J.R. Baird Collection

Transcribed by: Wanda Ray

Transcription Date: February 13, 2006         



“Beauty’s Retreat”

March 6, 1866


Dearest Nannie:


Your note of the 16th inst came just a few minutes ago.  The “Cairo Belle” returns in two hours going down, which hurries me as much as the toothache did you and I know if it aches me equally as much.  I drink all of your sweet notes, with an eagerness that, but very few others ever feel and they never fail to intoxicate me with joy and love.  If they could only come promptly every week I would live a life of infinite bliss.  I am glad you had fortitude sufficient to try the remedy of “cold-steel” for your toothache, that’s a sure and lasting cure.  But, I always knew (or believed so) were blessed with every worthy trait of a true lady – would still be, my decided choice, if allowed to choose from this whole world.

Wish I could see Miss Janie McL.  Am confident would love her, if you do-imagine her exceedingly winning, on (word?) judgement-Pas’s trip to new Orleans prevented his making your father’s family a visit, for without doubt it t’would give him a great deal of pleasure-Pa is expecting to start very shortly for N. Carolina.

Sister Mary is expecting to leave on this boat for Vicksburg to have her teeth plugged and will be there about one week I suppose.  Have just heard the boat whistle and every body is hurrying (word?) as usual.  Never mind you shall be paid for this negligence by the next trip.  I am tempted not to send this, it looks so much like trying to write a note only for your- but you know me too well for that.  My never dying love makes it my only pleasure to attempt a reply to your splendid letters.  If could answer as they deserve, would not delay so long as I do.

Vickie has told me 20 times to give her love to Miss Nannie.  All love you ardently and ask to be remembered in every letter.  Pa’s horse is ready and he calls me.

Love at last from “Gus Stuart; sends much love to Miss N” Rupert’s best friend”


I am yours



A thousand mistakes I reckon excuse them.