J.R. Baird Collection

Transcribed by: Wanda Ray

Transcription Date: 2.10.2006



Humbolt, Tenn

March 5, 1862


My dear Father


I have at last seen one of the humors of war.  Not the humor on  the battle field but that of destruction, Columbus is now in ashes!  Was evacuated on the 1st of this month.  Every man bundled up his things in a hurry and set the torch to his cabin.  It was a tremendous light and a terrific sight.  The move could not have cost the confederacy less than 5 millions.  It dishearten me more than anything that has occurred heretofore.  A great many of the boys lost all of their baggage but our men got through safe.  We had to march Saturday, Sat. night, Sunday and Sun. night and a part of Monday and if was not worn out I can’t tell, nevertheless I danced to the music better than many of them that had marched several times before.  When I got pretty tired I communed in a double quick and got some distance in advance of my company.  Stole an old Sharp Back Mule and made a piece but his back was so sharp I could not ride over two miles.  About this time I come up with a wagon master and told him I would give him my mule for a seat in the wagon to Union City.  He agreed and I crawled in the wagon and rode 8 miles.  Oh you can’t imagine how much good it did do me.  We took the car at Union City for this place and are here now in tents.  Very disagreeable camp and with our snug cabins that were in Columbus, Ky.

I have no idea when we will leave this place or how and where we will go when we do leave.  I thought when we left C. we were going to (word?).  (Words) and may be yet tho’ doubtful.  I’m not able to tell you where to write.  Just rest easy about John R.  He will keep right.

I never received the box Ma and Sister N. sent me don’t try anymore.  All the boys in excellent health, myself among the numbers.  The report is this morning that we thrashed the yanks once more at new Madrid, Mo.  I fear it is false tho’ I think it time.  Only three months more.  Love to all – I write again when I learn where we are going.

Goodbye your affc. Son

  1. Rupert Baird.

7th write to me at Humbolt Bly(word) Rgt.





Folded like an envelope and written to Dr. J.M. Baird

Vicksburg, MS


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J.R. Baird