J.R. Baird Collection

Transcribed by: Wanda Ray

Transcription Date: 2.9.2006 


Mobile – Aug 19th 1850


Mr. B.M. Terrell

Quincy, Miss.

Dr. Sir:

We herewith enclose you two Notes drawn by Gen. W.R. Smith of Fayette Co. in our favor one for $627.92 Six Hundred and twenty seven 92/100 Dollars dated March 24, 1849 payable April 1st-1850, the other for $249.34 Two Hundred and forty nine 34/100 Dollars dated may 3 1850 due one day after date.  These notes we forward you that you may place them in some good hands for Collection.  Please acknowledge receipt of same and oblige.


Yours truly

More Gynes


I received your letter of August 12/50 and among other remarks speak of having written me the week before mentioning the deaths of Mr. Harlly and I.C. Wilson.

This letter has never come to hand and I was much surprised and sorry to hear such news although it could not be unexpected.  The mails are in such bad condition that there is no certainty in transmitting letters in the interior of the country and that’s the reason I have written you a first page a somewhat formal letter and taken an impression of it in our letter Book.  Please give the aforesaid notes into such hands as will them give them attention and have suit brought if Drafts or other security as acceptable be not forthcoming.  Also act in like manner with that of (word?) Frank, and all others where there is the least hazard in delay or such as do not show the right disposition.


  1. B. Gynes





The letter itself serves as the envelope and addressed on the outside to Mr. B.M. Terrell

Quincy, Monroe Co. Miss with a postmark (unable to read).