J.R. Baird Collection

Transcribed by: Wanda Ray

Transcription Date: 2.9.2006 


Mobile May 28th /66


Col B.M. Terrell

Aberdeen Trip

Your letter of 22nd is to hand.  Mr. Strong has handed us the one hundred dollar Central Bank note.  & we will pay you the forty dollars for it – where called are.

Let us now state that it has been so long & getting nothing from you that we supposed of course you would not get any.  In the meantime the parties for whom we are buying it have reduced the price to $35.00 and expect every day for it to be reduced to thirty.  So you will not buy any more above 35- and to be safe 30 had best be your standard.  At present we can give you no advise as to the Quarles debt – he is in Texas and we know not what he will have left in the Estate.  Mid cotton fine at 37c.  Yours truly

(word?) A Winston & Co.



Note – Enclosed Receipt


Rec.d from B.M. Terrell Two Hundred and Thirty Three  33/100 Dollars in full for (words?) as overseen May 12/62.

E.L. Casby



Note – Both pieces of correspondence in envelope addressed to Col. B.M. Terrell

Aberdeen, Miss postmarked Mobile, ALA May 29.