J.R. Baird Collection

Transcribed by: Wanda Ray

Transcription Date: 2.13.2006


Munfordville, Kentucky

On Green River in (word?) fortifications.                                     Sept. 18th / 62


Dear and much loved Parents,


My good luck, health and a kind Providence are with me yet.  After marching 15 days steady up to last Thursday we had, it seems just arrived where we were compelled to march night and day.  17 miles on Thursday, 16 on Friday, 10 miles Friday night, 12 miles Saturday night.  Fought half the day Sunday.  Marched 12 miles back the same night, rested Sunday and marched the same 12 miles again Monday night.  Placed all of our battalions and regiments around the fort and they then surrendered to us Wednesday morning about 5,000 in all.  Col. Weilder was in command as Thursday old Pin Ward was absent.  Whey we suffered so much marching “is this” Chalmuss 1st slipped up on Cave City to intercept a train of soldiers and failed.  This I suppose made him angry and he thought he would march on, or take Munfordville, but his Brigadier was not strong enough, consequently we were compelled to fall back and wait for the diversions.  But Gen. Bragg instead of sending the diversions came on then with the whole army and this is why they surrendered so quickly.

There was no fighting done except by our brigade.  The Sharp Shooters were the principle ones of the brigade that had much to do.  I was in the fight half the day Sunday and all day Tuesday and came out without a scratch, too much luck to last long I fear.  Our loss was between 2 and 3 hundred killed and wounded.  Thus, very slight on account of their fortifications.  Blythes regiment was in the flight, part the day Sunday, but Will was left behind with blistered feet or something else, anyhow was not in the fight and so well and doing tolerable.  Oh! But he is awful tired of this kind of fun.  I tell him to apply for a discharge and hang up.  He is in reality too delicate for soldiering.  Louisville is in perfect consternation.  Our next move I think will be for (note says portion of letter missing)

form the scar this time as we were the only ones that suffered in this last fight.  Will came down to see me yesterday, says the Dr. has ordered him to remain at this place in the hospital.  He says he is going to apply for a discharge.  I will go to see the Surgeon directly and (word?) what he thinks about it.

Major Richards was wounded in the thigh very early in the fight tho’ nothing but a flesh wound, he will be able for service I suppose in 6 or 7 weeks.  He’s a brave noble man seems willing to suffer any and everything for the confederacy.  None of our relatives are wounded, that I’ve heard of yet.  Billie White, Tom Howard, George Anderson and all the boys are safe and well.  The Rangers were none of them touched.


(Letter ends here – another portion missing)