J.R. Baird Collection

Transcribed by: Wanda Ray

Transcription Date: 2.9.2006 



Vicksburg, Miss.

April 20, 1866


Dear Nannie:


I cannot tell you how much I regret my having disappointed you; it is much worse than disappointment to me.  The boat was in an unusual hurry and tho’ I wrote but a few words, still I was too late to get it aboard. I hope you have thought it some accident of this kind as it would ache me much to have you think me forgetful or less, in love.  I was so happy at the time I could say nothing except the same story of tender feelings for you.  Please take this as a remedy.  I shall be the happiest mortal alive to see you in B. on the 25th or 26th.  This like all my promises I expect to fulfill to the letter, rain or shine.  Mr. Lee (sister Mary) is in Vicksburg. and thinks of going to B. Monday or Tuesday next.  Miss A.M. Jones and Mr. M are down this trip, they think of returning tomorrow evenings.  They have some idea of the cause of my visit; tho they are in doubt about the time.  Heard this morning of Maggie McLeod’s death in Macon Miss. 12 inst.  T’will be sad and very unexpected to Norman.  Poor “Josus” came very near being drowned some days ago in our attempt to cross the bottom coming home.  The idea of marrying makes me nervous, you perceive from this botch.

I declare I’ve had so many nice sweet letters from you since I wrote last that I’m actually ashamed to send this, but I’d rather die than disappoint you the sec. time.  The water is quite high up in our neighborhood tho’ it had fallen slightly the day before I left.  All upper rivers reported falling; if true, I’m perfectly safe.  Have 6 feet yet.  Goodbye –

All I can say for this note is that I’ve written it – in much less time that t’will take you to read it.  The more I know of you the better I love you.

(word?) to all.