J.R. Baird Collection

Transcribed by: Wanda Ray

Transcription Date: 2.9.2006


Jones Landing

March 14, 1866


Dearest Nannie:

My Love, I not atall surprised at the Parsons fond and anxious desire to have one sweet message from you and I well know one of them would set his poor heart in a bright flame.  I admire his taste most wonderfully and am sorry the creature can not be gratified, but am too selfish to share one word of mine.  The lost is found and a regret changed into the sweetest joy of my life.  Your 1st together with one dated Mar 4th came this morning and without the slightest fabrication my “cup of joy is full to overflowing” .  Have answered by this boat your last and write this swiftly to acknowledge the receipt of the others.  I write by every boat, but they seem very seldom.  Oh I love you too much, but would rather die than love you less.  I cannot thank you enough for your promptness in sending so many good letters.  However my intense devotions deserves something.

Will write next boat.  Love to all.

Truly I am Nannie’s.




An apology is not required for this note written on the river.  Sister Mary has returned.  Mrs. Murphy also.  Mrs. Murphy is going immediately back to Vickburg.

Every one of our family are continually after me to say something expressing of thei love and c for Nannie, but I tell them No. No.  Can’t say swee word for any body but myself.  They all love you nearly as dearly as