J.R. Baird Collection

Transcribed by: Wanda Ray

Transcription Date: 2.10.2006


Camp near Chattanooga, Tenn.

Aug. 29th 63


Dear Pa,

A letter from Will of 21st leaves him in fine health and high glee at old Crawfordville – has been elected 2nd Lnt. in a boys company that is forming there – he also was going to take part in a tableau for the benefit of soldiers and was flying around the girls at a gay rate – says he’s sorry to say he has at last got to be an (invelenale?)

“smoker”, “big man” now without doubt.  I am glad he writes so well contented – says his detail is all right – everything going even better than he anticipated.

Four days previous he received a letter from Sister Mary in the swamp saying everything was about as usual – “jogging” along quietly and smoothly – everybody getting somewhat over their fright and going ahead as of yore.  She mentioned no sickness at all.  A letter from Sis Kittie the same day leaves her and that little brat as fat as you please and well satisfied with everything but not hearing something from Ma.

With all this good news to a soldier that has heard nothing for two months before, I leave it for you to imagine and conjecture how happy and contented this places me.  Tell me in your next if you intend returning by Cleveland; if so, at what time you will be there and how long likely to remain there and I may possibly get a pass of 4 or 5 days and come up that far and see you.  Be certain to write soon as it will take the pass several days to go through all the Genls.  I would ask you to come by and see me on your return but our soldiers are so rude, dirty and disgusting that it is really unpleasant for a citizen to pass about them.  They astonish any and everybody and excite sympathy.

As you pass through Columbus, please get the money Will received for my watch and pay it over to McCama and take my note.  The amount is $300.00 which Will said in his last would be given to Mr. Richands for safe keeping.  Please ask him for it and take up my note for it has troubled me nearly to death.  Don’t think I will give another soon.

I have high hope of seeing you if you return by C. believe I can get a permit for 5 days easy.  How would you like for me to get a transfer to closer company and regiment?  Have been thinking something about trying, believe a change in the program would be pleasant if not beneficial.  Which Brigade is he in? I understand Bragg says he will die here before he will fall back a single mile if Rosencranz don’t attack him (Bragg)- he will Rosecranz.  “Bully for Bragg” is what I say, fight them here as long as there is a pea in the dish.  “Omni Recti.”

With much affection and love,

Your Son,

John R. Baird