J.R. Baird Collection

Transcribed by: Wanda Ray

Transcription Date: 2.13.2006


Aberdeen, Miss. 8 March 1832


Dear Terrell,


Allow me again to trouble you (word?) you procure for me for one Circuit Court and Minute Book of good size and (word?) small margin (words?) “Minutes  Circuit Court.”

Our Court commences on Monday next.  I greatly need this book as soon as it can be bad.  I wish other state on and (word?) send our order to any one you may select for us, in (word?) pay next season, if these terms cannot be had I want the Book any how, if (word?) please advance the price for me.


Your (?)

A Pollard



Will you please inquire and let me know if J. P. Sa(word?) a (word?) in the house of Wm Swyn  is not dead, he is an old acquaintance and I (word?) him Sunday ( word?) since January and have not been able to hear from him.


Yours P




Letter folded and used as envelope and addressed to Col. B.M. Terrell

(word?) of (word?) and (word?)

Mobile, Ala