32, 33, 34 – Open House at I.A. and Eva Kamien

March 5, 1959  newsclipping: Scouts Hold Series of Banquets – I.A. Kamien, Jr. Cubmaster

Newsclipping: Great Books Club Group Organized: ….. and I.A. Kamien, Jr. appointed as Leaders.

Newsclipping & Photo August 1979: Mrs. Eva Kamien  shows Army navy cloth

Summer 1983 news photo “Planning Tea” for Bolivar County Library….and I.A. Kamien

The Bolivar Commercial Feb. 17, 1986 – Bolivar County Library Enowment Fund Board IA Kamien Jr.

The Bolivar Commercial April 3, 1981 – Mrs. Eva Kamien elected 1st woman president for the Adath Israel Temple

Photo and Note from Jim Jordan dated Oct. 1980(DSU) I.A. Kamien

Newsclipping 1987 featured I.A. Kamien Jr.

Program University of Illinois 1936 – Isadore Arthur Kamien  – University Honors

Program University of Illinois 1937 – Candidate for Degrees in Political Science – Isadore Arthur Kamien, Jr.

Certificate of Appreciation from the National Jewish Hospital in Denver for TB Building Fund Campaign

Note from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Yates, Jr  to Eva and I.A. RE:  Master of Ceremonies

Postcard from Girl Scouts April 22, 1955 regarding membership credentials for Mrs. I.A. Kamien Jr.

Listing of Delta Council Women’s Committee (Mrs. I.A. Kamien, Jr.)

Letter from DSU Pres. Kent Wyatt to I.A. Kamien, Jr. expressing appreciation for Levingston-Kamien Fund

1935 Certificate from University of Illinois Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi for Isadore Arthur Kamien membership

Letter from Delta Council President dated August 1955 to Mrs. I.A. Kamien Jr. regarding Women’s Committee.

Certificate from National Council of Boy Scouts certificate to Mrs. I.A. Kamien Jr. for Den Mothers’ Training

Award dated May 15, 1959.

Program for 1959 Third Annual Meeting of MS Retail Merchants Association September 1959

Newsclipping 1950 Bolivar Commercial “Kamien’s Float in Parade Judged Most Beautiful”

Delta Council “Delta 1000” Certificate certificate to I.A. Kamien Jr for support of agriculture/industrial dlvpt.

Bolivar Commercial January 5, 1967 I.A. Kamien Jr. Chair of Membership and Organization

Program-Bolivar County Talent Show Jan 1967 …featured Barber Shop Quartet ..Leon Kamien, I.A. Kamien

Clipping “Visit to Cleveland” Whistle Stop talents of Leon Kamien, I.A. Kamien, and ….

Delta Democrat Times – I.A. Kamien Jr. named to Library Board

Girl Scouts newsclipping – Feb. 1958 – Mrs. I.A. Kamien, Jr. Intermediate Consultant  Intermediate Girl Scout activities

Newsclipping – Mystery Photo Contest features I.A. Kamien Jr.

Adath Israel Congregation Confirmation Service June 7, 1968 – I.A. Kamien Jr. President/Mrs. Kamien, Sisterhood

Correspondence dated June 1979 from William Winter to Mr. and Mrs. I.A. Kamien Jr. regarding making

Announcement to run for Governor.

Milestones 1st United Methodist Church for Dedication of Ed. Bldg March 1981 – land purchased from Kamien Family (2 copies)

Clipping Bolivar Commercial Nov. 1984 – “Cleveland’s Past 50 years ago:  I.A. Kamien selected Dean’s List

1967 Bolivar Commercial clipping – United Givers Fund Leadership Chairmen …..and I.A. Kamien Jr.

1964 United Givers Fund Campaign Steering Committee ….and I.A. Kamien Jr.

Jan. 16, 1985 Cleveland’s Past 25 Years Ago: ..  and I.A. Kamien appointed Leader of Great Book Club

Letter of appreciation dated March 1992 from Mayor King expressing thanks to I.A. Kamien Jr for library.

Program from Robinson-Carpenter Library 1992 reflects I.A. Kamien Jr., Commissioner and Opening Remarks

Blank stationary Cleveland Federal I.A. Kamien, President

Newsclipping August 28, 1940….I.A. Kamien Jr. vacationing with parents this week from Memphis

April 27, 1994 Bolivar Commercial Ad – Resolution from Cleveland Federal on loss of I.A. Kamien Jr.

July 7, 1994 Bolivar Commercial Ad – Resolution from Cleveland Library Commission on loss of IA Kamien

Letter to Editor from I.A. Kamien Jr. in appreciation of coverage for CHS reunion.

Newsclipping of Steering Committee of supporters for William Winter for governor….and I.A. Kamien Jr.

Newsclipping of I.A. Kamien, President of Cleveland Library Commission ….Nostalgia Party 1976

Bolivar County Community Action Agency Newsletter Sept. 1994 featured  . . . I.A.Kamien Jr. and others

As founding members.

WCLD First Annual Banquet


Box 1 / Folder 4


Newsclipping “Chamber Commerce Will Sponsor Tour for DSTC Students” I.A. Kamien Jr Chamber Pres

Newsclipping DDT Feb. 21, 1951 and Photo of voting on Baxter Bond Issue. ..and I.A. Kamien, Jr. President

Newsclipping 1951 “Chamber Banquet…I.A. Kamien Jr. presided

Program from Annual Meeting MS Assn. of Chamber Greenwood, MS dated September 1950

Letter of thanks to I.A. Kamien Jr. dated may 1951 from U of MS Chancellor J.D. Williams (banquet speaker)

Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Kamien asking for support of bond issue and enclosing sample ballot.

Commercial Appeal September 1961 and photo of Chamber Education Committee and …I.A. Kamien

Letter from Chamber of Commerce dated February 1948 to I.A. Kamien, Jr. 1st Vice regarding Director.

1993-94 Annual Report of the Chamber

1991 letter to I.A. Kamien from Chamber RE:  Main Street Membership

Chamber Program of Work 1989-90

Chamber Long Range Planning November 1987

Letter to I.A. Kamien dated Sept. 1987 from Chamber – Long Range Planning Committee

Oct 1970 I.A. Kamien Jr presented award at Chamber 22nd Annual Meeting

Program of 14th Annual Meeting of Chamber of Commerce April 19, 1962

Letter from Hugh Smith to Chamber President Sept 1961 complimenting Chamber welcoming DSU

Chamber Education Committee Sept 1961

Chamber Long Range Planning June 1988

Chamber Newsletter Oct. 1988

Resolution from Chamber to ….and I.A. Kamien Jr., Directors  dated April 1957

Program Chamber Annual Banquet 1950, 1952, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961

Chamber “Outlook 1966-67 Volume 4, 6, 10

Letter from Minnesota Association to I.A. Kamien, Jr. expressing congrats as Pres. Of Chamber

Chamber 1998 Annual membership Banquet 1948-1998 (2 copies)

Newsclipping 1954 “Case Histories Show Efforts of Communities Pay in Plants” …Baxter lab addition and …

I.A. Kamien Jr., President of Chamber

1970 clipping:  Kamien receives Kossman Award

The Bolivar Commercial Newsclipping September 23, 1998: Past recipients of the S.E. Kossman, Sr. Award

which reflects I.A. Kamien the winner in 1970



Box 1 / Folder 5

Little Theatre

Play “Witness for the Prosecution” by Agatha Christie

Play “Speaking of Murder” by Samuel French, Inc.

Cleveland Little Theatre Program May 1966 – Listing of Plays Directed by Leon Kamien

Cleveland Little Theatre Program about 1964 – Leon Kamien Assistant Director

Program of Events 1964-65 Annual Convention Jackson Little Theatre

Mississippi Little Theater Association Newsletter November 15, 1965

Miscellaneous Photos of Unknown Plays and Characters

Miscellaneous Unknown Negatives

2 Photos featuring Leon Kamien and others at performances

1986-87 Officers and Board Members of Little Theatre – Leon Kamien Fiscal Board and

“The Music Man” cast:   and….I.A. Kamien

News clipping from Commercial Appeal 1964 clipping/photo of I.A. and Leon in “Guys and Dolls”


Box 1 / Folder 6

Little Theatre

News Clippings – Cleveland Little Theatre

1965 Clipping “Damn Yankees” featuring Leon Kamien, I.A. Kamien and Artie Kamien

Clipping “Bells are Ringing” featuring Leon Kamien, past president of MS Little Theatre.

Clippings “Bells are Ringing” voices of Leon Kamien, … musical comedy a success

Clipping  – Leon Kamien, president of MS Little Theatre Association, heads for convention

Clipping “ Leon Kamien featured in “Guys and Dolls”

Clipping “Guys and Dolls” vocalist Leon Kamien

Clipping – Leon Kamien elected Little Theatre President

Clipping – “Bells are Ringing” featured Leon Kamien….

Clipping – December 1967 – “Delta State Helps Little Theatre” photo of Leon Kamien

Clipping – October 1967 – “Bells are Ringing” photo and story

Clipping – “Damn Yankees Ring with Success” Don Wylie and Leon Kamien, characters and    directors

Clipping – “Bells are Ringing” Leon Kamien character

Clipping – “Guys and Dolls” 1964-65 season.  I.A. Kamien Jr. and Leon Kamien characters.

Clipping – “Bells are Ringing” opening clippings with photo – Leon Kamien

Clipping – Jackson Daily news March 1965 MS Little Theatre Assn. …..Leon Kamien, Pres.

Clipping – Junior Auxiliary Charity Ball entertainment by Little Theatre…..Leon Kamien

Clipping – Photo “Bells are Ringing”

Clipping – Jackson Daily News  November 1967 – “Bells are Ringing” photo….Leon Kamien

Clipping – Master of Ceremonies is Leon Kamien, local businessman


Box 1 / Folder 7


Cleveland Rotary Club Charter Information (Organized November 24, 1922)

(I.A. Kamien, Sr. charter member)

1923 Rotary Club Charter Members and new members 1925 through 1934 Photos:

Rotary Photos:  I.A. Kamien Sr  (2 shots)

Handwritten history of I.A. Kamien, Jr. 1998

Rotarian Four-Way Test pamphlet and leaflet

I.A. Kamien, Jr. designated Paul Harris Fellow of the Rotary Foundation Dec. 1983

Bound Certificate for I.A. Kamien, Jr. – Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary

Letter to I.A. Kamien announcing award date of Paul Harris Fellow

Congratulatory letter on Paul Harris Fellow from Mike Robbins to I.A. Kamien Jr. dated Jan. 9, 1984

The Bolivar Commercial April 30, 1954 I.A. Kamien Jr. is President of Rotary Club

Commercial Appeal May 7, 1954 – I.A. Kamien, Jr. Elected President of Cleveland Rotary Club

News clipping June 20, 1974 I.A. Kamien Jr. District Governor for 1975-76. Photo

May 10, 1939 Correspondence to Canada and Russell, Attorneys, RE:  application for I.A. Kamien Jr.

From Gore and Davies Attorneys

May 10, 1939 letter to I.A. Kamien Jr from Forest Gore RE: application

History of Rotary International by Isadore Arthur Kamien, Jr.

Commercial Appeal July 8, 1952 I.A. Kamien Sr. recognized as only living charter member of Rotary and given

A pin by son I.A. Kamien Jr.

23 Charter Members of Cleveland Exchange Club taken at Cleveland Railroad Station


Box 1 / Folder 8


1983 membership roster

1985-86 Membership Book

1988-89 Membership Book

1955-56 Rotary booklet Jr. and Sr.

1974-75 Rotary booklet

1982-83 Rotary booklet

1983-84 Rotary booklet

1986-87 Rotary booklet

1987-88 Rotary booklet

1988-89 Rotary booklet

1989-90 Rotary booklet

1990-91 Rotary booklet

1991-92 Rotary booklet

1992-93 Rotary booklet

Rotary International Directory 1992-93

Rotary Directory 1992

Rotary Past Presidents 1923 to 1992

1973-74 Roster of Members

Rotary Club of Chicago Luncheon Program August 27, 1929

Convention Program Information Booklet St Louis June 1923


Box 1/ Folder 9


Miscellaneous Rotary Correspondence:

District Governor Newsletter 1985-86

Committee Assignments 1985-86

Committee Report 1985-86

Committee Report August 1967

Committee Report 1982-83

Committee Report 1983-84

Committee Report 1984-85

Classification report October 1985

Two pages of Cleveland Rotary Club Stationary

Club Weekly Bulletins:

May 14, 1986

July 2, 1986

July 22, 1986

December 10, 1986

January 28, 1987

July 8, 1987

July 29, 1987

September 2, 1987

September 9, 1987

December 10, 1987

August 10, 1988

April 12, 1989

May 3, 1989

July 19, 1989

January 24, 1990

1986-87 Rotary Program Schedule

Program April 1951 Ladies Night….and members I.A. Kamien Jr. and Sr.

Program June 1955 Ladies Night I.E. Kamien, Jr. President

Program Mar 1958 Ladies Night and …..I.E. Kamien, Jr. Quartet (3 copies)

Program May 1959 Ladies Night

Program Apr 1960 Ladies Night

Program May 1961 Ladies Night

Program May 1965 Ladies Night – I.A. Kamien Vice President for 1964-65

“You are the Key” by President Rotary International 1985-86

Note of thanks to I.A. Kamien Jr. for donation to PolioPlus

Handwritten Nominating Committee  for 1992

Memo regarding 10/100 club 1989

1988 Meal Costs/Dues/Annual Budget

Letter regarding PolioPlus Committee 1987

I.A. Kamien – Rotary Sr. Citizens  committee 1987-88

Note from I.A. Kamien, Jr regarding honoring Wattie Bishops 90th Birthday

Three Letters from MS Economic Development regarding speakers

Letter from Board of Director Sept. 1983 regarding newspaper article

1989 Rotary Conference Name Badge for I.A. Kamien Jr. with Paul Harris Fellow and Club President Ribbons

Letter from Cleveland Rotary Secretary Charlie Guice dated Dec 1925

Governor’s Monthly Letter dated October 1955 – Rotary International: noting…and IA Kamien Jr. as Dist. Gov

Letter and news clipping dated 1955 whereby Rotary Club sponsored Finland Exchange Student

Letter from Jackson Daily News and clipping dated 1955 …I.A. Kamien Jr. Outgoing President

Letter from Bank of Cleveland dated Nov 1974 RE: List of people attending Fireside Chat…and IA Kamien

Memo to discussion leaders for Fireside Meeting

Greeting Card from Rotary Clubs of Taiwan to I.A. Kamien Jr President

Memo from I.A. Kamien, Jr. RE: expenses to Florida Conference in 1974

Manual of Rotary International By Laws  and Constitution


Box 1 / Folder 10


“The Most Important Man” Rotary Club’s approach to service

Rotary Committee Information

“Reporting on Rotary 1973-74

Notecards on Membership Program


Box 1 / Folder 11

Junior Auxiliary

Photo of King I.A. Kamien, Jr. and Queen Bedwell

Newsclipping and photo:  “King and Queen Revealed at Jr. Auxiliary Ball

The Bolivar Commercial October 17, 1997 and photo:  Past Royalty …1965 I.A. Kamien, Jr

May 22, 1954 DDT Five New Provisional Members Party …and I.A. Kamien Jr.

Program Boogie Woogie Bugle Ball

1954-55 JA Bylaws

1956-67 JA Bylaws

Ticket to 3rd Annual Junior Auxiliary Harvest Ball Sept. 4, 1958


Box 1 / Folder 12

Cleveland Garden Club

Announcement of “Confederate States in Bloom” Flower Show April 20, 1961

Announcement of “America the Beautiful” Flower Show April 12, 1960

Announcement of “Beauty of Harvest” Flower Show October 17, 1962

Program Booklet (2) of “The Eighties” Walking Flower Show

Postcard to Mrs. I.A. Kamien, Jr. regarding classification and rules of show

Handwritten announcement of 25th Anniversary of Delta Garden celebrated at home of Mrs. I.A. Kamien Jr

On February 8, 1974

Flower Show card:  “Queen Isabella Places

Photo:  Madame Butterfly Show Feb. 1999 arrangement by Eva Kamien and Kitty Kossman

Photo:  “A Shakespear Play” arrangement by Eva Kamien

Photo: “As You Like It” arrangement by Eva Kamien

First Place Flower Show Award


April 1951 Program of the Annual convention of the MS Federation of Women’s Clubs

Newsclipping “Flower Show Chairmen are Needed’ – Mrs. I.A. Kamien Jr. Decorating…

The Bolivar Commercial April 16, 1970 – ….. and Mrs. I.A. Kamien Jr. Blue Ribbon Award

The Bolivar Commercial April 8, 1993 – …and Eva Kamien, Tri-Color Award Winners for “A Nest of Rabbits”


Box 1 / Folder 13

Delta Garden Club

Delta Garden Club Yearbooks:

1962-63; 1963-64; 1966-67; 1975-76 (2); 1980-81; 19821-82; 1982-83; 1983-84; 1984-85; 1985-86; 1986-87;

1986-87; 1987-88; 1988-89; 1989-90; 1990-91; 1991-92; 1992-93; 1993-94; 1995-96; 1996-97; 1997-98;



Box 2

Box 2 / Folder 1

Record Album Collection

Album of Memories – Sung by Blanche Thebom – Grand Old Irish-American Ballads

From Musical “Mexican hayride” “I Love You” with Perry Como, Baritone

“Sax in Silk”

Opera Musical Scores

Box 2 Continued

Sir Thomas Beecham and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Mozart


Steve & Eydie “What it Was, was Love”

Serge Prokofieff Op34 Sextet – Overture on Hebrew Themses

Dorothy Provine from TV Show “The Roaring 20’s”

The Cleveland Orchestra – George Szell, Conductor

“March Sampler”..Dinah Shore

“January Sampler”

February Sampler”

February Sampler” ..Eddy Arnold Wabash Cannonball

January Sampler..Black Bottom Stomp

February Sampler  Johnny Vadnal, Jim Reeves, Larry Elgart, Rise Stevens

Multi Album Collection of Schumann, Chopin, Mendelssohn

From the Rhapsody on a Thee of Paganini

Sound Track “You’re a Big Boy Now” performed by The Lovin’ Spoonful

Maximilian Pilzer

“The Worlds’ Greatest Love Themes” – Harnell with Orchestra

“The Roaring 20’s” George Wright Pipe Organ

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

Victor Herbert Suite – Mantovani and his Orchestra


Doc Severinsen The Great Arrival

National Emblem March

March Sampler

1959 Greenville High School Band MSU Contest Performance

Whistlestop Theater 1998 “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” Poster

Boxed Knox New York “Tom & Jerry” china cup and $15 gift certificate from Kamien’s 1955

Boxed Dobb’s 5th Avenue Hat Box with 2 miniature hats


One Framed Sketch “Club Leon”